“ November 7th, 1776. “The General returns his hearty thanks to the officers and sol. diers of the 1st Jersey Battalion who remain with the army, for the honor and public spirit they shew in disdaining to follow the infamous example of their Colonel, and the deluded soldiers who accompanied him, The General would inform them that the drums were beat by his order in derision of the few who had the baseness to quit their posts in this time of danger.”

“November 10th, 1776. “A vein of prodigious fine black flint stone being discovered upon Mount Independence, the General desires the commanding officers of regiments will make enquiry if there are any old coun. trymen in any of their corps who understand hammering flints. Such person or persons found, to be sent to the General at Head Quarters."

“ November 11th, 1776. “ Ordered that Lieut. Anderson with twenty men with arms, ammunition, &c., parade to morrow at 9 o'clock, to join or Hay on command on the Lake."

“ November 12th, 1776. “Lt. Col. White, Capt. Patterson and Lt. Gordon, of Col. Dayton's Regiment, tried by a general Court Martial held at Albany, whereof Col. Van Schaick was President, for being concerned in the embezzlement of certain effects belonging to Sir John Johnson, the Court, after due examination, are unanimously of opinion that the charge against the prisoners was malicious and ground. less, and therefore acquit them with honor. His Excellency Gen. Washington has approved of the proceedings of this Court Martial, and orders this testimony of his approbation to be inserted in the general orders of the northern army.”

“No officer of any corps whatever is to recruit from the regi. ment commanded by Col. Dayton.”

“Major Hay and Capt. Bush of the Sixth Pennsylvania Bat. talion, and Mr. Sickles of the 1st Jersey Battalion, are appointed to settle the accounts and payments for the army

“TICONDEROGA, Nov, 13th, 1776. “The 1st Battalion of the Pennsylvanians, and the 1st and 2d of the Jersey Regiments, to be taken off duty and prepared to embark for Fort George as soon as the batteauxs arrive, that will be appointed to carry them over the Lake. The commanding officers of the regiment are to be answerable for any damage done

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to the buts or buildings belonging to their respective corps. The troops that return home should be careful to preserve everything that can in the least degree be useful to those who remain here. Those corps that leave the army are to return in all their ammu. nition to the Commissary of Artillery. The guards are to be lessened agreeable to a detail given to the Majors of Brigades this day.”

“Field officers of the day, to-morrow, for Ticouderoga, Capt. Wayne, Brigade Major Brown."

“Field officers of the day for Mt. Independence, M. Summers and Brigade Major Walters."

“ TICONDEROGA, Nov. 14th, 1776. “Col. Dehaa's and the 1st and 2d Jersey Battalions embark to. morrow morning for Fort George. The General thanks all the officers and soldiers of those regiments on the ground for their readiness in complying with his request to remain three weeks for the defence and security of this place, after the term of their ser: vice was expired. The General in a particular manner acknow. ledges the good services of Mr. Dehart, and the officers and soldiers of the 1st Jersey Regiment, who had the honor and virtue not to follow their Colonel to winter quarters. Col. Graton's, the late Col. Bond's, and Col. Porter's Regiments, to be ready to embark for Fort George to.morrow afternoon, provided there are a suffi cient number of batteauxs to transport then over the Lake.”

“Such artificers belonging to any of the corps going into winter quarters as are willing to remain at this post until the barracks, &c., are finished, are to be permitted to do it. Col. Reading, Chief Engineer, will pay and discharge them when the business necessary for the public is complete.”

" November 17th, 1776. “ Col. Graton's, the late Col. Bond's, and Col. Porter's Regi. ments are to march to morrow morning to Lake George, where boats will be provided for their immediate embarkation."

“Capt. Jos. Bloomfield, of Col. Dayton's Regiment, is appointed Judge Advocate of the Northern Army.”

“ November 18th, 1176. “The following regiments are to hold themselves in readiness to march and embark at Lake George as soon as boats can be provided for that purpose :- 1st Division, Patterson's, Phenice's (?) and Beadle's; 2d Division, Read's and Weaglesworth's; 3d Di. vision, Wheelock's and Woodbridge's; 4th Division, Bower's and Willard's; 5th Division, Swift's and Mott's ; 6th Division, con. sisting of Wingate's and Weaman's, to march by the shortest and best route to the State of New Hampshire."

“ Col. Anthony Wayne will take the command immediately of the Regiments Light Infantry, Artillery and Artificers, which are to complete the Garrisons of Ticonderoga and Mt. Independence. Michael Ryan, Esq., is appointed Brigade Major for the Garrisons of Ticonderoga and Mt. Independence, and is to be obeyed as such. Col. Wayne will order Mr. P. Frazer, Capt. T. Morris and Capt. Bonner to appraise on oath all the articles of clothing in the Garrison of Ticonderoga belonging to the United States, and order the same to be delivered to George Mason, Esq., Commissary General of Clothing, taking his receipt for the same, which is to be delivered to Col. Wayne, to be by him sent to the Treasury Office in Philadelphia, pursuant to order of Congress on the occasion."

“ Col. Dayton is to march Lt. Col. White in arrest to Albany, for attempting to assassinate Mr. Varick, D. M. M. Gen’l, near Head Quarters."

“ November 19th, 1776. “ The commanders of regiments are immediately to cause their Quarter Masters to make a return of such clothing as may be wanting for their soldiers to Mr. Mason, who will deliver them on order of the commander of the regiment.”

