vice of the Lamb, the Company of Angels and Saints, shall minister eternal Matter of Praise and Joy ; and our Happiness will exceed all we can conceive, all we can hope for. And now, O Death, where

I Cor:XV.SS. is thy Sting? O'Grave, where is thy Victory? Thanks be to God, who hath given us the Victory, tkro' our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore (my Soul) be thou stedfaft, unmovable, always abounding in the Work of the Lord, forafmuch as I am affured, that nay. Labour shall not be in vain in the Lord.


W Cor.v.6.

7. 8.

Hile I am at home in the Body, I av. 2 Cor.v. 6.

sent from the Lord; for I walk by Faith not by Sight; Therefore I am confident, and willing rather to be absent from the Body, and to be present with the Lord.

Lord, whom have I in Heaven, but thee? and PS. lxxiii. there is none upon Earth that I desire in comparison 25.

of thee.

My Flesh and

lv. Svo


ту Heart faileth, but God is still 26. my Strength, and my Life and my Portion for ever.

Fearfulness and Trembling are come upon me, and

an horrible Dread bath overwiselmed me.

For the Enemy of Sculs cryeth out aloud, and the uzgodly One comets on so fast; he is minded to do me some Mischief, so maliciously is be set against

But I am thine, O save nre ; I am bought with a Price, O Jesus, even with thy most precious Blood. I am one of thy Sheep, rebuke this radening Wolf, for thou art greater than he ; and none is able to pluck me out of thy Hand.

Thou that takest away the Sins of the World, Commuhave mercy upon me. Thou that takest away vice.

aion Ser oby Sins of the World receive my Prayer ; Thou

nhas my great. Ex


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that Sitteft at the right hand of God, have Mercy

upon me. Pfal.ciii.8 Thou, Lord, art full of Compassion and Mercy,

Long-suffering, and of great Goodness; O deal not with me after my Sins, nor reward me according to my Iniguities.

Thou knowest wherefore we be made and remembrest that we are but Duft. Look graciously therefore upon my Weakness; Pity the Interruptions and Imperfections of my Prayers; Pardon what I cannot now do with a steady and composed Zeal,and accept

the Sincerity of my Heart. Burial Thou knowest, Lord, the Secrets of my Soul, shut Service.

not thy merciful Ears to my Prayers, but spare me Lord, most holy, o God, most mighty, o holy and merciful Saviour, thou most worthy Judge eternal, Suffer me not at my last Hour for any Pains of

Death to fall from thee. Heb. xiii. Faithful is he that hatb said, I will never leave

thee nor forsake thee; Lord grant me the Knows

ledge and sensible Experience of this most gracious Psalm lvii. Promise. Stand by me and save me from the ReI Pet. iv.

proof of him that would eat me up. Deliver Soul from the roaring Lyon, who goeth about continually, seeking whom he may devour.

Lord, I commit my Scul unto thee, as into the

hands of a faithful Creator, and most merciful Rea Mal. iii.

deemer. Spare it, O God, and let it be thine in the

Day when thou makest up thy Jewels. In the Hour Litany. of Death, and in the Day of Judgment, good Lord

deliver me.


I Pet. V.8.


Almighty Lord, Father of Mercies and God of all Coma

fort, I flee unto thee for Succcúr in this tremity; Moft humbly beseeching thee to support and streng



then me in the last Conflikt of my Life. Deliver me from the Snares and Terrors of the Wicked One, Sustain my Agonies with the peaceful Comforts of a quiet and good Conscience, and of perfe&t Reconciliation with thee, my God. Lord, as thou bringejt me nearer to thy self, so let my Love, and my Desires of thee be stronger. And that it may please thee in thy abundant Mercy, to afford me some sweet foretast of future Bliss, that I may triumph even in Death it self ! But if in this I know not what I ask ; yet at least suffer not my Faith to be shaken,nor thy Loving-kindness to fail; and however thou dealest with this Corruptible Body, let my Soul, I implore thee, be precious in thy sight, wash it in the Blood of the immaculate Lamb of God, that all its Pollutions being purged and done away, it may be presented pure and without spot before thee, and be received into thy everlasting Kingdom, thro the Merits and Mediation of Jesus Christ, thy only Son, our Lord and Saviour. Amen.

Short EJACULATIONS for the Last Extremities.


Believe, Blessed Jesus,that thou shalt come to be TeDeum.

myJudge; I therefore pray thee help thy Servant, whom thou hast redeemed with thy precious Blood. : O make me now to be numbred with thy Saints in Glory everlasting The Snares of Death compass me round about and Psal.cxvi.

1xx. its Pains get bold upon me; Haste thee, O God, to deliver me, make baste, o Lord, to help me.

Thy Kingdom come, o God, Thy Will be done in Earth as it is in Heaven.

Lord Jefus, receive my Spirit.
Come, Lord Festes, come quickly.

These laft may be used by the Friends and Standers-by,with the

necessary Alteration of the Person, after the fick Party is disabled from the use of thein,


BOOKS Published by George Scanhope,

D. D. Dean of Canterbury, and Chaplain
in Ordinary to Her M A JEST Y.
F Wisdom : Three Books. Written originally in French,

by the Sieur de Charron. With an Account of the Au. thior. Made English from the best Edition, Corrected and Enlar. ged by the Author a little before his Death.

2. Epiftetus's Morals, with Simplicius's Comment, in English.

3. A Sermon of Death and Judgment; preach'd at Whitehad, on the Death of the Queen.

4. A Sermon at the Commencement at Cambridge, July 6. 1697. 5. A Sermon at the Funeral of Dr. Towerfon.

6. A Sermon at the Feast of the Sons of the Clergy, Decema ber the 7th, 1697.

7. The Truth and Excellency of the Christian Religion affert. ed. In Sixteen Sermons, preach'd at St. Paul's Cathedral, in the Years 1701, 1702. at the Lecture founded by the Honourable Robert Boyle, Esq;

8. Parsons's Christian Directory : Being a Treatise of Holy Red solution. Put into Modern English.

9. A Paraphrase and Comment upon the Epistles and Gospels appointed to be used in the Church of England, on all Sunday's and Holy-Days throughout the Year. Designed to excite Devotion, and promote the Knowledge and Practice of sincere Piety and Virtue. In Three Volumes.

19. l'ious Breathings. Being the Meditations of St. Auftin his Treatise of the Love of God, &c. The Second Edition.

Printed for T. Bennet. Thirty Six Sermons on several Occasions. In 3 Vol. By Roa bert South, D. D. The Third Edition. An Introduction to a Devout Life. By F. Sales, Bishop of Oes

To which is prefix'd, A Discourse of the Rise of Spiritus al Books in the Romijh Church. By W. Nicholls, D.D.


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