The Librarian reported the donations received since the previous meeting, and also, that during the year 70 volumes and 221 pamphlets had been added to the Library by donation, and there were now in the collection 1415 volumes, and 1534 pamphlets. The catalogue has been completed, and arrangements have been made to have the Library open during the winter every week day evening, and on two afternoons of each week, for the accommolation of members, and others properly introduced.

The Treasurer reported a balance on hand' of $523 78 in cash; and the sum of $1987 due the Society in arrearages.

In relation to this sum, he stated that much of it may be considered as standing charged against gentlemen who have changed their residences un. known to him, and therefore cannot be reached, or who may have died, or-as is the case of a number-having been elected members without their previously expressed concurrence, do not consider themselves as belonging to the Society, yet are not disposed to notify him of that fact. It would relieve him from much trouble, were they to do so.

In the absence of Judge Duer, the Chairman, Mr. Field, from the Committee on Publications, reported that, in pursuance of the order of the Society at the last meeting, they had placed in the hands of the printer, the fourth volume of " Collections,” containing the papers of Governor Lewis Morris, first, in accordance with the wishes of the Society, having obtained a sufficient number of subscribers to furnish, with the funds on hand, the amount required to meet the expense of publication. The work would be completed in the course of three or four weeks. It would be embellished by a handsomely engraved portrait of Gov. Morris, from a sketch in the possession of one of the Committee, painted by John Watson, the first artist known as residing in America ; the portrait placed at the disposal of the Committee by Mr. Morris of Westchester Co., N. Y., having been ascertained not to be of the Governor as was supposed.

The Committee submitted some of the sheets and an impression of the engraving as specimens of the work. They had nothing new to state in relation to the periodical. When it should be in their power, it would afford them pleasure to report that the condition of the Treasury admitted of its being furnished gratuitously to all the members, and it is understood such might be the case were a reasonable promptness observed in the payment of the annual dues.

Hon. Jas. G. King, from the Committee charged with the dis. bursement of the Colonial Document Fund, reported that no farther intelligence had been received from Mr. Stevens respecting the Analytical Index to the Papers since the September meeting. The Committee again submitted for the examination of those members who had not previously seen them, one of the volumes or already received, containing the abstracts of titles and contents. This excited much attention, and received that approval which the perfectness and utility of the work must ever ensure to it.


Mr. FIELD, from the Committee on Biographies, said, that from various causes they could only report progress. Some disappointment has been felt from the little success which had attended applications made in various quarters to gentlemen descended from Jerseymen distinguished in other days, for such sketches of their lives as papers in their possession, or their own acquaintance with circumstances might enable them to furnish.

The subject was subsequently referred to, and Rev. Dr. MURRAY appealed to several of the members, whose connection with the distinguished dead warranted the Society in expecting from them some written memorials of their ancestors, to aid the Committee in the prosecution of their labors.

Hon. Wm. L. Dayton in a few remarks alluded to the importance to the State of thus securing authentic information of those whose names and whose deeds were indissolubly connected with her history. No people could expect to have their history written impartially and well by strangers, and not until Jerseymen exerted themselves more, could they expect to be relieved from the injurious effects of such authorship. Applications had frequently been made to him by per. sons out of the State, engaged in the preparation of biographical or historical works, for information of the kind referred to, but such was the paucity of materials that such applications could not be effectually responded to.

The Presidext stated, that perhaps he had for a longer period of time than any other gentleman present, been familiar with the actions of the distinguished men of the state and nation. That acquaintance extended back to when he was permitted to occupy a low seat at the feet of his father in the old Confederation Congress, of which he was a member-and he retained a vivid recollection of the appearance and the sayings of many of the sages of that body. From that time to the present his observations had convinced him that New Jersey was behind no other State in the number of distinguished men who by their valor, virtue, prudence, and wisdom had contributed to advance their country's renown. At the bar, in the pulpit, in the field, and on the ocean, the sons of New Jersey had ever reflected honor upon their native soil, and it was a shame—a burning shame, that so little should have been done to preserve their memory from oblivion.

The Nominating Committee presented a favorable report as to the names of several gentlemen which had been referred to them, and they were duly elected members. Other nominations were then received.

Rev. Dr. Messier presented on behalf of Mr. J. B. Thompson, some interesting Manuscript Extracts from various papers of the time, detailing the circumstances attending the capture of Louisburg, in 1758.

Rev. Dr. Davidson read an interesting letter from Robert D. Mor. ris, of Kentucky, giving some information respecting the Morris Family in Now Jersey.

