We have about 105 sail of the line in and consists, I should imagine, not only actual service, beside seven serving as of Gardanne's division, but of some, if guard-ships and store-sbips, and five ef. not the whole of the troops of the Oth fective 50-gun ships. We have likewise corps. about 103 sail of the line in ordinary. By the last accounts I base of these

The Russian fleet in the Baltic eonsists troops, the advanced guard bad arrived of thirteen sail of the line with several at Merceira, in the valley of the Mondeheavy frigates. --The Danes have one sbip go, on the 22d, and their progress has of the line ; and the Swedes have eleven not been rapid; but if they have consail.--The Dutch have agreed, by a re- tinued their march, they ought by this cent treaty, to furnish nine sail of the line time to be in communication with the to France. These are all the ships they eneiny's post in the neighbourhood of have, and they will find great difficulty Thomar. in fitting and manning them for active, General Silvicra had retired with his service. — France has, in the Scheldt, ten division of troops to Moimento de Beira, sail of the line, whose crews, though not but he and General Miller and Colonel nearly complete, are composed of va- Wilson were prepared to act across the rious nations. She has also two sail at Mondego upon the flanks and rear of the Cherburgh, and in the ports on the Bay enemy's troops, the whole of which it apof Biscay about twelve sail of the line, pears were marching on the left of that most of which are at Rochefort. France river. has also, in the Mediterranean, thirteen No alteration has been made in the poeffective ships.

sition of the enemy's troops in front of Upon a recapitulation, it therefore ap- this army, excepting that a detachment of pears that the Russian, Swedish, Danish, between two and three thousand cavalry Dutch, and French force, amounts col- and infantry had moved into Lower Beilectively to only seventy-one sail of the ra, across the Zezere towards Castelle line, while there are one hundred and five Branco, probably with a view to gain insail of the British line now in actual telligence. service.

By accounts from Estremadura, it apSPAIN AND PORTUGAL.

pears that Generals Mendizabal and BallaThe Spaniards contipue to maintain an lasteros have had some success in their opeinsurrectional contest with the French ar- rations against a French division belongmies, attended by a melancholy waste of ing to Mortier's corp3, which had been buman life, and it may be feared, without stationed in Llevena. They have obliged eventual benefit.

this division to retire from Guadalcanal, Lord WELLINGTON maintains his ground with some loss. and the honours of the British army in

AMERICA, Portugal, as appears by the following New York Papers to the 16th ult, have letter:

arrived, andthe most importantarticle they Since I addressed you on the 22d inst. contain is a letter from Mr. Smith to Mr. I have received reports that the enemy's Pinkney, provisionally suspending the troops, which had retired from Lower latter as minister plenipotentiary at the Beira, in the end of last and the begin- British court, in case a successor of equal ning of this month, had crossed the Coa rank should not be appointed to the at Almeida on the 15th and 16th inst, and United States in the place of Mr. Jack. had moved into Upper Beira, by the roads son. of Pinhel and Trancoso, and of Alverca

vest INDIES. and Celerico.

A Jamaica Mais has brought accounts I have not been able to ascertain ex. from that island to the 25th of November. actly the strength of the body of troops The differences between the Governor and which have entered by this frontier, but the House of Assembly are satisfactorily it is stated to be 16,000 or 17,000 men, terminated.



the 20th of December and the 20th of January, extracted from the London Gazettes.

BANKRUPTCIES. (This Month 200.)

Cranmer W. Carlisle, hat manufacturer. (Mounsey,

Staple inn, od Normali, Carlisle (The Solicitors' Names are between Parentheses.) Crocker R. Calne. Wilts. Monkeeper. (Blanford

'Temple, and Ruts, Che Cary, Somerset BBEY P. late of Wortley, York, but now a prisoner in Crompton H. Cyman, Pine, paper manufacturer. (At

Rothwell goal, clorhier. (Wilson, Greville trest, kinfon, Wildes, and Mackaralt, Chancery lane, and Harton Garden, and Coupland, Leeds

Hafall. Liverpool AShort D. Powis place. Great Ormond Areet, infrasce. Cuf W. Minories, Cheesemonger. (Dodd, Billiter lane broker. (Baxters and Martin, Furnival's inn

Cummerow C, Puliter fquare, merchant. (Dendett's Acton R. Mochetter, cornfactor. (Cooper and Lowe, and Greives, King's Arms yard, Colema Arect Southampton buildings, and Jepron, Manchester

Davies J. Chener, grocer. (Tarrant, Chancery lane, Archer G. H. Queeu Arect, Cheaphide, warehuuseinand and Jones, Chefer I Grinth Feathertone buildings

Davis T. Prince's row, Kennington Cross, tea dealer. Afhford M. Birming bam, plater. (Egerton, Gray's inn (Steventon, Checquer court, Charing Cross Square, and spurrier and Ingicby, Birmingham

Dawson J. Chelter corn dealer. (Dicas, Chiefter, and Adam ad T. 200 W. Furlong Bridul, hab mahers. Huxley, Temple (Sheppard and Adlington, Bedford row, and sheppard, Deakin R. and w. Barker, Mancheter, cotton spinners.

