32 Among the people gathered,

12 For mouths of wicked men to speak (26 O do thou help and succour me, let them exalt his naine ; against me do not cease :

who art my God and Lord; Among assembled elders spread The inouths of vile decitful men

And, for thy tender mercy's sake, his most renowned fame. against me open'd be ;

safety to me afford : 33 He to dry lands turns water-springs,

And with a false and lying tongue 127 That thereby they may know, that the and floods to wilderness; they have accused me.

is thy almighty hand; 31 For sins of those that dwell therein 13 They did beset me round about

And that thou, Lord, hast done the same, fat land to barrenness. with words of hateful spite;

they may well understand. 35 The burnt and parched wilderness And though to them no cause I gave, 28 Although they curse with spite yet, Lord to water-pools he brings, against me they did fight.

bless thou with loving voice : The ground that was dried up before 4 They for my love became my foes : Let them asham'd be when they rise: he turns to water-springs. but I me set to pray.

thy servant let rejoice. 36 And there, for dwelling, he a place 5 Evil for good, hatred for love,

29 Let thou mine adversaries all doth to the hungry give, to me they did repay.

with shame be clothed over: That they a city may prepare 16 Set thou the wicked over him;

And let their own confusion commodiously to live: and upon his right hand

them as a mantle cover. 37 There sow they fields, and vineyards Give thou his greatest enemy,

30 But as for me, I with my mouth to yield fruits of increase. (plat, . ev'n Satan, leave to stand.

will greatly praise the Lord; 38 Ilis blessing makes them multiply, 17 And when by thee he shall be judg'a, And I among the multitude lets not their beasts decrease. let him condemned be;

his praises will record. 39 Again they are diminished,

And let his pray'r be turn'd to sin, 31 For he shall stand at his right hand and very low brought down, when he shall call on thee.

who is in poverty, Through sorrow and affliction, 18 Few be his days, and in his room

To save him from all those that would and great oppression. his charge another take.

condemn his soul to die. 40 He upon princes pours contempt, 19 His children let be fatherless,

PSALM 110. and causeth them to stray,

his wife a widow make. And wander in a wilderness 10 His children let be vagabonds,

THE LORD did say unto my Lord,

I Sit thou at my right hand, wherein there is no way.

and beg continually ;

Until I make thy foes a stool 41 Yet setteth be the poor on high

And, from their places desolate,
seek bread for their supply.

whereon thy feet may stand. from all his miseries;

2 The Lord shall out of Sion send And he much like unto a flock, 11 Let covetous extortioners

the rod of thy great pow'r: doth make him families. catch all he hath away:

In midst of all thine enemies 42 They that are right'ous shall rejoice Of all for which he labour'd hath

be thou the governor. when they the same shall sec;

let strangers make a prey. And, as ashamed, stop her mouth 12 Let there be none to pity him : 3 A willing people, in thy day shall all iniquity. let there be none at all

of pow'r, shall come to thee, That on his children, fatherless,

In holy beauties from morn's womb: 43 Whoso is wise, and will these things

will let his mercy fall.

thy youth like dew shall be. observe, and them record, | 13 Let his posterity from earth

4 The Lord himself hath made an oath, Ev’n they shall understand the love

and will repent him Dever, and kindness of the Lord.

cut off for ever be ;
And in the foll'wing age their name

Of the order of Melchisedec
PSALM 108.
be blotted out by thee.

thou art a priest for ever.
M Y heart is fix'd, Lord; I will sing, 14 Let God his father's wickedness 15 The glorious and mighty Lord,
11 and with my glory praise.

still to remembrance call;

that sits at thy right hand, 2 Awake up, psaltery and harp;

And never let his mother's sin

Shall, in his day of wrath, strike through myself I'll early raise. be blotted out at all.

kings that do him withstand. 3 I'll praise thee 'mong the people, Lord;| 15 But let them all before the Lord

6 He shall among the beathen judge, 'mong nations sing will l: appear continually,

he shall with bodies dead 4 For above heav'n thy mercy's great, That he may wholly from the earth

The places fill: o'er many lands thy truth doth reach the sky. cut off their memory :

he wound shall ev'ry head. 5 Be thou above the heavens, Lord, | 16 Because he inercy minded not, 17 The brook that runneth in the way exalted gloriously; but persecuted still

with drink shall him supply: Thy glory all the earth above

The poor and needy, that he might | And, for this cause, in triumph he be lifted up on high; the broken-hearted kill.

shall lift his head on high. 6 That those who thy beloved are 17 As he in cursing pleasure took,

PSALM II. delivered may be :

so let it to him fall; O do thou save with thy right hand, As he delighted not to bless,

PRAISE ye the Lord : with my whole and answer give to me.

so bless him not at all.

