Number 5.

Comprising a carefully compiled selection of Humorous, Pathetic,

Eloquent, Patriotic and Sentimental Pieces in Poetry and Prose, exclusively designed for Recitation or Reading. Edited by Wm. B. Dick. This is the Fifth of a Series, uniform in size and

style. No. 5 contains : Phil Blood's Leap.

The Monkey-Showman. Phaidrig Crohoore.

Hans and Fritz. Creed.

Die Wacht am Rhein. Aux Italiens.

The Road to a Woman's Heart. Measuring the Baby.

The Rabbit - A Boy's Composition. Momma Phoebe.

William Tell to his Native MounAve Maria.

tajns. Whistling in Heaven.

The Past Eternity. Mahsr John.

Not so Dull as he Looked. Daddy Flick's Spree.

The Drunkurd's Dream. Love and Death in Russia.

The Passions. How Gilead Beck became an Editor. Auld John Broon. Miltiades Peterkin Paul.

Fortune. Monk Felix.

A Large-Hearted View of the Indian Maclaine's Child.

There is no Death. The Romance of the Carpet.

What is Life. Monsieur Mocquard's Hard Fate. Disappointed Hopes. The Georgia Volunteer.

Mr. Schmidt's Mistake. The Story of Some Bells.

Widow Cross. Papa's Letter.

Replevin. The Long Ago.

The Wedding Fee. Tim O'Connor's Cat.

The Fate of Macgregor. Schneider's Tomatoes.

The Modern Belle. Love's Reasons.

The Orphan Boy. Little Ned.

A Trapper's Story. Prayer and Potatoes.

The Belfry Pigeon. " What's a Dolla' to a Man wid a Our Little Boy. Family ?”

Little Jim. Mary, Queen of Scots.

The Closing Year. Ivan thie Czar.

The Blacksmith. The First Client.

The Tale of a 'Temptation. Didn't Understand the Game.

Shadows. The Quaker's Meeting.

The Frenchman and the Flea-PowJamie Douglas.

der. Scottish Pulpit Eloquence.

The King of Denmark's Ride. The Messiah.

Crescentius. Colonel Sellers's Salvation for Sore Bachelor's Hall. Eyes.

Lientenant Luff. Eyes.

Life of a Leaf. The Cloud.

Engaged. Three Lores in a Life.

Forgive ?-No, Never. The Beggar Maid.

Skipper Ireson's Ride. The Two Misers.

The Portrait. Remorse.

Lady Clara Vere de Vere. · 189 pp., illuminated paper cover..

30 Cts. 16mo, full cloth..

50 Cts.

HOWARD'S RECITATIONS. Comic, Serious and Pathetic. Being a carefully selected collec

tion of fresh Recitations in Prose and Poetry, suitable for Anniversaries, Exhibitions, Social Gatherivgs, and Evening Parties; affording, also, an abundance of excellent material for practice and declamation. Edited by Clarence J. Howard.

CONTENTS. Miss Malony on the Chinese Ques- The Menagerie. A wild beast show. tion.

Old Quizzle. Kit Carson's Ride. A fine descrip The Infidel and Quaker. Recitation. tive poetical recitation.

The Lawyer and the Chimney. Buck Fanshaw's Funeral.

Sweeper. Knocked About. Monologne.

Bill Mason's Bride. A railroad yarn.
The Puzzled Dutchman. Dialect Judging by Appearances.
Shamus O'Brien. Popular recitation The Death's Head ; or, Honesty the
The Naughty Little Girl. Humorous. best Policy.
The Bells of Shandon. Serious poem. Betsey and I are Out.
No Sectein Heaven. A dream.

Betsey Destroys the Paper.
Rory O'More's Present to the Priest. Father Blake's Collection.
“Mother's Fool." A Recitation. Blank Verse in Rhyme.
Queen Elizabeth. A cornic oration. Roguery Taught by Confession.
The Starling. A recitation.