(willis, Fairthode, and Clarke, Warnford court, and Affiral B. Cheapfide, mapufacturer. (Duckworth, Hestop, Manchetter Chippendall, and Denison Manchetter

Dirks H. St. Catherine's fquare, Middlerex, topkeeper. Badger). old Jewry, merchant. (Ajami, Old Jewry

(Pitches and Sampson St. Swithin's lane Baillie R, Liverpool, merchant. (Crump and Lodge, Downes G. Eccles, Lancafter, callenderer. (Teale, 4 Verpnol and Battye, Chancery lane

Riugebeld, Manchelter Barker J. Liverpool, sugar refiner. (Hafall, Liverpool, Dowfon N. St. Anne's lane, Potter lape, warehouseman. and Atkinson, Wildes, and Mackarall, Chancery lane

(Huxley, Temple Barrowclough S. North Bierley. York shopkeeper (Mor. Drummond W. Newcastle upon Tyne, Erocer. (Reed ton, Gray' ion square, and Smith, Halifax

Newcastle, and Wilson, Gray's inn vare
Bartlett w Plymouth Pock, ma fob (Williams and Duckham J. and R. Lankester, Bread ftreet, Cheapfide.

Darke, Prince's treet, Bedford row, aod Boilon, warehou femen. (Wilde. Warwick square
Plymouth Dock

Dunn J. Turnmill ftreet, Clerkenwell. (Tarhain, Cra. Benjamin J. Rochford, Eflex, thopkeeper. (Reardon veu ttreet and Davis, Corbet court, Gracechurch Areet

Elkington J. Birmingham, tortoire fell and ivory Dux and Bentley T. and L. A. Whytt, Fenchurch ftreet, drylalters. ca se maker. (Devon and Tooke, Gray's inn fyuare, Wilt thire, Bolton, and West, Old Broad ftreet

and Burrith Birmingham Beschall J. Brindle, Lancatter, cotton manufacturer. Evans E. Merthyr Tidvil, Glamorgan. (Lewis, Cardiff,

(Blakelock and Makinton, Temple, aud Pilkington's, and Gregory, Clement's inn Predun

Eve H. 9. Bath, pastry cook. (Highmore, Bum lanc. Bidweil H. Whitechapel linen draper. (Langley, Char. Cannon Areet, and Wingate, Bath lotte freet, Bedford square

Fletcher J. Little Lever Lancaster, cotton manufacturer. Biggers J. Gracechurch ireet, jeweller. (Robinson, (Boardman, Bolton, and Meddowcroft, Gray's ida Charterhouse fquare

Freeman W. Lamb's Conduit ftreet, upholderer. (Luck Billinee T. jun. Liverpool, bookfeller. (Blackfock, ett, Wilson ftreet, Finsbury fuart Temple, and Pritt, Liverpool

Golden A. otherwise Geffin Mingay, Kingston, Surry, iron Billinghi. Cobridge, Stafford, potter. (Barber, Fet.

monger. (Pearson, Temple ter lane, and Fenton, Newcalle under Lyme

Gooch w. Bow.common lane, Mile End Old Town, brickBift J. Erinol woollen drapes. (James, Gray's inn layer. (Rutfon, Wellclose yuare quare, and Bigg Briftol

Grant C. Cushion court, Broad freet, merchant. (Greg. Blow I Ware, Herts, malt factor. (Noy and Pope, fon and Dixon, Angel court Minciog lane

Grikk N. Plynouth Dock, tea dealer. (Elworthy, PlyBodle 6. Alfridon, Sussex, grocer. (Cooper, Lewes, and mouth Dock fa'mer, Doughty street

Groo in bridge J. Lawrence-Pountney Hill, merchants Bolton G. and J. Witpey, O

Oakley, Martin's lane, Cannon ftreet laod, Inner Temple lane

Harrison C. Liverpool. merchant. (Cooper and lowe Boots c. and J. Walker, Chefter, hat manufacturers Southampton buildings, and Orrid and Barnes, LiBlock tock, Temple, and Humphries, cheiter

verpool Buscher J. and w. Wood, Exeter, wine merchants. Harrifon M. Carlisle, Aationer. (Birkett, Bond court, (Brutton, New Millmen Greet, Bruniwick square

Walbrook; and Blow, Carlisle aod Brutton, Exeter

Hawkes T. Newport, Isle of Wight. (Marett, SouthSrideelow T. Atrou.within, Mackerfield, Lancader. ampton and Willis, Fairthorne aod Clarke, Wardford Baron end Ditchfeld, Wigan

court Brown c. Union Areet. Lithopsgate freet, baker. Hemingway J. Halifax, grocer. (Wiglesworth, Gray's (Clark, Holborn coort, Gray's in

ion, and Wiclef worth and Thompson, Halifax Brown W. Sackville freet, Piccadilly, laceman. (Rich. Hill J. Liverpool, merchant. (Cooper and Lowe, Soutb. ard fou, Fither, and Lake, Bury kreer, St. James's

ampton Buildings, and Orred and Barnes, Liverpool Burford E. Patriot row, Bethnal creea. merchant. (Lang,

HAUF. Wood ftreet, Spiral fields, weaver (Hurle Aperica lyuare

Cloak lane Cade J. and ). Stevens. Garlick dill, wine merchants. Hinde T. Liverpool, merchant. (Greaves and Brome, ( Whitton, Great James freet, Bedford row