1 I will God's praise declare, [heart 7 God in his holiness hath said, | 18 As cursing he like clothes put on,

Where the assemblies of the just, herein I will take pleasure, into his bowels so,

and congregations are. Shechem I will divide, and forth

Like water, and into his bones, 2 The whole works of the Lord our God will Succoth's valley measure. like oil, down let it go.

are great above all measure, 8 Gilead I claim as mine by right;

Sought out they are of ev'ry one 19 Like to the garment let it be

that doth therein take pleasure. Manasseh mine shall be;

which doth himself array, Ephra'm is of my head the strength; And for a girdle wherewith he

3 His work most honourable is, Juuah gives laws for me : is girt about alway.

most glorious and pure, 9 Moab's my washing-pot; my shoe 20 From God let this be their reward

And his untainted righteousness I'll over Edom throw; that en'mies are to me,

for ever doth endure. Over the land of Palestine

And their reward that speak against 4 His works most wonderful he hath I will in triumph go. my soul maliciously.

made to be thought upon : 10 0 who is he will bring me to

21 But do thou for thine own name's sake,l The Lord is gracious, and he is the city fortified ? O God the Lord, for me;

full of compassion. O who is he that to the land

Sith good and sweet thy mercy is; 15 He giveth meat unto all those of Edom will me guide ? from trouble set me free.

that truly do him fear : 11 O God, thou who hadst cast us off, 22 For I am poor and indigent,

And evermore his covenant afflicted sore am I

he in his mind will bear. this thing wilt thou not do? My heart within me also

6 He did the power of his works nd wilt not thou, even thou, O God, forth with our armies go? wounded exceedingly.

unto his people show, 12 Do thou from trouble give us help : 123 I pass like a declining shade,

When he the heathen's heritage for helpless is man's aid. am like the locust tost.

upon them did bestow. 13 Through God we shall do valiantly : 24 My knees through fasting weaken'd are, 7 His handy works are truth and right; our foes he shall down tread. my flesh hath fatness lost.

all his commands are sure:
25 I also am a vile reproach

18 And, in truth and uprightness,
PSALM 109.
unto them made to be;

they evermore endure.
THOU the God of all my praise, And they that did upon me look 19 He sent redemption to his folk ;
do thou not hold thy peace :

did shake their heads at me. I his covenant for aye

8 Who ficob.doth appear. the God

He did command : holy his name 15 O sea, why fledd'st thou ? Jordan, back 11 I said, when I was in my haste, and rev'rend is alway. why wast thou driven so ?

that all men liars be. 10 Wisdom's beginning is God's fear: 16 Ye mountains great, wherefore was it | 12 What shall I render to the Lord good understanding they that ye did skip like rams?

for all his gifts to me? Have all, that his commands fulfil: And wherefore was it, little hills,

13 I'll of salvation take the cup,
his praise endures for aye.
that ye did leap like lambs ?

on God's name will I call.
17 O at the presence of the Lord,
PSALM 112.

14 I'll pay my vows now to the Lord earth, tremble thou for fear,

before his people all. PRAISE ye the Lord. The man is bless'd While as the presence of the God 15 Dear in God's sight is his saints' death I that fears the Lord aright,

16 Thy servant, Lord, am I; He'who in his commandements 18 Who from the hard and stony rock | Thy servant sure, thine handmaid's son: doth greatly take delight. did standing water bring;

my bands thou didst untie. offspring powerful And by his pow'r did turn the flint

| 17 Thank-off”rings I to thee will give, shall be the earth upon : into a water-spring.

and on God's name will call. Of upright men blessed shall be

PSALM 115.

18 I'll pay my vows now to the Lord the generation. 3 Riches and wealth shall ever be

before his people all : NOT unto us, Lord, not to us,

W within his house in store :

19 Within the courts of God's own house, but do thou glory take

within the midst of thee, And his unspotted righteousness

Unto thy name, ev'n for thy truth,
and for thy mercy's sake.

O city of Jerusalem.
endures for evermore.
4 Unto the upright light doth rise,
2 O wherefore should the heathen say,

Praise to the Lord give ye. though he in darkness be: where is their God now gone ?

