Except the Lord the city keep,

Ev'n from the time that present is 13 Praise ye the Lord, for he is good; the watchmen watch in vain. unto eternity.

unto him praises sing : 2 Tis vain for you to rise betimes,

PSALM 132.

Sing praises to his name, because or late from rest to keep,

it is a pleasant thing. To feed on sorrow's bread: so gives INAVID, and his afflictions all, he his beloved sleep.

Lord, do thou think upon :

4 For Jacob to himself the Lord 2 How unto God he sware, and vow'd 3 Lo, children are God's heritage ;

did choose of his good pleasure, the womb's fruit his reward.

And he hath chosen Israel to Jacob's mighty One.

for his peculiar treasure.. 4 The sons of youth as arrows are,

3 I will not come within my house, for strong men's hands prepar'd.

nor rest in bed at all;

5 Because I know assuredly 5

the Lord is very great, 4 Nor shall mine eyes take any sleep, O happy is the man that hath his quiver fillid with these:

| And that our Lord above all gods

nor eyelids slumber shall; They unashamed in the gate

in glory hath his seat. 5 Till for the Lord a place I find, shall speak unto their foes.

where he may make abode ;

16 What things soever pleas'd the Lord,

that in the heav'n did he,
A place of habitation
PSALM 128.
for Jacob's mighty God.

And in the earth, the seas, and all D LESS'D is each one that fears the Lord, 6 Lo, at the place of Ephratah

the places deep that be. D and walketh in his ways:

of it we understood;

7 He from the ends of earth doth make 2 For of thy labour thou shalt eat, And we did find it in the fields,

the vapours to ascend: and happy be always.

With rain he lightnings makes, and wind

and city of the wood. 3 Thy wife shall, as a fruitful vine, 7 We'll go into his tabernacles,

doth from his treasures send. by thy house sides be found; Thy children, like to olive-plants,

8 Egypt's first-born, from man to beast, and at his footstool bow. 8 Arise, O Lord, into thy rest,

9 Who smote. Strange tokens he about thy table round.

th' ark of thy strength, and thou.

On Pharoah and his servants sent, 4 Behold, the man that fears the Lord 19 O let thy priests be clothed, Lord,

Egypt, in midst of thee. thus blessed shall he be.

with truth and righteousness ;

10 He smote great nations, slew great5 The Lord shall out of Sion give

And let all those that are thy saints

11 Sihon of Heshbon king, [kings his blessing unto thee:

shout loud for joyfulness.

And Og of Bashan, and to nought Thou shalt Jerus'lem's good behold,

did Canaan's kingdoms bring : whilst thou on earth dost dwell. 10 For thine own servant David's sake

12 And for a wealthy heritage 6 Thou shalt thy children's children see, do not deny thy grace ;

their pleasant land he gave.
and peace on Israel.
Nor of thine own Anointed one

An heritage which Israel,
PSALM 129..

turn thou away the face.
11 The Lord in truth to David sware,

his chosen folk, should have. FT did they vex me from my youth,

| 13 Thy name, O Lord, shall still endure;

he will not turn from it, may Isr'el now declare;

and thy memorial I of thy body's fruit will make 2 Oft did they vex me from my youth;

With honour shall continu'd be

upon thy throne to sit. yet not victorious were.

to generations all. 3 The plowers plow'd upon my back;

| 12 My cov'nant if thy sons will keep, they long their furrows drew.

14 For why ? the righteous God will judge and laws to them made known,

| 4 The righteous Lord did cut the cords

his people righteously :. Their children then shall also sit

Concerning those that do him serve,

for ever on thy throne. of the ungodly crew. 13 For God of Sion hath made choice; 115 The idols of the nations

himself repent will he. 5 Let Sion's haters all be turn'd

there he desires to dwell. back with confusion. 14 This is my rest, here still I'll stay;

of silver are and gold, 6 As grass on houses' tops be they,

And by the hands of men is made

for I do like it well. which fades ere it be grown:

their fashion and mould. 7 Whereof enough to fill his hand 15 Her food I'll greatly bless ; her poor

16 Mouths have they, but they do not speak the mower cannot find;

with bread will satisfy. Nor can the man his bosom fill, 16 Her priests I'll clothe with health; her eyes, but they do not see ; whose work is sheaves to bind.

shall shout forth joyfully. (saints 17 Ears have they, but hear not; and in 17 And there will I make David's horn

their mouths no breathing be. 8 Neither say they who do go by,

to bud forth pleasantly :

| 18 Their makers are like them ; so are God's blessing on you rest : For him that mine Anointed is

all that on them rely. We in the name of God the Lord

a lamp ordain'd have I.