Liverpool Campbell E. Southwark, milliser. southwark, milliner. (Erace, Symond's inn

(Brace, Symond's inn Hitchings G. Rodborough, Glocefter, mealman, (Con. Car W. Hythe, Kent, draper. (Hindman, Dyer's cuurt. Atable, Symond's inn, and Cooke, Stroud Aldermanbury

Hordern T. Ut oxeter, Stafford, grocer (Antice and Carter J. York treet, Southwark, wine and brandy mer Cox, Temple, and Pipe and Blair, Utroxeter ctant, (Turger, Kirby Greet. Hatton Cardeise

House T. Walcot, Bath, carpenter. (Foulkes, Longdili, Cuner 0 Camomile freer, Bifhopfzate, merchant. and Beckett, Gray's inn; and Randolph, Bath (Palmer, Tomliofons, and Thomson, Copthall court

Howell T, Chopitow, Monmouth, ironmonger (Platt, Chatheid G. and C. Earle, Wellbourne, Suflex, fell Temple, and Harding, eristol wongers (Meflune. Porila

Hucks ), and J. Price, Wapping, fall makers. (Wett, Charterton C. Newark-upon-Trent, liaen draper (Ruf Red Lion ftreet seli, Southwark

Hudson J. Birmingham, wood turner. (Birkett, Band Chialey T. Blackmore ftreet, Clare market, cheefemuneer. court, Walbrook. and Smith, Birmingham

(Parnther and son, Luodon treet, Fenchurch ttreet Hyde J. Nailsworth Glocefter, clothier. (Bloxam, Child J. Neath, Glamorgang flour factor. (Bleafvale, Dursley and Price and willians, Lincoln's inn Alexander and Home, New inn, and Serrington and

Inglis J. Manchetter linen draper. (Cundiata, Man Jenkins, Swansea

chefter, and Tarrant, Clarke and Richards, Chancery Clark ), spoe lanes builder. (Thomas, Ten court, Fen.

lane cburcb treet

Ifmael A. Portsmouth, filverfinith. Ifaacs, Bevis, Clemlon . Manchester, dealer. (Wiuis, Fairthorne Marks, St. Mary Axe and Clarke, Warnford court, and Heslop, Macchetter

and Neslan. Manchetter


Jacob E. Llaptriflerit, Glamorgan. (Prothero, Newport Colier L. Ingersley, Chebbire, cotton Spinner. (Edge,

Monmouth and Platt Temple Manchester, and Edge, Toner Temple

. James H, Cannon treet, bookiciler. (Maou and Rogers, Collings R, Pince's fare, Middlesex, cabinet maker,

Foster lane, Cheapride (Williams, jun. Lord Mayur's Court office, Royal

James J. Colehoute, Somerset, edge tool maker. ! Davies,

James Exchange

Lothbury, and Davies and Paris, Warnunt:er, Wiks Collyer N. Zoar Areet, Southwark, iron founder.

(Cors Jarratt J. embly row, Mile End, dealer. (Wilde and butt, Gray's inn

Knight, Catle treet, Falcon square Cory J. Hoid(wurth, Devon. fhopkeeper. (Pitches and

Pitches and


Jenkins J. King Greet, Montague juare, baker Jones, Sannplug, St. Swithin's lane

Great Mary-le-bone ftreet Couch w. Armintter, Devon, builder (Warry, New



John fan POld treet, cabinet maker. (Ruilen, Crowa inn, and Gould, Haniton.

court. Alderigate areet Cok w. Birmingham, grocer (Druce, Bitter Square

Keeling w. Congleton, Chethire, baker (Moorhouse

340 Wulfony Congicton, and Minne aud Parry, 1er MONTHLY MAG. No. 209,


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Kendrick L.sad M. Barlow, Warrington, Larianter, mil- Pearre w. Somer's town, builder. (Yarten, Gotver liners. Hurd, Terple, and Cropper. Warrington

freet Kent J. Southampton builder. (Ruc, Inner Temples Perryman J. Jur. Ortery Sr. Mary, Devon. builder. (Lux and Burney, Southampton

moor, Red Lion syuare, and Gould, Honilun King E. Bateman's row, Shoreditch, pavior (Benton,

Phillips P. Drury lane, tailor. (Howard and Abrahams, Union trert, Southwark

Jewry Atreet K powle: J. Kidderminster, Worcester, butcher. (Bray

Phipps W. Shoreditch, Atraw hat manufacturer. (Wilks, and Gal, Droit wich

Hoxton foiare Kruger J. Plymouth, merchant. (Willians and Darke, Plart w. Boltun-le-Moors, Lancashire, musllo and cotton

Prince's rect, Bedford row, and Bozun, Hlynull manufacturer. (Windle, Joho trett, Bedford rom Dock

and Cru # Ruthton, Bolton Lane J. Petworth, Susrex, lisen draper. (Tyler, Pete

Point J Manchester, Ericer. (Hilton, Mancteeer, and worth

Ellis, CA216 Sty lane Lane J. Pontisool, Monmouth, carpetter. (Joner, jun, Porter $. Cheftain, Bucks, mealman. (Stevens, Siva Uik and Price and Willams, Lincoln's inn

Collere Gardens, Aldermarhury Laughton T. Old Ford, cual merchant. (Palmer, Potter J. Manchener, corn and flour dealer. Hal head Tomlinsons and Thom fun, Copthall court

and Ainsworth, Mancheiter, and Milne and Parry. Lawrence H. Liverpool, merchant..

