The Naval History of Great Britain: From the Year MDCCLXXXIII to MDCCCXXII.



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84 ページ - The very head and front of my offending Hath this extent, no more. Rude am I in my speech, And little bless'd with the set phrase of peace ; For since these arms of mine had seven years...
9 ページ - The establishment of the independence of the republics of Holland and Switzerland. The re-establishment of the king of Sardinia, in Piedmont, with as large an augmentation of territory as circumstances would permit.
107 ページ - His Majesty had received the most positive information of the determination of the present ruler of France, to occupy with a military force the territory of Holstein, for the purpose of excluding Great Britain from...
312 ページ - Zierickzee ; and earnestly intreat that other means may be adopted for supplying the army and navy from England, as I apprehend all the water in this island will be spoiled by the inundation, and that there is not more in the other islands than is necessary for the subsistence of the inhabitants. Their Lordships must be aware that in this extensive and complicated service, it is impossible for me to enter so fully into...
216 ページ - ... French government, in order to usurp to itself the Continent, was also brought forward for the contemplation of the North, for the sake of extending, even to that part of the world, the oppression and misery which, from port to port, from state to state, Europe had been subjected to. No government is any longer left to its own light and experience; no people to their own lawful industry ; no middle class must be acknowledged between the vassal and the enemy.
418 ページ - Majesty has not marked with any expression of his displeasure the conduct of Mr. Jackson, whose integrity, zeal, and ability have long been distinguished in his Majesty's service...
546 ページ - SIR, — It is with much pleasure I have to acquaint you, that after an action of six hours, we have completely defeated the combined French and Italian squadrons, consisting of five frigates, one corvette, one brig, two schooners, one gun-boat, and one xebec : the force opposed to them was his majesty's ships Amphion, Active, Cerberus, and Volage.
193 ページ - ... access, forced their way into the town. Cannon were placed at the head of the principal streets, and their fire, for a short time, was destructive: but the Troops advanced in all directions, clearing the streets and batteries with their bayonets, and overturning their cannon.
84 ページ - Court is further of opinion, that the conduct of the said Captain Sir Home Popham, in the withdrawing the whole of the naval force under his command from the Cape of Good Hope, and the proceeding with it to the Rio de la Plata, was highly censurable; but in consideration of circumstances doth adjudge him to be only severely reprimanded; and the said Captain Sir Home Popham is hereby severely reprimanded accordingly.
146 ページ - ... the strength of the current from the Bosphorus, with the circuitous eddies of the port, rendered it impracticable to place ships for an attack without a commanding breeze ; which, during the ten days I was off the town, it was not my good fortune to meet with. I now come to the point of explaining to your Lordship the motives which fixed me to decide in...