19 O Isr'el's house, bless God; bless God, do wish you to be blest. 18 As with a garment I will clothe

O Aaron's family.
PSALM 130.

with shame, his en'mies all; 120 O bless the Lord, of Levi's house T ORD, from the depths to thee I cried. But yet the crown that he doth wear

ye who his servants are; U2 My voice, Lord, do thou hear;

upon him flourish shall.

And bless the holy name of God, Unto my supplications' voice

all ye the Lord that fear. give an attentive ear.

PSALM 133.

21 And blessed be the Lord our God 3 Lord, who shall stand, if thou, O Lord, REHOLD, how good a thing it

from Sion's holy hill,
alu, ... you, O Lord, I BEHOLD, how good a thing it is.
D and how becoming well,

Who dwelleth at Jerusalem. 4 But yet with thee forgiveness is, I Together such as brethren are

The Lord, O praise ye still. that fear'd thou mayest be.

in unity to dwell! 5 I wait for God, my soul doth wait, 12 Like precious ointment on the head,

PSALM 136. my hope is in his word.

that down the beard did flow,

IGIVE thanks to God, for good is he : 6 More than they that for morning watch, Ev'n Aaron's beard, and to the skirts

did of his garments go.

U my soul waits for the Lord ;

for mercy hath he ever.

2 Thanks to the God of gods give ye: I say, more than they that do watch 13 As Hermon's dew, the dew that doth for his grace faileth never. the morning light to see.

on Sion's hills descend: 7 Let Israel hope in the Lord,

For there the blessing God commands, for mercy hath he ever. for with him inercies be ;

life that shall never end.

14 Who only wonders great can do : And plenteous redemption

PSALM 134.

for his grace faileth never. is ever found with him. 8 And from all his iniquities PEHOLD, bless ye the Lord, all ye

5 Who by his wisdom made heav'ns he Isr’el shall redeem. D that his attendants are,

for mercy hath he ever. [high : Ev'n you that in God's temple be, PSALM 131.

16 Who stretch'd the earth above the sea : and praise him nightly there.

I for his grace faileth never... M Y heart not haughty is, O Lord, 12 Your hands within God's holy place

17 To him that made the great lights shine: W mine eyes not lofty be;

lift up, and praise his name.

for mercy bath he ever. Nor do I deal in matters great, | 3 From Sion hill the Lord thee bless,

18 The sun to rule till day decline : or things too high for me. that heav'n and earth did frame.

for his grace faileth never. 2 I surely have myself behav'd

9 The moon and stars to rule by night: with quiet sp'rit and mild,

PSALM 135.

for mercy hath he ever. As child of mother wean'd; my soul TDRAISE ve the Lord. The Lord's name 10 Who Egypt's first-born kill'd outright is like a weaned child.

1 his servants, praise ye God. (praise ; for his grace faileth never. 3 Upon the Lord Jet all the hope 12 Who stand in God's house, in the courts 11 And Isr'el brought from Egypt land . of Israel rely; of our God make abode,

for mercy hath he ever.

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12 With stretch'd-out arm, and with strong With ull his mighty host,

16 Though God be high, yet he respects for his grace faileth never. (hand :/ And chariots there also :

all those that lowly be : 13 By whom the Red sea parted was:

Whereas the proud and lofty ODLS For certainly, $c.

1 for mercy hath he ever.

afar off knoweth he. 16 To him who powerfully 14 And through its midst made Isr'el pass :/ His chosen people led,

7 Though I in midst of trouble walk, For his grace faileth never. Evn through the desert dry,

I life from thee shall lave: 15 But Pharaoh and his host did drown: 1 And in that place them fed :

'Gainst my foes' wrath thou'lt stretch for mercy bath he ever. For certainly, $c.

thine hand, 16 Who through the desert led his own: 117 To him great kings who smote :

thy right hand shall me sare.

