Bel. I never saw
Such noble fury in so poor a thing;
Such precious deeds in one that promis’d noughe.
But begg'ry and poor luck.

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Reads. "When as the lion's whelp shall, to himself unknown, without seek ". ing find, and be embrac'd by a piece of tender air; and when, from

Nately cedar shall be lopt branches, which, being dead many years, “ Thall after revive, be jointed to the old stock, and freibly grow, then " Thall Pofthumus end his miseries, Britain be fortunate, and Avurilla

in peace and plenty,"..
'Tis still a dream ; or else such suff, as madmen:
Tongue, and brain not do either both, or nothing-
Or senseless speaking, or as speaking such
As sense cannot untie. But what it is,
The action of my life is like it, which I'll keep,
If but for lympathy. -

Enter Goaler.
Goal. Come, Sir; are you ready for death? :
Poft, Over-roasted rather; ready long ago.

Goal. Hanging is the word. Sir; if you be ready for that, you are : well cook'd.

Pojt. So if it prove a good repast to the spectators, the dish pays. the shot.

Goal. A heavy reckoning for you, Sir; but the comfort is, you shall be called to no more payments, fear no more tavern-bills, which are often the sadness of parting, as the procuring of mirth ; you come in faint for want of meat, depart reeling with too much drink; sorry

have paid too much, and forry that you are paid too much ; purse and brain both empty, the brain the heavier, for being too light; che purse too light, being drawn of heaviness, Oh, of this contradiction you Ihall now be quit : oh, the charity of a penny cord, it sums up thousands in a trice : you have no true debtor and creditor, but it ; of what's salt, is, and to come, the discharge ; your neck, Sir, is pen, book, and counter; fo the acquittance follows.

Pojt. I am merrier to die, than thou art to live.

Goal. Indeed, sir, he that seeps, feeis not the tooth-ach ; but a man that were to Neep you, Icep, and a hangman to help him to bed, I think he would change places with his officer : for, look you, Sir, you know not which way you bail go.

Pojt. Yes, indeed, do ,, fellow,

Goal. Your Jeaih hus Czes in's head then; I have not seen him so pictur’d: you must either be directed by some that take upon them to kpow; or to take upon yourself that which I am sure you do not. know; or lung ihe after inquiry on your own peril; and how you Call .speed in your journey's end, I think you'll never return to tell.

that you


Gym. No tidings of him?

Pif. He hath been search'd among the dead and li-. But no trace of him.

[ving, Gym. To my grief, I am The heir of his reward; which I will add To you, the liver, heart, and brain of Britain ;

[To Bel. Guid, and Arvirag. By whom, I grant, she lives. 'Tis now the time. To ask of whence you are. Report it.

Bel. Sir,
In Cambria aro we born, and gentlemen :
Farther to boast, were neither true nor modest,
Unless I add, we're honest.

Gym. Bow your knees;
Arise my knights o'th' battle; I create you:
Companions to our person, and will fit you .
With dignities becoming your estates.

Enter Cornelius, and Ladies.
There's business in these faces : why so fadly,
Greet you our victory? you look like Romans,',
And not o' the court of Britain...

Cor. Hail, great King ! To four your happinefs, I must report i : The Queen is dead..

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Poft. I tell thee, fellow, there are none want eyes, to direct themes the way I am going, but fuch as wink, and will not use them.

Goal. What an infinite mock is this, that a man fhould have the bell use of eyes, to see the way of blindness! I am dure hanging's the way of winking

Enter a Messenger.
Mel. Knock off his manacks, bring your prisoner to the King.
Poft. Thou bring's good news; I am called to be made free.
Goal, I'll be hang'd then..
Poft. Thou shalt be then freer than a goaler; po bolts for the dead.

(Exeunt Posthumus and Mefjenger, Goal. Unless a man would marry a gallows, and beget young gibbets, I never faw one so prone. Yet, on my conscience, there are : verier knaves desire to live, for all he be a Roman; and there be fome of them too that die against their wills; to should I, if I were one, I would we were all of one mind, and one mind good Othere were defolation of goalers and galiuwses. I speak agaiult my present profit; but my wilh. hath a preferment in't.

1 Exito. SCE N. E, G6..

Cym. Whom worse than a physician
Would this report become ? but I consider
By med'cine life may be prolong'd, yet death
Will seize the doctor too. How ended the ?

Cor. With horror, inadly dying, like herself i
Who, being cruel to the world, concluded
Most cruel to herself, What she confess'd,
I will report, so please you : these her women
Can trip me, if I err; who, with wet chceks,
Were prelent when she finish'd.

Cym. Pr'ythee, say,

Cor. First, the confels'd she never lov'd you : only
Affected greatness got by you, not you :
Married your royalıy, was wife to your place ;
Abhorr'd your person.

