Redgauntlet. By the author of 'Waverley'.


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236 ページ - I wad be laith to charge them that may be innocent," said my gudesire; " and if there be any one that is guilty, I have nae proof." " Somewhere the money must be, if there is a word of truth in your story," said Sir John; " I ask where you think it is—and demand a
228 ページ - head, and said he had given him blood instead of burgundy ; and, sure aneugh, the lass washed clottered blood aff the carpet the neist day. The jack-an-ape they ca'd Major Weir, it jibbered and cried as if it was mocking its master; my gudesire's head was like to turn —he forgot baith siller and receipt, and
236 ページ - look so muckle against him, that he grew nearly desperatehowever, he shifted from one foot to another, looked to every corner of the room, and made no answer. " Speak out, sirrah," said the Laird, assuming a look of his father's, a very particular ane, which he had when he was angry—it seemed as if the
249 ページ - must have gone to hell for this!" " I got it from your honour's father—whether he be in heaven or hell, I know not," said Steenie. " I will delate you for a warlock to the Privy Council!" said Sir John. " I will send you to your master, the devil, with the help of a tar-barrel and a torch
238 ページ - her Tibbie Faw, and there puir Steenie cried for a mutchkin of brandy, for he had had no refreshment the hail day. Tibbie was earnest wi' him to take a bite of meat, but he couldna think o't, nor would he take his foot out of the stirrup, and took
225 ページ - it Major Weir, after the warlock that was burned ; and few folk liked either the name or the conditions of the creature—they thought there was something in it by ordinar—and my gudesire was not just easy in mind when the door shut on him, and he saw himself in the room wi
194 ページ - as he familiarly called him, which gives me great heart. His public trials, which are nothing in comparison, are to take place, by order of the Honourable Dean of Faculty, on Wednesday first; and on Friday he puts on the gown, and gives a bit chack of dinner to his friends and
256 ページ - though he departed in the fullness of years, yet there was my father, a yauld man of forty-five, fell down betwixt the stilts of his plough, and raise never again, and left nae bairn but me, a puir sightless, fatherless, motherless creature, could neither work nor want. Things gaed weel aneugh at first; for Sir
221 ページ - lived on Redgauntlet's grund—they ca' the place PrimroseKnowe. We had lived on the grund, and under the Redgauntlets, since the riding days, and lang before. It was a pleasant bit; and I think the air is callerer and fresher there than ony where else in the country. It's a
219 ページ - court, wi' the King's ain sword; and being a redhot prelatist, he came down here, rampauging like a lion, with commissions of lieutenancy, and of lunacy for what I ken, to put down a' the Whigs and Covenanters in the country. Wild wark they