ment the perfection of his form, we are ment we bave not room to say more at certain that the picture is not, what many present, than to refer to our last, and to have suspected it to be, a mixture of observe, that there is inore room, nay truth and fiction, but a veritable portrait, necessity, of improvement in taste in this

Omniu vincit amor, or “the Power of department, than in any of the others. Love in the Three Elements," (No. 63) In the sculptural department must not by the venerable president, is an exquisite be omitted the very excellent busts, by production equally distinguished for its Chantrey, particularly that of J. Ro conception, as its execution.- Mr. Law. Sinith, esq. (No. 936) which for cha. rance's portraits are all excellent, but racteristic force of expression is certainly his admirable portrait of Mr. West, unequalled. Nor should be omitted those (No. 113) possesses the most supreme of Mr. West, (No. 947) and John Horne beauties of the art.-Mercury avd Hersé, Tooke, esq. (No. 945) by the same are (No. 70) by Turner, is such a brilliant tist. Bacon's Good Samaritan, (No. 905) example of poetical coinposition, in is a chaste design and well executed, as is landscape, as is not excelled in the Flaxman's Victory, leaning on a trophy, English school; as is also (No. 81) his (No. 925.) Iloppner's Venus, (No. 946,) Apollo and Python. The Death of Lord is a piagiarisin from Nollekens.-Mule Nelson, (No. 116) by the president, has leken's busts are, as usual, admirable. been before-mentioned, and will be again Portrait of bis Most Gracious Majesty King noticed in a future review of Mr. Heath's

George III from the original picture, in the print from it. (No. 158), the celebrated

possession of the Lord Bishop of Salisbury, professor of elocution, Mr. Thelwall, by painted by James Noribcore, isq. R.A. esLonsdale, is a portrait of great merit, graved by William Say, ergraver to his Rsyal and displays the character of the orator Highness the Duke of Gloucester. Published in a striking point of view; it is bigbly June 4, 1811, by Tbomas Clay, 18, Ludcharacteristic, is a good likeness, and an gate-kill, London. excellent picture : as is also the Earl of This portrait is, we believe, the last Ilarrowby, (No. 151) by Phillips. Mr. for which our venerable monarch sal; West's Lot and his Daughter conducted and is a forcible impressive likeness. by two Angels, (No. 188) is another He is seated in his chair of state, habited striking proof of the energy and unwea- in the robes, collar, and plumed hat, of ried persererance of this great master's the order of the garter, which accessories pencil; this picture alone is so nient for form a splendid accompaniment to the a splendid reputation. Callcoll's Apollo portrait, and, altogether, make as excelslaying the Sons of Niobe at the Alter of lent picture of his Majesty as has been Latona, (No. 198) could not be omitted published for many years. Of the en. without injustice; nor could Arnald's graving by Say (mezzo tinto) it is not composition, from a description of Pæ5. too much to say that it possesses every cum, by the Abbé Dupaly, (No. 209.) requisite of the art ; smooth, correct, and Among the water-colour drawings, (which perfect in its gradations of the chiaroare this year placed in a new room, for- scuro: and with the portrait of his Royal merly the secretary's apartments) are Highness the Prince Regent, which Mr. some remarkably fine ones, by Mrs. C. Say is engraving as a companion, will Long, an honorary exhibitor of great form as fine a pair of whole-length pore talents. Edridge's portraits are as usual traits, as a collector could possibly deexcellent, and Mr. Henry Corbould has corate his room or portfolio with. one from the Lady of the Lake. Bone's

s Portraie of Sir Francis Burdert, painted, ord

Portraie enamels are past all praise. In the ano dedicated to obe People of England, by 9. R. tiroom are, a Demoniac, (No. 404) by Smith, and engraved by William Ward, en. Dawe, horribly, fine; some exquisitely

graver to bis Royal Higbness the Duke of tine landscapes, by Miss Gouldsmith,

York. Published' May 29, 1811, by J. R. particularly a View at Soutb-ball, Mid- Smith, 33, Newman-street. diesex, (No. 464) which for truth of na The original painting in crayons, of tural effect, las not its superior in the this deservedly popular and highly iudeexhubition. Among the miniatures, pendent characier, was among the prine Hlaines's Ballad - Singer, (No. 555.) cipal ornaments of the Royal Academical The Gipsey Mother and Child, from exbibition this year; and as such, is well Nature, (No. 573) by Robertson, and known to every admirer of the arts, Portrait of the Countess of Oxford, Mr. Ward has increased his reputation (N0. 590) by Newton, are the most by the manner in which he bas executed excelent, or the architectural departe the plate, which possesses the great

