upon the Table.

the Examiners of Petitions for Private Act, 1861, and The General Pier and Bills, read, and discharged. Ordered, That Harbour Act (1861) Amendment Act, the Bill be withdrawn.-(Mr. Caldwell.) Segsion 1904 [by Act]; to lie upon the

Table, and to be printed. [No. 78.]



Copy presented, of Report of the War Petitions against alteration of Law: II. [by Command); to lie upon the

Office (Re-constitution) Committee, Part from Sheffield ;

Fenton; Egerton; Table. Belfast ; Southport (two); Garston; Uxbridge; Ardwick; Houghton; Hands- PAPERS LAID UPON THE TABLE worth; St. Asaph; Flint; Newmarket; BY THE CLERK OF THE HOUSE. Uckfield; Bradford; East Ham; Bath; 1. Charitable Endowments (London). Lampeter; Birmingham; Halesowen; Further Return relative thereto [ordered Ormskirk; Barking; and Bristol; to lie 2nd August, 1894; Mr. Francis Sterenson);

to be printed. [No. 79.]

2. Bridlington Piers and Harbour. MARRIAGE WITH A DECEASED WIFE'S SISTER BILL.

Copy of Abstract of the General Annual Petition from Tenbury, against; to lie Account for the year ending 26th July,

1903 [by Act].
npon the Table.


Return ordered, “showing the quan Petition from Liverpool, for legislation; tity of wines at the various degrees of to lie upon the Table.

strength which were imported into the

United Kingdom in 1903 from Spain, PorSALE OF INTOXICATING LIQUORS ON

tugal, Madeira, France, Germany, HolSUNDAY BILL.

land, Italy, Australasia, and other Petition from Thatcham, in favour; countries in continuation of Parliamento lie upon the Table.

tary Paper, No. 100, of Session 1903).”— BRITISH MUSEUM.

(Sir Thomas Dewar.) Petition of the Trustees of the British Museum (King's Recommendation signi

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS fied), for grant in aid; referred to the CIRCULATED WITH THE VOTES Committee of Supply

Vaccination Exemption CertificatesRETURNS, REPORTS, ETC.

Case of Mr. Bickham.


the Secretary of State for the Home Paper (presented 26th February] to be Mr. George Bickham, of Capstone Road,

Department whether he is aware that printed. [No. 77.]

Bournemouth, has applied twice this RAILWAYS ABANDONMENT. year to the Bournemouth police magisCopy presented, of Report by the trates for a certificate of exemption Board of Trade respecting the Humber under Section 2 of The Vacciation Act, Commercial Railway and Dock Bill and 1898, and that when he applied on 15th the objects thereof (pursuant to Stand- February, 1904, one of the magistrates ing Order 158B); referred to the Com- declined to allow the certificate to be mittee on the Bill.

granted, although the applicant had

satisfied two other justices, and anPIERS AND HARBOURS (PROVISIONAL nounced that the whole of the Bench ORDERS).

must be satisfied; and whether, under Copy presented, of Report by the these and similar circumstances conBoard of Trade of their Proceedings stantly occurring, he will circula rise the under The General Pier and Harbour | magistrates, stating that certificates of exemption cannot be withheld where the Republic, calculated on the same prinapplicant satisfies two justices as required ciple as those given for certain other by the Act.

countries; in Memorandum No. XVI. of

C.). 1761 of 1903, would be about 18 and (Answered by Mr. Secretary Akers- 16 per cent. respectively. These counDouglas.) This is not a matter in which tries would consequently follow Germany I have any authority to take action. in the list given on page 171 of the BlueBut I have made inquiry, and am in- book, the percentage for the Argentine formed that, as a fact, the Court in this being about the same as for Canada. case consisted of four magistrates, two of whom were in favour of, and two opposed to, the grant of the certificate.

Imports of Linen Yarns from France and

Belgium Incidence of Import Duties in Denmark MR. KILBRIDE (Kildare, S.): To ask and the Argentine.

the President of the Board of Trade MR. AUSTIN TAYLOR (Liverpool, whether he can state the weight and value East Toxteth): To ask the President of in sterling of flax line yarns and flax tow the Board of Trade if he will state the yarns imported into England, Scotland, estimated average incidence of the import

and Ireland, respectively, during the last duties levied by Denmark and the five years from France and Belgium. Argentine Republic, respectively, on the principal articles of British export from (Answered by Mr. Gerald Balfour.) No the United Kingdom, and the relative distinction is made in the import list position this would 183ign to each of between flax line yarns and flax tow yarns, them in the scale of incidence given in both being classified as linen yarns. The the Blue-book for various Continental following statement shows the imports and other countries.

of linen yarns from Belgium and France

into England, Scotland, and Ireland, (Answered by Mr. Gerald Balfour.) The respectively, during the five years ended figures for Denmark and the Argentine 31st December, 1903 :