The Chair appointed Dr. Davidson, Prof. Maclean, and Dr. Messler a Committee to nominate officers for the ensuing year, and announced the following as the Standing Committees :

Committee on PublicationsMessrs. W. A. Duer, James G. King, Dr. Murray, R. S. Field, W. A. Whitehead and Dr. Pennington.

Committee on Purchases-Messrs. W. A. Whitehead, R. S. Field, Rev. Dr. Davidson, Isaac W. Mickle and J. Alofsen.

Committee on Statistics— Messrs. J. P. Bradley, Dr. Congar, Rev. S. Starr, Abm. Browning and John Rodgers.

Committee on Nominations— Messrs. D. A. Hayes, Dr. Murray and Prof. Maclean.

The Committee appointed for the purpose submitted the following list of officers for the ensuing year, who were all duly elected :

President-Hon. Joseph C. Hornblower, LL. D.

Vice Presidents-Hon. James Parker, Stacy G. Potts, Esq., Hon. James G. King.

Corresponding Secrelary-Wm. A. Whitehead, Newark.
Recording Secretary-David A. Hayes, Newark,
Librarian-Samuel H. Congar, Newark.
Treasurer-James Ross, Newark.

Executive Committee -Rev. Nicholas Murray, D. D., Elizabethtown; Hon. William L. Dayton, Trenton ; Archer Gifford, Newark; Hon. Daniel Haines, Hamburgh; Hon. H. W. Green, Trenton; Richard S. Field, Princeton ; Rt. Rev. George W. Doane, D. D., LL. D., Burlington; Hon. Elias B. D. Ogden, Paterson; Rev. R. K. Rodgers, Bound Brook.

The Society then adjourned for dinner.


On reassembling, the Rev. JAMES CARNAHAN, D. D., President of Princeton College, read to the Society a highly interesting and instructive paper upon “ The causes of, and circumstances attending, the Whiskey Insurrection in Pennsylvania in 1794.” The subject not being exhausted in a single paper, on motion of Rev. R. K. RODGERS the thanks of the Society were returned to Rev. Dr. Carnahan and he was requested to continue it at the next meeting.


Rev. Mr. SHERMAN, referring to the circumstances detailed in the Treasurer's report, drew the attention of the Society to the provisions of the sixth article of the constitution, which provided for the omission from the register of the names of such members as declined to pay their annual dues, and offered the following resolution :

Resolved, That a Committee be appointed to revise the list of the members of the Society in accordance with the 6th article of the Constitution.

The Chair appointed as the Committee the Treasurer and the two Secretaries.

Hon. W. L. Dayton, after some remarks upon the important services the Society was rendering to the State in preserving the frag. ments of her history, offered the following resolution :

Resolved, That a Committee be appointed, authorized to draw the attention of the Legislature to the value of the Society's publications, and the propriety of securing a number of copies for the use of the State, to be distributed as that body may deem advisable.

A desultory discussion ensued as to the propriety of the measure at the present time, in which Messrs. Dayton, Field, King, Whitehead and Murray participated, after which the resolution was adopted.

Messrs. Dayton, Potts, Starr, King and Whitehead were appointed the Committee.

The Society then adjourned to meet at NewARK, on the third Thursday of May next.


JANUARY 15th, 1852.

RESIDENT MEMBERS. Isaac R. Cornell, Weston, N. J. Rev. Wm. H. Campbell, D. D., Viw Brunswick. Rev. Henry Dater, Somercille. C. C. Hoagland, M. D., Harlingen, N.J. S. K. Martin, Martinville, N; J. Elias Molleson, New York.


James J. McCarter, Esq., Charleston, S. C. Rev. Edwin F. Hatfield, New York. Caleb 0. Halsted, Vero York.

[blocks in formation]

From Regents of University of State of New York.-Catalogue of

Maps and Surveys in the offices of the Secretary of State, of the

State Engineer and Surveyor, and in the New York State Library. Report of Canal Commissioners in answer to a resolution of the

Senate of New York. Report of Minority of Committee on Literature, to the Senate of

New York, in reference to the purchase of Webster's Dictionary, Report of Comptroller in relation to the State Finances, (N. Y.) Report of Committee on Medical Sciences and Colleges, on petition

of Dr. Wm. Turner for penal enactments against bleeding. From the Philadelphia Library Company.-Catalogue of Books be

longing to the Library Company of Philadelphia, to which is prefixed a short account of the Institution, with the charter laws and regulations.

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