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Monthly Retrospect of the Fine Arts. 507 merit of being a free, well.executed print, esq. R.A, with a descriptive Essay, by and is a perfect fac-simile of its original. R. Hunt, esq. Besides being one of the best executed 4. A Land.cape, called Pope's Villa, portraits, it is also one of the best like. by J. M. W. Turner, esq. R.A. and nesses of the worthv baronet in existence; P.P. in the Gallery of Sir John F. Lcje and is commeinorative, in a very striking ce-ter, bart. Engraved by Jubo Pye, degree, of bis late political sufferings, and and Charles Ileath: with a descriptive combines an historical fact with pour- Essay. traitive truth.

The concluding Letter-Press, descrip

tive of St. Paul's Cathedral Churchi, by Portrait of John Horne Torke, esq. painted by

Edinund Aikin, esq. architect.
7 R. Smith, andergraved by William Wurd,
engraver to his Royal Higbness tbe Duke of

York. Publisbed by J. R. Smith, 33, New The British Institution have this year,

in consequence of the equality of merit This venerable scholar and highly in the three best prize pictures, detergifted man, who justly ranks as one of mined, and divided, their proposed prethe most learned etymologists in Europe, mium of 200, 100, and 50, guineas to the and of the best writers in England; best, second, and third, best, into three whose whole life is so closely interwoven equal shares, and awarded them to with English history, and whose name, Messis.. Dawe, Hilton, and Joseph. when the jaundiced eye of prejudice Mr. Dawe's picture is a Negro overshall be purged “ with euphrasy and powering a Buffalo; Mr. Hilton's, the visual rue,” will go down to posterity Entombing of Christ; and Mr. Joseph's among the most eminent British worthies; Priam mourning over the dead body of is represented in the interesting, though Hector. All of which have been reafflicting, situation, in which age and ine viewed before in this retrospect.

firmities has leli the outer frame of the Mr. Lonsdale has just finished an ex"able author of the “ Diversions of Purley." cellent portrait of General Congreve, of He is lying recumbent on his couch, on the Royal Artillery, in this uniforin of which he sees and delights his friends colonel of that celebrated corps, which, at with the power of his genius, and the the desire of his Royal Ilighness the brilliancy of his intellect; folios of his Prince Regent, has been placed in one manuscripts and favourite authors are of the principal apartments at Carlton placed within his reach, and he is in the House, and was there fixed a few days convenient loose costume and cap, wbich before the late splendid rête, and fornus he regularly wears. Of this, as well as the a companion to Lord Ilutchinson, by last article, too much praire cannot be Phillips, in a series of a choice few of given, whether we consider it as a por- the Prince's most esteemed friends; trait of the man, or as a work of art; the among which are Lord Moira, by Sir painter and engraver having gone as far Joshua Reynolds; Lord Erskine, by as the nature of their art would permit Hoppner, &c. The Prince has expressed them,

his approbation of the picture, and proNo. IV. of the Fine Arts of the English School,

nounced it worthy of its honourable Edited by Yobn Brition, F.S.A. contains situation, which, from one of his Royal 1. A portrait of Sir Joshua Reynolds,

Higbness's acknowledged taste, is great from a picture by himself, in the council

and well merited praise. foon of the Royal Academy; engraved

On the 4th ult. the Royal Academy by William Bond: also a Biographical

held their annual celebration of their

royal founder's birth-day, at the Crown Memoir of that eminent Artist, by James

and Anchor tavern, in the Sirand, which Northcote, esq. R.A.

was numerously attended by the most 2. Sculpture.- View of a Monument,

eminent artists, both in and out of the to the memory of Mrs. Howard, designed, and executed in Marble, by Jo.

establishment, amateurs, and patrons

of art. The chair was filled by the reseph Nollekens, esq. R.A. engraved hy James Godby, with a descriptive Essay,

spectable and worthy president, and the by R. Hynt, esg.

