Vamsa: Quest for the Divine Calling

Notion Press, 2016/10/17 - 292 ページ
A potent ritual in a forbidding forest shakes the peace around the village of Vamsa. When Ranga’s world falls apart, he has no choice but to follow the last instruction given by his father. He finds himself heading into the mysterious world of spiritualism when he goes to Vamsa. With uncertainty looming around him, Ranga learns that the future is tough and beyond his understanding and yet there is a strong desire to go through with it in a hope to see his family again. With love blooming on one side and spiritual adventure on the other, he descends into Tantrik faith weaving his way through unbelievable experiences that leave him wondering what does he want most – his spiritual path or his lady love?

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A Secret Ritual
The Maiden in the Forest
A Night in the Forest
A Shocking Revelation
A Startling Discovery
The Temple at Vamsa
The Mysterious Chamber
The Sacred Land of Shankha Kshetra
An Emotional Moment
Stranger in the Forest
The Divine Calling
The Great Union

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著者について (2016)

Kavitha Kalyan grew up in an orthodox family dominated by the men folk. She often questioned the rules governing tradition and its bias towards men, but scarcely received an answer that convinced her. The concept of spiritualism started out as an element of curiosity but as she discovered the nature of her faith, she became a part of a much stronger, deeper, powerful school of thought. She is a blogger in this new age, a regular professional in the mundane world and a spiritual vagabond in a parallel universe. This work is her humble attempt to describe the nature of the spiritual universe with all its magic and trigger curiosity in your mind while you journey through it.