PSALM 117. Compassionate, and merciful, 3 But our God in the heavens is :

GIVE ye praise unto the Lord, and righteous, is he. what pleas'd him he hath done.

all nations that be : 4 Their idols silver are and gold, 5 A good man doth his favour show,

Likewise, ye people all, accord and doth to others lend : work of men's hands they be.

his name to magnify. 5 Mouths have they, but they do not speak ;/2 For great to us-ward ever are He with discretion his affairs will guide unto the end. and eyes, but do not see :

his loving kindnesses : 6 Surely there is not any thing

6 Ears have they, but they do not hear; 1 His truth endures for evermore, that ever shall him move: noses, but savour not:

The Lord 0 do ye bless. The righteous man's memorial

7 Hands, feet, but handle not, nor walk ; shall everlasting prove.

PSALM 118. nor speak they through their throat. 7 When he shall evil tidings hear,

8 Like them their makers are, and all PRAISE the Lord, for he is good he shall not be afraid : on them their trust that build.

his mercy lasteth ever. His heart is fix'd, his confidence

9 O Isr'el, trust thou in the Lord : 12 Let those of Israel now say, upon the Lord is stay'd. he is their help and shield.

His mercy faileth never, 10 O Aaron's house, trust in the Lord : 13 Now let the house of Aaron say, 8 His heart is firmly 'stablished,

their help and shield is he.

his mercy lasteth ever. afraid he shall not be,

11 Ye that fear God, trust in the Lord : 4 Let those that fear the Lord now say, Until upon his enemies he his desire shall see. their help and shield he'll be.

His mercy faileth never. 9 He hath dispers'd, giv'n to the poor;

12 The Lord of us hath mindful been,

15 I in distress call'd on the Lord :

the Lord did answer me. and he will bless us still ; his righteousness shall be He will the house of Isr'el bless,

He in a large place did me set, To ages all : with honour shall his horn be raised high.

bless Aaron's house he will. 10 The wicked shall it see, and fret, 13 Both small and great that fear the Lord. 6 The mighty Lord is on my side;

I will not be afraid : his teeth gnash, melt away; What wicked men do most desire

14 The Lord will you, you and your seed.) For any thing that man can do

aye more and more increase. shall utterly decay.

I shall not be dismay'd. 15 O blessed are ye of the Lord,

17 The Lord doth take my part with them PSALM 113. who made the earth and heav'n.

that help to succour me; PRAISE God : ye servants of the Lord. | 16 The heav'n, ev'n heav'ns are God's: but! Therefore on those that do me hate 1 O praise, the Lord's name praise.

earth to men's sons hath giv'n. [he]

I my desire shall see. 2 Yea, blessed be the name of God 17 The dead, nor who to silence go,

18 Better it is to trust in God from this time forth always. God's praise do not record.

than trust in man's defence; 3 From rising sun to where it sets, 18 But henceforth we for ever will

19 Better to trust in God than make God's name is to be prais'd. bless God. · Praise ye the Lord.

princes our confidence. 4 Above all nations God is high,

PSALM 116.

10 The nations, joining all in one, 'bove heav'ns his glory rais'd.

did compass me about : 5 Unto the Lord our God, that dwells

IT LOVE the Lord, because my voice But in the Lord's most holy name 1 and prayers he did hear.

I shall them all root out on high, who can compare ? 6 Himself that hurnbleth things to see

12 I, while I live, will call on him, 11 They compass'd me about ; I say,

who bow'd to me his ear. in heaven and earth that are ?

they compass'd me about : 7 He from the dust doth raise the poor

13 Of death the cords and sorrows did But in the Lord's most holy name that very low doth lie; about me compass round,

I shall them all root out. And from the dunghill lifts the man | The pains of hell took hold on me :

12 Like bees they compass'd me about ;

I grief and trouble found. oppress'd with poverty :

like unto thorns that flame 8 That he may highly him advance, 4 Upon the 'name of God the Lord

They quenched are: for them shall I and with the princes set; then did I call and say,

destroy in God's own name. With those that of his people are

Deliver thou my soul, O Lord, 13 Thou sore hast thrust, that I might fall, the chief, ev'n princes great. I do thee humbly pray.

but my Lord helped me, 9 The barren woman house to keep 15 God merciful and righteous is,

14 God my salvation is become, he maketh, and to be

yea, gracious is our Lord.

• my strength and song is he. Of sons a mother full of joy.