evening was spent with pleasant ra.

tionality. 3. An Engraving, hy William Bond,

On Monday the 24th ult. the different from a painting, representing the “ Sixth

schools in the Royal Academy opened to) Angel loosing the four Angels from the

the students for the season, and on the River Euphrates:" (vide" Revelations,

the following Monday the library also. flap. ix. ver. 14.) by Henry Howard,


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· REPORT OF DISEASES, Under the Care of the late Senior Physician of the Finsbury Dispensary, from the

201h of May to the 20th of June. A N impressive instance occurred with., opinion of his disorder constitutes the

A in the Reporter's knowledge about worst part of it. Fear is its most proa fortnight ago, of the calamitous effect minent feature, and most important in. of impetuous passion. A farmer was in- gredient. The corporeal part of his comtemperately indignant against a tenant, plaint seems to be seated in the stomach, for some alteration which he had made and his apprehension is in a great meain one of his houses, and in the crisis of sure the creature of indigestion. There his raye fell instantly dead at his feet. is no circumstance attending his indispoThe violence of his emotion exhausted sition which threatens danger, or is io. the powers of vitality, without the inter- consistent with a fair chance of longevention of disease. The moment before vity; and yet he is obstinately convinced, the sudden rising of his rage, he was in without being able to explain any reason the most perfect health, and had been so for his inflexible persuasion, that he sball for a long time previous. Although at Dever recover, and that he is even actu. already an advanced age, his mode of ally trembling on the rery edge of the living, and moderation in every thing but grave. This is far from being a singular temper, promised still a considerable example of hypochondriasis, a disease protraction of comfortable life. Arm- which, whatever may be the cause, seeins strong had such a case as is here related to be every day extending still wider ebe in his view in the following description: circle of its dominion.

But he, whom anger stings, drops, if he dies. Another remarkable instance of the At once, and rushes apoplectic down!” *

influence of mental agitation in producing

disease of the body, the Reporter had an It may be doubted, however, whether

opportunity of observing, in his attendthis fatal attack may be correctly consi

ance upon a lady in the course of the dered as apoplectic, although that epithet

last winter. Her husband, who was el.

. is in general, but certainly with too little

tremely anxious on her account, was, at discumination, applied to almost every

the time of her greatest danger," seized case of sudden death, which has not been

with an apparent and unequivocal jaune obviously occasioned by external violence,

dice; and it was observable afterwards, The physical injury arising from inordi

that his complexion grew gradually more nate passion, scparate from any mis. chievous action to which it may lead,

clear, as the prospect became brighter of

"e his wife's ultimate recovery. has not been sufficiently the subject of

The writer

of this article has at present under his medical attention. It operates upon the

professional direction a merchant, whose vital functions in a state of health, so

solicitude about the entangled and preas to produce disturbance and disease;

carious state of his commercial atfairs and, in a state of actual disease, it has

has so impaired the tone of his digestive an alarming tendency to aggravate every

organs, that he is unable to retain on his symptom of disorder, and to increase the

stomach any thing which it receives. risk of a fatal termination. Anger, when it is not immediately dangerous, is at

There is no end to examples which might

equally illustrate the medical power of lcast unwholesome. It is painful, with

the passions. out any compensation of pleasure. It is

Although an evenness and quietness of a thorn without a rose. A man must be

temper may in many instances appear altogether unwise, who would sacrifice his health to his enmity, and really in.

cunnate or constitutional, equanimity

ought not, on that account, to be rejure himself, because he conceives that

garded as out of the reach of acquisition. he has been injured by another. But

The feelings which have been subject to anger is not the only mode of mental

an habitual restraint, will seldom be found perturbation which is hostile to a man's

to rise above their proper level. Dispro. plavsical as well as intellectual well-being.

portionate emotions may often, in early The Reporter has been lately consulted

life at least, be repressed, in the same by a person whose conversation and letters exbibit a general superiority of mind,

manner as deformities or irregularities of attended, bowever, with a partial inbe

bodily shape are, by constant compres. cility. This good sense reserts hiin only

sion, forced into a more natural figure upon the subject of his health. His uwa

and dimension.

