Leaving Mother Lake: A Girlhood at the Edge of the World

Little, Brown, 2007/09/03 - 304 ページ
The haunting memoir of a girl growing up in the Moso country in the Himalayas--a unique matrilineal society. But even in this land of women, familial tension is eternal. Namu is a strong-willed daughter, and conflicts between her and her rebellious mother lead her to break the taboo that holds the Moso world together--she leaves her mother's house.

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LEAVING MOTHER LAKE: A Girlhood at the Edge of the World

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A young woman from the matrilineal Moso culture describes her upbringing in one of China's most distinctive minorities, assisted by an American anthropologist.The Moso people live in the foothills of ... レビュー全文を読む

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Deep in the mountains on the China-Tibet border, 2685 meters above sea level, lies Lake Lugu and the Moso people. Known as the Country of Daughters, this society has lived relatively cut off from the ... レビュー全文を読む


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Two Chicken Legs and a Starving
The Mountain Goddess
A Knock on My Bedroom Door
The City
Love and Duty
The Audition
Coming Home
The Last Word

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著者について (2007)

Yang Erche Namu divides her time between Beijing, China; Geneva, Switzerland; and San Francisco, California.

Christine Mathieu writes fiction and did her doctoral study on Moso culture and history. She lives in San Francisco and is a professor of anthropology at St. Mary's College of California.