Pretyman, Ernest George Seely, Maj. JE B (Isle of Wight Walker, Col. William Hall Purvis, Robert

Sharpe, William Edward T. Walrond, Rt. Hn.Sir William H. Randles, John S.

Smith, Abel H. (Hertford, East) Warde, Colonel C. E. Rasch, Sir Frederick Carne Smith, Hon. W. F. D. (Strand) Wodehouse, Rt Hn. E R. (Bath) Reid, James (Greenock) Stanley, Rt. Hon. Lord (Lancs.) Wylie, Alexander Ridley, Hon. M.W. (Stalybridge Stock, James Henry

Wyndham, Rt. Hon. George Ridley, S Forde (Bethnal Green Stone, Sir Benjamin

Yerburgh, Robert Armstrong Round, Rt. Hon. James Talbot, Lord E. (Chichester) Runciman, Walter

Taylor, Austin (East Toxteth) Rutherford, John (Lancashire) | Thornton, Percy M.

TELLERS FOR THE AYES, Sir Rutherford, W. W. (Liverpool) Tomlinson, Sir Wm. Edw. M. Alexander Acland-Hood and Sackville, Col. S. G. Stopford Tuff, Charles

Mr. Ailwyn Fellowes. Sandys, Lieut-Col. Thos. Myles Tufnell, Lieut.- Col. Edward


Abraham, William (Cork, N. E.) | Hayden, John Patrick Power, Patrick Joseph
Ainsworth, John Stirling Hemphill, Rt. Hon. Charles H. Priestley, Arthur
Allen, Charles P.

Henderson, Arthur (Durham) Reddy, M.
Barry, E. (Cork, S.)

Holland, Sir William Henry Redmond, John E.(Waterford) Boland, John

Johnson, John (Gateshead) Redmond, William (Clare)
Brigg, John
Joyce, Michael

Roche, John
Burke, E. Haviland
Kilbride, Denis

Rose, Charles Day
Caldwell, James
Lundon, W.

Samuel, S. M. (Whitechapel) Campbell, John (Armagh, S.) MacNeill, John Gordon Swift Shackleton, David James Condon, Thomas Joseph MacVeagh, Jeremiah

Sheehan, Daniel, Daniel
Crean, Eugene
M‘Crae, George

Sheehy, David
Cremer, William Randal
M'Hugh, Patrick A.

Slack, John Bamford
Cullinan, J.
M‘Kean, John

Sullivan, Donal
Delany, William

M'Killop, W. (Sligo, North) Taylor, Theodore C. (Radcliffe) Devlin, Charles Ramsay(Galway Mooney, John J.

Thomas David Alfred (Merthyr Devlin, Joseph (Kilkenny, N.) Nannetti, Joseph P.

Toulmin, George Doogan, P. C.

Nolan, Joseph (Louth, South) Wason,John Cathcart (Orkney) Farrell, James Patrick

O'Brien, Kendal (Tipperary Mid White, Luke (York, E. R.) Ffrench, Peter

O'Connor, James (Wicklow, W. Whitley, J. H. (Halifax) Flavin, Michael Joseph O'Donnell, John (Mayo, S.) Whittaker, Thomas Palmer Flynn, James Christopher O'Dowd, John Fuller, J. M. F.

O'Kelly,James (Roscommon,N. TELLERS FOR THE NOESGilhooly, James O'Malley, William

Captain Donelan and Mr. Griffith, Ellis J. O'Mara, James

Patrick O'Brien. Gurdon, Sir W. Brampton O'Shaughnessy, P. J.


relate to the Weighing of Minerals, Considered in Committee.

ordered to be brought in by Mr. Haldane, (In the Committee.)

Sir Charles Dilke, Mr. Caldwell, Mr. John NAVY ESTIMATES, 1904-5.

Wilson (Durham), Mr. William Abraham, Motion made, and Question proposed, Mr. Hatch, Mr. Ure, and Mr. Fenwick. “ That 131,100 men and boys be employed for the Sea and Coast Guard Services for COAL MINES (WEIGHING OF MINERALS) the year ending on the 31st day of March,

BILL. 1905, including 20,656 Royal Marines."