J. REID. m Grenville-street, Brunswick-square, • Art of preserving Health.

June 25, 1811.



the 15th of Muy and the 15th of June, extracted from the London .. Gazettes.

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BANKRUPTCIES. (This Month 1893

Dod! G. Vauxhall place, I amheth, surveyor. (Gregory,

Newington Surry (The Solicitors' Names are between Parentheses.).

Dolan B. Strand, cheeremanger. (wi ?us and Holo

taway, Suthainptou building, Chaucery lane ACKLAND A Leadenhall Market and Birchin lane,

Duckworth H. Liverpriol, merchant. (Bardwell and

Stephenson Liverpool
provifiuw merchant. (Annefley and Beopett,
ketunle ya d Lothbury

Duckworth J. Mancheiter, victuallar. (Edge, M211

Ailen R. Brittoi, fruiverir. (stephens. Brião!
Andrew*r.jun. Hotwells, Bristol, coash maker.

Dunftan T. Falmouth, linen-draper. (Nind, Throg.


morton itreet
erle ftreet, Lincola'sina
Amick T. Turnham Grerni, merchant.

Eames W. Little Moor fields, Atable keeper. (Luckett. (Walton, Gir.

Wilron ftreet, Finsbury fuare
dlers' Mall, Baringhallitreet

Idwards H. H. Woolwich carpenter,
Aning C. Hind couil, Fleet Itreet, jeweller.

(Sherwood, Cans (Atkinfon,

. terbury far, Southwark Catie Areet Falcon square

Llis J. Swinton Meer, Gray'i ion square, scavenger. Atkintow. Threr King Court, Lombard ftreet hat.na.

(Coletan, Furnival's inn
Dutseturer. (Alcock, Curner, and Lindsay, Puidugh

Eaglith T. Sull, thip builder.
Attweil R. Tuddington, Bedford, baker.

(Edmunds, Linda's 7 aikon,

inn • Temple

Eure H. and R, Richards, Queen free, Filisbury, Bagley D. Sedgely, *taford, iron mader. (Strong, saill, wheelwrichts. (Lowlers and Croite, St. Mildred's and strong, Lincoln's inn

court, Poultry Bailey T. Hackney, factor (Nind, Throgmortos Evans R. Beech treet, Barbican, checfenonger. (Wirre ftreet

de, John Areet, Bedford row Baker w, York, confectioner. (Hearon, York

Iverite j., W. J. and S. Gulfira horfe Jealers. (Lucas, Bayes T. S. Martin's lane, golu a folver lacemin. Wetberiteet. Blackfriar's road (Woods, Now Corn Exchange Mark lane

Tarra E. Halifax, Brocer. (Hotaron, Surry trest, Beck P. alford, Mancheter, brewer. (Hewlett and Sirand . Kirk. Manchefter

Fell J. and w, Rean, Nottingham, hofiers. (Kiuderley.
Beck with c. Huddersfeld, iunkespir. (Blackburn, Jun,

Bend Ince, Gray's inn fyre

Fenton R un, H311 ry, Scafford, draper. (Birch, Foster,
Dell J. Fl-ur de Lis Court, Spitalfields, tallow cha dier.

U Buhop. Nanley (Evrit apn Rixon, Haydon square

Ferriter, M Focorrer, merchant. (Pafiore, Warne Bennett A. M. Devanthure treet. Queen fquare, isfurarce Fird court, Throporton ítreet

broker. (Wederon, Baritw, and Grosvenor, Aukin. Forbes ). Liverpuul, Bierchants (Shephard and Adlinge Friars

ton, Grassinn Bors T., J. Richards and R. Jone', Liverpool, tailors. For R. Britai, rape manufacturer. (Rolier and Son, (Murrow, Liverpool

Bartlert's Bild.nz
Bouch J. and S, Tolon, Maryport Cumherland, check Fur R. Woreciter, inilline. (Welch, Nicholas lane,
manufacturers. Sim, Maryport

Lombard areet
Bevington $. Vine Bice, St Marri's lage, viltu aller, Fotheringham J. Liverpool, merehant. (Pritt, Liver.
Turner, Kirty ireer, Hatton Garden

