occasion of acknowledging with David,
that It is good for me to have been in Troue. Psal. cxix. 710
ble, since by that I have learnt more diligently to pray
Atise, more stedfastly to persevere in thy Statutes.


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Raise the Lord, O my Soul; and all that is PS. ciii. 1,

within me Praise his holy Name.
Praise the Lord, O my Soul ; and forget not
all his Benefits.

Who can express the noble A&ts of the Lord ; cvi. 2:
or.fbewu ferth all his Praise?

Which forgiveth all thy Sins; and healeth all ciii. 3.:* thine Infirmities.

Which saveth thy Life from Destruction ; and 4. crowneth thee with Mercy and Loving-kindness.

Which satisfieth tby Mouth with good things; making thee young and lusty as an Eagle.

For bis Arroivs stuck fast in me; and his xxxviii. s. Hard pressed me fore.

There was no Health in my Flesh, because of bis Displeasure ; neither was there any Rest in my Bones, by reason of my Sin.

My Soul abhorred all manner of Meat ; and evii. 18. I was even hard at Death's Door :

Then cried I unto thee, O Lord; end got me xxx. 8. to my Lord right humbly :

I said, O my God, take me not away in the cii: 24.
midst of mine Age ; as for tby Tears they endure
Throughout all Generations.

But what profit is there in my blood, when XXX: 9:
I go down to the Pit ?

Hear my Prayer then, O Lord, and with xxxix. 13;
thine Ears consider my Calling : Hold not thy
Peace at my Tears.


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o Spare me a little, that I may recover mig

Strength, before I go bence, and be no more feen. cvii. 19. So when I cried unto the Lord in my

Trouble be delivered me out of my Distress.

He sent his Word, and healed me ; and I was

Saved from my Destruction. Lxxi. 18. 0! what great Troubles and Adversities bast

. thou Shewed me, and yet didst thow turn and quicken me : rea, and broughtest me from the deep of the Earth again.

Therefore will I praise thee and thy Faithful1: 14. mess, OĞod: I will offer unto my God Thanksgi

ving, and pay my Vows unto the most Highet. yf.xxxviii. For the Grave cannot praise thee, Death cannot celebrate thee ; They that

go down to the Pit caz. not declare thy Trush.

But the Living, the Living be fall praise thee, as I do this Day; the Father to the Children shall

make known the Goodness of the Lord. Pfal.ix: 20. And they that know thy Name, will put their

Trust in thee ; for thou, Lord, bast never failed then that seek thee.

As for me I will give great Thanks unto the Lord with my

Mouth and praise him among the Midltitude.

O come hither and bearken all ye that fear God, and I will tell you what he bath done

for my Soul. 1xxviii. 15. I was in misery, and like unto him that is at xxxiv.: 4, the point to die ; but be delivered me out of all cxiv. 17

If the Lord had not helped me, it had not failed, but my Soul had been put to silence.

But when I said, My Foot hath Ripped z. tby Mercy, 0 Lards, hold me up.


cix. 29.

Lxvi. 14,

my fear.



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Thou baft turned my Heaviness into Joy; thou XXX. I!. haft put off my Sickness, and girded me with Gladness.

The Lord is my Strength and my Shield, my xxviii. 8.
Heart bath trusted in him, and I am delivered;
therefore my Heart danceth for Joy, and in ney
Song will I praise him.

o bow plentiful is thy Goodness which thou xxxi. 21.
bat laid up for them that love thee; and that
thou hast prepared for them that put their trust in
thee, even before the Sons of Men.

ye that love the Lord, see that ye hate the xcvii. ro. thing which is evil; the Lord preservetb the Souls of the Faithful, be deliveretb them from the Hand of the Wicked One.

His Mercy and Truth shall follow me all the xxiii. 6. days of my Life; and I will dwell in the House of the Lord for ever.

I will keep the Ways of the Lord; and will xviü, 21. not forsake my God as the Wicked doth.

For I have an Eye unto all his Laws; and will not cast out bis Commandments from me.

Praised be the Lord, who hath not caft out my lxvi. 18.
Prayer, nor turned bis Mercy from me.