8 Surely that which concerneth me for his grace faileth never. For his grace hath no bound.

the Lord will perfect make : 17 To him great kings who overthrew : 18 Who slow, and spared not

Lord, still thy mercy lasts ; do not for he hath mcrcy ever. Kings famous and renown'd:

thine own hands' works forsake. 18 Yca famous kings in bartle slew: For certainly, $c.

PSALM 139. for his grace faileth never.

19 Sihon the Am'rite's king: 19 Evin Sihon king of Amorites:

For his grace lasteth ever.

TO LORD, thou hast me search'd ad

known. for he hath mercy ever.

20 Og also, who did reign 20 And Og the king of Bashanites:

The land of Bashan over:

2 Thou know'st my sitting down. for his grace faileth never.

For certainly, fc.

And rising up; yea all my thoughts

afar to thee are known. 21 Their land in heritage to have : 21 Their land by lot he gave :

13 My footsteps, and my lying down, for mercy hath he ever. For his grare fileth never.

thou compassest always; 22 His servant Isr'el right he gave : 22 Thot Isr'el might it have

Thou also most entirely art for his grace faileth never. In heritage for ever:

acquaint with all my ways. 23 In our low state who on us thought: For certainly, $c.

4 For in my tongue, before I speak, for he hath mercy over. 23 Who hath remembered

not any word can be, 24 And from our foes our freedom wrought: Us in our low estate ;

But altogether, lo, O Lord, for his grace faileth never. 24 And us delivered

it is well known to thee. 25 Who doth all flesh with food relieve : From foes which did us hate :

5 Behind, before, thou hast beset, for he hath mercy ever. For certainly, fc.

and laid on me thine hand. 26 Thanks to the God of heaven give : 25 Who to all flesh gives food :

6 Such knowledge is too strange for me; for his grace faileth never. For his grace faileth never.

too high to understand. 26 Give thanks to God most good,

7 From thy Sp'rit whither shall I go? Another of the same. The God of heav'n for ever:

or from thy presence fiy ? PRAISE God, for he is kind :

For certainly, c.

18 Ascend I heav'n, lo, thou art there; His mercy lasts for aye.

there, if in hell I le.

PSALM 137. 2 Give thanks with heart and mind

9 Take I the morning wings, and dwell To God of gods aluay:

RY Babel's streams we sat and wept, in utmost parts of sea ;
For certainly
D when Sion we thought on.

10 Ev'n there, Lord, shall thy hapd be His mercies dure

2 In midst thereof we hang'd our harps thy right hand hold shall me. lead, Most form and sure

the willow-trees upon.

11 If I do say, that darkness shall Eternally. 3 For there a song required they,

me cover from thy sight;

who did us captive bring : 3 The Lord of lords praise ye ;

Then surely sball the very night Our spoilers call'd for mirth, and said, Whose mercies still endure.

about me be as light.

A song of Sion sing. 4 Great wonders only he

12 Yea, darkness hideth not from thee; Doth work by his great pow'r :

4 O how the Lord's song shall we sing but night doth shine as day: For certainly, c. within a foreign land ?

To thee the darkness and the light 5 If thee, Jerusalem, I forget,

are both alike alway. • Which God omnipotent,

skill part from my right hand.

| 13 For thou possessed hast my reins; By might and wisdom high,

6 My tongue to my mouth's roof let cleave, 1" The heav'n and firmament

if I do thee forget,

and thou hast cover'd me,

When I within my mother's womb Did frame, as we may see : Jerusalem; and thee above

inclosed was by thee. For certainly, $c.

my chief joy do not set.

14 Thee will praise ; for fearfully 6 To him who did outstretch 7 Remember Edom's children, Lord,

and strangely made I am: This earth so great and wide,

who in Jerus'lem's day,

Thy works are marv'llous; and right Above the waters' reach Ev'n unto its foundation,

my soul doth know the same. (sell Making it to abide :

Raze, raze it quite, did say.

15 My substance was not hud from thee, For certainly, $c. 8 O daughter thou of Babylon,

when as in secret I Great lights he made to be :

near to destruction;

Was made ; and in earth's lowest parts Bless'd shall he be that thee rewards, For his grace lasteth aye.

was wrought most curiously. 8 Such as the sun we see,

as thou to us hast done.