Bowker R.Bedfurd near Leich, Lancaire, cotton Fox J. Ruacorn, Chefire, grocer. (Dawson, Liver.
inanufacturer (Crois and Rushton, Bolton le

G reit J. Lenham, Kent, haberdasher. (King, Caitle Brelt H. Sloanc square, carpenter. (Druce, Billier Atreet Holborn . fquare

Gerrard J.G. Kainghiall Areet. merchant. (Pilches ang Prooks J. Queen @reet, Cheapfide, merchant. (Birkett, Sempron, 5t, swithin's lane, Canton ftreer • Bond court, Walbrouk

Gilchrit G. Liverpool, merchant. (Murrow, Liver. Brown ), anaj, Rull, merchants. (Edwards, Symond's

GUIR. Birmingham, draper. (Toulkes and Creswell.
Brown T. Southart.ptoo, fellmonger. (Cannon, Peterra Manchetter

Glover J. Liverpool, boot and moe maker. (Blackstock,
Brow's J. Prince's freer, revendith square, haberdasher. Ten pie
Brisks, Ellex Atreet, Strand

Goldton M. I. Great Profcot Areet, Good man's Relis. bunt ). Chard, Somerset, Jobber. (Tiner, Lyme

Terchant. (Howard and Abrahams, Jewry treet,

Carfen A. jun. Malra, merchant. (Lace, Liverpool Good body S. Horre Ferry rosd, Weftminter, coach
Carter J. Jun. Liverpool, mercbant. (Stauit eet and

mitt. (Freann, Great Queen Arest, Lincolo's iun
Eden, Liverpool
Carter and l. Rusby, Skinner street. In anul makers. Goot win W. H. Liverpool, timber merchant. (Lace,
(Sweet aud cakes, Kings Bench Walks

Casey S. Pinigow, Etex, Kardener Clare and VirgusGould W. Chippenham, Wilts, innholder. (Heath,
St. Catherine's Cloitiers near the Tower

Casa Gjur), ware, Herts, oat dealer. (Bund, Ware Graham J. Carlisle, joiner. (Brits), tfix ftreet,
Charlton H. uxford, corn cajer. (Attwood, Enniam, Sirand

Guest J. w. D. Kinghon, grocer. (Chippindall, Great
Clay TG. Coventry, ribbon manufacturer. (Minfer, Queen fret, Lincolnsiun tieds

Hale J. C. Vins Qieet, Anienica riguare, merchant.
Cleeves T. Lincoln, mercer. (Terrewest and Hayward, (Bousfieia. EduVerlettreet

Haley A. Mortuu, Yurk, cution manufacturer. (Lewis.
Coates J. Para lane. Piccadilly, tailor. (Richardson, Malafax
Fister and Lake Rury ireet, St James's

Hali G. Hlywell Arect, Shoreditchi (Stratton and All-
Coates H. New acuin, Wilts, apothecary. (Warry, Port Shuredi ch
New lon

Ha énbene F. Mount ftreet, Croivenor Square, faruary
Collins J. M. Newton Abbot, Devon. (Abraham, Am

BUITIure, Hatton Garden burton

Hardinan J. Blackheath Hill, vi&ualler. (Hill, Roudlane, Colls R. Burr ftreet, Lower Eat Smithfield, hemd mer.

Fenchurch atreet chant. Recks, Welici se fquare

Marre w. Bow Common lane, merchant. (Vincent,
Cooper W. Minories, folk mercer. (Thomas, Ten court,

Bedford square
Fenchurch treet

Hartley R iancroyd, Lapt after, calico manufacturer.
Cooper J. Norin Shields, Northumberland, mis Chandler. (Edre, Manchester
ForferNewcale upon Tyne

Hobmail W. and C. Degford, cow keepers. (Minthull
Corf B Liverpool, butcirer. (Stadiftreet and Eden, and Vral, ADindon treet

Hockin). Biddeford, Devon, fpirit merci

(Windu, Liverpool

Cartiert's Bus
Cerching T. Southcott, Bucks, cord dealer. (Howell,

Hock y jun. Sulh Cheriton, Sumner fer, chcelerronger.
Chenier E. Great Driffield, York chymit. (therwin, Ring. Wincant n

Horreron JR Liverpool, merchant. itace, Liverpool
Great James Arrect, Bdforrow
Croker w Ratcliffe Filway, ironmonger. (Bartlett, Hors J. Freeman'

sale Su uthwak, carpenter. (Hu. Lawrence pointuey 13110

phics, 1 oken boule ya d
Cross J. Plymouth, butcher (Peers, Plymouth Dock Hoiland S. Mancheer, wine merchant. (Willis, Fair.