“ November 20th, 1776. “ Lt. Col. White having engaged his honor not to challenge or offer violence to Capt. Varick, D. M.M. Gen'l to the Army, until they have had an opportunity of settling the unhappy dispute in an honorable manner, is released from his arrest on the occasion, by the order of the honorable Major Gen. Gates."

[The Journal is here resumed.] Wednesday, November 20th, 1776.—This morning very early Col. Dayton left this place in order to return home to the Jerseys. Col. White likewise set out to go as far as Fort George. After his departure orders came out that he was released from his arrest, he promising to make up the matter with Capt. Varick. What cannot friends do when their powers are exerted for our security -robbers and murderers have often been rescued from death by their interposition; but a day of just reckoning is coming, in which strict justice shall take place. Is there not some hidden curse in the stores of Heaven, red with uncommon wrath, to blast the man who owes his greatness to his country's ruin.

A list of the Artillery mounted at Ticonderoga and Mount In. dependence, Nov. 8th, 1776 : In the French Lines.

In the Circular Redoubt. 3 12 lb. Cannon.

1 9 do. 4 9 lb. do.

3 4

do. 1 6 do.

In the Stone Redoubt.
2 4 lb. Field Pieces.

1 24 Pounder.
4 1

1 9 do. In the Jersey Redoubt.

2 6

do. | 32 lb. Cannon.

3 4 do.
2 18 do.

1 3 do.
1 9

In the Grand Battery, Mt. 1 6 do.

Independence. In the Sandy Redoubt.

I 32 Pounder. 1 12 lb. Cannon.

2 18 do. 1 9 do.

3 12 do. 2 4 do.

8 9 do. In the old Fort.

11 6

do. 2 12 Pounders.

3 4 do. 1 9 Pounder.

In the Citadel, Mi. Inde

pendence. 4 9 do.

1 18 Pounder. In the Oblong Redoubt.

1 12 do. 3 4 Pounders.

3 6 do. Total-Ticonderoga,

42 do. Mount Independence,


75 Thursday, November 21st, 1776.-Drawing out Muster Rolls for the Muster Master.

Friday, November 22d, 1776.–Little to be done, and not over anxious of running about through the camp, I content myself with staying greater part of the day in the house reading and writing, &c. Gen. Brickett's Brigade preparing to march off the ground. The day proved cloudy and disagreeable.

Saturday, November 23d, 1776.-Serg. Wilkinson, of Capt. Dickinson's Company, is appointed and does the duty of Sergeant Major to this place.

To.day, at 2 o'clock, P. M., Capt. Varick mustered Capts. Bloomfield's, Dickinson's, Potter's, Reading's, Imlay's and Sharp's Companies, sick and well, to make a true return thereof to the Generals and Congress, that justice may be done towards every onc.


Last night one Ross, a soldier in Capt. Imlay's Company, died, and was buried this afternoon.* Exceedingly troubled with a cutaneous eruption all over my body.

Sunday, November 24th, 1776.—Cloudy wet day, and I taking physic, so went out very little, but kept in the house most of the day, writing, &c., having almost forgot that one day is set apart for the Lord; it is hardly remembered by me, though not busily engaged. Pretty certain intelligence was brought us this day by the Paymaster that the troops were evacuating New York, and it is expected they will leave there shortly.t

Monday, November 25th, 1776.--Still continues wet and muddy; in the house writing and drawing Muster Rolls over again. Cap. tain received his pay for 3 months. I

Tuesday, November 26th, 1776.-Went with a number of men in batteauxs after wood up the Lake about 1 mile, and fetched a good load : returned in the evening very unwell.


November 23d, 1776. * The several commanding officers of garrisons and posts in the Northern Department are not to give any officer, non-commissioned officer or soldier leave of absence from such garrison or post, or suffer them to be absent therefrom on any pretence wbatever, except such as may be sent down on public business to the Commander-in-Chief of the Department, or without first obtaining his leave. No leave of absence will be granted except on very special occasions, and that only on written application through the commanding officers of posts. Col. Whitcomb's Regiment to be mustered at 3 o'clock to-morrow afternoon. Any soldier who demolishes any of the huts, or carries away any of the boards or timber of the same, sball receive 100 lashes. Captain of the day for Ticonderoga, from 4th Pennsylvania Battalion ; for Mount Independence, from Col. Burrell's. Col. Dayton's Regiment to furnish 1 Serg. and 23 privates for fatigue--to send a Sergeant and 12 men to Head Quarters.

November 24th, 1776. + The commanding officers of those regiments now under marching orders, are not only to be accountable for the huts of their respective regiments, but Col. Wayne declares he will not allow the men to march if their huts are demolished. The Commissary is to serve out balf a gill of rum to ench man who was on guard last night. Captain of the day for Ticonderoga, from Col. Dayton's Regiment; for Independence, from Col. Burrell's.


November 25th, 1776. As batteauxs cannot be had to cross Lake George in time for the regiments now on tbe ground to cross before the 11th December, Col. Whitlock's and Woodbridge's regiments are immediately to march by way of Skecnesborough. Major Hay will furnish some batteauxs to carry the baggage of both regiments. Major Hay, with a Captain from each regiment, will inspect the tents, and condemn all those that are not fit for the field, in order that they may be immediately made up into beds for the use of the sick. A general Court Martial to sit to-morrow morning at 9 o'clock, to consist of 12 Captains-Major Barber, President-to try the prisoners now in confinement. All evidences and parties concerned to have notice to attend.

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