6 God saves the meek: I was brought low, 15 In dwellings of the righteous
Praise to the Lord give ye.
he did me help afford.

is heard the melody
7 O thou, my soul, do thou return

Ofidy and health: the Lord's right hana

nand PSALM 114. unto thy quiet rest;

doth ever valiantly. W HEN Isr'el out of Egypt went

For largely, lo, the Lord to thee 16 The right hand of the mighty Lord W and did his dwelling change,

his bounty hath exprest.

exalted is on high; When Jacob's house went out from those 8 For my distressed soul from death The right hand of the mighty Lord that were of language strange; deliver'd was by thee;

doth ever valiantly. 2 He Judah did his sanctuary,

Thou didst my mourning eyes from tears 17 I shall not die, but live, and shall his kingdom Isr'el, make. my feet from falling, free.

the works of God discover. 3 The sea it saw, and quickly fled, 9 I in the land of those that live

18 The Lord hath me chastiscd sore, Jordan was driven back. will walk the Lord before.

but not to death giv'n over. 4 Like rams the mountains, and like lambs 10 I did believe, thereforo I spake : 19 O set ye open unto me the hills skipp'd to and fro. I was afflicted sore.

the gates of righteousness;

14 The Lordhem surely blessear the Lord, /6 The michouble made me fire set,

Then will I enter into them,

| 19 I am a stranger on this earth; | 46 I'll speak thy word to kings, and I and I the Lord will bless. hide not thy laws from me.

with shame shall not be mov'd; 20 This is the gate of God, by it

20 My soul within me breaks, and doth

I within me breaks, and doth 47 And will delight myself al ways the just shall enter in. much fainting still endure,

in thy laws, which I lor'd. 21 Thee will I praise, for thou me heard'st Through longing that it hath all times

that hath all times ]48 To thy commandments, which I lor' and hast my safety been.

othy judgments pure.

my hands lift up I will;
22 That stone is made head corner-stone, 21 Thou hast rebuk'd the cursed proud. I And I will also meditate
which builders did despise :
who from thy precepts swerve.

upon thy statutes still 23 This is the doing of the Lord, 22 Reproach and shame remove from me,

ZAIN. The 7th Part. and wondrous in our eyes.

for I thy laws observe.

49 Remember, Lord, thy gracious word 24 This is the day God made, in it 23 Against me princes spake with spite,

thou to thy servant spake, we'll joy triumphantly.

while they in council sat;

Which, for a ground of my sure hope, 25 Save now, I pray thee, Lord: I pray, But I, thy servant, did upon

thou causedst me to take. send now prosperity.

thy statutes meditate.

50 This word of thine my comfort is 26 Blessed is he in God's great name 24 My comfort, and my heart's delight,

in mine affliction: that cometh us to save:

thy testimonies be;

For in my straits I am reviv'd We, from the house which to the Lord And they, in all my doubts and fears,

by this thy word alone. pertains, you blessed have.

are counsellors to me.

51 The men whose hearts with pride are 27 God is the Lord, who anto us

DALETH. The 4th Part.

did greatly me deride: stut, hath made light to arise :

25 My soul to dust cleaves : quicken me, Yet from thy straight commandemncois Rind ye unto the altar's horns according to thy word.

I have not turn d aside. with cords the sacrifice.

26 My ways I show'd, and methou heard'st: 52 Thy judgments righteous, O Lord, 28 Thou art my God, I'll thee exalt;

teach me thy statutes, Lord.

which thou of old forth gave, my God, I will tbce praise. 27 The way of thy commandements

I did remember, and mysei 29 Give thanks to God, for he is good;

make me aright to know;

I by them comtorted hare. his mercy lasts always. So all thy works, that wondrous are,

150 Horror took hold on me, because PSALM 119. I shall to others show.

ill men thy law forsake, ALEPH. The 1st Part.

28 My soul doth melt, and drop away, 54 I in my house of pilgrimage PLESSED are they that undefild,

for heaviness and grief:

thy laws my songs do make. To me, according to thy word, and straight are in the way;

55 Thy name by nighi, Lord, I did mind, Who in the Lord's most holy law

give strength and send relief.

and I have kept thy law. 29 From me the wicked way of lies do walk, and do not stray:

56 And this I had, because thy word

let far removed be; 2 Blessed are they who to observe

I kept, and stood in awe. And graciously thy holy law his statutes are inclin'd;

CHETH. The 8th Part. do thou grant unto me. And who do seek the living God with their whole heart and mind.

30 I chosen have the perfect way 57 Thou my sure portion art alone, of truth and verity:

which I did choose, O Lord : 3 Such in his ways do walk, and they

Thy judgments, thai most righteous are, I have resolv'd, and said, that I do no iniquity. before me laid have I.

would keep thy holy word. 4 Thou hast commanded us to keep 31 I to thy testimonies cleave;

58 With my whole heart I did entreat thy precepts carefully. shame do not on me cast.

thy face and favour free: 5 O that thy statutes to observe

32 I'll run ihy precepts' way, when thou According to thy gracious word thou would'st my ways direct !

my heart enlarged hast.

I 6 Then shall I not be sham'd, when I

be merciful to me. thy precepts all respect.

