Blackie's comprehensive school series, 第 2 号


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121 ページ - ALL things bright and beautiful, All creatures great and small, All things wise and wonderful, The Lord God made them all. Each little flower that opens, Each little bird that sings, He made their glowing colours, He made their tiny wings.
16 ページ - He's singing to me! He's singing to me! And what does he say, little girl, little boy? "Oh, the world's running over with joy! Don't you hear? don't you see? Hush! Look! In my tree, I'm as happy as happy can be!
38 ページ - SMALL service is true service while it lasts ; Of friends, however humble, scorn not one : The daisy, by the shadow that it casts, Protects the lingering dew-drop from the sun.
122 ページ - He gave us eyes to see them, and lips that we might tell how great is God almighty, who has made all things well...
37 ページ - One day, as he stood there looking at the sky, and almost in despair, two little rain-drops up in the clouds over his head saw him, and one said to the other, " Look at that poor farmer ; I feel sorry for him ; he has taken such pains with his field of corn, and now it is all drying up. I wish I could do him some good.
55 ページ - I'll help you all I can; How glad I am that school doesn't keep!" So she rocked the baby till it fell asleep. Then stepping softly she fetched the broom, And swept the floor and tidied the room; Busy and happy all day was she, Helpful and happy as child could be. "I love you, mother," again they said — Three little children going to bed.
16 ページ - Don't meddle ! don't touch ! little girl, little boy, Or the world will lose some of its joy ! Now I'm glad! now I'm free! And I always shall be, If you never bring sorrow to me." So the merry brown thrush sings away in the tree, To you and to me, to you and to me; And he sings all the day, little girl, little boy, "Oh, the world's running over with joy! But long it won't be, Don't you know? don't you see? Unless we are as good as can be!
55 ページ - I love you better than tongue can tell; " Then she teased and pouted full half the day, Till her mother rejoiced when she went to play. "I love you, mother," said little Fan; "To-day I'll help you all I can; How glad I am that school doesn't keep!
81 ページ - And all the people, passing by, Looked up to see the bird That made the sweetest melody That ever they had heard. But all the bright eyes looked in vain, For birdie was so small, And with a modest, dark-brawn coat, He made no show at all.
78 ページ - This is the way the river flows : Here a whirl, and there a dance ; Slowly now, then, like a lance, Swiftly to the sea it goes — This is the way the river flows.