Confectionery Imports.

MR. GRANT LAWSON: I am not MR. LOUGH: I beg to ask the aware of that, but I think it very unlikely President of the Board of Trade what that the local authority would proceed in was the quantity and value of confection that manner. ery and other sugared goods imported into this country during 1903.

MR. HORNER: It actually occurred

in this case. MR. GERALD BALFOUR: 1,444,787 cwts., valued at £2,691,875. Of this, *MR. SPEAKER : Order, order! The sweetened condensed milk accounted for question of the conduct of the London 874,608 cwts. and £1,665,809.

County Council as defendant in an action

cannot be raised. London County Council Trams-Liability for Accidents.

MR. HORNER: The hon. Gentleman MR. HORNER (Lambeth, N.): I beg

has not answered the concluding part of to ask the President of the Local Govern my Question as to whether he intends to ment Board whether his attention has initiate legislation in order to prevent been called to the case of Parker versus

this kind of abuse. the London County Council, in which the plaintiff claimed damages for injuries

MR. SPEAKER: Yes, that Question caused by the council's tramcars, and to was answered. the fact that responsibility was repudiated by the London County Council under British Agriculture-Co-operative Credit The Public Authorities Protection Act,

Societies, 1893 ; and, if so, whether he will initiate MR.YERBURGH(Chester): I beg to ask legislation to prevent the pleading of this the hon. Member for North HuntingdonAct in cases of injuries caused to the shire, as representing the President of the public by tramcars and other conveyances Board of Agriculture, whether, in view of owned by the London County Council the desirability of providing the small and similar bodies.

farmers and agricultural labourers of Great

Britain with the THE SECRETARY TO THE LOCAL cheap credit for productive purposes, and

means of obtaining GOVERNMENT BOARD (Mr. GRANT Lawson, Yorkshire, N. R., Thirsk): I think seeing that the Department of Agri

culture and Technical Instruction for that there has been some misapprehension Ireland, following the example of Continas to the effect of the decision in the case referred to. As I understand the matter,

ental countries, advances small sums of the Court decided, not that the London money to co-operative credit societies County Council were not responsible for working on the Raiffeisen system, he will injuries caused to the public by their consider the advisability of recommending tramcars, but that any proceedings in the Government to adopt a similar policy respect of the act, neglect, or default for England, Scotland, and Wales in those causing the injury must be commenced cases where the requisite funds for cowithin six months. This is in accordance operative credit societies cannot be with the general rule, which, under obtained from private sources. Section 1 of the Public Authorities Protection Act, 1893, is applicable to persons MR. AILWYN FELLOWES (Huntingacting in the execution of any Statute, donshire, Ramsey): As my hon. friend is duty, or authority, and I am not aware aware, the Department of Agriculture in of any sufficient reason for making an Ireland is in a position to dispose of a large exception to it.

sum of money in such manner as may

seem to it most likely to benefit the agriMR. HORNER: Arising out of the cultural and educational interests under Answer I hope I may be permitted to ask its charge ; while the Board of Agriculthe hon. Gentleman whether it is ture and Fisheries in England has no within his knowledge that the London such fund. The number of co-operative County Council kept up the correspond credit societies in England is not as large ence in this matter until it was too late as in Ireland but, if the co-operative movefor the injured man to bring an action. ment in England should hereafter attain



similar proportions, my noble friend the Head Constable Moore, Royal Irish President of the Board of Agriculture

Constabulary. and Fisheries would give careful con- MR. JOSEPH DEVLIN (Kilkenny, N.): sideration to any proposals for assistance I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the which would not involve a serious charge Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland whether he or risk to the Exchequer.

can state the nature of the temporary

duty which Head Constable Moore is disKerry Roads.