Temple Ecen, Liverpool, and Windle, John ftreet, Bedturd Prout Brittol. baker. Tames, Gray's inn fquart, TOW

and M an and iivett Bridul Lax T. Halifax, York, merchant. Netlefold, Norfolk Purleit s. Miik Atreet, warehousemas. (Hurt, Lay. treet, Strand, and Alexander, Halifax

rence lane Leaver '1. Plyinouth, merchant. (Biverg, Garlick Hill

Rayner A. Union place City road, dealer. (Sherwood. Leg S. Porttea, loe maker. (l'oulden, Purriea and

Canterbury fquare,outhwark Skelton, chons houle, Old Bailey

Reeu J. Southwcaid, Ellex. fhip owner, (Baker and Lever W. Littir Lever. Lancaster, cotton manufacturer.

• Sons, Nicholas lanc, Lombard treet (Redhead and Brother, Manchetter, and Milne aud Ries J. Clifton, Glucetter, imith and tarrier. (Thomas, Parry, Temple

Hristol, and Edmonds, Lincoln's inn Levi B. Little Ale Areet, Goodman's fields, merchant.

ReXwortly W. St. James's Market, wine and brandy (Evitt and Rixotl, Hayden fquare

merciant. (Lee, Cattle ftreet Holboro Levy Elka), Clifton treci, Finit Ty square, merchant. Robin T. Oxfod, attorney. (Role and Munnings (Harris, Caitle treel, Hound uit.

Gray's ijin fquare Lewis G. Swansea, itopkeeper. Blcardale. Alexander Rooine . Grene Carter lane, Doctor's Commons, coach

and Holme, New ion, and Berringcun and Jenkins, nafter. [Snelton, Seong House, Old Bailey Swalties

Ry P. Bath, but her. [Highmore, Bush lane, Cannon Lewis J. Brinol, woollen dr per. (James, Gras's ion feet, and Wingate, Aarh fyuare, and Morgan and Liveti, Prirol

Salic R Bath, clothes merebant. (Salmon, Bath, and Lindo D). Alexander. Great Wincheiter treet, merchant.

Baxters and Martin, Futival's in (Wadciull, Barlow, and Grove nur, Au@in Friat

Saxon R Man nefter, proce. (Haldead and Ainsworth Lomas J. jun. Michley, York. paper manutacturer. Marchetterard Milne and Party, Temple

(Cartman, Ripon, and Gocmond, Bride court, Flect Shaw J. Oldham, Lancaster, cotton spinne. Ellis. Areet

Chancery lane, and Hiren and Atkinson, Manchette Long J. Kington, Surry, mather. (Parnther and son, Simmong J. Lamherhurit, Kent, Mopkeeper, Reardos London üreet, Fenchurch areet

and Davis, Corbut court Gracechurch ftrert Lovell J. Ad feate Arcet, jeweller. (Robinson, Char &mith J. Liverpool. merchant. (Blackftock Temple terhouse fquaie

and Priit, Liverpool Lowe H. Macclesfield; chemire, hat manufacturer Smith J. Lancaster, fadler. [Webiter, Larcader 2d (Brocklehurit, Macclesficla

Bleasdale, Alexander and Huline. Xewinn Lowndes T. jun. and R. Bateson, Liverpool, brokers.

Solomon L. St. Martin's court, Leicester Square, umbrella (Srani Areet and Iden, Liverpool, and Windle, John naker. (111acs. Bevis Marks, St, Mary AX Atreet, Bedford ruw

Spalding D. Thorpe, Norfolk, liquor merchant, (Hales, Luckraft J. Plymouth, carpenter. (Alexander, Now

Norwich 1yuare, Lincoln's inn, and Coryndon, Plymouth

Speer w. Bowling ftreet, Wef minder, oil manufacturer. Lumley Thomas, Hartgate, jeweller. (Smith, Token

(Wenon and Teardale, Fenchurch Areet noufe yard

Stackhouse w. Blackburn, Lancaster, linen and woollen Lungley W. Barton Mills, merchant. (Ellis, Chancery

draper. [Ainswo th, Blackburn abd Clarke, pa lave, and Archer, Milderhall

Richards, Chancery lane Maddy H. and T. T. Gough, Hereford, wool staplers, Stevens w. Leeds, York, and Pedlar's Acre Lambeth.

(Bruome and Pinniger, Gray's inu (quare, and Bird fone dealer. (Pickering. Fiminongers' hall, Thames and Wollatus, Hereford

ftree! Major W, Friday' Aret, Norwich, thawl manufacturer. Stockley J. Banbury, Oxford, Mopkeeper. [Wykham.

