Report of State Superintendent of Public Schools for 1847, '48,
'40, 250 and '51.
Report of Trustees of School Fund for 1829, 1842 and 1845.
Treasurer's Report for 1850 and 1851.
Report of Committee on Block of Stone for National Monument
Population of several counties of N. Jersey by Census of 1850.
Report of Committee of Ways and Means on Finances of the State
for 1851.
Report of Committee on House of Refuge for 1851.
Report of Joint Committee on Apportionment of Members of As
sembly under the Census of 1850.
Supplement to the Tax and School Laws.
Report of Joint Committee of the Legislature on the Lunatic Asy-
lum, for 1851.
Rules of the Senate of New Jersey for 1851.
Joint Rules of the Senate and Assembly for 1851.
Rules of House of Assembly for 1851.
Gov. Fort's Inaugural Address for 1851.
Message of the Governor of N. J. and accompanying Document
for 1851.
Report of State Directors of Delaware & Raritan Canal and Cam.
den & Amboy Railroad Companies for 1851.
Annual Bank Statements for 1851.
N. J. State Prison Report for 1851.
Fourth Annual Report of Officers of the N. Jersey Lunatic Ayslam

for 1851. From the Smithsonian Institution.-Smithsonian Contributions to

Knowledge. Vol. II.

Notices of Public Libraries in the U. States. From the N. England Historical and Genealogical Society. --The

N. E. Historical and Genealogical Register. Vol. 4, and No. 1, 2

and 3 of vol. 5. From the U. S. Bureau of Indian Affairs.-Ethnological Researches

respecting the Red Men of America. From the Hon. Geo. Folsom, Charge d'Affaires at the Hague.-Korte

Beschrijving van de Ontdekking, en de verdere Lotgevallen, van
Nieuw Nederland, &c. &c. don Mr. N. C. Lambrechtsen, Van
Ritthem, &c. &c.
Lofrede op den edel wel geboren Heer Nicolaas Cornelis Lam.
brichtsen, &c. &c. don A. C. Van Citters.
Lettre de Dr. G. D. J. Schotel, Ministri Evangelique de Tilbourg à


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M. J. De Wae, Professeur de l'Université de Leyde, Sur Les Archives du Royaume a La Haye.

The same in the Dutch language. From the Rev. Lewis Bond, Plainfield.A Quarter Century Sermon,

preached in the 1st Presbyterian Church of Plainfield, N.J., Jan. 5,

1815, by Rev. Lewis Bond, Pastor. From Hon. James G. King, M. C.--Report on the Geology and Topo

graphy of a portion of Lake Superior Land District in the State of Michigan, by J. W. Foster and J. D. Whiting, U. S. Geologists, in

two parts. Part I. Copper Lands. From Gideon Ross, Esq., Westfield.A Writ in Chancery, directed

to Joseph Marsh, Sen'r, Joseph Marsh, Jun'r, and Jonathan Crain, on complaint of John Earl, of Stair, John Penn, Thos. Penn.

, Richard Penn, and others, dated Aug. 5, 1754; signed Thos. Bar.

From George Green, Esq., Dayton, Ohio.-Bond of John Cougle to

Eph. Green, of Sussex Co., N. J., dated Aug. 11, 1775.
A Judgment on the same, issued by Isaac Martin and Timothy

Symmes, Judges of Sussex Common Pleas, dated May 8, 1782. From Alex. B. Thompson, N. York.—The Institution of the Society

of Cincinnati, &c. &c. From Robert Nichols, Newark.—Examination taken June 27, 1776,

of James Mason before Phil. Livingston and Gov. Morris, concern. ing a supposed Spy, &c.&c. A copy certified by Elisha Boudinot. Return of men enlisted in the N. Jersey Brigade, by Lt. Nathan Wilkinson, during the present War (Revolution). List of Articles delivered by Nathan Wilkinson, Br. Q. M. to Gen.

Maxwell's Brigade, Dec. 1, 1778.
From William A. Whitehead, Newark. —Spirit of Missions. Vol. 15,

for the year 1850.
Appeal of Com. Stockton to the people of N. Jersey in relation to
Railroad and Canal Contracts.
Address of Southern and Western Liberty Convention held in Cin.
cinnati. June, 1845.
Address and Proceedings of the Democratic Convention held at
Rome. Aug. 1829.
Speech of Mr. Brown, of Burlington, in favor of Camden and Key
Port Railroad Co. in Legislature of N. J.
Manual of Common Council of N. York. 1845-6.
Report of Committee on Judiciary of Legislature of N. Jersey on
ceding State Lands to Jersey City

