The Angel in the House: The betrothal

John W. Parker, 1854 - 198 ページ

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100 ページ - Ah, wasteful woman! — she who may On her sweet self set her own price, Knowing he cannot choose but pay — How has she cheapen'd Paradise! How given for nought her priceless gift, How spoil'd the bread and spill'd the wine, Which, spent with due respective thrift, Had made brutes men, and men divine!
61 ページ - Venus' side, How potent to deject the face Of him who would affront its pride! Wrong dares not in her presence speak, Nor spotted thought its taint disclose Under the protest of a cheek Outbragging Nature's boast, the rose. In mind and manners how discreet; How artless in her very art; How candid in discourse; how sweet The concord of her lips and heart! How...
23 ページ - For something that abode endued With temple-like repose, an air Of life's kind purposes pursued With order'd freedom sweet and fair. A tent pitch'd in a world not right It seem'd, whose inmates, every one, On tranquil faces bore the light Of duties beautifully done, And humbly, though they had few peers. Kept their own laws, which seem'd to be The fair sum of six thousand years
62 ページ - neath the sky's proud dome But serves for her familiar wear ; The far-fetch'd diamond finds its home Flashing and smouldering in her hair ; For her the seas their pearls reveal; Art and strange lands her pomp supply With purple, chrome, and cochineal, Ochre, and lapis lazuli; The worm its golden woof presents; Whatever runs, flies, dives, or delves, All doff for her their ornaments, Which suit her better than themselves...
45 ページ - His merits in her presence grow, To match the promise in her eyes, And round her happy footsteps blow The authentic airs of Paradise. For joy of her he cannot sleep ; Her beauty haunts him all the night ; It melts his heart, it makes him weep For wonder, worship, and delight.
99 ページ - From him who's call'd to meet her trust, And credit her desired regard. Ah, wasteful woman, she that may On her sweet self set her own price, Knowing he cannot choose but pay, How has she cheapen'd paradise ; How given for nought her priceless gift, How...
4 ページ - Not careless of the gift of song, ' Nor out of love with noble fame, ' I, meditating much and long ' What I should sing, how win a name, ' Considering well what theme unsung, ' What reason worth the cost of rhyme, ' Remains to loose the poet's tongue ' In these last days, the dregs of time, ' Learn that to me, though born so late, ' There does, beyond desert, befall ' (May my great fortune make me great !) ' The first of themes, sung last of all. ' In green and undiscover'd ground, ' Yet near where...
183 ページ - In my close- watch'd approval sought Protection as from danger and blame ; Her soul, which late I loved to invest With pity for my poor desert, Buried its face within my breast, Like a pet fawn by hunters hurt.
59 ページ - The Rose of the World Lo, when the Lord made North and South And sun and moon ordained, He, Forthbringing each by word of mouth In order of its dignity, Did man from the crude clay express By sequence, and, all else decreed, He form'd the woman ; nor might less Than Sabbath such a work succeed.
149 ページ - I trod A path with no suspicions dim. I loved her in the name of God, And for the ray she was of Him ; I ought to admire much more, not less ; Her beauty was a godly grace ; The mystery of loveliness, Which made an altar of her face, Was not of the flesh, though that was fair, But a most pure and living light Without a name, by which the rare And virtuous spirit flamed to sight.