- HE. The 5th Part.

59 I thought upon my former ways. 33 Teach me, O Lord, the perfect way and did my life well try; 7 Then with integrity of heart

of ihy precepts divine,

And to thy testimonies pure, thee will I praise and bless, And to observe it to the end

my feet then turned I When I the judgments all have learn'd

I shall my heart incline.

60 I did not stay, nor linger long. of thy pure righteousness. 34 Give understanding unto me,

as those that slothful are; 8 That I will keep thy statutes all - so keep thy law shall I;

But hastily thy laws to keep firmly resolv'd have I :

Yea, ev'n with my whole heart I shall O do not then, most gracious God,

I myself I did prepare.

observe it carefully. forsake me utterly.

61 Bands of ill men me robb’d; yet I 35 In thy law's path make me to go;

thy precepts did not slight.
BETH. The 2nd Part.
for I delight therein.

62 I'll rise at midnight thee to praise, 9 By what means shall a young man learn 36 My heart unto thy testimonies,

ev'n for thy judgments right. his way to purify?

and not to greed, incline.

63 I am companion to all those If he according to thy word

37 Turn thou away my sight and eyes who fear, and thee obey. thereto attentive be.

from viewing vanity;

| 64 O Lord, thy mercy fills the earth 10 Unseignedly thee have I sought And in thy good and holy way

teach me thy laws I pray. with all my soul and heart :

be pleas'd to quicken me. O let me not from the right path 38 Confirm to me thy gracious word,

TETH. The Sun Part. of thy commands depart.

which I did gladly hear,

65 Well hast thou with thy servant deak, 11 Thy word I in my heart have hid, Ev'n to thy servant, Lord, who is

as thou didst promise give. that I offend not thee.

devoted to thy fear.

66 Good judgment me and knowledge 12 O Lord, thou ever blessed art; 39 Turn thou away my fear'd reproach; for I thy word believe. (teach: thy statutes teach thou me.

for good thy judgments be.

67 Ere I afflicted was I stray'd; 13 The judgments of thy mouth each one 40 Lo, for thy precepts I have long'd; but now I keep thy word. my lips declared have.

in thy truth quicken me.

68 Both good thou art, and good thou do'st: 14 More joy thy testimonies' way

VAU. The 6th Part.

teach me thy statutes, Lord. than riches all me gave.

|41 Let thy sweet mercies also come 69 The men that are puff"d up with pride 15 I will thy holy precepts make

and visit me, O Lord ;

against me forg'd a lie; my meditation; Ev'n thy benign salvation,

Yet thy commandements observe And carefully I'll have respect

according to thy word.

with my whole heart will I. unto thy ways each one.

42 So shall I have wherewith I may 70 Their hearts, thro' worldly ease and 16 Upon thy statutes my delight

give him an answer just,

as fat as grease they be : (wealth shall constantly be set : Who spitefully reproacheth me;

But in thy holy law I take And by thy grace, I never will

for in thy word I trust.

delight continually. thy holy word forget.

43 The word of truth out of my mouth 171 It hath been very good for me
GIMEL. The 3d Part.
take thou not utterly ;

that I afficted was, 17 With me thy servant, in thy grace, For on thy judgments righteous

That I might well instructed be, deal bountifully, Lord; my hope doth still rely.

and learn thy holy laws. That, by thy favour, I may live, 44 So shall I keep, for evermore,

72 The word that cometh from thy mouth and duly keep thy word. thy law continually.

is better unto me 18 Open mine eyes that of thy law 45 And, sith that I thy precepts seek, Than many thousands and great sums the wonders I may see. I'll walk at liberty.

of gold and silver be.

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JOD. The 10th Part. | 100 In understanding I excel

| 127 Therefore thy precepts more I love 73 Thou mad'st and fashion'dst me: thy I those that are ancients;

than gold, yea, gold most fine. For I endeavoured to keep

128 Concerning all things thy commands to know, give wisdom, Lord; [laws 74 So who thee fear, shall joy to see

all thy commandements.

all right I judge therefore ; 101 My feet from each ill way I stay'd, And ev'ry false and wicked way me trusting in thy word. 75 That very right thy judgments are

that I might keep thy word.

I perfectly abhor.
102 I from thy judgments have not swerv'd;]
I know, and do confess;

PE. The 17th Part.
And that thou hast afflicted me

for thou hast laught me, Lord. in truth and faithfulness. 103 How sweet unto my taste, O Lord,

129 Thy statutes, Lord, are wonderful : are all thy words of truth!

my soul them keeps with care. 76 0 let thy kindness merciful,

Yea, I do find them sweeter far

130 The entrance of thy word gives light, I pray thee, comfort me,

makes wise who simple are.

than honey to my mouth. As to thy servant faithfully 104 I through thy precepts, that are pure, i

1 131 My mouth I have wide opened, was promised by thee. do understanding get :

and panted earnestly, 77 And let thy tender mercies come

I therefore ev'ry way that's false

While after thy cominandements to me, that I may live; with all my heart do hate.