Gym. She alone knew this :
And, but she spoke it dying, I would not
Believe her lips in opening it, Proceed.

Gor. Your daughter, whom she bore in hand to love
With such integrity, she did confess
Was as a scorpion to her sight; whose life,
But that her flight prevented it, she had
Ta'en off by poison.

Cym. O molt delicate fiend !
Who is't can read a woman? is there more ?

Cor. More, Sir, and worse. She did confess she had.
For you a mortal mineral; which, being took,
Should by the minute feed on life, and ling'ring
By inches waste you. In which time the purpos’d,
By watching, woeping, tendance, kisling, to
O'ercome you with her shew ; yes, and in time,
(When she had fitted you with her craft), to work.
Her son into th'adoption of the crown :
But failing of her end by his strange absence,
Grew shameless, desperate ; open'd, in despight,
of heaven and men, her purposes; repented
The ills she hatch'd were not effected : 10,
Despairing, dy'd.

Cym, Heard you all this, her women?
Lady. We did, so please your Highnelse.

Gym. Mine eyes
Were not in fault, for the was beautiful :

Make thy demand aloud, -Sir, step you forth,

[To lachimo, Give answer to this boỳ, and do it freely ; Or, by our greatness, and the grace of it, Which is our honour, bitter torture shall [him. Winnow the truth from fallehood - -On ; speak to

Imo. My boon is, that this gentleman may render Of whom he had this ring.

Poft. What's that to himn ?

Gym. That diamond upon your finger, fay, How came it your's ?

lach. Thou'lt torture me to leave unspoken that, Which to be spoke would torture thee.

Cym. How? me?

lach. I am glad to be constrain'd to utter what Torments me to conceal. By villany 1

got this ring ; 'twas Leonatus' jewel Whom thou didst banish : and (which more may grieve As it doth me) a nobler Sir ne'er liv'd

[thee, 'Twixt sky and ground. Will you hear more, my Lord ?

Cym. All that belongs to this.

lach. That paragon, thy daughter, For whom my heart drops blood, and my false fpirits Quail to remember, give me leave, I faint.

[Swoons. Gym. My daughter, what of her ? renew thy ftrength; I'd rather thou should'st live while nature will, Than die ere I hear more : strive man and speak,

lach. Upon a time, (unhappy was the clock
That struck the hour); it was in Rome, (accurs'd
The mansion where) ; 'twas at a fealt, (oh, would
Our viands had been poison'd! or at leaft
Those which I heav'd to head): the good Pofthumus
(What should I say? he was too good to be
Where ill men were ; and was the best of all
Amongst the rar'it of good ones) – fitting fadly,
Hearing us praile our loves of Italy
For beauty, that made barren the swell'd boast
of him that belt could speak; for feature *, laming
The shrine of Venus, or (traight-pight Minerva, -
Pokures beyond brieff nature ; for condition,

Feature for proportion of parts,
* 6. Inelaborate, hasty,

A'shop of all the qualities that man
Loves woman for; besides that hook of wiving,
Fairness, which Itrikes tbe eye-

Gym. I fand on fire.
Come to the matter.

lach. All too soon I shall, Unless thou wouldft grieve quickly.This Pofthumus, (Most like a Noble Lord in love, and one i hat had a royal lover) took his hint ; And, not dispraising whom we prais’d, (therein He was as calm as virtue), he began His mistress' picture ; which by his tongue being made, And then a mind put in’t, either our brags Were crack'd-of kitchen-trulls, or his description Prov'd us unspeaking sots.

Cym. Nay, nay, to th’.purpose.

lach. Your daughter's chastity; there it begins: He fpake of her, as Dian had hot dreams, And she alone were cold : whereat I, wretch ! Made scruple of his praise; and wag'd with him Pieces of gold, 'gainst this which then he wore Upon his honour'd finger, to attain In suit the place of's bed, and win this ring By her's and mine adultery. He, true Knight, No lefser of her bonour confident Than I did truly find her, Atakes this ring ; And would so, had it been a carbuncle Of Phæbus' wheel; and might fo safely, had it Been all the worth of's car.

Away to Britain Port I in this design: well may you, Sir, Remember me at court, where I was taught By your chaste daughter the wide difference 'Twixt amorous and villanous. Being thus quench'd Of hope, not longing, mine Italian brain 'Gan in your duller Britain operate Molt vilely: for my vantage excelleift; And, to be brief, my practice fo prevailid, That I return'd with simular proof enough To make the Noble Leonatus mad, By wounding his belief in her renown, With tokens thus, and thus ; averring notes of chamber-hanging, pictures, this ber bracelet;


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