charging in Greencastle, county Antrim; MR. BOLAND (Kerry, S.): I beg to Constable Moore is not receiving the

and whether he can state why Head ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord

extra allowance due for temporary duty. Lieutenant of Ireland whether he is aware that roads, now alleged to have been illegally constructed by the late grand MR. WYNDHAM : Head Constable juries, are at present maintained at the Moore was sent to Greencastle in August public expense; and whether, seeing that last as a temporary measure owing to no representations were made to the the condition of party feeling in the grand juries to reconstruct these roads district. He performs the duties ordinto meet the requirements of the Statute arily performed by head constables. of William IV., he will state why this He has not received extra remuneration, demand has been made on the Kerry but if he is entitled to it, it will be paid. County Council with reference to the The hon. Member is aware that my road at Lickeen, county Kerry.

attention was directed by Questions put

last Augustt to certain occurrences at THE CHIEF SECRETARY FOR IRE- Greencastle. The transfer of the Head LAND (Mr. WYNDHAM, Dover): I am Constable to the district at that time informed that some roads

was an act done in the interests of all structed by the grand jury of a les parties in the district. If the district width than 16 feet, notwithstanding the continues peaceable, as it is at present, provision of the Grand Jury Act, 1836, he will in due course be withdrawn. and that such roads have been maintained at the public expense. It is doubtful

Antrim County Council. whether it would now be competent for MR. JOSEPH DEVLIN: I beg to ask an auditor to disallow expenditure upon to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lordsuch roads. Prior to the passing of the Lieutenant of Ireland whether he can Local Government Act of 1898 auditors

state how


salaried officials are not empowered to question the legality of presentments made by the employed by the Antrim County Council. grand jury and duly fiated by the Judge body amounts to; and whether he can

and what the total salary list of that of Assize. The road at Lickeen was not state the religious denominations of the constructed or repaired by the grand jury, and in these circumstances it is officials, and what proportion of the total now obligatory upon the auditor to see salary list is paid to Roman Catholic that the provisions of the law

officials. observed.

MR. MACVEAGH (Down, S.): May MR. J. P. FARRELL (Longford, N.)

I also ask the Chief Secretary to the asked if any general directions would be Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland whether he given to the auditors to prevent these can state the number of salaried officials surcharges being made.

in the employment of the Down County

Council, and the religious denominations MR. WYNDHAM : No; the auditors of salaries paid; and the proportion

to which they belong; the total amount are appointed to examine accounts, and to give general directions to persons

paid to Roman Catholic officials.

discharging that duty would be a mistake.

MR. WYNDHAM : Information in They are bound to do their duty according to law, but there is a discretion vested respect to the emoluments of the secrein the Local Government Board to tary of each county council in Ireland remit any surcharge on equitable grounds. + See (4) Debates, cxxvi., 1448.




and of the officials employed in his office the exception of six, the sales have been will be found in a Return laid on the completed. In four of the six excepted Table last session [No. 152]. I see grave cases questions arose as to boundaries objections to the Government instituting and turbary, which have been recently an investigation into the religious de disposed of. The advances have been nominations of persons appointed by sanctioned and the holdings can be at elected bodies. We have no power to once vested. The remaining two are compel such bodies to give the informa- awaiting inspection. tion. If, however, it were given in the case of counties Antrim and Down such

States Butter. a course might lead to a request for MR. JOYCE (Limerick): I beg to ask similar investigation in respect of other the Chief Secretary to the Lord-Lieucounties, and so foment a spirit of tenant of Ireland whether his attention sectarian bitterness which all must desire has been called to the sale of States to see allayed.

Butter, called American Ladles, with the

view of the Department of Agriculture Galbraith Estate.

in Ireland taking action to prevent it MR. J. P. FARRELL: I beg to being made up and sold as Irish Firkin ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord Butter; also, whether he will inquire if Lieutenant of Ireland whether he is this stuff is made of glucose and dextrine, aware that the tenants on the property and, if so, will the importation of it be of the late John Samuel Galbraith are stopped. being sued for rent and arrears; and whether, as he has promised to direct MR. WYNDHAM : The attention of the Estates Commissioners' attention to the Department was directed to this this estate with a view to its purchase as substance in August last. It was ascera congested estate, he will urge the tained that a quantity had been consigned Commissioners to at once take steps to to a Limerick trader not as butter, but approach the landlord in this matter as “American Butter Grease." No oviwith a view to sale.

dence was obtainable that the substance

was placed on the market as Irish butter. MR. WYNDHAM: I undertook to The Department is giving special attenbring the suggestion in the hon. Member's tion to the matter, and if evidence of previous Question of the 15th ultimot illegal sales is forthcoming vigorous under the notice of the Commissioners. action will be taken. That was done, and I am informed that they have received no application for the MR. JOYCE: Will the right hon. purchase of the estate from the owner. Gentleman give instructions to have If such an application be made it will some of this stuff analysed ? have consideration.