Banty Tim.
Lord Dundreary's Riddle.

Antony and Cleopatra. The Stuttering Lass. Amusing ro. Deacon Hezekiah. Description of a cital.

Sanctimonious Hypocrite The Irish Traveler. Humorous piece. The French man and the Landlord. The Remedy as Bad as the Disease. The Family Quarrel. A dialogue on A Subject for Dissection.

the Sixteenth Amendment. The Heathen Chinee.

The Guess. Old English Recitation. Mona's Waters. Pathetic recitation. The Atheist and Acorn. A Showman on the Woodchuck.

Brother Watkins Farewell of a How Happy I'll Be. Moral recitation. Southern Minister. A Frenchman's Account of the Fall. Hans in a Fix A Dutchman's dream Isabel's Grave. Pathetic recitation. of Matrimony. The Parson and the Spaniel.

To-Morrow. Poetical recitation. An Irishman's Letter.

The Highgate Butcher. An Affectionate Letter. Irish style. The Lucky Call. The Lost Spectacles. The Halibut in Love.

Challenging the Foreman. The_Merry Soap-Boiler.

The Country Schoolmaster. The Unbeliever. À solemn recitation The Matrimonial Bugs and the Trav. The Voices at the Throne.

elers. Lord Dundreary Proposing.

Peter Sorghum in Love. Yankee comic recitation.

story. The Fireman. Descriptive piece. Tim Tuff. A sharp bargain. Paul Revere's Ride.

The Romance of Nick Van Stann. Annie and Willie's Prayer. Pathetic The Debating Society. Recitation. A Frenchman on Macbeth.

Deacon Stokes. The New Church Organ.

A Tribute to our Honored Dead. Katrina Likes Me Poody Vell. Hu The Dying Soldier. Pathetic poetry.

morous Ditty in Dutch dialect. The Yankee Fireside. Yankee How to Save à Thousand Pounds. sketches of character. How I Got Invited to Dinner.

The Suicidal Cat. An affecting tale. Patient Joe. A serious recitation. The Son's Wish. A dying father's Jimmy Butler and the Owl.

beqnest. 16mo. . 180 pages. Paper covers. Price..

.30 Bound in boards, cloth baok..


A very



READINGS. Humorous, Serious, Dramatic, including Prose - and Foetical

Selections in Dutch, French, Yankee, Irish, Backwoods, Negro and other Dialects. Edited by Alvah C. Beecher. This excellent selection has been compiled to meet a growing demand for Public Readings, and contains a number of the favorite pieces that have been rendered with telling effect by the most popnlar Public Readers of the present time. It includes, also, choice selections for Recitations, and is, therefore, admirably adapted tor use at Evening. Entertainments, School Celebrations, and other Festival occasious.

Miss Maloney goes to the Dentist. The Glove and the Lions.
Lost and Found. Pathetic.

I Vant to Fly.
Mygel Snyder's Barty.

That Dog of Jim Smiley's. Magdalena ; or, the Spanish Duel. The Story of the Faithful Soul. Jim Wolfe and the Cats.

"My New Pittayatees.” Character. The Woolen Doll. A Maniac's Story.

istic. The Charity Dinner. A Character- Mary Ann's Wedding. istic Reading,

An Inquiring Yankee. Go-Morrow ; or, Lot's Wife. Negro The Three Bells. Story of a Ship Conversation on Religion,

wreck. The Wind and the Moon. Recitation. Love in a Balloon. Dyin' Words of Isaac.

Mrs. Brown on the State of the Maude Muller in Dutch.

Streets. Moses the Sassy ; orinthe Disguised Shoo Flies. " Excelsior in Dutch. Duke. Burlesque style.

Discourse by the Rev. Mr. Bosan. The Yarn of the “Nancy Bell."