“To amend the provisions of the Coal Committee report Progress; to sit again Mines Regulation Act, 1887, which relate to-morrow.

to the Weighing of Minerals,” presented

accordingly, and read the first time; to NEW BILL.

be read a second time upon Tuesday, 8th

March, and to be printed. (Bill 103.) COAL MINES (WEIGHING OF MINERALS). Bill to amend the provisions of The

Adjourned at one minute after Coal Mines Regulation Act, 1887, which

Twelve o'clock.


Tuesday, 1st March, 1904.

Tuesday, 1st March, 1904.


The House met at Two of the Clock.

Speech indicates revision by the Member.

An Asterisk (*) at the commencement of a


ADDRESS). Read 2a, and committed. The Com- The Comptroller of the Household mittee to be proposed by the Committee reported His Majesty's Answer to the of Selection.

Address, as followeth :

"I have received with great satisfac

tion the loyal and dutiful expression of RETURNS, REPORTS, ETC.

your thanks for the Speech with which I have opened the present session of

Parliament.” TRANSVAAL. Further correspondence regarding the UNOPPOSED PRIVATE BILL Transvaal labour question (in continua.

BUSINESS. tion of [Cd. 1899), February, 1904).



Mr. SPEAKER laid upon the Table
Militia Training Return for 1903.

Report from one of the Examiners of

Petitions for Private Bills, That, in the EDUCATION (SCOTLAND). case of the following Bill, referred on the Code of Regulations for Day Schools for 62 has been complied with, viz. :

First Reading thereof, Standing Order 1904. Presented (by Command), and

London Port and Docks Bill. Ordered, ordered to lie on the Table.

That the Bill be read a second time. PIERS AND HARBOURS (PROVISIONAL ORDERS).


Report by the Board of Trade of their

Mr. SPEAKER laid upon the Table proceedings under the General Pier and Report from one of the Examiners of Harbour Act, 1861, and the General Pier Petitions for Private Bills, That, in the and Harbour Act, 1861, Amendment Act. case of the following Bill, referred on

the First Reading thereof, Standing PRIVATE LEGISLATION PROCEDURE Order 63 has been complied with, viz. :


Amersham, Beaconsfield, and District (ABANDONMENT) ORDER).

Water Bill. Ordered, That the Bill be

read a second time. Report by the Board of Trade respecting the above Provisional Order and the time, and passed.

Southend Water Bill. Read the third objects thereof.

Clyde Navigation (Works) Bill; Laid before the House (pursuant to London and India Docks Company Bill; Act), and ordered to lie on the Table. London and North Western Railway Bill;

Saddleworth and Springhead Tramways NEWCASTLE CHAPTER (AMENDMENT) (Abandonment) Bill. Read a second time, BILL (H.L.]

and committed. Read 3a (according to order), and

Gas Light and Coke and other Gas passed, and sent to the Commons.

Companies Acts Amendment Bill (by House adjourned at half-past Four Order). Order for Second Reading read,

o'clock, to Thursday next, and discharged. Bill withdrawn.-(Mr.
half-past Ten o'clock.





Copy presented, of Report by the Petition from Newport (Monmouth- Science and Art for the year 1903 [by

Director on the Edinburgh Museum of shire), for alteration of Law; to lie upon Command); to lie upon the Table. the Table.

COLONIES (GENERAL). LICENCES (RENEWAL). Petitions against alteration of Law; the proposed adoption of a Metric System

Copy presented, of Papers relating to from Kirkdale (two); St. Albans; Darwen; Newport (Fife); the Empire [by Command); to lie upon

of Weights and Measures for use within Stoke Newington; High Green ; Sheffield;

the Table. Bexley Heath; Blyton cum Wharton; Keighley; Maybole and Crosshill; Lon

TRANSVAAL. don; Billingshurst; Dewsbury; Ewell; Guildford; Earlsfield; Love Clough; dence regarding the Transvaal Labour

Copy presented, of Further CorresponLespit Hall; Crawshawbooth; Leicester; Question [by Command); to lie upon Beafood; Brierfield; Briercliffe; Mid

the Table. dlesbrough; Bath; Aylsham; and Manchester; to lie upon the Table.


Copy presented, of Diplomatic and RETURNS, REPORTS, ETC.

Consular Reports, Annual Series, No.
3123 [by Command); to lie upon the

ACT, 1900.