[blocks in formation]

Imports of Foreign Goods into Canada. (Answered by Mr. Gerald Balfour.) As MR. LABOUCHERE (Northampton):

I informed the hon. Member for the To ask the President of the Board

Bassetlaw Division on Wednesday last, of Trade whether, in view of the fact the 25 per cent. rebate given by the that British goods have been admitted Dominion of Canada began on the 1st into Canada since 1897 with a rebate of August, 1898, and the 33} per cent. rebate

The values of the 25 per cent., which was increased in 1901 on 1st July, 1900. to 33} per cent., he can state the total exports of domestic produce and manuvalue of United States, German, and facture from Germany, Belgium, and the Belgian goods respectively imported into United States to the British North the North American Colonies in 1897,

American Colonies, as shown in the 1898, 1899, 1900, 1901, 1902, and 1903.

† See page, 840.

official trade statistics of these countries, were as follow. Particulars for 1903 are in each of the years from 1897 to 1902 | not yet available.

[merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][ocr errors][merged small][merged small]

Port of London Bill.

whether he is aware that advertisements MR. JOHN ELLIS (Nottinghamshire, have been inserted in the Irish newsRushcliffe): To ask the President of the papers asking for tenders for boots for Board of Trade when he

proposes to pro

messengers in the service of the General ceed with the Port of London Bill.

Post Offices, and that samples of such boots have to be sent to a receiving

depôt in London to be passed; and (Answered by Mr. Gerald Balfour.) The Government hope to proceed with this facturer secures the contract, he has to

whether, seeing that, if an Irish manuBill as soon as the state of public business

pay carriage to London, he will arrange permits.

that boots for use in Ireland shall be

passed at, a depôt in that country. Afforestation in Scotland. SIR JOHN LENG (Dundee: To ask (Answered by Lord Stanley.) Tenders the Secretary for Scotland whether the have been invited from a number of suggestion of the Scottish Arboriculture firms in Ireland for the supplies required Society has been brought under his notice during the forthcoming financial year. that the Government should acquire an If any of these firms should receive the estate for afforestation; and whether he contract, arrangements will be made for will consider the practicability of com- boots for use in Ireland to be delivered bining with the proposal the acquisition in Ireland. of ground for a national park in a mountainous district within easy reach of the

Postmastership of Chirk. great centres of population in Scotland.

MR. FENWICK (Northumberland, (Answered by Mr. A. Graham Murray.) Wansbeck) : To ask the PostmasterI have received a resolution from the General whether he will explain why the Royal Scottish Arboricultural Society to postmastership of Chirk has been given which I suppose the hon. Member refers. to a person not previously employed in I am unable to entertain any such pro- the postal service, and without knowposal as that made by the hon. Member ledge of the duties to be performed; and in the latter part of his Question.

will he state whether the vacancy was Bootsj for Post Office Messengers–Irish advertised in the usual way.

Tenders MR. NANNETTI (Dublin, College (Answered by Lord Stanley.) When the Green)To ask the Postmaster-General vacancy for a sub-postmaster at Chirk


occurred, several applications were re- to establish an experimental area ceived, and after due consideration of Forst-garten in connection therewith, the the qualifications of the several candi- Department would take such an item dates, an appointment was made in the of equipment into consideration in usual manner. The vacancy was not determining the amount of any grant advertised, nor is it usual to do this in that they might give. There would, in

, respect of offices of this class.

fact, be no more difficulty about supporting an institution with a Forst-garten

attached than there would be in supCompensation for Loss occasioned by In- porting an institution with a chemical correctly Transmitted Telegrams.

laboratory or a botanic garden. MR. HENNIKER HEATON (Canterbury): To ask the Postmaster-General whether his attention has been called to

Naval Expenditure. a recent case of a telegram which was

SIR EDGAR VINCENT (Exeter) : To addressed to General McCalmont on the message itself but to Colonel McCalmont ask the Secretary to the Admiralty if he

will state the total estimated Naval Exon the envelope; and whether, in view of the delay in the delivery of the tele penditure of this country in each of the

financial years 1900, 1901, 1902, 1903, gram and consequent logs to the addressee, he will state what action he i

1904-5, including Supplementary Votes proposes to take in the matter; and

and expenditure under Works Bills. also what punishment was awarded in a

some time ago in which a clerk (Answered by Mr. Pretyman.) The altered or changed å figure in a telegram actual total Naval Expenditure, including

a from 7d. to 8£d., in which case all Supplementary Votes and Naval Works

d compensation was refused to the sender Acts, during the years 1900–1901, 1901-2, for the loss incurred.

and 1902–3, was as follows:-1900–1901 :

Navy Votes, £29,998,529 4s. 7d; Naval (Answered by Lord Stanley.) The first Works Acts, £9,132,533 28. 8d. Total

1901-2: case mentioned by the hon. Member £32,131,062 78. 3d.