16 Thine eyes my substance did behold, To rule the lightsome day: 9 Yea, happy surely shall he be,

yet being unperfect; For certainly, fc.

thy tender little ones

And in the volume of thy book

Who shall lay hold upon, and them 9 Also the moon so clear,

my members all were writ;

shall dash against the stones. Which shineth in our sight;

Which after in continuance The stars that do appear,

PSALM 138.

were fashion'd ev'ry one, To guide the darksome night : ITHEE will I praise with all my heart; When as they yet all shapeless were, For certainly, $c.

and of them there was none. 2 Before the gods. I worship will 10 To him that Egypt smote,

17 How precious also are thy thoughts,

O gracious God, to me! Who did his message scorn ;

toward thy sanctu'ry, And in his anger hot And praise thy name, ev'n for thy truth,

n how passing great Did kill all their first-born: and kindness of thy love:

and numberless they be! For certainly, $c.

For thou thy word hast magnified 18 If I should count them, than the sand all thy great name above.

they more in number be : 11 Thence Isr'el out he brought :

3 Thou didst me answer in the day What time soever I awake, For his grace lasteth ever. when I to thee did cry;

I ever am with thee. 12 With a strong hand he wrought, And stretch'd-out arm deliver :

And thou my fainting soul with strength 19 Thou, Lord, wilt sure the wicked slay: didst strengthen inwardly.

hence from me bloody men. For certainly, fc. 4 All kings upon the earth that are

| 20 Thy foes against thee loudly speak, 13 The sea he cut in two:

shall give thee praise, O Lord;

and take thy name in vain. For his grace lasteth still.

When as they from my mouth shall hear 21 Do not I hate all those, O Lord, 14 And through its midst to go

thy true and faithful word.

that hatred bear to tbee? Made his owon Israel :

5 Yea, in the righteous ways of God With those that up against thee rise For certainly, fc. with gladness they shall sing:

can I but grieved be? 15 But overwhelm'd and lost

For great's the glory of the Lord, 22 With perfect hatred them I hate ; Was proud king Pharouh,

who doth for ever reign.

my foes I them do hold.

sing praise to u

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23 Search me, O God, and know my heart, 17 About the grave's devouring mouth, That do afflict my soul: for I
try me, my thoughts unfold:
our bones are scatter'd round,

a servant am to thee. 24 And see if any wicked way

As wood which mon do cut and cleave there be at all in me; lies scatter'd on the ground.

Another of the same. And in thine everlasting way 8 But unto thee, O God the Lord,

OH hear my pray'r, Lord,
to me a leader de.
mine eyes uplifted be:

And unto my desire
PSALM 140.
My soul do not leave destitute ;

To bow thine ear accord,
my trust is set on thee.

I humbly thee require; T ORD, from the ill and froward man 19 Lord, keep me safely from the snares

And in thy faithfulness give me deliverance;

which they for me prepare ;

- Unto me ansuer make, And do thou safe preserve me from And from the subtile gins of them

And i thy righteousness the man of violence :

that wicked workers are. 2 Who in their heart mischievous things (10 Let workers of iniquity

Upon me pily take. are meditating ever;

2 In judgment enter not

into their own neis fall, And they for war assembled are Whilst I do by thine help escape

With me thy servant poor : continually together.

For why? this well I wot,

the danger of them all. 3 Much like unto a serpent's tongue

No sinner can endure their tongues they sharp do make ;

PSALM 142.

The sight of thee, O God;
And underneath their lips there lies
I WITH my voice cried to the Lord,

If thou his deeds shalt try,
the poison of a snake.
with it made my request :

He dare make none abode 4 Lord, keep me from the wicked's hands, 2 Pour'd out to him my plaint; to him

Himself to justify. from vi'lent men me save;

my trouble I express'd.

3 Behold, the cruel foe, Who utterly to overthrow 13 When in me was o'erwhelm'd

Me persecutes with spite, my goings purpos'd have.

then well thou knew'st my way: My soul to overthrow : 5 The proud for me a spare have hid,

Where I did walk, a snare for me

Yea, he my life down quite and cords; yea, they a net

they privily did lay.