(Abbott, Chancery lane, and Bycrave and Co. Norwich Lanbury, and Farlow, Bouverie treet M'Alefter P. Stratford on-Avon, Warwick, hawker. Stothard T. Benneti, Warrington, cutron spinger. Rer. (Hurd, Temple, and Dincley, Pershore, Worcenter

itt and Kirk, Manchester, and Ellis, Chalcery lane Mallars T. Gravel lane, Surry, baker. (Hogarth, Staple Surie R. Liverpool, merchart. (Woods. Liverpiol, and ing

Blackftock, Temple Manley J. Mansell Areet, Goodman's felds, merchant. Swendall R. Bridul, horre dealer. James, Gray's ins Barrow, Threadnecale frect

fquare, ang Cornini, Brittol Manfon T. Tell, and jun, Toke on fe yard, merchants. Symns J. Leath, Glamorgan, victualler. (Meakings. (Weton and Teluale, Fenchurchitiset

Temple and Gardner, Glocefter Marsden G. Barton, Maacheker, upholtcer, and Robert Taylor T.Charlotte street, Chrit Church, Surry, baker. Frich, alford, dyers and calico printers. (Hewitt

(Crors, King Utrect, Southwark and Kirk, Manchester, an1 Ellis, Chancery lane

Taylor W. Denis, Cradley, Surry, a pothecary. (Haynes, Ma fon J. Bishop Auckland. Durhamn. diaper (Johnson, Fenchurch itreet Darlington and Luwn.es, Red Lion luare

Teasdale W. Manchetter, warehousemar. (Dado Meek J. ad G. Gill, Liverpool merchants. (Sanitreet

Took's court. Chancery lane and Eden, Liverpool, and Windle, Jcboftreet, Bedford Thomas E. Merthyr Tidvil, Glainorgan, grocer. (Lewis.

Cardiff, and Gregory, Clement's inn Mills ). Molywek areet, strand, merchant. (Maybew, Thornley J. Bolton. Lancaster, mulin manufacturor Symond's lat

(Meddowcroft, Gray's inn, and hoardman, Bolton Moudy J. New Sarum, Wilts, tailur. (Warden, Salis. Tipper 8. Leadenhall freet, bookseller. Mafuta bury, and Luxinoré, Red Lion Guare

Rogers, Folter lanc, Cheapfide Morgan T, Crown freet, Weiminger, scrivener, Truman T Bury ftreet, St. Mary Axe, mattress inaker. buches. De 40 ticet,erier une

(Jones and Reynal, Mayor's court office, Royal Ex. Mors c. Thanet piace, Strand, Clefs and china enameler,

change MAONDE, Clement's inn

Ulrich Gi Croydon, baker. (Phillips, Battersea, and Moran J. William, Buckingham Ariet, Strand, placerer. Sarth, Lyon's inn Hannan, Covent Green

Wade 3. Rotherhithe, ma and nat malo. (Price, se. Mockitun R. Caubonitries, warehouseman (Wadefon.

George's place, St. George's in the East batio, ali Gofrci Ondulin Fries

Walker 5. But wharf lane, Queenhithe, hoopbaan N a 1. Pus's Head alley, intuisce uroker. (Lace,

[Mangnail, Warwick fyuare LxWTCOCé. Pouutney n il

Wall. Oxford &reet. hattor [Morton, Gray's inn Neuhan D. and J. 0.pnai.t, Mitre court Cheapfide. Walter B. New Romney, Kent, Erzier. [Webh, Folk factors, Lewis, King's Bench WaiksTemrit

folie and Egin, TX treet Nobler. i cade itali tree, mater marinera (Palinure, Ward J. Sulton, No:fiuk, merchant (Sewell and Blake Warufur court

Norwich, and Tilbury and Redford, Bedford Tow Nurrici cnsiu Mills, Berks. paper maker. (Saun Webb J. Dudley, Liverpool, merchant: (Crump and ders, Re211.6, 2.d Homes, Gicat James fireet, bed. Lodge, Liverpoul, and Battye, Chaeci ry lane

Webb H. Maucheter, victualler, itlewitt and Kirk. Page: w. Gwieder ladier. Chilton, dincoln's inn, Manchester, and Hurd Teinple aud kard, Guccider

Welis J. Minchead. Semerset, tanner. [Shephard and Pape H. Pocklin, York. Frocer. (Babilon, sy. palington, Bedford row, Hancock, juu, Ford, Wind's in, la Soultonj. l'ucklinton

lifcoine, and Leigh, Dulverton Parker w. walan Any, timber on rohabt. (Taylor, Wernick J. Gottlob, Plymoutb, mercbant. Fletcher. ainam Abby

Trok's court. Curhior treet Poker Dewbiry, York. mcrct.ant. (Sherwocd, Weit j. . Full Mall tailor. (Richardsoo. Tither and i latcrburg , Souttard

Lake, buy freet. St. James's B e cherheit, bumerolowa, Coel netekaatwharon s. jun.Chefer, cal_mercbant. (Humphryes, Den an Berkts, Gsəy's 101

Chetti, and Blackitosk, 7 cmpie


Whatman M. Watkinson, Loupbborouch Parks, Leicefter,
d er, Willon, Temple, and Lockett, Congleton,

Waldhorne R. Crediton, Devon. maltter. I Shepherd and

Adling'or, deford row, and Smith, Crediton
White E. Bradthaw, Chamber ftreet, Goudman's fields,

carpenter. (Rutan, Wellct square
Whitaker w. Bath, victwalier. (Highnore, Burh lane,

Cannon arrel, and Wingate. Bath
Williams S. Olwetry, Salop, dealer. Jones Orweltry
W TORElrijge. Bradford, Wilts. money fcriver,

