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out any Exception, or Regard to private Interest, and to rejoice and live in thee alone. May all the Zeal and Raptures, the Extasies and heavenly Visions of the Saints; May all their Virtues and their Praises; May every Creature in Heaven and Earth ; May all that I have ever prayed for, and all that pray for me, contribute to thy Glory; and may thy Name be only and ever magnified by all and each of them.

Accept, O Lord, my hearty Wishes and Desires of Praise and Thanksgiving, as infinite as thy Majesty, for they are thine of right, and mayest thou be worthily blessed by them. This is and shall be, my daily hourly Prayer. Nor will I content my self with Wishing and Endeavouring this, singly and in my own Person, but do moft seriously Invite and Conjure all the blessed Spirits above, all thy faithful People upon Earth, to join in this most juft Tribute of Honour; and in full Confort and perfect Harmony, to publish thy Praise and Glory in all Times and Pla

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Come in, ye Nations and Countries, all Kindreds and Languages of the World, and bear your Parts in Singing forth the Sweet, the faving, the holy Name of Jesus. Raise your Devotions, as high as Human Nature can go, for you can never go far enough. And, You, devout Disciples of this blefsed Master, as oft as you receive this Holy Sacrament, see that you reverently adore this Mystery of Love. And then be sure with a moft fervent Faith, and universal

Charity, to beseech this gracious Saviour, that the Effect of his Death may be as general as the Design of it; that he who Died for All, may be Glorified in the Salvation of All. And may those Supplications be successful in ob taining Mercy, for your Selves, and every Sinner, and for Me, the Chief of Sinners, in particular.

And when you return from this precious heavenly Teitt, full of Grace and Joy, remember then to look

back under

back with tender Compassion upon your weaker Brethren; and wish, that every contrite and affiliated Soul may be admitted to the like Comforts, may feel the same wonderful Efficacy from this mysterious Table i and let not Me, the least and most unworthy of your Brethren, who want them most of any, be denied a part in your Charitable Interceffions.


Prov, XXV. 2.

Against the nice Disputes concerning this Sacrament. Chrif.] T F thou would'st preserve thy Faith incor

rupt, and thy Devotion from distraction, content thy self with reverencing and admiring these holy Mysteries, and do not indulge a busy Curiosity, in bold and unprofitable Enquiries concerning them. For this is the way to damp a godly Zeal, and to perplex thy Mind with intricate and endless Doubts. Re

member, it is the Glory of God to conceal a

thing, and his fuper-eminent Wisdom and Power procures it self just Veneration, by doing more than Man is able to comprehend. I do not mean by this to exact a blind Obedience, but expect and commend the Use of Reason in the Search of Divine Truths. Provided always, that it be tempered with Sobriety and Modesty, with Teachableness, and a due Respect to what I my self have revealed in my Word, and what my Church hath faithfully delivered in her Doctrines and Expositions upon it.

Happy is that Meekness and Poverty of Spirit which industriously declines the rugged thorny Paths of Controversy and captious Disputes; and walks in the plain smooth Way of Duty , and practical Religion; which studies God's Commands; and labours to

understand things of a fize with its Capacity, with

out troubling it self about his Deings and Decrees. * Too many Instances there are of daring Men, who,

by presuming to sound the deep Things of Religion, i have caviled and argued themselves out of all Reli

gion. These Men mistake their Bufiness : For the thing required of a Christian, is not Penetration, and Subtilty of Wit, nice Distinction, or sublime Notions, but vigorous Faith, and an honest holy Life: Sobriety, and Temperance, and Chastity, Justice and Charity, Piety and Devotion. How oft is Reason puzzled, even in Matters relating to Creatures inferior to thy self? And will not this Reflection controul, and cure an Expe&ation so extravagant and absurd, as that of being able to give a clear Accountof things above thee ; nay, of perfectly understanding_thy Great, thy Infinite Creator himself ? Submit thy Reafon to Revelation, and let Humility and Deference to God recommend thy Faich; and then, though thou canst not attain all Knowledge, yet thou shalt be sure not to want any, that is necessary or profitable for thee.

Many Men are much dissatisfied in their Minds, with Doubts concerning the Nature of true Faith, and Difficulties which arile concerning my Presence in the Sacrament. But these Doubts are not always finful, nor always from themselves; but frequently owing to the Temptations of the Devil, and industriously scattered by Him, with wicked Artifice, and malicious Design. Be not therefore too anxious upon these Occasions ; Trouble not thy self to argue nicely, nor employ thy Thoughts upon the Matter ; nor hold thy self concerned to be able to answer every Cavil which he puts into thy Head : But keep close to Scripture, and do thy Duty, and the Enemy will soon retreat, when he finds thee neglect his Attempts. Think not these inward Distractions, a Sign that thou art forsaken of


God. They are rather the contrary, and a Mark of Grace. God suffers them to exercise thy Patience, to try thy Constancy, to promote thy Spiritual Advantage. Wer't thou a Reprobate, thou would'ft not thus be affaulted; for fuch the Devil is sure of already, and Temptations are thrown away upon them. They are the Faithful, the Sincere, the Devout Chriftians, whom he teazes and torments; for, in fo doing, he hopes to enlarge his Dominion, and to reduce those who were not His before.

Proceed then in thy Christian Courfe with Refolution and Patience, and still frequent the Sacrament with stedfast Faith, and humble Reverence. Whatever there chou findest to exceed thy Understanding, put it to God's Account ; and leave Him to make it good, tho’thou canst not conceive how it fhould be done. He will not deceive thee; but they who rely upon their own Understandings, are sure to deceive themselves. Remember God hath said, that he walks and dwells with the Humble, and shewys his Waystothe Meek, that he reveals himself to Babes ; that he opens the Eyes of the Honest and Sincere, but hides his Grace and Knowledge from the Proud, and Wife in their own Sight. Reason (Experience proves) may both des ceive, and be deceived ; for it is but human; but Faith has God for its Foundation, and cannot err ; because depending upon One who is Truth it felf, incapable of mistaking, or of imposing upon others.

'Tis therefore highly fit, and in Matters of Religion, absolutely neceffary, that these two Principles should know their Order, and respective Stations; and each contain it self within its proper Sphere. Faith (which supposes a Revelation received and acknowledged) challenges the highest Place, and Reason ought to keep her distance, to serve and follow after, not to fet Bounds to, or affume, and encroach, and ufurp over the Other. For Faith and Charity are the two

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Pillars upon which Christianity stands; the two governing Principles of a good Man's Opinions and Actions. And their Authority and Influence is in no one Instance more considerable, than in this of the Bleffed Sacrament. God is infinite and eternal, his Power unbounded and incomprehensible. He does whatsoever pleaseth him in Heaven and in Earth, and who can understand bis Counsels, or find out all bis Methods. If the Works of God were such as Human Reason could penetrate with ease, they would lose great part of their Glory ; and we should soon abate of our Awe and Veneration for their Author, if his Dealings were not above the Power of our Tongues to express, and the utmost Extent of our Imaginations to conceive. O that Men would therefore praise the Psalm cvii. Lord for his Goodness, and confess the Wonders that be bath done for the Children of Men, for great and

Rev. xiv. marvellous are thy Works, ob Lord God ilmighty ! Huw insearchable are thy Judg- Rom. xi. ments, and thy Ways past finding out ?


E N D.


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