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61 ページ - It shall not be required, as a condition of any child being admitted into or continuing in the school, that he shall attend or abstain from attending any Sunday school or any plaee of religious worship, or that he shall attend any religious observance or any instruction in religious subjects in the school or elsewhere...
61 ページ - ... to be approved by the Education Department, and to be kept permanently and conspicuously affixed in every schoolroom; and any scholar may be withdrawn by his parent from such observance or instruction without forfeiting any of the other benefits of the school...
41 ページ - CONTENTS. — Simple and Compound Rules, Reduction of Weights and Measures, Vulgar and Decimal Fractions, Proportion and Square Root — Short methods in Multiplication and Division of Decimals to a small number of places, together with a knowledge of the degree of approximation possible — Short methods in Multiplication, Division, Prices of Articles, Practice Interest and Discount, Percentages and Averages, Commission and Brokerage — Areas and Quantities — The Metric System and Coinage of...
v ページ - ... shillings and sixpence per child in average attendance at the school during that year, but shall not exceed that amount per child, except by the same sum by which the income of the school, derived from voluntary contributions, rates, school fees, endowments, and any source whatever other than the parliamentary grant exceeds the said amount per child ; and (2).
64 ページ - Health, requiring them for a specified time, with a view to preventing the spread of disease or any danger to health likely to arise from the condition of the school, either to close the school or to exclude any scholars from attendance, but after complying they may appeal to the Department if they consider the notice to be unreasonable.
61 ページ - The School shall be open at all times to the inspection of any of Her Majesty's inspectors, so, however, that it shall be no part of the duties of such inspector to inquire into any instruction in religious subjects given at such school, or to examine any scholar therein in religious knowledge or in any religious subject or book: (4.) The school shall be conducted in accordance with the conditions required to be fulfilled by an elementary school in order to obtain an annual parliamentary grant.
v ページ - Wales," and any Acts amending the same : "" A rate " means a rate the proceeds of which are applicable to public local purposes and leviable on the basis of an assessment in respect of property, and includes any sum, which, though obtained in the first instance by a precept, certificate, or other...
61 ページ - The time or times during which any religious observance is practised or instruction in religious subjects is given at any meeting of the school shall be either at the beginning or at the end or at the beginning and the end of such meeting...
51 ページ - The parent of every child of not less than five nor more than thirteen years of age shall cause such child to attend school, unless there be a reasonable excuse for iion-attendance. REASONABLE EXCUSES. Any of the following reasons shall be a reasonable excuse, namely : — («.) That the child is under efficient instruction in some other manner.
41 ページ - Discount. The Use of Logarithms more particularly for Problems on Compound Interest, Insurance, and Annuities — The more important European Weights and Measures other than the Metric — The Coinage of Germany and the United States — and the Weights, Measures and Coinage of India. ANSWERS TO BUSINESS ARITHMETIC. Part II.