Phase IV Oil Regulations and Petroleum Marketing Problems: Washington, D.C., September 18; October 23 and 24, 1973


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88 ページ - I would be less than honest if I did not say that we can also foresee certain circumstances under which we would like to have 18.
102 ページ - Conversely, nothing opens the door to arbitrary action so effectively as to allow those officials to pick and choose only a few to whom they will apply legislation and thus to escape the political retribution that might be visited upon them if larger numbers were affected. Courts can take no better measure to assure that laws will be just than to require that laws be equal in operation.
65 ページ - I hope that the above information will be helpful and if I may be of any further assistance please let me know.
30 ページ - A certified public accountant who is duly qualified to practice in any State, possession, territory, Commonwealth, or the District of Columbia, and who files with the Service a written declaration that he is currently qualified as...
102 ページ - ... shall be deemed criminals if they violate the regulations prescribed by the State for the purpose of protecting the public against illegal combinations formed to destroy competition and to control prices, and that others of the same class shall not be bound to regard those regulations, but may combine their capital, skill or acts to destroy competition and to control prices for their special benefit, is so manifestly a denial of the equal protection of the laws that further or extended argument...
443 ページ - Local government" includes any town, village, city, or similar entity which was incorporated by authority of the State and which has and exercises local legislative powers, and any county, town, township, or similar entity which is a subdivision of the State or county and which possesses and exercises some powers of local self-government; any school district which is an independent governmental unit...
443 ページ - Ordinarily a change in fashion, style, form or packaging does not create a new item;) and (ii) it is substantially different in purpose, function, quality, or technology, or Its use or service effects a substantially different result from any other item which the firm concerned currently sells or leases or sold or leased at any time during the 1-year period immediately preceding the first date on which the firm offers It for sale or lease.
467 ページ - No. 2 heating oil" means heating oil grade No. 2 as defined in American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) D396-71. "No. 2-D diesel fuel
102 ページ - ... no impediment should be interposed to the pursuits of anyone except as applied to the same pursuits by others under like circumstances; that no greater burdens should be laid upon one than are laid upon others in the same calling and condition, and that in the administration of criminal justice no different or higher punishment should be imposed upon one than such as is prescribed to all for like offenses.
102 ページ - Due process of law and the equal protection of the laws,' this court has said, 'are secured if the laws operate on all alike, and do not subject the individual to an arbitrary exercise of the powers of government.