Navy has just been brought to my notice, Votes, £30,981,315 2s. 8d. (a); Naval and I am making inquiry. I fear that Works Acts, £2,745,176 8s. 3d. ; Total the second case

1902-3: Navy cannot be identified £33,726,491 10s. 11. without further particulars.

Votes, £31,003,977 9s. 11d. (b); Naval
Works Acts, £3,198,016 14s. 9d.; Total

£34,201,994 4s. 8d. The estimated Forestry in Scotland-State Aid.

Naval Expenditure during 1903-4 and

, MR. MUNRO FERGUSON (Leith 1904–5, is as follows :—1903-4, Navy Burghs): To ask the hon. Member for Votes, £35,727,500 (c); Naval Works

Acts, North Huntingdonshire, as representing 1904-5: Navy Votes, £36,889,500 (d);

£3,493,500; Total £39,221,000. the President of the Board of Agriculture, Naval Works Acts £5,111,900; Total whether the Board of Agriculture is in a

£42,001,400. The undermentioned Annuposition to offer State aid to the pro; ties in repayment of Advances in connecject for establishing an experimental

tion with the Naval Works Acts, 1895area, or Forst-garten, in connection with

1903, are included in the foregoing the system of forestry instruction at Edinburgh,

figures :-(a) £122,255; (b) £297,895; (c) £502,010; (d) £634,238.


[ocr errors]

(Answered by Mr. Ailywn Fellowes.) We have been in communication with the

Naval Expenditure of Foreign

Countries. Scottish Education Department on this subject and I am in a position to say SIR EDGAR VINCENT: To ask the that if any educational institution, such, Secretary to the Admiralty if he will for example, as the East of Scotland state the total naval expenditure of Agricultural College, were to lay itself France, Russia, Germany, and America out to provide education in forestry and in the years 1900, 1901, 1902, 1903.

(Answered by Mr. Pretyman.) The expenditure of the countries referred following table shows the total naval to:

[blocks in formation]

Revenue Derived from Export Duty on Medical Officers and the Milk Supply.

Patent Fuel. MR. BRYNMOR JONES (Swansea the President of the Local Government

MR. SHARPE (Kensington, N.): To ask District): To ask Mr. Chancellor of the Board whether he is aware that a clause Exchequer whether he can state the in the Public Health (Prevention of amount of the revenue derived during Diseases) Bill, 1888, seeking to give the the nine months ending the 31st December, medical officer of health powers to 1903, from the levying of the coal duty demand a full list of a dairyman's cusón exports of patent fuel.

tomers whose milk supply might come (Answered by Mr. Austen Chamberlain.) under suspicion, was struck out of the The net amount of duty received during Bill; and that an identical clause, introthe nine months ended 31st December, duced in the Infectious Diseases (Preven1903, in respect of patent fuel exported tion) Bill, 1890, was eliminated from that was £11,799,

Bill; and whether the Board will in the

present session make their recommendaShankhaiwan Fort.

tion to the Police and Sanitary Committee

that the clause in question be omitted MR. LAWRENCE (Liverpool, Aber- from the various Bílls dealing with the cromby): To ask the Under-Secretary milk supply. of State for Foreign Affairs if he will say whether the fort at Shankhaiwan, lately occupied by the Russians, was,

(Answered by Mr. Walter Long.) I was on their vacation of it, occupied by not aware that the clause referred to was the French and the tricolour hoisted;

struck out of the Public Health (Preand whether he has any information

vention of Diseases) Bill, 1888. That to what Power at present occupies the Bill did not, I think, proceed beyond position.

First Reading. The clause was, no doubt,

eliminated from the Bill of 1890, and it (Answered by Earl Percy.) The portion was the practice of the Local Government of the fort at Shankhaiwan, previously Board for some years afterwards to draw occupied by the Russians was, on its attention to this circumstance in their evacuation by them, for a time occupied Reports on Bills for local Acts. It was by a French officer with a corporal's found, however, that, notwithstanding guard, and the French flag was hoisted. this, the clause was, in a large number of The French troops have, however, now cases, allowed by Committees. Moreover, left, and a party of Russian soldiers a similar provision was made for Scotland from Tientsin are at present in occupation. in The Public Health (Scotland) Act,

1897. In these circumstances the Board + Represents one-fifth of a sum of £11,500,000 in 1899 discontinued the practice of which was a special grant sanctioned in 1897 for new construction, to be spread over a

drawing attention in their Reports to the period of five years. The details of this ex action of Parliament in 1890, and I do penditure have not been published.

not propose to resume that practice.


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