(Frows and Co, Serle irect, Liucula'siun, an Muuie,

Wood J. Brighton, plumber. Hill, Brighton, and

Pamer, Doughty treet
Wood W. New rod, Paddington, brewer. (Noy and

Hope, Mincinglane
Wow . Adre. J. Birch, and A. Wood, Manchoner.

cotton merchants. [Willis, Fairthorne and Clarke,

Wartford court, and Hesp, Manchester
Wood J. Whitehouse, and W. Lkin London, wirehouse.

men. (Win Fairthorne and Clarke, Wartord Woondecon W. Pall Mall, printseller (Chapman and

Stevens, St. Mildren's Court, Poultry
Writ. Charles Areet, Soho, jeweller. (Mayhew

Synoui's ihn
Wie 1. Sirmingham, Brocor. [Bourdillon and Hew.

itt, Little Priday #reet, and Simc X, Birmingham Wyatt G. xeter, vi aller. I williams aud Brooks, Lincolo'sion, and piasley, Exeter

Az I. Grosvenor fquare, braker, Jan. 15
Acker ja. I fligros', wirie dealer, Jan. 19
Angude j. 2.0 J. C. Stoxqueler, Abchurch lane, in-

france brokers, Jan. 19
Arbuthout A. anu R Bracken, Philpot lane, and Birming

Bu, in rchants, Jan. 29
Afhron T. Poradea, linen draper, Jan. 19
Ayre J. Stra turd, E xy cual merchant, Feb. 26
Baity T. Liverpol, tilbrinerchant, Jan. 23
baker J. Hea Cosilac, l.undi), carpenter, Feb. 16
BaN). New Sarum, Wilts, victualier, Fet). 14
Balla- T. Spetrotts, flop feller, Jali. 26
Bartiett J. Colyton, DCV, bag maker, Feb. 15.
Eel J. Oldiny Chambers, wine merchant, Feb. 14
Eendy . Bow contot, foap maker, Jan. 13
Den 2. Lincoln's nu ficlas, methanta jan. 26
Berry C. fen. and R. Rochester, Norwich, booksellers,

Jan. za
Berry J. Mancheier, calico printer, Jan, 21
Birt T. Bichopigate without draw hat manufacturer,

Feb. 5
Fingley J. Upper John Atreet, C. Pancras, ftatuary, Feb. 12
Booch J. Northea, Cheshire, corn factor, and J. Sinith, Li-

verpool, corn merchant, Jan. 30
Bovi B. and C. Hanbury, Cathenae court, Tower bill, corn

factors, Feb. 16 Buwitr W. sen. Cattle freet, Southwark, hat manufacturer,

Gilgreft B. Cheapfide, warehouseman, Teb. 19
Godken W. Cranbourn Alley, le draper, Feb. 16
Grove Y. Cardiff, raw hat manutacturer, Jan. 28
Hackey. Dok gate hill, rag merchant, Jan. 19
Hamber). New Road, Ratcliffe Highway, victualer

Harvey w Chiruell freet. currier, jan. 26
Baru E. Georgetrect, Adulphi, merchant, Feb. 26
Hawke T. Luthbony, fudle, Jan. 29
Herron G, Eerinondsey Areet, Southwark, fellmonger,

Feb. 17
Hill J. Font in place, City Road, flour factor, Fcb. 19
Hude, Whitci...pel, tin place worker, Jan. 6
Hire C. Little Caftie fireet, Leicester Square, tailot,

Hufon). Duntable, Bede, viet aller, Jan. 30 .
Jackton R. Miil'ttreet tanuver {quare, chias Rever

Jan. 26
Jennings T. Bunhill row. wharfinger, Feb. 14
Jues W. Albi , Altermanbury, haberdasher, Febio
Kariinan C, H, Nrw Lannoo tree, merchant, cb. 9
Keuns J. Basingstoke Hants, dealer, Jan. 19
Ke afeck P. Briftul, merchant, Dec. 78
Lam' ert T. and S. Leeds, York, wool aplers, Feb. 14
Laie L. Kicciere, Hant, thop ceper, Jan.
Lapith J. Kighlcy, York, B.OCCT, Feb. 4
Lawrelice R. Frufpect TOW, Bermondsey, corn dealer

Lewis W. Bond ftreet woollen draper. Feb. 9
LOS R. Lorg acre ironmonger, Feb. 25
Lovell T.Shoreditch, bakti, jai.
Lucas and C. Berke, Pancra lane, merchants; Jao. !
Macleodw. Upper Crown treet, Weltmintici, army agent,

Tan, S..9
Mags. G. Brigol, linen draper, Jan. 26
Makanan j. Upper Thamesire, cheesemonger, Jan. 29
Mark T. j.. Thursby, Camber and, merchant, Jan. 28
May Stridhichill Norwood, Great St. Helen's, merchant,

Feb. 16
Metcalf J. New London Arcet, Crutched Triars, merchant,

M40 ton T. Liverpool, cotton ma'facturer. Feb. 10
More J. St. John's fquare, brusy merchant, Jan. 29
Muist. Ratci Highway, incidir!, Feb. 12
Neuman R. Oxford itrect, linen draper, Jan. 21
Nicholls T. jun Bradford, Wilts, lit.en draper, Feb. Is
Nockold ). Colchciter, hat manufacturer, Jan. 28
Norrhain H. Tuuley urcet. hatter. Jan. 22
Oates E. Leeds, York, dry alter, Feb. 4
Faltner J. Aldermanbury, merchant, Jan. 12
Patterfull G. Hertford, Inci chaut, Jan 29
Penn I Leather lane, 0:l and color man. Jan. 19
Fercival J, New Londoo ftreet, 1.erchant. Jan. 21
Perkins J. Neath, Glainorgan, apothecary, Feb. I