Unto the ground hath smote, Have by the way-side for me spread; 4 I look'd on my right hand, and view'd,

And made me dwell full low
they gins for me have set,
but none to know me were :

In darkness, as forgot,
I said unto the Lord. Thou art
All refuge failed me; no man

Or men dead long ago. my God : unto the cry

did for my soul take care.

14 Therefore my sp'rit, much ver'd, Of all my supplications, 15 I cried to thee; I said, Thou art

O'erwhelm'd is me within ; Lord, do thine ear apply. my refuge, Lord, alone;

My heart right sore perplex'd 7 O God the Lord, who art the strength

And in the land of those that live

And desolate hath been. of my salvation;

thou art my portion.

15 Yet I do call to mind A cov'ring in the day of war 6 Because I am brought very low,

What ancient days record ; my head thou hast put on.

attend unto my cry;

Thy works of ev'ry kind 8 Unto the wicked man, O Lord, Me from my persecutors save,

I think upon, O Lord. his wishes do not grant;

who stronger are than I.

16 Lo, I do stretch my hands Nor further thou his ill device, 7 From prison bring my soul, that I

To thee my help alone ; lest they themselves should vaunt. thy name may glorify;

For thou well understands 9 As for the head and chief of those

The just shall compass me, when thou |

All my complant and moan ; about that compass me,

with me deal'st bounteously.

My thirsting soul desires Ev'n by the mischief of their lips

PSALM 143.

And longeth after thee, let thou them cover'd be.

As thirsty ground requires 0 Let burning coals upon them fall, LORD, hear my pray'r, attend my suits ;

With rain refresh'd io be. U and in thy faithfulness them throw in fiery flame;

7 Lord, let my pray'r prevail, Give thou an answer unto me, And in deep pits, that they no more may rise out of the same. and in thy righteousness.

To answer it make speed ; 2 Thy servant also bring thou not

For, lo, my sp'rit doth fail : . I Let not an evil speaker be

in judgment to be tried ;

Hide not thy face in need ; on earth established : Because no living man can be

Lest I be like to tiose Mischief shall hunt the vi'lent man

That do in darkness sit, till he be ruined.

in thy sight justified.

Or him that downward goes 12 I know God will th' afflicted's cause 13 For th' en'my hath pursu'd my soul,

Into the dreadful pit. maintain, and poor man's right.

my life to ground down tread :

In darkness he hath made me dwell, 13 Surely the just shall praise thy name ; |

8 Because I trust in thee,

as who have long been dead. :h' upright dwell in thy sight.

O Lord, cause me to hear
4 My sp'rit is therefore overwhelm'd

Thy loving-kindness free,
PSALM 141.
in me perplexedly;

When morning doth appear:
O LORD, I unto thee do cry:

Cause me to know the way Within me is my very heart do thou make haste to me;

amazed wondrously.

Wherein my paths should be ;

For why ? my soul on high And give an ear unto my voice, 15 I call to mind the days of old;

I do lift up to thee. when I cry unto thee.

to meditate I use 2 As incense let my prayer be

On al' thy works ; upon the deeds

9 From my fierce enemy

I of thy hands do muse. directed in thine eyes;

In safety do me guide;

6 My hands to thee I stretch: my soul
And the uplifting of my hands

Lord, that thou may'st me hide.

thirsts, as dry land, for thee. as th' ev'ning sacrifice. 17 Ilaste, Lord, to hear, my spirit fails :

10 My God alone art thou, 3 Set, Lord, a watch before my mouth;

hide not thy face from me;

Teach me thy righteousness ; keep of my lips the door.

Thy Spirit's good ; leadme to 4 My heart incline thou not unto

Lest like to them I do become

The land of uprightness. The ills I should abhor,

that go down to the dust. To practise wicked works with men 18 At morn let me thy kindness hear, 11 O Lord, for thy name's sake, that work iniquity;

for in thee do I trust :

Be pleas'd to quicken me; And with their delicates my taste Teach me the way that I should walk :) And, for thy Truth, forth take let me not satisfy.

I lift my soul to thee.