Without the Children. Pathetic. Paddy the Piper. Irish Narrative. Signor Billsmethi's Dancing Acad. Schneider sees “Leah."

emy. Caldwell of Springfield. A Story. Der Goot Lookin Shnow._Parody. Artemus Ward's Panorama.

The Celebrated Jumping Frog. Sorrowful Tale of a Servant Girl. The Lost Chord. A Memory of the How a Frenchman Entertained John Past. Bull.

The Tale of a Leg. An Amusing Tiamondts on der Prain.

King Robert of Sicily. A Dream. That West-side Dog.
Gloverson the Mormon.

How Dennis Took the Pledge.
De Pint wid Ole Pete. Negro Dialect. The Fisherman's Summons. Pathetio
Pat and the Pig, An Irish Story. Badger's Debut as Ha nlet.
The Widow Bedott's Letter to Elder How Hezekiah Stole the Spoons.
Sniffles. Characteristic.

Paddy's Dream. The Cry of the Children.

ictuals and Drink. The Dutchman and the Small-pox. Jow Jake Schneider Went Blind. Sculpin. A Yankee Anecdote.

Aurelia's Unfortunate Young Man. Rats. Descriptive Recitation. Afrs. Brown on Modern Houses. An Introduction. A Reader Intro- Farm Yard Song. Country Scene.

duces Himself to an Audience. iurphy's Pork Barrel Mystery. A Dutchman's Dolly Varden.

The Prayer Seeker. Pathetic Poem “ Rock of Ages.

Å Beautiful Poem. An Extraordinary Phenomenon. Feeding the Black Fillies. Irish. The Case of Young Bangs. The Hornet. Its Manners and Cus A Mule Ride in Florida. toms.

Dhree Shkaders. A Dutch Ditty. Paper covers. Price..

.30 cts. Found in boards, cloth back.

.50 ots.




With instructions in Elocution and Declamation. Containing a

choice selection of Poetical and Prose Recitations. Designed

as an Assistant to Teachers and Students in preparing Exhibi-

tions. By Floyd B. Wilson, Professor of Elocution.




The Dead Drummer Boy.

Dedication of Gettysburg Cemetery. Home.

Sheridan's Ride.

Responsibility of American Citizens.

There's but one Pair of Stockings. The Jester's Sermon.


Left on the Battle Field.

The Drummer Boy's Burial.

The American Flag.

John Maynard, the Pilot.

Oh! Why shonld the Spirit of Mortal

The Boys.

be Proud ?

The Duel.


Lochiel's Warning.

The Vagabonds.

Socrates Snooks.

A Bridal Wine Cup.

Mosaic Poetry.

Blanche of Devan's Last Words.

Burial of the Champion of his Class Widow Bedott to Elder Snifiles.

at Yale College.

A Psalm of the Union.

Scott and the Veteran.

Charge of a Dutch Magistrate.

Barbara Frietchie.

Stars in my Country's Sky.

I Wouldn't-Would You 8

Bingen on the Rhive.

The Professor Puzzled.

Religious Character of President Lin-



The Two Roads.

The Raven.

The Pawnbroker's Shop.

The Loyal Legion.

The Sophomore's Soliloquy.

Agnes and the Years.

The Nation's Hymn.

Cataline's Defiance.

Address to a Skeleton.

Our Folks.

A Glass of Cold Water.

The Beautiful Snow.

Little Gretchen; or, New Year's Eve. The Ambitions Youth.

Good News from Ghent,

The Flag of Washington.

The Sea Captain's Story.

The Abbot of Waltham.

Our Heroes.

Ode to an Infant Son.

The Closing Year.

The Scholar's Mission.

Burial of Little Nell.

Claude Melnotte's Apology.

The Picket Guard.

The Forging of the Anchor.

The Poor Man and the Fiend.

The Wreck of the Hesperus.

Our Country's Call.

The Man of Ross.

The Conqnerell Banner.

No Work the Hardest Work.'

The High Tide; or, The Brides of What is Time!


Brntus's Oration orer the Body of

Death of Gaudentis.