I long'd exceedingly. Because thy holy laws to me sweet delectation give.

NUN. The 14th Part.

132 Look on me, Lord, and merciful

do thou unto me prove, 78 Lord, let the proud ashamed be; 105 Thy word is to my feet a lamp,

As thou art wont to do to those for they, without a cause, and to my path a light.

thy name who truly love. With me perversely dealt : but I 106 I sworn have, and I will perform,

133 O let my footsteps in thy word will muse upon thy laws. to keep thy judgments right.

aright still ordered be: 79 Let such as fear thee, and have known 107 I am with sore affliction

Let no iniquity obtain thy statates, turn to me. ev'n overwhelm'd, O Lord :

dominion over me. 80 My heart let in thy laws be sound,

In mercy raise and quicken me, that sham'd I never be.

according to thy word.

134 From man's oppression save thou me. CAPH. The 11th Part. | 108 The free-will off"rings of my mouth

so keep thy laws I will.

135 Thy face make on thy servant shine:

accept, I thee beseech: 81 My soul for thy salvation faints;

teach me thy statutes still. And unto me, thy servant, Lord.

136 Rivers of waters from mine eyes yet I thy word believe.

thy judgments clearly teach. 82 Mine eyes fail for thy word : I say, 109 Though still my soul be in my hand,

did run down when I saw When wilt thou comfort give ?

How wicked men run on in sin,

thy laws I'll not forget. 83 For like a bottle l'ın become, 110 I err'd not from them, though for me

and do not keep thy law. that in the smoke is set : the wicked snares did set.

TSADDI. The 18th Part. I'm black, and parch'd with grief; yet Ilul of thy testimonies have

137 O Lord, thou art most righteous; thy statutes not forget. above all things made choice,

thy judgments are upright. 84 How many are thy servant’s days? To be my heritage for aye;

138 Thy testimonies thou command'st when wilt thou execute for they my heart rejoice.

most faithful are and right. Just judgment on these wicked men | 112 I carefully inclined have

139 My zeal hath ev'n consumed me, that do me persecute ? my heart still to attend,

because mine enemies 85 The proud have digged pits for me, That I thy statutes may perform

The holy words forgotten have, which is against thy laws. alway unto the end.

and do thy laws despise. 86 Thy words all faithful are : help me, SAMECH. The 15th Part. 140 Thy word's most pure; therefore on it pursu'd without a cause. 113 I hate the thoughts of vanity:

thy servant's love is set. 87 They so consum'd me, that on earth but love thy law do I.

141 Small, and despis'd I am; yet I my life they scarce did leave : 114 My shield and hiding-place thou art :

thy precepts not forget. Thy precepts yet forsook I not,

| 142 Thy righteousness is righteousnes

I on thy word rely. but close to them did cleave. 115 All ye that evil-doers are,

which ever doth endu.; 88 After thy loving-kindness, Lord,

from me depart away;

Thy holy law, Lord, also is me quicken, and preserve: For the commandments of my God,

- the very truth most pure. The testimony of thy mouth

I purpose to obey.

143 Trouble and anguish have me found, so shall I still observe. 116 According to thy faithful word

and taken hold on me :
LAMED. The 12th Part.
uphold and 'stablish me,

Yet in my trouble rhy delight
89 Thy word for ever is, O Lord,
That I may live; and of my hope

thy just commandments be. in heaven settled fast:

ashamed never be.

144 Eternal righteousness is in 90 Unto all generations 117 Hold thou me up, so shall I be

thy testimonies all : thy faithfulness doth last:

in peace and safety still :

Lord, to me understanding give, The earth thou hast established,

And to thy statutes have respect

- and ever live I shaíl. and it abides by thee. continually I will.