Crumack A. Caitleton Moor Rochdale.

thorne, Clauke Warnaciort

Hoppe . (Durch areet, Little hories, mathematical
Curtis 1. Beyerley, Yurk, tanner. (Hall and Camybell, instrumeu: maker (Seirit, Fetirane

Howell J. Liverpool, inerchant. Murtow Livepool
Dalgiris P. Liverpool, merchant. (Hackett, Old Hughes R. Puntpooi, Monmouth, taliu w chandler. Dunes,

Dtykin A. and J. Hirn Holborn, 26coutremea: makers, Hurley E. Brit dealer in caithen ware. (Stepheni,

Ni hardkns, New
Dinrichten F . Bennett ftreet, Blackfriars, CCT. Ingianan N. 6. jun, Thirea inerle Areet, merchant.
(Lowler and Crufie, St. Mildred's crut, Poultry

(ta.mer, Tobin Remsand nitons Copinatuit
Pocwra T. Hackney, dealer. (Syddal Alberipate Jacs P. Covent Gard., vidueber, Dung, Gray'.
i Areet


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Tanil W. Walworth. Surty, upholsterer. (Brow, Swabry S. Patrint fquare, Berbnal Greta, drapero Pudding Janc, Thames itreet

(Coren. Lyon's inn Jetesan W. Swansea architect. (Tenkins, Swansea Swaii w. jun. Liverpool, merchact. (Leigh, Liver Joonitone J. Liverpool, merchant. (Windle, John Atreet, pool Bedford row

Tait w. w. Liverpool, merchants [Staniltreer und Ides, June A. Birmingham, liquor merchant. (Maud ley, Liverpoul Birmingham

Taylor J. B. Doncafter, joiner. (Spilsbery and Nilla Jones J. Worcefter, plover, Platt. Worcefter

Rawtry, York Jones H. $. Buenos Ayres, merchant. (Long, America Thomas T. Cwindy, Carmarthen. Popkeeper. Jeg forare

king, James and Abbott, New Inn Jofeph S N. Bury freet, St. Mary Axe, mercbant. Tracey P.). Pollard's Triw. Bethnal Green, narrow wei. (Teasdale, Merchant Taylor's Hall

ver. Swan, New Bala hall street Kespins J. Barnham, utex, brewer. (Few and Anh- Urquhart w. Lloyd's coffee house, merchant. Daca more. Covent Garden

and Crossland. Old Broad fieet Kines. Union treet, Whitechapel. Pearcel and son, Walker R. Ludlow, Salop. miller. (Rarell and Jonet, swithili's lare

Ludlow I apaik G. Bishopfzate Greet within, cheeremonger, Wall S. alisbury, wilis, linea draper. Denolica, Cold (Nind, Thragmorton Areet

man street buildings Larrandon G. Margate, wine merchant. (Chapman, Waller J. Lower Tooting. butcher. (Orchard, Hattor Margate

Garden Long P. Mere, Chemire, tanner. (Folling, Koutsford. Ward w. C. Glocefter, money feriveder. (Davis. Cla Lowe A. Croydon, cutler. (Guy, Croydon

cetter Ludlow W... Andover, Hants, wine merchant. (Hay. Watfon W. D. Lawrence Pountney hill. (Crawford, wad Great Ormond Areet

Broad Atreet Luxton J and J. Hillier, Poole, Dorrer, linea drapers. Welt W. M. Hammersmith, a pothecary Hield 18 (Oakley, St Martin's lane, Caunon Etreet

Shearsold. Cliffordion Lyon Leadenhallitreet. insurance broker. (Burt and "Wightman W. Petticoat lane, Whitechapel, victual cr. Swinford, John it est. Crutched Friers

