AND HUMOROUS DIALOGUES. Containing a variety of Comic Recitations in Prose and Poetry,

Amusing Dialogues, Burlesque Scenes, Eccentric Orations, Humorous Interludes and Langhable Farces. Designed for School Commencements and Amateur Theatricals. Edited by Jerome Barton.

CONTENTS. The Stage-Struck Hero. A Ranting The Tinker and the Miller's Daughter Poetical Recitation.

An Original Parody. Recitation. Here She Goes and There She Goes. The Parsons and the Corkscrew. Pastor M'Knock's Address against Humorous Recitation. the Sin of Tippling.'

The Old Gentleman who Married a Old Sugar's Courtship.

Young Wife. Dialogue for 1 malo The Bachelor's Reasons for Taking a and I female.

Wife. A Poetical Recitation. The Stage-Struck Darkey. Ethiopian The Spanish Valet and the Waiting Interlude for males.

Maid. Dialogue for 1 male and i Goody Grim versus Lapstone. Diafemale.

logne for 4 males. The Jackdaw of Rheims. Recitation. The Woman of Mind. Recitation. Jonathan and the Englishman.

Nursery Reminiscences. Artemus Ward's Trip to Europe. A Martyr to Science : or, WantedVery Humorous Recitation.

A Confederate. Farce for 4 males. The Auctioneer and the Lawyer. Lodgings for Single Gentlemen. Mr. and Mrs. Skinner.

The Farmer and the Counsellor. The Bachelor and the Bride.

The Pugilists. A Striking Tale. The Drunkard and his Wife.

How Pat Saved his Bacon. CharacA Western Lawyer's Plea against teristic Narrative. the Fact.

The Irish Drummer. A Story of the Reading a Tragedy. Declamation. Lash. Cast-off Garments. An Extract from Mike Hooter's Bear Story. A Dia“Nothing to Wear."

lect Recitation. How to Cure a Cough.

The Critic. Humorous Recitation. The Soldier's Return. Ethiopian Mr. Caudle Wants a Latch-key. Dialogue for 2 males.

Humbugging a Tourist. Character The Countrymen and the Ass. An Dialogue for 3 males. excellent Fable.

The Widow's Victim. Ethiopian InCome and Go. Poetical Recitation. terlnde for 2 males and 1 female. How they Pop the Question. Reci. Josh Billings on the Mule. tation for Mimicry.

The Tinker and the Glazier. The Clever Idiot. Poetical.

Wonderful Dream. Negro Dialogue The Knights; or, