of the Navy Estimates, 1904-5 [by Com- he is aware that British imports into mand); to lie upon the Table.

Natal for the year 1903 show an increase

of only 3.7 per cent., as compared with COLONIAL REPORTS (MISCELLANEOUS). 1902, whereas the import of German

Copy presented, of Report No. 26 goods shows an increase of 44:8, and (Nigeria, Report on a Series of Mineral American 42:7 per cent.; and can he and Vegetable Products from Northern state how these figures compare with the Nigeria, by Professor W. R. Dunstan, year 1892. Director of the Imperial Institute) [by Command); to lie upon the Table.

(Answered by Mr. Gerald Balfour.) The

Board of Trade have not yet received PAPER LAID UPON THE TABLE BY THE official particulars of the trade of Natal CLERK OF THE HOUSE.

with different countries in 1903. The Soane's Museum.-Copy of Statement official Returns of the United Kingdom of the Funds of the Museum of the late show a decline of about 1 per cent. in Sir John Soane on 5th January, 1904 [by exports of British produce from the Act].

United Kingdom to Natal in 1903 as compared with 1902.

Damage to Port of (Ness Breakwater, QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS

Isle of Lewis. CIRCULATED WITH THE VOTES. MR. WEIR (Ross and Cromarty): To

ask the Secretary for Scotland if he will

state the nature of the recommendations Prices of Sugar in London and on the

contained in the report relative to the Continent. SIR JOHN LENG (Dundee): To ask Port of Ness, Island of Lewis; and what

damage sustained by the breakwater at the President of the Board of Trade if he action he proposes to take in the will state the retail prices of white

matter. granulated sugar per lb. in London, Paris, Berlin, and Vienna, on 1st January, 1902,

(Answered by Mr. A. Graham Murray. and 1st January, 1903, respectively.

Mr. Shiel's Report has already been (Answered by Mr. Gerald Balfour.) The of any suggested remedies are therein set

circulated to the House, and the nature retail prices of white granulated sugar, forth, but the expenditure involved in as sold in large retail establishments in London, Paris, and Berlin, on the 1st the repair to the breakwater and harbour January, 1902 and 1903, were approxi. of Portness, taken as a whole, is so large mately as follows:

and out of proportion to the advantage
to be gained, that it is not intended to

further action in the matter.
1st January, 1st January,

1903. Per lb. Per lb. Construction of Protecting Wall for

Skigersta Pier, Isle of Lewis.

MR. WEIR: To ask the Secretary for London


Scotland if he will state whether

any Paris.



progress has yet been made with the con

struction of a protecting wall for the Berlin


3 d. Skigersta Pier, Island of Lewis.

I am informed that corresponding par: The Congested Districts Board are still

(Answered by Mr. A. Graham Murray.) ticulars cannot be given for Vienna as white granulated sugar is not consumed without reply from the promoters, but I there.

understand that they are, nevertheless,

keeping the question of the grant open. British, American, and German Imports into Natal.

Applications for Postmastership of SIR THOMAS DEWAR (Tower

Ilfracombe. Hamlets, St. George's): To ask the CAPTAIN NORTON (Newington, W.): President of the Board of Trade whether To ask the Postmaster-General whether


he will state the date and number of the incurring the additional expense neces. Post Office Circular in which applications sary for affording the desired accomwere invited for the postmastership of modation. Ilfracombe; and whether he will state the number of applications for the Telephonic Communication between position.

Ballymena and Londonderry.

MR. GORDON (Londonderry, S.): (Answered by Lord Stanley.) The To ask the Postmaster-General if he vacancy was not notified in the Post can state what progress has been made Office Circular, as the late postmaster towards establishing telephonic communiwas for disciplinary reasons required to cation between Ballymena and Londonexchange with another officer.

derry with branch lines to Coleraine and

Limavady ; and when the construction of Annual Leave of Adult Post Office such system will be commenced.

Messengers. Mk. MACVEAGH (Down, S.): To ask (Answered by Lord Stanley.) The Post the Postmaster-General whether he is Office trunk wire system has been exaware that adult messengers in pro- tended from Belfast to Ballymena, and vincial towns who perform full night exchanges have been opened at Antrim, duty are not allowed the same annual Ballymena, and Kells. "I hope to be able leave as unestablished officers on full day to arrange for a further extension to serve duty; and whether he can see his way Coleraine, Limavady, and Londonderry, to increase the annual leave for the when additional funds available former.

for the development of the Post Office

telephone system. A Bill to authorise (Answered by Lord Stanley.) I am not further capital expenditure for this puraware of the circumstances to which the pose will be presented to this House at hon. Member refers, and if he will furnish an early date. me with some particulars I will have inquiry made.

Russo-Japanese war-Coal as Contraband.

MR. RUNCIMAN (Dewsbury): To Postal Deliveries at Bolarney, ask the Under-Secretary of State for Wicklow.

Foreign Affairs whether coal has been MR. COGAN (Wicklow, E.): To ask declared by the Russian or Japanese the Postmaster-General whether he is Government to be contraband of war, or aware that there are three or four bas coal been treated by the belligerents deliveries daily of letters within the as contraband. greater portion of the urban district of Wicklow, but that there is only one (Answered by Earl Percy.) His Majesty's delivery daily at 6.30 a.m. in the part of Government have not learned that any the urban district called Bolarney, and declaration on the subject has been made that there fore letters arriving by the by either of the belligerents. 7.20 a.m. train are not delivered until the following morning; and, if so, Collection of County Rates in Ireland. whether he will cause such steps to be Sir THOMAS ESMONDE (Wexford, taken as will ensure a morning delivery N.): To ask the Chief Secretary to the of all letters arriving the same morning Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland if the Local to every resident within the urban Government Board for Ireland will agree district, and to those who reside adjacent to allow collectors of county rates to close to the urban boundary.

their account, on 1st May and lst

November instead of on 31st March and (Ansvered by Lord Stanley.) I have 30th September, where it can be shown made inquiry on the question of afford that the collection of the rates will be ing a second delivery in the day in thereby facilitated. Bolarney, but I regret to find that, owing to the small number of letters (Answered by Mr. Wyndham.) I would affected, I should not be justified in refer the hon. Baronet to my reply to the


similar Question put to me on Monday | Blessington system ; and whether he will last by the hon. Member for South order an official inquiry into this matter. Wexford. †

(Answered by Mr. Wyndham.) The

payment of dividends on the guaranteed Fertilisers and Feeding Stuffs Act

capital of the Dublin and Blessington Suggested Amendment.

Steam Tramway and the payment of any SIR THOMAS ESMONDE : To ask deficit in working expenses on the line .the Chief Secretary to the Lord-Lieuten- are guaranteed by the counties Dublin ant of Ireland if he will introduce a Bill and Wicklow. The net payment by each to amend the Fertilisers and Feeding county in the period covered by the Stuffs Act, 1893, as far as Ireland is con- Question was £4,596 7s. 11d. There cerned, so that the analyses of artificial were Treasury contributions amounting manures be stamped on the bags, so much to £3,830 ls. 2d. in respect to each of nitrogen, potash, and phosphates, the county during the same period. The exuse of all other terms to be prohibited ; tension to Poulaphouca is worked by the that it be compulsory on the merchant to Dublin and Blessington Tramway at a sell to a policeman or officer authorised to lower rate and is allowed exceptional take samples by the Department of terms in the way of rebate on traffic. I Agriculture or county committees of am not aware that there are any reasons agriculture and technical instruction ; for an inquiry as suggested. that samples be taken by a sampling pale or spear; and that, as regards feeding

Irish Children and Gardeningstuffs, merchants be ot liged to give an

Government Grants, analysis of the exact composition, and MR. FFRENCH (Wexford, S.): I beg any departure therefrom to constitute an

to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lordoffence.

Lieutenant of Ireland whether he is

that the English Board of (Answered by Mr. Wyndham.)

Agriculture gives grants for the subject of

The Department has under consideration the gardening; and whether, in view of the

desirability of children being made question of an amendment of this Act, so familiar with the habits, growth, and food far as it applies to Ireland. Before

of plants, he will take steps to secure finally deciding as to the nature of any that the Irish Board of Agriculture shall amendment, it proposes to avail itself of also give grants for the subject of the conclusions which may be arrived at

gardening. by the Departmental Committee appointed by the Board of Agriculture and Fisheries

(Answered by Mr. Wynulham.) I underto inquire into the working of the Act in stand the English Board of Agriculture Great Britain, as much of the evidence makes grants to certain institutions for given before that Committee will no agricultural purposes, including gardendoubt be also applicable to the circum- ing. Grants for the teaching of gardening stances of Ireland.

have also been made by the Irish Depart

ment through the county committees of Working of Terenure to Blessington agricultural and technical instruction.

Steam Tramway. MR. JAMES O'CONNOR (Wicklow, W.): To ask the Chief Secretary to the QUESTIONS IN THE HOUSE. Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland if he is aware that the Terenure (Dublin) to Blessington steam tram line has been working at a

Naval Training Ships-Stornoway's loss to the county Wicklow guaranteeing

Claim. baronies of over £9,000, from the year

Me. WEIR (Ross and Cromarty): 1 1887 to the 30th of June, 1901, equal to beg to ask the Secretary to the Ad£600 a year ; and also that the Blessing; miralty whether he is aware that the ton to Poulaphouca line, an independent Walpole Commission in their Report, and unguaranteed enterprise, is worked dated July, 1890, recommended the estabpartly at the expense of the Terenure and lishment of a training ship for the Royal

† See (4) Debates., cxxix, 1308. Navy at Stornoway; and will he say

whether the Board of Admiralty can see

Armed Political Mission to Thibet. their way to adopt the proposal.


shire, W.): I beg to ask the Secretary of THE SECRETARY TO THE ADMIR- State for India whether he will state the ALTY (Mr. PRETYMAN, Suffolk, Wood- grounds upon which the Government of bridge): The Admiralty are aware of the India decided that the present armed recommendations of the Walpole Com- political mission to Thibet is not a contramission, but cannot see their way to vention of the Act of 1858; and whether establish a training ship at Stornoway.

he will lay Papers before Parliament containing a report of the proceedings of the

Supreme Executive Council of India at North Sea Fisheries Wireless

which this conclusion was arrived at, Telegraphy with the Faroe Islands and Iceland.

together with the opinions then given upon

the question. MR. WEIR: I beg to ask the UnderSecretary of State for Foreign Affairs THE SECRETARY OF STATE FOR whether, in view of the proposals con- INDIA (Mr. BRODRICK, Surrey, Guildtained in the Report of the International ford): The fact that an escort accomConference on Scientific Investigations in panies the political mission does not the North Sea, the question of securing necessitate any action under Clauses communication with the Faroe Islands 54 and 55 of the Government of and Iceland by wireless telegraphy has India Act, to which I presume the hon. yet been considered.

Member refers. The question is not one

for the consideration of the GovernorThe UNDER-SECRETARY OF STATE General's Council, and there are no Papers FOR FOREIGN AFFAIRS (Earl Percy, to be presented. Kensington, S.): As my predecessor

Indian Railways. stated on the 25th of June last,† the point MR. HERBERT ROBERTS: I beg to raised cannot be considered apart from ask the Secretary of State for India the larger question of the general use of whether Parliament will be supplied wireless telegraphy. On this subject no at

an early date

with copies

copies of definite decision has yet been arrived at. the Indian Government's recommen

dations, founded

Mr. Thomas Thibet-Chinese Envoy to Lhassa, Robertson's Report, regarding the work

ing of the Indian railway system, with his MR. WEIR: I beg to ask the UnderSecretary of State for Foreign Affairs if suggestions as to new lines. he will state whether the Chinese Envoy MR. BRODRICK : The views and who left Pekin in December, 1902, on a recommendations of the Government mission to Lhassa, for the purpose of of India on Mr. Thomas Robertson's arranging with the Thibetans a solution Report are now under my consideration. of the questions which the British Com. I cannot present any further Papers at missioner has been charged to discuss, present. has yet reached his destination; and, if not, will he consider the expediency of

Calcutta High Court. communicating with the Chinese Govern

SIR MANCHERJEE BHOWNAGment with a view to ascertain the cause GREE (Bethnal Green, N.E.): I beg to of the delay.

ask the Secretary of State for India,

referring to the answer given by his EARL PERCY: We have no infor- predecessor to a Question by the hon.

