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the Elements of Antichristianism are no where more plainly and fully laid down than by this unhappy Writer in that Book. And indeed I cannot but be of the Opinion, from the Manner of the Performance of this cele. brated Piece of his, that he may well deserve for it to be accounted one of the Prophets and Forerunners of Antichrift: and that when this grand Leviathan shall

arise in the World, whose Arm is his God; and shall establish his Kingdom, by lifting up the Banner of Maozzim, in Opposition of the Cross of Christ, and make his Name and Image to be adored by most of the Inhabitants of the Earth; he will be so far from seeming to favourSuperstition and Idolatry, that under the Pretence of driving them out of the World, he will labour to banish all Sense of Religion, and especially to expose the whole Chriftian Revelation to the utmost Scorn and Contempt. + There cannot, Ithink,be a more certain characteristick of Antichrist than this : and the Advances that have been made within our Memory,and daily are making, by the Apostles of Satan, for bringing about this End, are so Notorious to all;

as no more need be said to justifie the Design of a Treatise which is to promote a fairExamination of the various Phänomena and Signs which now every where appear, and to awaken all Sober-Thinkers carefully to watch against the Evils of the Laft Times,

and especially against that Antichristian Leaves which is working powerfully in theChildren of Disobedience and Infidelis 's Day,

he +

who are employed to prepare the Way of Antichrif the Great, and to fill up the Mystey of Iniquity.

I cannot better conclude than with the Vords of a Great Prince, under the afflicting Iand of God, which were written about Kwenty Years fince, to one of the principal Lords of his Court.

“ B e not insensible of the Plagues with

which God is afflicting the greatest Part !, of Europe : WAR,FAMINE, PESTILENCE,

lay all things Waste; and these Chastisements give us to understand, that there is a juft Judge Above, who governeth the

World, and whom we ought to fear. ind what this Penitent King then said to that ìreat Lord his Friend, having pretty

feerely chid him for his Indifference in Reliion, and his frequenting of Balls, Opera's, nd other Diversions and Amusements, may ow be said to every one that shall read hese Sheets, or reflect on the Face of these Cimes, 1Be not you the Lał that shall pzofit by hele wholesom warnings of Heaven.

Ma 2 iis iiet op verliche to napoil i'ne frenat al, maar dat

we are halian: but at the second restssinne ha la fin

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A Word in Seafon.

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HE Author is not insensible that the

Publication of such a Treatise as this at a Time when the SWORD (the first of

In. Evils here treated of) is now ready to be Sheathed in these parts of the World where it hath so long and so cruelly ravaged, will be judged by a great many very Unseasonable. And so indeed it would be, were but the Minds of people disposed to receive the Bleffings of Peace : or could they be brought to understand and consider their true Interest: which cannot be expected without strictly pursuing the Methods of Justice, without either Favour for or Prejudice against Any Person or Party whatsoever, and by closely adhering to the immutable Standard of God's Everlasting Truth, without which no Establishment of Man can long stand. No doubt had we lived in Nineveh in the Days par of Jonah, or in Babylon in the Days of Daniel, R there are great Numbers among us that LEA would have thought the Preaching of the "f former and the Interpretation of the latter not more Seasonable than This now is. Buli Nineveh was reprieved from its impending Ruin by Attention to the One: and Babylon which repented not perished with its King, lise and fo muft Spiritual Babylon likewise with me her King, and all that drink out of her Cup. except they repent.

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cata 107 54 2. The State of the Controversy 6. The material or instrumen.' concerning 4 personal Antiial Causes of chem. 59 chrift,

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The C O N T E N T S. .. The Homily of St. Ephrem. 8. Who they are that fall e

Page xxix. Scape this Evil.
The Opinion of Dr.Grabe. Ixi. PART III.
A Word in Seafon.

lxxxii. 1. The FAMINE the proper che" The Introdu&ion.

Punisoment of the Last of the

73 de 1. The SWORD the proper 2. This Branch of Sin more ged, Punishment of the Luft of the particularly consider’d. 75 Ege.


That this Sin does usually burs 2. That this Judgment soall produce this Punishment. 77 Jurely come.

10 4. That there mall be great 3. An Obje&tion answer'd. 17 and universal Famines. 4. A 2dObje&tion answer'd. 18 5. The Causes of this Evil ex5. The End or Design of those 'ceffive Heat. This prov'd from Desolations.


86 wil 6. The Region or Quarter where Blights, Mildews, &c. impuin thisFudgment shall begin. 23 ted to Heat.

88 7. A Remnant saved. 28. Devouring Infe&ts produc'd by 8. The Manner of their Pre- Heat.

92 fervation consider'd. 32 6. A Recapitulation of these 9. A Recapitulation of this three Evils.

ibid. .. whole First Part.

37 7. A Remnant saved. 94 P'ART II. 8. The Manner consider'd. 97 Dir The PESTILENCE.

42 9. An Address to those who 1. The Pride of Life. 43 are unqualify'd for Preserva2. Ibid. further confider'd. 44


98 3. That this Sin will be very 10. Of the other leffer Evils rife in the last Days. 47 that foall prevail at that time. 4. That there mall be fore Di seases in the last Days.


PART IV. 5. That these Diseases are the 1. The Word ANTICHRIST proper Punishments of the consider'd.

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109. 7. That there shall be a concur. 3. Of the Mystical and Naturence of these Causes in the ral Body of our Lord. IIO 66

4. Of

Pride of Life.

latter Days.

the Beast.


4. Of the Mystical and Natu-

attributed to Antichrist it
ral Body of Antichrift. III Scripture, viz.

s. That the charge of Anti. His Blasphemy. ibid
christianism cannot be appro- Not regarding the Defired
priated to the Church of Women.


117. His Worshipping the God M-
6. The Authorities for the Proof. ozzim.


of a personal Antichrift. 119 His doing Wonders. 161

I. From Scripture. ibid. 20. The State of the World ai

Two Objections answer'd. 121 that time consider'd. 161

II. From the Ancient Fathers 21. Some observations upos

of the Church.

123 the preceding Quotations : 179

III. From the Jews. 124 And concerning the Marko
7. The Types of Antichrift. ib.

8. His Birth and Parentage. 22. Of the Two Witnesses. 17

129 23. The Death of the Witnes:

9. That he mall come out of ses, and the End of the Beafi:

the Tribe of Dan. 132 Reign.


10. Of bis Infancy.

133 24. Places of Holy Scripture

11. Of the Region where he alluding to the Reign of An-

shall first appear.

134. tichrift.

12. His first appearance, and 25. The Destration of Anti

Conquest of the Ten Kings.135 christ by the Effufion of the

13. Of the Eastern Beast or Seven Vials.


False Prophet. 138 The Seven Vials diftin&tly con-
14. The Opposition that fall fider'd.

be made by the Church. 140 The Seventh Vial more diftin&.

15. A Digression concerning the ly consider'd; as comprizing

Reftitution of Spiritual Gifts under it Two great Events :

and Miraculous Powers to the viz.


143 1. The Great Earthquake which

1. From Scriptures. 144 fall destroy Rome and Jeru-


16. The Opposition between the II. The Battel of Armageddon

Christian and Antichristian


26. Antichrist and the Fall

17. Antichrift's invading the Prophet taken and cast into

East, and the Prophecy of Joel the Bottomless-Pit. 200

explain’d in this Sense. 149 The Conclusion of the whole,

18. Of his taking Jerusalem. with some Thoughts about the

ISS Signs of the Times.


19. Some Personal Characters


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