(Glynes, Burr Atreet, Eaft Sinithield Mason W. Railiow. Chciter cotton spinner. (Hewitt and Wiginore W. Narrow fiect, Limehouse, biscuit baker. Kirk, Manchester

(Tara, Weinford court Meacher E. L. Berkhampitead. Keris, brandy merchant. Wilkinson J. Appledore, Kent, miller. (Arrowsmith, (Reardon and Co. Corbett court, Gracechurch ireet

Devonshire freet, Queep fuare Meacher T. Newport Pagnell, Bucks. brewer. (Ger Williams D. Cardigan. Thopkeeper. Baynton, Britta! rard, olney

Wilson J. Leeds, merchant: (Sykes and Xbowl Melcer T, Billinghurst, brewer. (Sweet and Stokes, New Inn Temple

Wilron 1. Sunderland, tip owner. (Bides, Bilbop Millard e. Dursley, Glouceste thire, innholder. (Hill, weermouth Durney

Withers H. Bath, haherda ther. (Wingate, Bath Morris W. Gracechurch areet, victualler. (Cocker, Woudhead L. Linthwaite, Yorkthire, woollen manufacturer, Saliau Arect. Soho

[Crossland. Huddersfield Morris J Gracechurch arcet, cheefemonger. (Bicknell Wrisht 1. Drury lane, coach spring maker [Taylare Southampton buildin125, Holborii

Fore itreet, Cripplegale. Murray W. Pall Mall court, Pall Mall, tailor. (Richard. Yello'ey R. Newcale upon Tyne, merchant. (Atki fans, New Inn

fun, Wildes and Mackarall, Chancery lane Newport w. jur. King's road. Gray's inn lanc, coach Young 1. Funlow, Eyam, Derbyhire, thapkeesti. maker. Wright, nyde ftreet, Blom bury

(Hurd, Temple Nuttall ). Manchener, dealer in twist and weft. (Ellis, Younx 1. Strand, apothectry. Bripsi, Etex treet, Chancery lane

Strand Oldham T. Ronere Arect. Haymarket, painter. (John Young I. White Coppice, Chorley, Laucafer. Sleacher fob, Charlutte ftreet, Fitzroy square

[Dewhurit, Prettun Oram J. Cricklade, wilts, che lemonger. (Thompson, Cirencenter

DIVIDENDS ANNOUNCED. Overton P. Windmill frect, vi&tualler. (Jones, Milinan place, Bedford row

Abbott P. D. Powis place, Great Ormond Greet, hop keeporn Page ). w. Laurenny, Pembroke, foap boiles. (Hurd, June 8 Temple

Andertou G. and J. H. Lades, Tooley areet, merchants Park G, North Shields, Northumberland, anchor smith. June 22 (Bell and Prodrick, Cheapade

Andrew $. and J. Smith, Stockport, chefire, cotton spise Parks T. Pickering York, inokeeper. (Morton, Gray's ners, July 3 iun square

Arnold W. S. Princes' square, Middlesex, carpenter, July Parry J. Qulity court, Chancery lane, scrivener. (Duit, Bancock J. Paternoster Towy bookseller. De 8 Thavics in

Badderley J. Wolverb impton Statiord. ar egift, Junt 24 Tafley H. Sr. Martin's court, St. Martin's lane, Jeweller. Maker wi Sandgate, Keit, thip builder, Jue 1$ ITurner and Pike, Gray's inn

Ball R. Bridge mad, Lambeth, linen draper. July 13 Phillips V. Bichtun, vintner, (Artree, Brighton

Ball J. liciherfetr, Nortolk, engineery Sty in Fitinan J. North Barrow, Somerset, chcelenanger. Barnes M. Wolverhampton, Stafford, miller, Juae (Baden), Chard

Barrie, R. Durham, mercer, June 13
Pito ti. Dudley, Worcester, innkeeper. (Auftice and Barns J. Truro, Cornwall, draper, June 29
Cox, Inner Temple

Bartlett W. Plymouih Dock. M:2fon, June 27
Jorter N Birmingham, factor. (Hulton and Jennings, Barion J, Stockport Cuiten spinder. June 15

Bates T. and S Halifax, worlapiers, June Pre@yman W. Whitechapel, cooper. (Noy and Pope, Bear J. Sudbury. Suffolk, buitcbers June 15 Mincing lane

