No groans, to mingle with the songs

Resounding from immortal tongues: 8 No more alarms from ghostly foes;

No cares to break the long repose;
No midnight shade, no clouded sun,

But sacred, high, eternal noon. 9 0, long expected year! begin;

Dawn on this world of wo and sin;
Fain would we leave this weary road,
To sleep in death, and rest with God.

HYMN 51. (c. m.) 1 AS oʻer the past my memory strays,

Why heaves the secret sigh? 'Tis that I mourn departed days,

Still unprepard to die. 2 The world and worldly things belov'd

My anxious thoughts employ'd: And time unhallow d, unimprov'd,

Presents a fearful void. 3 Yet, holy Father, wild despair

Chase from my lab'ring breast; Thy grace it is which prompts the prayer, That

grace can do the rest.
4 My life's brief remnant all be thine!

And when thy sure decree
Bids me this fleeting breath resign,

O speed my soul to Thee!


HYMN 52. (s. M.)

Isaiah lii, 7-10.
1 HOW beauteous are their feet

Who stand on Zion's hill;
Who bring salvation on their tongues,
And words of


reveal! 2 How charming is their voice!

How sweet their tidings are!
“Zion, behold thy Saviour-King,

“He reigns and triumphs here." 3 How happy are our ears

That hear this joyful sound,

Which kings and prophets waited for,

And sought, but never found.
4 How blessed are our eyes

That see this heavenly light!
Prophets and kings desir'd it long,

But died without the sight.
5 The watchmen join their voice,

And tuneful notes employ;
Jerusalem breaks forth in songs,

And deserts learn the joy.
6 The Lord makes bare his arm

Through all the earth abroad:
Let every nation now behold
Their Saviour and their God.
HYMN 53.

(II. 5.)

Isaiah lx. &c. 1 RISE, crown?d with light, imperial Salem rise!

Exalt thy tow'ring head and lift thine eyes! See heaven its sparkling portals wide display,

And break upon thee in a flood of day!
& See a long race thy spacious courts adorn,

See future sons and daughters yet unborn,
In crowding ranks on every side arise,

Demanding life, impatient for the skies!
3 See barb'rous nations at thy gates attend,

Walk in thy light, and in thy temple bend!
See thy bright altars throng'd with prostrate kings,

While every land its joyous tribute brings !
4 The seas shall waste, the skies to smoke decay,
Rocks fall to dust, and mountains melt

away; But fix'd his word, his saving power remains Thy realm shall last, thy own Messiah reigns.

HYMN 54. (II. 6.)

Psalm lxxii.
1 HAIL to the Lord's Anointed,

Great David's greater Son;
Hail, in the time appointed,

His reign on earth begun!
He comes to break oppression,

To set the captive free,
To take away transgression,

And rule in equity.

2 He comes, with succour speedy,

To those who suffer wrong,
To help the poor and needy,

And bid the weak be strong;
To give them songs for sighing,

Their darkness turn to light,
Whose souls, condemn'd and dying,

Were precious in his sight. 3 He shall descend like showers

Upon the fruitful earth,
And love and joy, like flowers,

Spring in his path to birth:
Before him, on the mountains,

Shall peace, the herald, go;
And righteousness, in fountains,

From hill to valley flow.
4 To him shall prayer unceasing,

And daily vows, ascend;
His kingdom still increasing,

A kingdom without end:
The tide of time shall never

His covenant remove;
His name shall stand for ever;
That name to us is Love.
HYMN 55.

(c. M.) Isaiah ii. 2-5. 1 O’ER mountain tops the mount of God

In latter days shall rise, Above the summits of the hills,

And draw the wond'ring eyes. 2 To this the joyful nations round,

All tribes and tongues, shall flow; Up to the mount of God, they'll say,

“And to his house we'll go.
3 The beams that shine from Zion's hill

Shall lighten every land;
The King who reigns in Salem's tow'rs

Shall all the world command.
4 Among the nations he shall judge,

His judgments truth shall guide;
His sceptre shall protect the just,

And crush the sinner's pride.

5 For peaceful implements shall men

Exchange their swords and spears;
Nor shall they study war again

Throughout those happy years.
6 Come, O ye house of Jacob! come

To worship at his shrine;
And, walking in the light of God,

With holy graces shine.


HYMN 56.

(III. 1.)

Litany. 1 SAVIOUR, when in dust, to thee

Low we bow th' adoring knee; When, repentant, to the skies Scarce we lift our streaming eyes; O, by all thy pains and wo, Suffer'd once for man below, Bending from thy throne on high,

Hear our solemn litany.
2 By thy birth and early years,

By thy human griefs and fears,
By thy fasting and distress
In the lonely wilderness:
By thy vict'ry in the hour
of the subtle tempter's pow'r;
Jesus, look with pitying eye;

Hear our solemn litany.
3 By thine hour of dark despair,

By thine agony of prayer,
By the purple robe of scorn,
By thy wounds—thy crown of thorn,
By thy cross—thy pangs and cries;
By thy perfect sacrifice;
Jesus, look with pitying eye;

Hear our solemn litany.
4 By thy deep expiring groan,

By the seald sepulchral stone,
By thy triumph o'er the grave,
By thy pow'r from death to save;
Mighty God, ascended Lord,
To thy throne in heav'n restor's,

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Prince and Saviour, hear our cry,
Hear our solemn litany.

HYMN 57. (L. M.) 1 My God, permit me not to be

A stranger to myself and thee:
Amidst a thousand thoughts I rove,

Forgetful of my highest love.
2 Why should my passions mix with earth,

And thus debase my heav'nly birth?
Why should I cleave to things below,

And all my purest joys forego ?
3 Call me away from flesh and sense;

Thy grace, O Lord, can draw me thence:
I would obey the voice divine,
And all inferior joys resign.

HYMN 58. (c. M.) 1 ALAS, what hourly dangers rise!

What snares beset my way!
To heaven, O let me lift mine eyes,

And hourly watch and pray.
2 How oft my mournful thoughts complain,

And melt in flowing tears!
My weak resistance, ah, how vain!

How strong my foes and fears!
30 gracious God, in whom I live,

My feeble efforts aid;
Help me to watch, and pray, and strive,

Though trembling and afraid.
4 Increase my faith, increase my hope,

When foes and fears prevail;
And bear my fainting spirit up,

Or soon my strength will fail.
5 Whene’er temptations fright my heart,

Or lure my feet aside,
My God, thy powerful aid impart,

My guardian and my guide.
6 O keep me in thy heavenly way,

And bid the tempter flee;
And let me never, never stray
From happiness and thee.


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