EARL PERCY: We have no infor- Member for the Frome Division of mation of the arrival of the Chinese Somerset on the 13th November, 1902, if Envoy at Lhassa, but, having regard to the he will state the result of the inquiry instructions which the Chinese Minister

instituted. stated in his note of 23rd November had been given, it is not proposed to make a MR. BRODRICK: I am informed by furthur communication to the Chinese the Government of India that the sugGovernment at present.

gestion that there has been any undue + See (4) Debates, oxxiv., 554.

+ See (4) Debates, cxiv., 868.


delay in the disposal of criminal work in regard to the admission of Chinese labour the Calcutta High Court is entirely un- so as to include the points suggested by founded ; that if the criminal work before the Chinese Minister for further safethe Court is found at any time to be more guarding the interests of the immigrants, than one Bench can deal with, arrange especially as regards corporal punishments are always made for constituting a ment. second criminal Bench to deal with the excess; and that the Judges, after careful

*MR. LYTTELTON: The Legislative search, are unable to trace that any case has occurred in which a person on a short Council of the Transvaal having been term of imprisonment who has appealed adjourned, the amendment of the Ordi. and not been released on bail, has served nance is not practicable, but I anticipate his term before his appeal could be heard. no difficulty in meeting the suggestions of

the Chinese Minister under the power to Convict Labour in the Colonies.

make regulations which is given by the

Ordinance. MR. EUGENE WASON (Clackmannan and Kinross): I beg to ask the Secretary of State for the Colonies whether convicts, shire, Forest of Dean): Will the sugges

*SIR CHARLES DILKE (Gloucesternative or otherwise, have ever been let tion in regard to the appointment of a out for hire in any of our self-governing or Consul or of Consuls be agreed to ? Crown colonies except in the case of the Transvaal.


Employment of Native Convicts in the wick and Leamington): As I stated in

Transvaal. reply to another Question on Monday, 1,200 convicts are employed at Kim- MR. WHITLEY (Halifax): I beg berley in the mines. This is in virtue of to ask the Secretary of State for the d contract between the Government and Colonies if he will state what is the total the De Beers Consolidated Mines Limited. number of native convicts in the Trans

vaal Colony; and how many are supplied MR. EUGENE WASON: That is not for purposes of labour to private persons an answer to my Question.

or companies. I beg also to ask the right

hon. Gentleman if he will state how many *MR. LYTTELTON: If the hon. of the 850 native convicts supplied to the Gentleman thinks it worth while pursuing Transvaal gold mines have been convicted the matter I will make further inquiries for minor offences, such as walking on the and endeavour to obtain the information side-walk, intoxication, or petty thefts. he wants.

*MR. LYTTELTON : I have given the MR. SWIFT MACNEILL (Donegal, hon. Member all the information in my S.): Is the right hon. Gentleman aware possession, in replying to him on Monday, † that convict labour is employed on excepting that I have also learnt that the Robben Island ?

employment of convicts with the mining

companies was arranged, not to oblige MR. CROOKS (Woolwich): Are there them, but because there was insufficient any white men among these 1,200 con- accommodation in the gaols, with overvicts ?

crowding and danger to health. I will

make further inquiry as to the details (No answer was returned.]

which the hon. Member desires.

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Transvaal Labour Ordinance.

MR. WHITLEY: Will the right hon. MR. LOUGH (Islington, W.): I beg to Gentleman ascertain the total number of ask the Secretary of State for the Colonies convicts in the colony ? whether the Transvaal Government is prepared to alter the Ordinance with *MR. LYTTELTON : Yes, Sir.

+ See (4) Debates, cxxix, 1320

+ See (4) Debates, cxxix, 1320.

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