upon the Righteous Judge above. None to thy Prejudice, but a sad and fatal one to their own; for they cannot escape his Judgment, who hath declared, that they who judge shall be judged ; that they shall bave Fudgment without Mercy who thew no Matth. vii. Mercy; and that the same Measure they mete . to Others, he will measure to them again. Keep God then always in thy Mind, and let go Quarrel and Contention, nor embroil thy self in Troubles and Differences, by being over-folicitous in thy own Defence. If thou at present seem to be oppress’d with Disgrace and Ill Reports which thou haft not deserved; bear thy Burthen contentedly : Blemish not thy Innocence by too deep Resentment ; nor take off from the Brightness of thy Crown, by Anger and Impatience, and Eagerness to Right thy self. Reflect on Me, who once endured such Contradiction of obstinate and implacable Sin- Heb. xii. ners; and am now set down at the Right Hand of the Throne of God. Look up to Heaven, and remember, there is One, who can make thy Innocence as clear as the Light, and thy Righteoulness shine like the Sun at Noon-day ; One Pfal. XXXVII. who will consider, not only thy Infamy and Wrong, but thy Manner of Bearing it ; and the more meek, more injured thou hast been, the kinder and more bountiful Rewarder thou shalt be sure to find me,

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CH A P. XLII. A Christian must devote himself entirely to God before

". .. he can be happy.. Chrift.] T ose thy Life and thou shalt find it, forfake

D thy self and thou shalt poilels Me; esteem and have nothing, and thou shale enjoy all things. For I will recompense thee with greater I rea-. fures, and infinitely increase thy Store, when thou hast made over into my Hands all that thçu hait and art.

Disciple.] How often, Lord, must I repeat this Gift, and what are the Instances wherein I muft forfake my self?. .

Christ.] All Times, my Son, are seasonable ; and every Action, every Accident of thy Life, furnishes a fresh and proper Occasion for doing it. I can admit of no Reserves, but expect thee stript of all, and nothing left which I have not a Title to. For how canft thou be mine, and I thine, except thy own Will be renounced in every thing, and no Property or Claim any longer remaining unconveyed over? The sooner thou executest this Deed, the better it will be for thee: and the more full and express, the more frank and fincere thou art in it, the more favourable will be my Acceptance, and the more valuable Confideration shalt thou receive. Some indeed there are who pretend to give themselves; but the Conveyance is so clogged with Proviso's and Limitations, that the Title they make is worth nothing. They trust themselves to God by halves, and are for making their best of the World at the same time. Others again do this without Exceptions, but then in Difficulties and Temptations they repent of their Bargain, and revoke the Grant. These Men make no conliderable Improvement in Virtue, nor do they taste the Swects of Piety; which con


sist in a Mind at large from the World, and the Friendship and familiar Conversation of God. But such Spiritual Advantages cannot in the nature of the thing be imparted to any, whose Affections are not entirely agreeable and infeparably united to mine; and this requires the total Relignation of a Man's self;. and the daily Offering of his whole Spirit, and Soul, and Body,' a holy, lively and reasonable Sacrifice unto me. I have often said it, and now repeat it once more ; That He who would receive All, must in exchange give Al. Do not then expect, or call in, any thing again, but give freely and cheerfully, and depend solely upon Me, without Doubts or Demurrs. Me thou shalt have in return, and with me perfect Freedom and faving Knowledge. · Prevail with thy self to give up all without Intent or Power of Revocation; and pray earnestly, that thou may'st gladly follow Christin all his Sufferings and lowest State ; .that thou may’it renounce all Property, and throw thy self naked into his Embraces : that thou may'st die to the World at prefent, and by so doing, live to Me for ever. When chis is done, all vain Imaginations will be baniihd; Last will disturb thee no more, nor Passions ruffle,nor anxious Cares perplex thee; Excessive Fears will run and hide their head; Inordinate Desires will sicken and die ; Sorrow and Disquiet find no place; and if Temptations try, yet can they not moleft thee."

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CHA P. XLIII. How to govern ones self in the Affairs of the


Chrift.] R E sure my Son, to take good heed, that

: D Business and Care never get within thee; but whatever Constraint they may lay upon thy Actions, and outward Attendance, yet keep thy Mind always at its own disposal. Do business, but be not a Slave to it; and remember thy Prerogative is to govern, and not to serve the Things of the World. Thou art a Hebrew of the Spiritual Seed of Abraham, assert thy Native Liberty : But why do I call thee a Free-born Son of Abraham? Thou art a great deal

more, translated out of Bondage into the gloCololed. rious Liberty of the Sons of God, Partaker of the Inheritance of the Saints in Light': Such Birth, such Hopes, such a Condition should raise and enoble thy Soul, trample upon the present, and grasp at nothing less than Eternity; Caft only now and then a disdainful Glance upon this World, as a thing by the by ; but keep thy Eye immoveably and directly fixt upon Heaven, as thy sure Prospect, thy main Concern ; it will ill become thy Quality to dwell upon Trifles, or subject thy self to things temporal: These thou must make bend to thy Pleasure, submit and serve thy Occasions. For so their great Creator intended they should, who is the Author and Lover of Order, and would have every Work of his contain'd within its properPoft and Station,

If thou at any time art entangled in Difficulties, rely not upon Human Prudence, nor trust the false Representations, with which thy Senses, and worldly Affections, or the mistaken Judgment of others so disposed, would impofe upon thee. But remember


Moses, and go with him into the Taber- Exo
nacle to ask Counsel of thy God : There
thou shalt often meet a proper Answer, have many
Thoughts seasonably suggested to thy Mind, and re-
turn wiser, both for this and the next World, than
thou were before. For Mofes always took this Course
in doubtful Cafes and important Exigencies; he made
Prayer his Weapon and Refuge, by it he vanquished
many Dangers, the Malice of Enemies and wicked
Men, escaped and detected their Devilish designs,and

retorted the Mischiefs they intended, back upon their I own Heads. Now what that Tabernacle was to him, pathy Closet and thy Conscience are to thee. Neglect

not then by any means to consult this Oracle, and implore the Directions and Assistance of Divine Grace. for the ill Consequences of acting upon thy own head without these Precautions, are intimated to thee by chat Instance of Foshua and the Israelites : Folh is

Who are exprefly said to have been decei* ved by the Gibeonites, to their great Prejudice; because

they gave too easy Credit to their flattering fair Pre

tences, and engaged in a League without first enquiering of the Lord.

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Against too great Eagerness in Business.
Christ.] N Y Son, commit thy Affairs to my Care,

I I and I will in due time blessthem with a proper, and profitable Issue. But wait with Pacience till that appointed time of mine, and do not anticipate the Methods of my Providence, for I know how tò convert every delay to thy advantage.


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