MR. WYNDHAM : That has been done Captain Musters' Estate, County

already Longford MR. J. P. FARRELL: I beg to ask Alleged Perjury at Ballinrobe Petty the Chief Secretary to the Lord-Lieu

Sessions. tenant of Ireland in what state the sale of MR. JOHN O'DONNELL (Mayo, S.): the estate of Captain J. G. Musters, I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the consisting of a number of townlands in Lord Lieutenant of Ireland whether Mr. the parish of Clonguish, county Long- Allen Bell

, Resident Magistrate, stationed ford, now stands; whether any objections at Ballinrobe, county Mayo, reported to to the sale have been made; if so, by the Irish Executive the grave conduct of whom; and when it is proposed to vest two policemen who gave false evidence the property in the tenants.

at the Ballinrobe Petty Sessions; and, if

80, on what date was the communication MR. WYNDHAM: One hundred and received from him. two applications for advances on this

MR. WYNDHAM: I have already estate were received. In all these, with

stated that the papers in this case have + See (4) Debates, cxxix., 1334.

been laid before the Attorney-General,


and when further information, which the hon. Member will be good enough to has been called for, is forthcoming a repeat it on Monday next. decision will be taken by Government. I think the hon. Member will see, there

Irish Railway Employees—Pensions. fore, that it is most undesirable, at the

MR. SHEEHAN: I beg to ask the present stage, to answer Questions which Chief Secretary to the Lord-Lieutenant of cover only a small part of the ground Ireland whether

, in view of the fact that and deal with a matter on which a there is not any special provision whereby decision is pending.

employees on guaranteed light railways in Ireland


become entitled to pensions MR. JOHN O'DONNELL: When may after long and efficient service, he can we expect a reply?

hold out any immediate hope that these

public servants will have their interests in MR. WYNDHAM: At early this matter considered in a Government date. Naturally the Government are

Bill. unwilling that this charge should be kept

MR. WYNDHAM: Employees on such hanging over the heads of these men.

railways are in the same position as MR. SWIFT MACNEILL (Donegal, undertakings. There are

officials on other railways and commercial S.): Will the right hon. Gentleman

no special answer the last part of the Question ?

reasons for differentiating in favour of the

former, and I cannot therefore hold out MR. WYNDHAM: I must decline to any hope in the direction suggested by

the hon. Member. add anything to my Answer.

In reply to a further Question, Mr. MR. MACVEAGH rose to put another WYNDHAM said the matter was entirely Question.

one for the railway companies and he had

no right to interfere. *MR. SPEAKER: Order, order! The

Belfast Constabulary. right hon. Gentleman has answered the MR. JOSEPH DEVLIN: I beg to ask Question on the Paper and distinctly the Chief Secretary to the Lord-Lieu declines to say anything further.

tenant of Ireland whether he can state

how many sergeants in the Royal Irish MR. MACVEAGH: He has not Constabulary in Belfast have been retired answered the latter part of the Question. on pension through the age limit during

the past three years, and to what religious Macroom Labourers' Cottage Scheme. denominations they belonged ; how many