Report of Joint Special Committee of the N. Y. Common Council
relative to the Albany and N. York Railroad.
Navy Register of the Uuited States for 1847.
Report of Directors of the N. Y. and Erie Railroad Co. for 1514.
Report of Directors of the Del. & Raritan Canal and Camden &
Amboy Railroad Co.'s for 1844.
Charter, By-Laws, &c. of N. Y. Chamber of Commerce for 1814.
Eighth Annual Report of Managers of the N. Y. Institution for the
Blind. 1844.
Correspondence on the Importance and Practicability of a Railroad
from N. York to N. Orleans, by De Witt Clinton, Esq., Engineer.
The unconstitutionality of the Law of Congress prohibiting private
Hunt's Merchant's Magazine for Jan. 1815.
The Naval Magazine for March, Sept. and Nov. 1837.

The Report of the Treasurer of N. Jersey for 1847 and 1819.
From C. N. Buck, of Jersey City.The Pennsylvania Gazette for

1812. From Isaac N. Tucker, Newark.-The Prisoner's Memoirs, or Dart.

moor Prison. A Century Sermon, preached by Rev. Dr. Macwhorter. Jan. 1, 1801. A Funeral Sersom on the death of Gen. Washington, by the same. Monumental Inscriptions of persons executed by the orders of Gen. Jackson in 1815. Defence of a Liberal Construction of the Powers of Congress as regards Internal Improvements, &c., by Hon. Geo. McDuffie, with

preface by Maj. (now Gen.) Hamilton. From James W. Wall, Esq., Trenton.—Proceedings of the Bench and

Bar of N. Jersey on the death of Gen. Garret D. Wall, and the Eulogium pronounced by Hon. L. Q. C. Elmer, at Trenton, April

2, 1851. From Charles T. Jackson, M. D., Boston, Mass.--Report on the Geo.

logical Survey of Mineral Lands in the U. States, by C. T. Jack.

son, M. D.

From Rev. Jonathan F. Stearns, D.D., Newark.-Eulogy on the Life

aud Character of Gen. Zachary Taylor, President, &c., by Rev. Geo. L. Prentiss. New Bedford, 1850. A Historical Discourse commemorative of the organization of the 1st Pres. Church in Newburyport, Mass., by Rev. J. F. Stearns,

Pastor, &c. 1846. From Rt. Rev. Geo. W. Doane, D. D., LL. D., Bishop of the Diocese

of New Jersey.- The Christian Minister, &c. Bishop Doane's 7th
Bishop Doane's Address at the funeral of Rev. Dr. Ogilby.
Bishop Doane's Jubilee Sermon. 1851.

Bishop Doane's Fourth of July Oration. 1851.
From Wm. J. Allison, of Burlington, N. J.-Memoir of Quamino

Buccan, à pjous Methodist, by W. J. Allison.
Abridgement of Supreme Court Proceedings, by Chas. Kinsey, Esq.
Decision in Chancery of the case of Hendrickson and Shotwell.
An Appeal to the Legislative Council and General Assembly of N.
Jersey in behalf of the religious Society of Friends, &c.
A short sketch of the evidence in favor of the Abolition of the
Slave Trade, delivered before the House of Commons. London,
The Constitution of the N. J. Society for promoting the Abolition
of Slavery, &c. 1793.
Cases adjudged in the Supreme Court of N. Jersey, relative to the
Manumission of Negroes and others held in bondage. 1793.
Minutes of the 2d, 3d, 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th Conventions of
Delegates from Abolition Societies in the U. States. 1796 to 1805
An Act of the State of New Jersey respecting Slaves. 1798.
Address of the President of the N. Jersey Society for promoting
the Abolition of Slavery.
A blank certificate of Membership of the N. Jersey Society for the
Abolition of Slavery.
An Engraved Miniature of Capt. Paul Cuffee.
An Engraved Portrait of Nath'l Cole, M. D., late of Burlington,

N. Jersey.
From S. H. Pennington, M. D., Newark.-A Copper Centime Coin

(Regno Lombardo Veneto). 1812. From Rev. Andrew Bell Paterson, Princeton.—The Port Folio (Den.

ny's). 8 volumes. From the Earl of Ellesmere.-Guide to Northern Archeology, by the

Royal Society of Northern Antiquaries of Copenhagen, edited for

the use of English readers by the Earl of Ellesmere. From Chas. C. Rafn, Secretary of the Royal Society of Northern An.

tiquaries.—Sundry copies of an Abstract of the Proceedings of that Society. Feb. 15, 1851. Sundry copies of “ Extract des Statuts Constitutiffs de la Societe Royale des Antiquaires du Nord avec la liste de ses Membres Fond a teurs.

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