Don Garzia.

What is That, Mother!

Past Meridian.

A Colloquy with Myself.
The Founding of Gettysburg Mou" St. Philip Neri and the Youth.


The Chameleon.

Spartacus to the Gladiators.

Henry the Fourth's Soliloquy on

Soliloqny of the Dying Alchemist. Sleep.

The Country Justice.

On Procrastination.

Unjust National Acquisition.


Paper covers. Price..

.30 cm

Bound in boards, cloth back..



AND HUMOROUS RECITATIONS. A collection of Comie Speeches and Dialogues, Humorous Prose

and Poetical Recitations, Laughable Dramatic Scenes and Bur. lesques, and Eccentric Characteristic Soliloquies and Stories. Suitable for School Exhibitions and Evening Entertainments. Edited by Albert J. Spencer.

CONTENTS. The Yankee Landlord.

The Darkey Photographer. Negro His Eye was Stern and Wild.

scene for 3 males. The Goddess of Slang. Comic. Paddy and his Musket. Funny. Dick, the Apothecary's Apprentice. Hezekiah Bedott. Gossipy Style. Courting in French Pollow. Dialect Uncle Reuben's Tale. Recital,

Mr. Caudle has been to Greenwich The Case Altered.

The Fox and the Ranger. Dialect The Chemist and his Lore,
Dialogue for males.

The Disgusted Dutchman. Dialect The Declaration,

Dialogue for 3 males. The Warrantee Deed. Comic Song The Frightened Traveler. An Ador Recitation ; with Chorus.

venture. A Night's Adventure. Thrilling. Economy. The Jewess and her Son. Julia. Comic Love Scene.

Clerical Wit. True Lies. Saying pot Meaning. Humorous. The School House. Descriptive Piece. 16,000 Years Ago. Negro Burlesque Daniel versus Dishclont. for 3 males.

Spectacles, or Helps to Read. The Nimmers. Degrees of Crime. The Pig. Colloquinl Poem in praise Gucom and the Back-log.

of this much despised animal. Widow Bedott's Mistake. Dialogue A Stray Parrot. Farce for 1 male for 1 male and i female.

and 2 females. Categorical Courtship. How a Bash. Dame Fredegonde. A Priest's advice. ful Lover"

popped the Question." Toby Tosspot. Convivial Adventure. Mr. Artemus Ward crossing Dixie. Courtship and Matrimony. My Last Shirt.

Pathetic Rhap- Rings and Seals. Poetical. sody.

The Biter Bit. A Wail of the ForThe Three Black Crows.

saken. The Barber's Shop. For_2 males. Pat and the Gridiron. Amusing Paddy O'Rafther." Irish Dialect.

Dialect Recitation. Decidedly Cool. Scene for 2 males The Barmecide's Feast. Burlesque and 1 female.

for 5 males, with directions. The Frenchman and the Rats.

The Country Pedagogue. DescripThe Jester Condemned to Death.

tive Sketch after Nature. Kindred Quacks. Physic and Divi- The Middle-aged Man and Two Wid.

nity. Hans Breitmann's Party. Dialect. The Saratoga Waiter. Funny Negro The Generons Frenchman. Dialect. Scene for 2 males. Saint Jonathan. A Poem of to-day. The Wrangling Pair. A Monologne. Stump speech. Highfalutin' Style. A Connubial Eclogue. Poetical The Rival Lodgers. Farce for 2 Dialogue for | male and i female. males and 1 female.

The Italian from Cork. Scene in a The Frenchman and the Mosquitoes. Justice's Court. for 3 males. The Maiden's Mishap.

Gasper Schnapps' Exploit. A Brag. The Removal. An Amusing Recital. cart's Boast. Talking Latin. Characteristic. Epilogue. Suitable for conclusion of Praying for Rain.

an Entertainment. Paper covers Price... Bound in boards, cloth back...

..50 cts.


.30 cts.

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