My soul from misery. 9 Lord, free me from my foes; I flee 12 And of thy grace destroy Let him that righteous is me smite,

to thee to cover me. it shall a kindness be ;

My foes, and put to shame

All who my soul annoy: Let him reprove, I shall it count | 10 Because thou art my God, to do

For I thy servant am. a precious oil to me;

thy will do me instruct : Such smiting shall not break my head : | Thy Sp'rit is good, me to the land

PSALM 144. for yet the time shall fall,

of uprightness conduct. When I in their calamities | 11 Revive and quicken me, O Lord,

TO BLESSED ever be the Lord, to God pray for them shall. ev'n for thine own name's sake;

who is my strength and might, 6 When as their judges down shall be

And do thou, for thy righteousness, Who doth instruct my hands to war, in stony places cast, my soul from trouble take.

my fingers teach to fight. Then shall they hear my words; for they 12 And of thy mercy slay my foes, 2 My goodness, fortress, my high tow'r, shall sweet be to their taste. let all destroyed be

deliverer and shield,

In whom I trust : who under me 113 Thy kingdom shall for ever stand, 121 Therefore my mouth and lipe raframe my people makes to yield.

thy reign through ages all.

To speak the praises of the Lord: 3 Lord, what is man, that thou of aim

14 God raiseth all that are bow'd down, To magnify his holy name dost so much knowledge take!

upholdeth all that fall.

For ever lei all fiesh accord. Or son of man, that thou of hun 15 The eyes of all things wait on thee,

PSALM 146. so great account dost make!

the giver of all good;

PRAISE God. The Lord praise, O ET 4 Man is like vanity: his days,

And thou in time convenient

1 2 I'll praise God while I live : soal as shadows, pass away.

bestows on them their food.

While I have being, to my God 5 Lord, bow thy heav'ns, come down; touch 16 Thine hand thou open'st lib'rally,

in songs I'll praises gire. the hills, and smoke shall they (thou and, of thy bounty, gives

3 Trust not in princes, nor man's son, 6 Cast forth thy lightning, scatter them; Enough to satisfy the need

in whom there is no stay: thine arrows shoot, them rout.

of ev'ry thing that lives.

His breath departs, to's earth be turns ; 7 Thine hand send from above, me suve : 17 The Lord is just in all his ways,

that day his thoughts decay. from great depths draw me out :

holy in his works all.

| 5 O happy is that man and bless'd, And from the hand of children strange; 18 God's near to all that call on him,

whom Jacob's God doth aid; 8 Whose mouth speaks vanity;

in truth that on him call.

Whose hope upon the Lord doch rest, And their right hand is a right hand 19 He will accomplish the desire

and on his God is stay'di that works deceitfully.

of those that do him fear;

6 Who made the earth and hearens high,

He also will deliver them, 9 A new song I to thee will sing,

who made the swelling deep, and he their cry will hear. Lord, on a psaltery ;

And all that is within the same; I on a ten-string'd instrument

20 The Lord preserves all who him love, who truth doth ever keep: will praises sing to thee.

that nought can them annoy:

7 Who righteous judgment executes 10 Ev'n he it is that unto kings But he ail those that wicked are

for those oppress'd that be ;. salvation doth send;

will utterly destroy.

Who to the hungry giveth food : Who his own servant David doth 21 My mouth the praises of the Lord

God sets the pris'ners free. from hurtful sword defend.

to publish cease shall never: 18 The Lord doth give the blind their egbt, 11 O free me from strange children's hand, Let all flesh bless his holy name

the bowed-down doth raise : for ever and for ever. whose mouth speaks vanity;

The Lord doth dearly love all those And their right hand a right hand is

Another of the same.

that walk in upright ways. that works deceitfully.

10 LORD, thou art my God and King ; 19 The stranger's shield, the widow's stay, 12 That as the plants our sons may be

Thee will I magnily and praise :

the orphan's help, is he : in youth grown up that are ; I will thee bless, and gladly sing

But yet by him the wicked's way Our daughters like to corner-stones, Unto thy holy name ulways.

turn'd upside down shall be. carv'd like a palace fair.

2 Each day I rise I will the bless, 110 The Lord shall reign for evermore, 13 That, to afford all kind of store,

And praise thy name time without end. thy God, O Sion, he our garners may be fillid;

13 Much to be prais'd, and greal God is ; Reigns to all generations. That our sheep thousands, in our streets His greatness none can comprehend.