Yea, blessed be the Lord God, even the God of lxxii. 18.
Israel, which only doth wondrous things :
And blessed be the Name of his Majefy for 19.

and let all the Earth be filled with his
Majesty. Amen, Amen.
Glory be to the Father, and to the Son

and to the Holy Ghost.
As it was in the Beginning, is now, and ever

shall be : World without end.

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ever ;

After this Hymn, the Reader may enlarge his Meditations to the fame purpose, by repeating the xxx, lxxi, xxxii, cxvi, cxviii Pfalms.


Bb 3

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Most mighty God and merciful Father, Wonderful in

thy Doings, and gracious in all thy Dispensations toward the Children of Men; I thy unworthy Servant proftrate my self before thee, with all the fervent offections of a grateful Breast, acknowledging it ihy Goodness, that I am net long ago consumed. Thou, Lord, haft chaftened and corrected me, but thou hast not given me over unto Death. Blefjed therefore be that Divine Wijdem, which saw this late Affliction season:able, and would net suffer me to perish in my Folly, for went of such neceffary Warning. Blefa sed be that terder Comp-fjion, which in the midst of Wrath remembred Mercy, which mide all my Bed in my Sickness, which passed by my Impatience, and many Infirmities; and inclined a willing Ear to the wandring and discompefect Supplications of a poor feeble Wretch, when he cried unto thee in bis extreme Anguish and Distress

. Blessed be the powerful Influences of that Grace , which disposed my Heart to Corsi deratio did Repentance. But, above all, blessed for ever be that Power and Goodness, whicla, by Sparing me when I had deserved to be utterly cut off, hath given me opportunity ta make good thise Holy Resolutions which thy Grace inspired, avhen I was in trouble. Lord, let this Goodness of thine, and iny owa serious Purposes of Amendment, never slip out of my Mind; but preserve in me a constant tender Sense of the indispensíble Obligations I lie under to better Obedience, make me every day more and more zealous in promoting thy Glery, and the Good of my Brethren : As a Person Javed from Deftruciion, for this very End, that the Remainder of my Life should be employed in the Service of my gracious Deliverer : In this Senfe, O my God, I bumbly offer and present into thee this Soul and Body, rescued from Hell and the Grave; Befeeching thee to keep them thine for ever, O let not the Return of my Health produce a Relapse into my former Sims; but become an Instrument of thy greater Honcur, of my cwn stricler and more stedfast Virtue bere,

and xix. II.

and my more exquisite Happiness hereafter. 0 !'that the Talents of Time and Ability to do good, which have been heretofore so wretchedly neglected, may (now they are afresh committed to my Trut) be for the time to come so faithfully improved, that the shining Graces of an exemplary Conversation may bold some proportion with the Blissings I bave been so particularly favoured withal. Let these excite, not me only, but others also, by my Example, to love thee more fervently, to serve thee more cheerfully, to trust in thee more afsuredly. In Thee, O Lord, who shewest us thy Goodnessso plenteously, and daily poureft thy Benefits upon us : In Thee, who never faileft or for- Ps lxviii.19. fakest them that seek thee : In thee, whose ix. 10. Mercies are sweet, whose Loving kindness lxvii. 4. is better than Life it felf, wbile Service is perfect Freedom, and, in keeping whese Commmandments there is exceeding great Reward. .

To this End, Janctifie, I bejeech thee, all the methods of thy Providence to the Salvation of my. Immortal Soul; And especially, let not thy abused Mercies ever rise 29 in Judgment against me. O! muy my paft Suffirings workin me great Hismility and godly Fear ; that from Them I may confirm my self in Faith and Patience, and an entire Resignation to thy Will and wiser Choices for me. Bring back frequently to niy remembronce the Promises and Supplications poured out in the Bitternefs of my Soul, that those successful addresses to the Throne of Grace, may si ir me upefficiually tothe paying what I then so sclemnly vowed. Open thou my Lips, O Lord, that my Muuth may declare thy Mer- ps. civ. 33. cy and Truth as long as I live, and praise my God while I have any Being. ind, fcrafmuch as this Recovery is only the lengthening out a little that Spon of Life which muft. Shortly have an Endi Suffer me not, I pray thie, to forget, that I am a Stranger upon Earth ; but help me to to disengage my Heart from these Things bere below, which, (my own late Experience bath taught me) cannot profit i12 the Day of Wrath, that my Hopes and affections may be


Bb 4

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