Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Court of King's Bench: During Hilary, Easter, and Trinity Terms, in the Second and Third Geo. IV. [1822-Trinity Term, 1827], 第 3 巻



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579 ページ - ... a convenient stock of flax hemp wool thread iron and other necessary ware and stuff to set the poor on work: and also competent sums of money for and towards the necessary relief of the lame impotent old blind and such other among them being poor and not able to work...
61 ページ - CD and his assigns for and during the term of his natural life without impeachment of waste And from and after the determination of that estate by forfeiture or otherwise in his lifetime...
279 ページ - In law or equity upon such bond, the said money so brought in shall be deemed and taken to be in full satisfaction and discharge of the said bond, and the court shall and may give Judgment to discharge every such defendant of and from the same accordingly.
194 ページ - Campbell now moved for a rule to shew cause why the verdict should not be set aside and a new trial granted, on the ground that...
519 ページ - It may be laid down for a rule, that, whatever words are sufficient to explain the intent of the parties, that the one shall divest himself of the possession, and the other come into it, for...
575 ページ - ... overseers of the poor of the same parish ; and they, or the greater part of them, shall take order from time to time, by and with the consent of two or more...
428 ページ - ... from the beginning of the world to the day of the date of these presents.
221 ページ - That no contract for the sale of any goods, wares and merchandise, for the price of ten pounds sterling or upwards, shall be allowed to be good, except the buyer shall accept part of the goods so sold and actually receive the same...
667 ページ - No action shall be brought whereby to charge the defendant upon any special promise to answer for the debt, default, or miscarriage of another person, unless the agreement upon which such action shall be brought, or some memorandum or note thereof, shall be in writing, and signed by the party to be charged therewith, or some other person thereunto by him lawfully authorized.
111 ページ - I therefore think that the rule for a new trial ought to be made absolute.