MR. SHEEHAN (Cork County, Mid): I have been retained in the Force, although beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord over the age limit, and the religious deLieutenant of Ireland whether he is aware nominations to which they belong; and that at the Local Government Board whether the system prevailing in Belfast inquiry into a labourers' cottage scheme is universal in Ireland. for additional half-acres recently held in MR. WYNDHAM : There is no age the Macroom Rural District, one of the limit in Belfast or elsewhere in Ireland. councillors for the Candroma electoral The conditions of service in the Force are division, Mr. Michael Lucey, appeared regulated by the Statute 46 and 47 Vict., before the inspector on Monday, 22nd, and cap. 14. À Return is in preparation requested that his evidence in favour of showing the number and religions of the scheme should be heard, stating that sergeants who have been required to he had received no official notification of retire during the past three years upon the inquiry, and could not, owing to the completion of twenty-five years' illness, attend on the first day of the service, and will be communicated to the proceedings; and, if so, will he explain on hon. Member in the course of the what grounds the inspector refused the afternoon. evidence of Mr. Lucey at this inquiry.

Mrs. Bruce Pryce's Estate, County

Kildare. MR. WYNDHAM: It has been found MR. KILBRIDE (Kildare, S.): I beg necessary to communicate this Ques- to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord tion to the inspector for report. Perhaps Lieutenant of Ireland whether he is aware


that the tenants of Mrs. Bruce Pryce on | wounds, and the compilation of the figures her estate at Rheban, county Kildare, would involve considerable labour. have served originating notices to fix fair rents for the first term for hearing before

MR. EUGENE WASON (Clackmannan the County Court Judge at the ensuing and Kinross) inquired how many of April sessions at Kildare; that the land those who died of enteric bad undergone lord has served notice to transfer to the the process of inoculation. Land Commission and the order to transfer will be made as of course; that Maurice

MR. ARNOLD-FORSTER replied Walsh, a tenant on this estate, served an that he had not that information. originating notice so far back as the 8th

Somaliland Expenditure. of February, 1903; that on Vesey's estate notices were served on the 27th MR. BUCHANAN (Perthshire, E.): I January, 1903, and no lists for hearing beg to ask the Secretary of State for these cases have been published up to the War under what authority he proposes present; and, if so, whether, in view of to pay the expenses of the war in the effect on the tenants of the delay in Somaliland after the 31st of March, for having a fair rent fixed, he can state which no provision is made in the Army

Estimates. when a sub-commission will sit for the hearing of cases in county Kildare in

MR. ARNOLD-FORSTER: I would the Athy Union.

remind the hon. Member of the remarks MR. WYNDHAM : The fair rent on the subject in my Memorandum on applications from the Bruce Pryce Estate Army Estimates, 1904-5. Pending an have not yet been transferred from the additional Estimate (should such be Civil Bill Court to the Land Commission. necessary) the expenditure in question Applications lodged with the Commission will be met temporarily out of Army from this district prior to the close of last Votes generally for 1904-5. year, will be listed for hearing in the

South African Natives and Chinese course of the present month or early in

Mine Labour. April

MAJOR SEELY (Isle of Wight): I bog South African War-Death Roll.

to ask the Secretary of State for the DR. FARQUHARSON (Aberdeenshire, Ordinance for the importation of Chinese

Colonies whether, before sanctioning the W.): I beg to ask the Secretary of State indentured labour into the Transvaal, he for War whether he can state the total will cause further inquiry to be made as number of officers and men killed, the to the effect of such importation on the number who died of wounds, and the minds of the native tribes of South number who died from enteric fever and Africa, and the complications which may other diseases during the war in South

ensue, and communicate the results of Africa.

such inquiry to this House. THE SECRETARY OF STATE FOR



LYTTELTON, W.): The figures are as follows

Warwick and Leamington): I do not see

my way to giving the pledge required by

the hon. and gallant Member.
sioned Officers
Officers. and Men.

MAJOR SEELY : That does not

appear to be an Answer to my Question. Killed or died of wounds 719 6,863.

Transvaal Labour Ordinance--Sale of

Intoxicants and Opium to Chinese. Deaths from Enteric 183 7,807. fever


Cleveland): I beg to ask the SecreDeaths from other dis- 223 4,926.

tary of State for the Colonies whether the

Transvaal law prohibiting the sale of The statistics do not show the killed intoxicants to natives will apply to separately from those who died

from those who died of imported Chinese labourers; and whether


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