KOPH. The 19th Part. 91 This day they stand as thou ordain'dst : 118 Thou tread'st down all that love to 145 With my whole heart I cried, Lord, for all thy servants be.

false their deceit to prove. [stray ; I will thy word obey. [hear : 92 Unless in thy most perfect law | 119 Lewd men, like dross, away thou 146 I cried to thee; save me, and I my soul delights had found,

therefore thy law I love. (putt'st;l will keep thy laws alway. I should have perished, when as

| 120 For fear of thee my very flesh 147 I of the morning did prevent my troubles did abound. doth tremble, all dismay'd ;

the dawning, and did cry. 93 Thy precepts I will ne'er forget ;

And of thy righteous judgments, Lord, For all mine expectation they quick’ning to me brought. my soul is much afraid.

did on thy word rely. 94 Lord, I am thine, O save thou me :

AIN. The 16th Part. 148 Mine eyes did timeously prevent thy precepts I have sought. 121 To all men I have judgment done,

the watches of the night, 95 For me the wicked have laid wait,

performing justice right :

That in thy word with careful mind me seeking to destroy : Then let me not be left unto

then meditate I might. But I thy testimonies true

my fierce oppressors' might.

| 149 After thy loving-kindness hear consider will with joy. 122 For good unto thy servant, Lord,

my voice, that calls on thee : 96 An end of all perfection

thy servant's surety be:

According to thy judgment, Lord, here have I seen, O God : From the oppression of the proud

revive and quicken me. But as for thy commandement,

do thou deliver me.

| 150 Who follow mischief, they draw nigh:
It is exceeding broad.
123 Mine eyes do fail with looking long

they from thy law are far.
MEM. The 13th Part.
for thy salvation,

| 151 Butihou art near, Lord; most firm truth 97 O how love I thy law! it is The word of thy pure righteousness

all thy commandments are. my study all the day.

while I do wait upon.

152 As for thy testimonies all, 98 It makes me wiser than my foes: 124 In mercy with thy servant deal,

of old this have I tried, for it doth with me stay. thy laws me teach and show.

That thou hast surely founded them 99 Than all my teachers now I have 125 I am thy servant; wisdom give,

for ever to abide. more understandiog far; that I thy laws may know.

RESH. The 20th Part. Because my meditation

126 "T'is time thou work, Lord; for they 153 Consider mine affliction, thy testimonies are.

made void thy law divine. [have in safety do mne set :

Deliver me, O Lord, for I
16 My soul with him that hateth peace 1

Another of the same. thy law do not forget.

hath long a dweller been.

NOW Israel 154 After thy word revive thou me: 17 I am for peace: but when I speak,

may say, anl that trily, save me, and plead my cause.

for battle they are keen.

If that the Lord 155 Salvation is from sinners far;

PSALM 121.

had not one cause maintain'd; for they seek not thy laws. I TO the hills will lift mine eyes,

2 If that the Lord 156 O Lord, both great and manifold 11 from whence doth come mine aid.

had not our right sustan'd, thy tender mercies be:

2 My safety cometh from the Lord, When cruel men According to thy judgments just

who heav'n and earth hath made. against us furiously revive and quicken me.

3 Thy foot he'll not let slide, nor will Rose up in wrath, 157 My persecutors many are,

he slumber that thee keeps.

to make of us their prey; and foes that do combine : 4 Behold, he that keeps Israel,

13 Then certainly Yet from thy testimonies pure

he slumbers not, nor sleeps.

they had devour'd us all, my heart doth not decline.

5 The Lord thee keeps; the Lord thy shade! And swallow'd quick, 158 I saw transgressors, and was griev'd;

on thy right hand doth stay ;

for ought that we could deem: for they keep not thy word.

6 The moon by night thee shall not smite, Such was their rage, 159 See how I love thy law ! as thou _nor yet the sun by day.

as we might wel esteem: art kind, me quicken, Lord.

17 The Lord shall keep thy soul; he shall |4 And as fierce floods 160 From the beginning all thy word

preserve thee from all ill.

before them all things droon, hath been most true and sure :

8 Henceforth thy going out and in Thy righteous judgments ev'ry one

So had they brought
God keep for ever will.

our soul to death quite dourn. for evermore endure.

PSALM 122.

5 The raging streams,
SCHIN. The 21st Part.
T JOY'D when to the house of God,

with their proud swelling waves, 161 Princes have persecuted me, 1 Go up, they said to me.

Had then our soul although no cause they saw: 2 Jerusalem, within thy gates

o'erwhelmed in the deep. But still of thy most holy word

our feet shall standing be.

6 But bless'd be God, my heart doth stand in awe. 3 Jerus'lem, as a city, is

who doth us safely keep, 162 I at thy word rejoice, as one

compactly built together;

And hath not giv'n of spoil that finds great store, 4 Unto that place the tribes go up,

us for a living prey 163 Thy law I love ; but lying all

the tribes of God go thither;

Unto their teeth
I hate and do abbor.
164 Sev'n times a day it is my care
To Ist'el's testimony, there

and bloody cruelty.
to God's name thanks to pay.