Bedford T. Barnet. Hert, blacksmith, June 11 Pully. Norwich, viltu aller. (Marth. Norwich

Beicher J.Oxford, Moemaker, June 28 Puran 5. Swinton Areet, Gray's ian lanc, chemift. Benton J. W. Hoibeach, Liuccin. furgeon, July 3 (Stevenson, New Square, Lincolui's in.nl

Bissers J. Gracechurch Street, jeweitet, June ? Quinclet C. Liverpool, broker Vroon Stone

Blackmore E. Henrietta ftreet, Covent garden, tailor, you Ray T. Upier "Thaide areet. ftationer. (Hall and Elurton w, Caverswall, Stafford, june. Drake, Saiter's hall, Cannun freet

Bolta R. Horion, York, calico minutasinrer, June Ridgway S. Eccles. La cathjre, painter. (Toulks and Booth ). Nortsen, Chiefter, and J. Smith, Liverpool, con Creliwell, Manchettes

merchants, Jure 17 Ruuthan W. Mouton, Lincoln, Erocer. (Foller and Bowcher J. and w. Wood, Exeter, June 15 Bonner, Spalding

Bowers N. and W. Cannon ítreet, comb makers, July 6 Kowlan, fun and J. Bates, Cheapride, merchants. Bracken R., T. Willi ins, and L. Brackes, Rochcale, Las. (kind, Throg moston treet

cashire, mercbants, Tuy 6 Rukeley M. St. Ives, Huntingdon, draper. (Lyon, Gray's Briggs C. J. Gravereod. flopreler, Jone is inn fquare

Brix R. Kpighiitridge, cabinet maker, July 2 Sartain J. Horfoferry road, builder. (Miathull and Veal, Browu W. Sackville Street, Piccadilly laceman, Joly Abingdon Areet

Browner Jewry treet, Aldgat, woolleu draper, July Nsholmeld ). Ruclidale, shopkeeper. (Ferrand, Rocha Biyan S. Givenor Mews, chandler. Joly

Budden W and H. Pyeach, Friday treet, crocers, Jume. decart St. James's ftreet. confectioner

Bull T. Wadhur. Sux, thopkeeper, Jun 22 Took's cout. Curfitur Aret

Bull J..W.Banks, and G. Eryti, K 8 ftreet, Cheapuce Sharood C. brigtsen Fiduauer. Wilde and Knight wheiefale linen drapers July 3 Catle ftreet. Aconfuae

Bunn S. Great Charlotie Arect, Blackfriars road, merca showen E. Thiend.ccule Aruet, c ee house keeper. Tone 8 Alien, New Bridge it riet, Blackfi iuri

Burbuge W. Cannon freer, umbrella manufacturer, Ju Smit 1. Oxfurit, linen draper (Wain, Oxford

Carring H. Broad irect. merchant, July 13 South J. Eridgwater fquare, lapidary. (Hitund, New Cares Gainsbergh, Lipcola mercer. July 7 nanitreet. Oxford itteet

Carr G. and !, Sheffield, grocers, July 3 Baith . Hedon, Yorki precer. (Codd. Hull

Carter ). Cifupigare street Without, merchant, June 15 Spark ). Bucingtan treet, Soranid, scrivener. Chanibers 2. Wateringbury, Kert, thopkeeper, July 6 Howard, St Martin's lane

Chambers R. Newcastle upon Tybe, iroumonger, July 23 Stephen 1. Joicer's 1!2!! Buildings. [Owen and Hicks, Chamley T. Liverpool earinenwart dealer, July 8 Bartleti's buildings. Holborn

('Wild R. Darington, fellmonger, july 3 nek.bon, Giocette, ucaler, acobe, Briftoi Siarie W Warwick Qreet, Charing Cruis, tailor.

Chindery F. Craubourn pallage, Leicester fquare, G.

(Tay. vrapet, June 12 lor, Fore treet. Criptate BUDO!** W

Clemmens j. and C. Price, Pickert Areet, cbeefeuille Froine ivi wave, Somerset, Sussier. Je Juues

Clows J. Birmingham, Jeweller, Jwie 26

wery F. 1980, felmohenware deterioaser, July,

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