March 16
Perkin, J. Queen freet, Cheapfide, wholesale Nationer,

Jan. 32
Perfcrt M. W. and A, W, Bodecker, Little St. Helen's,

merchants, Jan. 6
Pimm J. R. and w. Francis, Mark lane, corn factors,

Jaz. 30
Portal J. Bihopitare freet. linen draper, Jan. 21
Raby G. Great St. Helen's Chambers, merchant, Jan. 19
Rceve R. and W. D. Jones, Vere truet, stationers, Dec. 29
Rejd J. Frith tree. Sono, gracer, Feb. 14
Room W. haw hill, Wilts, large maker, and Brizol preter,

Jan. 31
Roate w. Cheltenham, watch maker, Feb. 9
Ruwton W. and T. Morhall, Cliccr, banker, Jan. 29
Ryley E. Wi buch St. Peter, Cainbridgeshire, linen draper,

Jan. 21
Satterthwaite I. Tamworth, Warwick, wine and spirit mer

chat, Jan. 26
Scott A. and J.Purver, St. Mary Axe, merchants, la". jo
Scroll J. Green Lane, addicworth, Yorkihire, cotton many

facturer, Jan. 30
Shortu E. Hub, Excrer. culler, Jan. 19
Simpton J. Ross, Hereford, innholder eh. 1
Siinpfun J. and w. Graydon Fairman, Old Change, factors,

jan. 9
Slater w,' Westgate Moor, wakebe'd, York, corn factors

Feb. 14
Smith J. Withington, Manchester, victualler, Feb. 2x
Storh licncid Cutler, Fell
Merker R. Dinl, necper, Jan. 12
a'ibot c. newling Berk , cabinet inaker, Feb. 9
Tabor. C. Concler, inerchant, Feb. 6
Tsylor T.Cyrud, victuallur, FDS
Tom .6. Duke treet, Wetlinter, merchant, Jan. 1
Tota l' and R. Lted, York, incruhan, Jati, 31

To kila). V eter, fax der, Feb. 14
T eil T. Huthani,

tauer, Feb. 19
Waid G. Nince upon Tyne, brocer, 20. 19
Woje P. Kingu, Hurcio: . tiilor, Jal. 18
Wel hindi ). Crew ke1.c, omerfer, linen draper, Feb. 12
Werttik . Gifport, H.Dis, baker, JA 22
Wher w Beiti penitr, Feb. 12
White T. vbbaberaamer, Jan 19
V kurtabury E. Live: Sirva :rciant, Feb. 6
Wichinj.tipunts rec, Furer lanc, haberdacher, ons
Willi. R. Oxford alreet, traw tat man. facturer, Feb. 14
ww s w. cit mithheld Cutler, Jan, 19
WOOR. Margate Stoccr, March
Wyatt J. Milicurt, Aldate, wholesale fationer. Feb.io
Yong G. Gate, Buze IvW, der hauts, Jan, 19

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B e W. T. Ogden and G. Wyndbam, New Sarum, Wilts,

bankers, Jan. 31
Boyd T. Saida bili, Edgware road, th pkeeper, Feb. 14
Bikfit J. A freton; Dery, mercer, Feb. 4
Brown J. Little Eait cheap, checi.munyer. Ja!). 12
Brown T. Leeds, York, har spinner, Fel. 14
Bucknell W. Kirby Areet, Hatto. Garden, watch maker,

Feb. 14
Bus. Xing's Langley, Herts, carpenter, Jan. 19
Burgers 6. W , T. Locker, and R. Gill, Bristol,

nou draper. Feb. 5
Chalicom j. Bristol, cordwainer, Jan. 15
Chritic D. Bradfied, Berks. thopkeeper, Jan. 21
Ciacy W. Mary Axt, merchant, Martha a
Cuiert T. Ushrice, cruer, ja). 13
Cooper W. Howderfo. Facid houre, Walwath Common,

su veyor, Jan. 15
Cox W.C.Nether Knutsford, Chcshire, innkeeper. Jan. 30
Davy E. W. Paradise Artet, Rotherhathc, Appines

20. 16
Duric . Lyme Begis, Dorset, vintner, Feb. u
Davis H. Warwo th, cap maker, Jan. 23
Dupin C. A. Dl. Martin tirect, Weftmicft er, mercbant,

Feb. 9
Denner R. Greek treet, Soho, cheefemanger, Jan. 12
Dulia W. T. St. Margaret's hill, Souilwark, Jeweller,

f . 16
Duriter T. Somerton, Somerse!, plumber. Jan. 31
E4syn S. s. and R, Garteng Nottingham, hofiere,

ial, 18
Emdi A. Gompert, Portemoth, Mopkeeper, Jan
Eyru I. Charing Cross, trnk niakeran, ay
Fatin A. Mart a recl, Bloo usbury, wine merchant, Feb. 26
Pa T. M. W. aud J. Crow court, Threadneedle areet,

merchant , Feb. 1
Tiltr M, Lieds, York, merchant Feb.7.
Torr R. and F. Castrell, Manchester, cottoo manufacturers,

Foritcr R. High free, Bloonshury, cheesemooger, Jan. I
Foriter w. feburtoo itrect, cuach makt, Jan. 19
Cale J. New London Atreet, Crutched Friars, Inerchant,

Feb. 9
Gibbs R. Boilo!, dealer, Jan. 14
Cupert C. Sc. Geurce's fields, back maket, Fob, 9


With Biographical Memoirs of distinguished Characters recently deceased.