7 Ev'n as a bird to give due praise to thee;

od Because of all thy judgments, Lord,

out of the forclar's snare,
5 For thrones of judgment, ev'n the thrones
of David's house, there stay.

Escapes away,
which righteous ever be.
16 Pray that Jerusalem may have

80 is our soul set free: 165 Great peace have they who love thy

peace and felicity :

Broke are their nets,
offence they shall have none. [law ;)
166 I hop'd for thy salvation, Lord,

Let them that love thee, and thy peace, and thus escaped we.
have still prosperity.

'18 Therefore our help
and thy commands have done.
167 My soul thy testimonies pure

is in the Lord's great name; 7 Therefore I wish that peace may still observed carefully;

within thy walls remain,

Who hear'n and earth
On them my heart is set, and them
And ever may thy palaces

by his great pow'r did frame.
I love exceedingly.
prosperity rotain.

PSALM 125. 168 Thy testimonies and thy laws

8 Now for my friends'and brethren's sakes, I kept with special care;

Peace be in thee, I'll say.

"ITHEY in the Lord that firmly trust

1 9 And for the house of God our Lord, For all my works and ways each one

shall be like Zion hill,

Which at no time can be remor'd,

I'll seek thy good alway. before thee open are.

but standeth ever still.

PSALM 123.
TAU. The 221 Part.

12 As round about Jerusalem
169 O let my earnest pray'r and cry,
O THOU, that dwellest in the heav'ns, lo

the mountains stand alway, come near before thee, Lord :

I lift mine eyes to thee.

The Lord his folk doth compass so Give understanding unto me, 2 Behold, as servants' eyes do look

from henceforth, and for aye. according to thy word.

their masters' hand to see ; 170 Let my request before thee come:

dmaid's eyes her mistress' hand;13 Forill men's rod upon the lot

of just men shall not lie; after thy word me free.

so do our eyes attend 171 My lips shall utter praise, when thou Upon the Lord our God, until

Lest righteous men stretch forth the unto iniquity.

[has hast taught thy laws to me.

to us he mercy send.

4 Do thou to all those that be good 172 My tongue of thy most blessed word O Lord

thy goodness, Lord, impart; sball speak, and it confess :

unto us gracious be;

And do thou good to those that are Because all thy commandements Because replenish'd with contempt

upright within their heart. are perfect righteousness.

exceedingly are we

5 But as for such as turn aside 173 Let thy strong hand make help to me:/4 Our soul is fill'd with scorn of those

after their crooked way, thy precepts are my choice.

that at their ease abide,

God shall lead forth with wicked men: 174 I long'd for thy salvation, Lord,

And with the insolent contempt
of those that swell in pride.

on Isr'el peace shall stay.
and in thy law rejoice.
175 O let my soul live, and it shall

PSALM 124.

PSALM 126. give praises unto thee;

AAD not the Lord been on our side, WHEN Sion's bondage God turn'd back, And let thy judgments gracious I may Israel now say;

J V as men that dream'd were we.. be helpful unto me.

2 Had not the Lord been on our side, 2 Then fill'd with laughter was our mouth, 176 I, like a lost sheep, went astray ;

when men rose us to slay :

our tongue with melody: thy servant seek and find :

3 They had us swallow'd quick, when as They 'mong the heathen said, the Lord For thy commands I suffer'd not

their wrath 'gainst us did flame:

great things for them hath wrought. to slip out of my mind.

4 Waters had cover'd us, our soul 13 The Lord hath done great things for u; PSALM 120. had sunk beneath the stream.

whence joy to us is brought. IN my distress to God I cried, 5 Then had the waters, swelling high, 14 As streams of water in the south, 1 and he gave ear to me.

over our soul made way.

our bondage, Lord, recall. 2 From lying lips, and guileful tongue, 16 Bless'd be the Lord, who to their teeth 5 Who sow in tears, a reaping-time O Lord, my soul set free. us gave not for a prey.

of joy enjoy they shall. 3 What shall be giv'n thee? or what shall 7 Our soul's escaped, as a bird

16 That man who, bearing precious seed, be done to thee, false tongue ? out of the fowler's snare;

in going forth doth mourn, 4 Ev'n burning coals of juniper,

The snare asunder broken is,

He, doubtless, bringing hack his sheaves, sharp arrows of the strong. and we escaped are.

rejoicing shall return. 5 Wo's me that I in Meshech am 8 Our sure and all-sufficient help

PSALM 127. a sojourner so long;

is in JEHOVAH'S name; That I in tabernacles dwell

His name who did the heav'n create, EXCEPT the Lord do build the house to Kedar that belong.

and who the earth did frame.

M the builders lose their pain

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