Hail was exceeding Great. It may possibly be this Hail thar fob means by the treasures of Hail, which God hath reserved for the Time of Trouble, against the Day of Battle and War, Job. 38. 22. This being indeed the Great Day of Battle and Destruction of the Antichriftian Powers out of the whole Earth, to which that Ancient Writer frequently refers.

II. THE Second Great Transaction, and which more immediately concerns this discourse is the Destruction of Antichrist and his Great Army at the Battle of Armageddon. It is the Opinion of some, that the Prophe cy of Ezekiel,Chap. 39. concerning Gog and Magog is to be understood of Antichritt and his Army; though all know very well that by Gig and Magog, Rev. 20. is to be understood that valt Diabolical Multitude that shall encompass the Holy City after the Millennium. How true this Opinion may be I shall not presume to fay, but must acknowledge, that it seems to be favoured by Several Circumstances of that Prophecy. 1. The same Invitation is made to the Fowls of Heaven, Ezek. 39. V. 17–21. as is made, Rev. 19. V. 17, 18. for the Slain of the Battle of Armageddon. 2. The Gog and Magog mentioned in the Revelations are to be devoured by Fire, and consequently nog left to be eaten by the Fowls of Heaven. 3. The Destruction of the last Gog by Fire in the Revelations is said to be immediately followed by the Great and last Judgmer.. Whereas in Ezekiel, the destruction of Gorg

is mention'd with no such Consequences, but rather with a happy Succession of Peace and Repose to the Church in the very fame Earth'; mention being made of burying the Dead, burning the : Weapons, and a Duration of Seven Years of Strangers travelling that way, and of the Heathens glorifying God upon the Account of his Judgments, which may be understood of their Conversion, even as we believe that the Millennial Glory will follow after the De. struction of Antichrist. Before this Battle of Armageddon, there is an Invitation to the Fowls of Heaven made by an Angel standing in the Sun, Rev. Chap: 19.0., 17, 18. saying, Come and gather your selves together to the Supper of the Great God, that ye may eat the Flesh of Kings, and the Fleshy of Captains, and the

Flesh of Mighty Men, and the Flejh of Horses, and of them that fit thereon, and the Flesh of all Men (i. e. all sorts of Men) bath free and bond, both small and great. As it is also Ezek.

39. 17, 18, 19. Many different Opinions there are about this place among the Commentators. Those of them who interpret it in an Allegorical and Mystical Sense, infift upon the Incongruity of setting an Angel in the Literal Sense to invite all the Fowls of the Air to a Banquet. But suppose we should grant that this part may be nothing more than an Oriental form of Speech; who attributed every thing, especially in Prophetical Writings, to the Ministry of Angels, yet I see no reason why we may not understand the other Part literally, that is, 04


if this Antichristian Army be to be deftre ed or slain in a literal Sense, then their bi dies will be literally dead, and when so a proper Food for ravenous Birds, and wi Beasts of the Earth, and why then may not express, that there shall be such grea Multitudes of them destroyed, that all be Fowls of Heaven may come and feaft u their Bodies? Though I must acknowle. that there are good Reasons given Dr. More in the laft of his Divine Dialog: to prove that this cannot be understood therwise than in a Mystical and Spiritu

Sense. Antichrist § 26. And now follows the Grand Cataken and tastrophe. Whilft the Antichristian Army

are thus gathered together, Behold the His tomless

vens were opened, Rev. 19. 11. and a Wor Pit.

Horse, and be that sate upon him was colas

Faithful and True, and in Righteousness be di *I* Fudge and make war. By the white Horfem

be lignified Christ's Royalty and Gler from his Resurrection to his Second Com ing in his Kingdom. The Rider is said to be Faithful and True; because of his appear ing in his Kingdom, according to his Pro mife, which Atheists, Deists, and they di the Antichristian Party had called in Que stion,

asking, Where is the promise of his coning

? These Unbelievers he will in his Righteousness judge and destroy.

V. 12. Tuis Rider is described. Hi Eyes were as a Flame of Fire (penetrating judging all things in a quick and terrible manner. And on his Head were many Crown

cast into the Bot

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(denoting the Amplitude of his Dominion) And be bad a Name writen which no man knew but Himself. By Name in Scripture, is of. ten signified Nature, and so this Mysterious Name may be something expressing the way Hypoftatick Union of the Two Natures in our Blessed Lord; which as it does infinitely transcend the short limited Capacity of Human Nature to comprehend, so it will appear now more Illustrious and Glorious than ever.

V. 13. HE was cloathed with a Vesture dipt in blood (expressing his Triumph through che Blood of his Cross) and his Name is called (or he is) the Word of God, i.e. He is the Eternal word of God, the Second Person in the Ever-Blessed-Trinity, the Word by whom God spake when he made the World; and spake also to our Forefathers under the Old Testament, and to us in the Gofpel.

V. 14. ARE described his Companions and Attendants. The Armies which were in Heaven (i. e. the Angels and Saints, wltether dead or living, in whom the Kingdom of Heaven is perfected) followed him upon white Horses, Companions and Partakers with Christ in his Glory and Kingdom, cloathed in fine Linnen white and clean. Their Robes or Righteousness having been washed and made white in the Blood of him who is cloathed with the Bloody Garment.

V.15. AND out of his Mouth goeth a harp Sword, (viz. his Iord, which is sharper than any two-Edged Sword, Heb. 4. 12.) that with it


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be may fmite the Nations of the Earth, and them with a Rod of Iron, (during the cor nuance of his Glorious Kingdom) and treudetbtbeWine-press of the fierceness andWrathi Almighty God (as he once trod it by himse alone when in his own Body he bore pos the Cross the Iniquities of us all, Isa. 6j; So will he now tread down the wicked are the accursed Vine of Sodom, or rather. speak in the Language of Isaiah in the fore-cited Place, make them tread it the: selves whilst they suffer that Vengean which he inflicts upon them. V. 16. AND be bad

ироп bis Vefture, and on his Thigh a name Written KING KINGS, and LORD of LORDS. (h wore and discovered Glorious and Illud ous Symbols and Characters of his Suprer: Universal Monarchy.) Some think thatë his former Name mentioned v. 13. ted his Divinity; so this may denoce la Kingdom as Son of Man, therefore : wears a Title on his Vesture, as Kings

, do their Royal Cognizances, by which they are distinguished and made known.

With this Glory, this Might, and Arthority he scatters and confounds the Diabolical Army, that are said, v. 19. to be gathered : together to make War againi him. They fall before him as the shades of Darkness before the Rising Sun. See how the Lightnings flash in their Faces, how they tremble and are aniaz'd, they ree! and stagger, and are at their Wits end

, and in this confusion they shall as in the



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