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The following is the Annual Report of the main door he could not open until he had pro- Christenings and Burials in the Metro- cured the master-key. He then found che polis, from December 12, 1809, to Decem- chest, containing the plate, had been broken ber 11, 1810: .

open with an iron crow, or some such instruChristened in the 97 parishes within the ment, after having opened the padlocks in Walls, 1,004.-Buried, 1,388.

the usual way. An attempt to steal the plate Christened in the 17 parishes without the from this cathedral was made twenty-seven Walls, 4,258.-Buried, 4,129.

years since. The robbers then got as far as a Christened in the 23 out-parishes in Mid. closet where the keys were kept; but whether dlesex and Surrey, 10,503. --Buried, 9,535. they were prevented from proceeding by being

Christened in the 10 parishes in the City alarmed, or by their light going out, was and Liberties of Westminster, 4,165.-Bu- never ascertained. ried, 4,841.

On Thursday, December 27, Mr. Milton, Christened, males, 10,181 ; females, 9,742; a horse-dealer, performed the extraordinary in all, 19,923.

equestrian trial, (upon which he had backed Buried, males, 10,411; females, 9,482; himself in a wager of 3001. against 5001.) of in all, 19,893.

riding 86 miles in five hours.' He started from Whereof have died, under two years of the end of Dover-street, Piccadilly, at two age, 5853; between two and five, 2430; minutes past eight in the morning, and rode five and ten, 850; ten and twenty, 695; the required distance in three quarters of an twenty and thirty, 1218; thirty and forty, hour less than the given time, arriving ac 1788; forty and fifty, 2018; fifty and sixty, Stamford at 17 minutes past twelve at noor.. 1648 ; sixty and seventy, 1587; seventy and The person who has performed this amazing eighty, 1262; eighty and ninety, 473; journey, weighs not less than 14 stone. He ninety and a hundred, 70; an hundred and used ten horses; but, in consequence of an five, 1.-Increased in the burials this year, error in the arrangement of the relays, was 3213. There have been executed in the city obliged to ride one of them 15 miles; and of London, and county of Surry, 10; of wbich another knocked up before he had gone four number, 6 only have been reported to be bu- miles. These circumstances considered, this ried (as such) within the Bills of Mortality. feat may be set down as one of the most

In the night of Saturday, December 22, wonderful in the annals of horsemanship. St. Paul's cathedral was robbed of the church Mr. Milton appeared very little fatigued when services of plate, consisting of a large waiter, he arrived at the George and Angel inn at of singular workmanship, weighing 128 oz.; Stamford ; and, on alighting, went to bed for a the back of a large bible and prayer.book, few hours.. He set off again for London in (silver,) 200 oz. ; two silver salvers, nearly the evening, in a post-chaise. Stamford, by 200 oz.;, other waiters, and two large silver the usual route, is 90 miles from London ; candlesticks, 330 oz. ; two other candlesticks, but Mr. Milton took the lower road, by Ware, 200 oz.; four flaggons, 400 oz. ; two chalices, Arrington, and Huntingdon; which reduces &c. 112 oz. ; two smaller, 30 oz. ; in the the distance to about 86 miles. Before he whole 1760 ounces. These articles, or most set out to accomplish this arduous task, he of them, were used the preceding day, at a offered a friend, who expressed some doubts private ordination, at which the Bishop of of his success, to bet 1000 guineas to 500, Lincolo presided ; and afterwards locked up that he would in the five hours go ten miles in the plate-room immediately over the ves. farther than the stipulated distance, which it try, in iron chests for the purpose, which had' is proved he could easily have done. on them padlocks as well as others. There The late King of Sweden has arrived in were two doors to the room, an inner and an London under the title of Comte de Gottorp, outer one: the former was entirely iron, and and lives in great retirement at present. the other plated, and made as strong as pos- A minister plenipotentiary has arrived from sible. To these principal doors there are se- the Dey of Algiers; he is a well-looking veral passages, all of which have doors, al sage, seventy years of age, with a long white ways locked, through which persons must beard, and reputed to possess abilities. He pass before they can reach the plate-rooms, brought with him a numerous retinue, rich and it is only known to few to what apart. presents, and a menagerie of lions, tigers, ments they lead. All these doors remained Ostriches, &c. &c. with some capital Arabian locked, and it was not until Sunday mora- horses. ing that the plate was wanted for the church

MARRIED. service, that the robbery was discovered. The person who had the plate under his care, At St. James's, William Gordon, esg. of opened the passage-doors with the keys be. Oxford, to Mrs. Leukfield, of Tottenham. Jonging to them, as usual; but the lock of the street, and Mill-hill.

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