MENTS). Account presented, showing the Money issued from the Consolidated Fund, under

Copy presented, of the Militia Trainthe provisions of the Land Registry (New ing Return, 1903 [by Command); to lie Buildings) Act, 1900, and of the Ex: upon the Table. penditure; the Money expended and borrowed and the Securities created under the said Act, for the period ended the

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS 31st March, 1903; together with the Re- CIRCULATED WITH THE VOTES. port of the Comptroller and AuditorGeneral thereon [by Act); to lie upon the Table, and to be printed. [No. 80.]

Carriage of Early Potatoes from Kerry.

MR. BOLAND (Kerry, S.): To ask EDUCATION (SCOTLAND) CODE (1904). the Chief Secretary to the Lord-Lieuten

Copy presented, of Code of Regula- ant of Ireland whether he is now in a tions for Day Schools, 1904, with Ap- position to state what special arrangependices [by Command); to lie upon the ments for the carriage of early potatoes Table.

from Cahirciveen and other parts of

Kerry have been made with the railway EDUCATION (SCOTLAND). company by the Congested Districts Board Copy presented, of Return showing the and the Department of Agriculture. Expenditure from the Grant for Public Education in Scotland in the year 1903,

(Answered by Mr. Wyndham.) The with Statistics [by Command); to lie rates given by the Great Southern and upon the Table.

Western Railway Company for new

potatoes (packed) ip casks, barrels, EDUCATION (SCOTLAND) (GENERAL

hampers, or peds, by goods train service REPORT).

with Kingsbridge Station, Dublin, areCopy presented, of General Report by From Cahirciveen 198. 10d. a ton, Valentia the Chief Inspector of the Northern Harbour 20s. ld., Skibbereen 21s. 7d., Division of Scotland for the year 1903 Bantry 21s. 9d., Clonakilty 20s. 5d., Durrus [by Command); to lie upon the Table. Road 218. 9d. These are the same as



the rates given last year. The Depart. will be instructed to furnish a report. ment is in communication with the com- Inquiry will at the same time be made as pany with a view to obtain a continuance to the assistance given to British subjects of similar concessions as regards the on landing at New York. rates from some other stations, viz., Tralee, Ardfert, Miltown-Malbay, and

The Pyx Chapel. Ennistymon. There is also a special rate in force of 18s. a ton from Clonakilty

SIR BENJAMIN STONE (Birmingham, to Liverpool via steamer from Cork port. E.): To ask the hon. Member for the The agricultural business of the Congested Chorley Division, as representing the Districts Board has been transferred to First Commissioner of Works, if he will the new Department.

say what are the intentions of the

Government as to the future Cypher Telegrams from Macedonia. disposal of the Pyx Chapel, now that it

MR. CHARLES ALLEN (Gloucester is no longer occupied by a Department of shire, Stroud) : To ask the Under-Secre- the Government; and is it contemplated tary of State for Foreign Affairs whether making any alterations which will inter

fere with its venerable and architectural the European assessors in Macedonia are

character. permitted or forbidden by the Turkish authorities to send telegrams in cypher.

(Answered by Lord Balcarres.) The First (Answered by Earl Percy.) The foreign Commissioner of Works is anxious to give assessors in Macedonia are permitted to

effect to the assurances of his predecessor send telegrams in cypher. A temporary by giving the public reasonable facilities

of admission to the Pyx Chapel. In difficulty arose in consequence of an existing regulation that only foreign order to do this it will be necessary to representatives in Turkey are allowed to light the chapel: it is proposed to do so telegraph in cypher ; but the assessors

by means of plain standards with electric were freed from all restrictions in this light, so as to avoid any injury to the

ancient walls and vaulted roof. The respect when the matter was represented to the Porte.

greatest care is being taken not to make any alterations which might interfere with

the architecture. Landing of British Subjects in America. MR. BRIGG (Yorkshire, W.R., Keighley):

Expenditure under The Military and To ask the Under-Secretary of State for

Naval Works Acts. Foreign Affairs if he will make inquiries SIR CHARLES DILKE (Gloucesterof the British Consul at New York with shire, Forest of Dean): To ask Mr. respect to two British subjects, John Chancellor of the Exchequer if he can Atkinson Wright and Robert Atkinson state approximately the expenditure Wright, both of Bradford, Yorks, who under the Military Works Acts and landed at New York from the White Star Naval Works Acts in the current financial 8.S.“ Cymric,” on the 17th of January year. last, and after being detained by the American authorities on the charge of