Praise to the Lord give ye. ten thousands they may yield. 14 Race shall thy works praise unto race,

PSALM 147. 14 That strong our oxen be for work; The mighty acts show done by thee. that no in-breaking be, 5 I will speak of thy glorious gruce,

PRAISE ye the Lord; for it is good Nor going out ; and that our streets And honour of thy mna jesty;

praise to our God to sing :. may from complaints be free. Thy wondrous works I will record.

For it is pleasant, and to praise

it is a comely thing. 6 By men the might shall be extolld 15 Those people blessed are who be

Of all thy dreadful acts, O Lord:

2 God doth build up Jerusalem; in such a case as this ; Yea, blessed all those people are, And I thy greatness will unfold.

and he it is alone whose God JEHOVAHİ is.

That the dispers'd of Israel
7 They utter shall abundantly

doth gather into one.
The mem'ry of thy goodness great ;
PSALM 145.
And shall sing praises cheerfully,

3 Those that are broken in their heart, Whilst they thy righteousness relate.

and grieved in their minds, T'LL thee extol, my God, O King; 8 The Lord our God is gracious,

He healeth, and their painful wounds 1 I'll bless thy name always. Compassionate is he also;

he tenderly up-binds. 2 Thee will I bless each day, and will

In mercy he is plenteous,

4 He counts the number of the stars; thy name for ever praise. But unto wrath and anger slow.

he names them every one. 3 Great is the Lord, much to be prais'd;

5 Great is our Lord, and of great pow'r; his greatness search exceeds.

19 Good unto all men is the Lord :

O'er all his works his mercy is. 4 Race unto race shall praise thy works,

his wisdom search can none. and show thy mighty deeds.

10 Thy works all praise to thee afford: 6 The Lord lifts up the meek; and casts

Thy saints, O Lord, thy name shall bless.. the wicked to the ground. 5 I of thy glorious majesty 11 The glory of thy kingdom show

17 Sing to the Lord, and give him thanks: the honour will record; Shall they, and of thy power tell :

on harp his praises sound. T'U speak of all thy mighty works.

12 That so men's sons his deeds may know 18 Who covereth the heav'n with clouds, which wondrous are, O Lord. His kingdom's grace that doth excel,

who for the earth below 6 Men of thine acts the might shall show,

Prepareth rain, who maketh grass thine acts that dreadful are :

13 Thy kingdom hath none end at all, And I, thy glory to advance,

upon the mountains grow.
It doth through ages all reman.
14 The Lord upholdeth all that fall,

19 He gives the beast his food, he feeds. thy greatness will declare. The cast down raiseth up again.

the ravens young that cry. 7 The mem'ry of thy goodness great, | 15 The eyes of all things, Lord, attend, 10 His pleasure not in horses' strength, they largely shall express : And on thee wait, that here do live;

nor in man's legs, doth lie, With songs of praise they shall extol And thou in season due, dost send | 11 But in all those that do him fear thy perfect righteousness. Sufficient food them to relieve.

the Lord doth pleasure take; 8 The Lord is very gracious, 16 Yea, thou thine hand dost open wide,

In those that to his mercy do in him compassions flow,

by hope themselves betake. In mercy he is very great,

And ev'ry thing dost satisfy
That lives, and doth on earth abide,

12 The Lord praise, O Jerusalem ;
and is to anger slow.
Of thy great liberality.

Sion, thy God confess : 9 The Lord JEHOVAH unto all 17 The Lord is just in his ways all, 13 For thy gates' bars he maketh strong; his goodness doth declare ; And holy in his works each one.

thy sons in thee doth bless. And over all his other works 18 He's near to all that on him call,

14 He in thy borders maketh peace ; his tender inercies are. Who call in truth on him alone.

with fine wheat filleth thee. 10 They all thy works shall praise, O Lord, 119 God will the just desire fulfil

15 He sends forth his command on earth, and thee thy saints shall bless. Of such as do him fear and dread;

his word runs speedily. 11 They shall thy kingdom's glory show, ! Their cry regard, and hear he will, 16 kloar-frost, like ashes, scatt'reth he; thy pow'r by speech express : And save them in the time of need.

like wool he snow doth give. 12 To make the sons of men to know 120 The Lord preserves all, more and less, 17 Like morsels casteth forth his ice : his acts done mightily, That bear to him a loving heart:

who in its cold can live ? And of his kingdom th' excellent

But workers all of wickedness

18 He sendeth forth his mighty word, and glorious majesty. Destroy will he, and clean subvert.

and melteth them again;

His wind he makes to blow, and then

Another of the same. the waters flow amain.

