Let thy tenderness, so loving,

Keep them all life's dang 'rous wa 4 Then, within thy fold eternal,

Let them find a resting place; Feed in pastures ever vernal, Drink the rivers of thy grace.

HYMN 87. (s. M.) 1 THE gentle Saviour calls

Our children to his breast;
He folds them in his gracious arms,

Himself declares them blest. 2 " Let them approach,” he cries,

6 Nor scorn their humble claim; 66 The heirs of heaven are such as these,

66 For such as these I came." 3 Gladly we bring them, Lord,

Devoting them to thee,
Imploring, that, as we are thine,
Thine may our offspring be.

HYMN 88. (s. m.)

Of Adults.

Ephesians vi. 10--13.
1 SOLDIERS of Christ arise,

And put your armour on,
Strong in the strength which God supplies

Through his eternal Son.
2 Strong in the Lord of hosts,

And in his mighty pow'r,
Who in the strength of Jesus trusts,

Is more than conqueror.
3 Stand then in his great might,

With all his strength endu'd;
And take to arm you for the fight,

The panoply of God:
'4 That having all things done,

And all your conflicts past,
Ye may behold your vict'ry won,
And stand complete at last.


HYMN 89. (L. M.) 1 O HAPPY day, that stays my choice

On thee, my Saviour and my God!
Well may this glowing heart rejoice,

And tell thy goodness all abroad.
2 0 happy bond! that seals my vows,

To him who merits all my love;
Let cheerful anthems fill his house,

While to his sacred throne I move.
3 'Tis done, the great transaction's done;

Deign, gracious Lord, to make me thine; Help me, through grace, to follow on,

Glad to confess thy voice divine. 4 Here rest, my oft divided heart,

Fix'd on thy God, thy Saviour, rest;
Who with the world would grieve to part,

When callid on angels' food to feast. 5 High heaven, that heard the solemn vow,

That vow renew'd shall daily hear,
Till in life's latest hour I bow,
And bless in death a bond so dear.

HYMN 90. (c. m.) 1 WITNESS, ye men and angels, now;

Before the Lord we speak;
To him we make our solemn vow,

A vow we dare not break:
2 That, long as life itself shall last,

Ourselves to Christ we yield; Nor from his cause will we depart,

Or ever quit the field.
3. We trust not in our native strength,

But on his grace rely,
That, with returning wants, the Lord

Will all our need supply.
4 Lord, guide our doubtful feet aright,

And keep us in thy ways;
And, while we turn our vows to prayers,

Turn thou our prayers to praise.

(c. M.)

HYMN 91.
1 YOUTH, when devoted to the Lord,

Is pleasing in his eyes;
A flow'r, though offer'd' in the bud,

Is no vain sacrifice.
2 'Tis easier far if we begin

To fear the Lord betimes;
For sinners who grow old in sin

Are harden'd by their crimes.
3 It saves us from a thousand snares

To mind religion young;
Grace will preserve our following years,

And make our virtues strong. 4 To thee, Almighty God, to thee

Our hearts we now resign:
'Twill please us to look back and see

That our whole lives were thine.

HYMN 92. (c. m.) 10, in the morn of life, when youth

, With vital ardour glows,
And shines in all the fairest charms

That beauty can disclose,
2 Deep in thy soul, before its pow'rs

Are yet by vice enslav'd,
Be thy Creator's glorious name

And character engrav'd:
3 Ere yet the shades of sorrow cloud

The sunshine of thy days;
And cares and toils, in endless round,

Encompass all thy ways:
4 Ere yet thy heart the woes of age,

With vain regret, deplore,
And sadly muse on former joys,

That now return no more.
5 True wisdom, early sought and gain'd,

In age will give thee rest:
O then, improve the morn of life,

To make its ev'ning blest!


HYMN 93. (c. M.)

Rev. v. 12, 9, &c. 1 THOU, God, all glory, honour, power,

Art worthy to receive; Since all things by thy power were made,

And by thy bounty live.
2 And worthy is the Lamb all power,

Honour, and wealth to gain,
Glory and strength; who for our sins

A sacrifice was slain!
3 All worthy thou, who hast redeem'd,

And ransom'd us to God, From every nation, every coast,

By thy most precious blood.
4 Blessing and honour, glory, pow'r,

By all in earth and heaven,
To him that sits upon the throne,
And to the Lamb be given.
HYMN 94.

(L. M.) 1 My God, and is thy table spread?

And does thy cup with love o’erflow? Thither be all thy children led,

And let them thy sweet mercies know! 2 Hail, sacred feast, which Jesus makes!

Rich banquet of his flesh and blood! Thrice happy he who here partakes

That sacred stream, that heavenly food! 3 Why are its bounties all in vain

Before unwilling hearts display'd ?
Was not for you the victim slain ?

forbid the children's bread ? 4 O let thy table honour'd be,

And furnish'd well with joyful guests! And may each soul salvation see,

That here its holy pledges tastes! 5 Drawn by thy quick’ning grace, O Lord,

In countless numbers let them come, And gather from their Father's board,

The bread that lives beyond the tomb! 6 Nor let thy spreading gospel rest,

Till through the world thy truth has run,

1 AN

Till with this bread all men be blest,
Who see the light, or feel the sun!
HYMN 95.

(c. m.) ND are we now brought near to God,

Who once at distance stood ? And, to effect this glorious change,

Did Jesus shed his blood?
2 0 for a song of ardent praise,

To bear our souls above!
What should allay our lively hope,

Or damp our flaming love!
3 Then let us join the heavenly choirs,

To praise our heavenly King! O may that love which spread this board,

Inspire us while we sing4 “Glory to God in highest strains,

66 And to the earth be peace; 6 Good-will from heaven to men is come, 66 And let it never cease!"

(L. M.) 1 TO TO Jesus, our exalted Lord,

That name, in heav'n and earth ador'd Fain would our hearts and voices raise

A cheerful song of sacred praise.
2 But all the notes which mortals know,

Are weak, and languishing, and low;
Far, far above our humble

The theme demands immortal tongues.
3 Yet whilst around his board we meet,

And worship at his sacred feet,
O let our warm affections move,

In glad returns of grateful love.
4 Yes, Lord, we love and we adore,

But long to know and love thee more;
And, whilst we taste the bread and wine,

Desire to feed on joys divine.
5 Let faith our feeble senses aid,

To see thy wondrous love display'd;
Thy broken flesh, thy bleeding veins,
Thy dreadful agonizing pains.

HYMN 96.

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