(Answered by Mr. Austen Chamberlain.) having broken the contract laws, were Under the Military Works Acts, the finally sent back to England, although approximate expenditure for 1903-4 will they had not entered into any illegal be £3,600,000. Under the Naval Works labour contract; whether there is usually Acts, as stated by the Secretary to the any representative from the British Con. sulate present to give assistance to Member for Exetert, the approximate

Admiralty yesterday in reply to the hon. British subjects on their landing ; and, if there is not, will he inquire into the expenditure for 1903–4 will be £3,493,500. desirability of such a course.

The Budget. (Answered by Earl Percy.) We have no

MR. O'MARA (Kilkenny, S.): To ask information about this case, but His Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer whether Majesty's Congul-General at New York

+ See page 1214.

he proposes to suspend the operation of writing to the local educational authority the Sinking Fund in the next Budget. and the managers to the above effect.

(Answered by Mr. Austen Chamberlain.) Promotion in the Telegraph Department, I am not prepared to anticipate the

Glasgow. Budget discussions.

MR. JOHN WILSON (Glasgow, St.

Rollox): To ask the Postmaster-General Crystal Palace Gas Bill.

whether, in view of the fact that vacancies MR. RITCHIE (Croydon): To ask the exist in the clerks' class and supervising President of the Board of Trade whether classes in the Telegraph Department, his attention has been called to a Bill Glasgow, and of the dearth of promotion, promoted by the Crystal Palace District he will announce the appointments as Gas Company; and whether, having soon as possible. regard to the expense to which the local authorities were put last session in con

(Answered by Lord Stanley.) The postnection with similar Bill, and to the

master's recommendations are under fact that a Departmental Committee of consideration, and my decision will, I the Board has been appointed to investi- hope, be announced in a day or two. gate the questions dealt with in the Bill, he proposes to object to it being allowed to proceed this session.

Service at Queensferry. (Answered by Mr. Gerald Balfour.) I Mr. McCRAE (Edinburgh, E.): To ask have intimated to the promoters that, if the Secretary for Scotland whether his the Bill is proceeded with before the attention has been called to the numerous Departmental Committee have made complaints as to the service given at their Report, I shall move an instruction Queensferry; and, if so, will he take to the Committee of this House to omit steps to secure that the services are the clauses relating to illuminating performed in accordance with statute. power, power testing, and price of gas. Closing of St. Nicholas Schools,

(Answered by Mr. A. Gruham Murray.) I Whitehaven.

am aware of one complaint as to the MR. YOXALL (Nottingham, W.): To adequacy of the Sunday service. The ask the Secretary to the Board of Educa. railway company maintain that they tion what steps the Board have taken fulfil the statutory requirements. The in the matter of the closing of the St. matter is not one for the action of the Nicholas Schools, Whitehaven,

Secretary for Scotland who has no title February 22nd and 23rd, by the vicar to apply to a Court of Law by whom alone of the parish, without consultation with the question can be decided the other managers of the school or with some of them; and what steps the Board

Roman Catholic Prayers at Lectures

for Teachers. proposes to take to provide against a second such closing of the school.

MR. SLOAN (Belfast, S.): To ask the

Chief Secretary to the Lord-Lieutenant (Answered by Sir William Anson.) The of Ireland whether he is aware that the remedy for the action of the vicar lies national school teachers of Drimoleague, with the local education authority, for county Cork, of all denominations are it is the duty of the managers, under attending lectures in needlework, arranged Section 7 (1) (a) of the Act, to carry out by the National Board, and held at the the instructions of the local authority as Convent, Skibbereen, and that at the to the times for closing the school; lecture held on the 20th February last, and by failing to perform this duty the Roman Catholic prayers were gone managers are endangering the

con through in the middle of the lecture tinued maintenance of the school. It without an opportunity being given for lies with the managers to prevent their those of a different faith to retire; and, chairman from acting without consulta- if so, will he say if this is in accordance tion with themselves. The Board are with the rules of the National Board


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