THE Lord of heaven confess, 19 The doctrine of his holy word

On high his glory raise. to Jacob he doth show :

12 Him let all angels bless ; His statutes and his judgments he

| Him all his armies praise. gives Israel to know.

3 Him glorify, 20 To any nation never he

Sun, moon, and stars ; such favour did afford :

4 Ye higher spheres, For they his judgments have not known. And cloudy sky. O do ye praise the Lord.

5 From God your beings are, PSALM 148.

| Him therefore famous make ; PRAISE God. From heavens praise thel You all created were, 1 in heights praise to him be." [Lord:l. When he the word but spake. 2 All ye his angels, praise ye him ;

6 And from that place, his hosts, all praise him ye.

Where fix'd you be 3 O praise ye him, both sun and moon;

I By his decree, praise him, all stars of light.

You cannot pass. 4 Ye heav'ns of heav'ns him praise, and 7 Praise God, from earth below,

above the heavens' height. [floods Ye dragons, and ye deeps : 5 Let all the creatures praise the name

8 Fire, hail, clouds, wind, and snow,

| Whom in command he keeps. of our almighty Lord; For he commanded, and they were

9 Praise ye his name, created by his word.

Hills great and small, 6 He also, for all times to come,

Trees low and tall; hath them establish'd sure;

10 Beasts wild and tame; He hath appointed them a law, | All things that creep or fly. which ever shall endure.

11 Ye kings, ye vulgar throng,

All princes mean or high ; 7 Praise ye JEHOVAH from the earth, 112 Both men and virgins young : _dragons, and ev'ry deep :

Ev'n young and old, 8 Fire, hail, snow, vapour, stormy wind, 113 Erali his name; his word that fully keep:

For much his fame 9 All hills and mountains, fruitful trees,

Should be extoll'd. and all ye cedars high : 10 Beasts, and all cattle, creeping things,

| O let God's name be prais'd and all ye birds that fly :

" Above both earth and sky:

14 For he his saints hath rais'd, 11 Kings of the earth, all nations,

And set their horn on high ; princes, earth's judges all :

Eu'n those that be 12 Both young men, yea, and maidens too, Of Isr'el's race, old men and children small :

Near to his grace. 13 Let them God's name praise; for his The Lord praise ye. alone is excellent;

PSALM 149. His glory reacheth far above

PRAISE ye the Lord: unto him sing the earth and firmament.

I a new song, and his praise, 14 His people's horn, the praise of all In the assembly of his saints, his saints, exalteth he;

in sweet psalms do ye raise. Evin Is'rel's seed, a people near

12 Let Isr'el in his Maker joy, to him. The Lord praise ye.

Let all that Sion's children are

be joyful in their King. 3 O let them unto his great name

give praises in the dance; Let them with timbrel and with harp

in songs his praise advance. 4 For God doth pleasure take in those

that his own people be : And he with his salvation

the meek will beautify.
5 And in his glory excellent

let all his saints rejoice:
Let them to him upon their beds

aloud lift up their voice.
6 Let in their mouth aloft be rais'd

the high praise of the Lord, And let them have in their right hand

a sharp two-edged sword;
7 To execute the vengeance due

upon the heathen all,
And make deserved punishment

upon the people fall: 8 And ev'n with chains, as pris'ners, bind

their kings that them command; Yea, and with iron fetters strong,

the nobles of their land : 9 On them the judgment to perform :

found written in his word: This honour is to all his saints. O do ye praise the Lord.

PSALM 150. PRAISE ye the Lord. God's praise 1 his sanctuary raise: (within And to him in the firmament

of his pow'r give ye praise.
2 Because of all his mighty acts,

with praise him magnify;
O praise him as he doth excel

in glorious majesty. 3 Praise him with trumpet's sound; his

with psaltery advance: (praise 14 With tirnbrel, harp, string'd instruments,

and organs in the dance.. 5 Praise him on cymbals loud him praise ;

on cymbals sounding high. Let each thing breathing praise the Lord.

Praise to the Lord give ye.



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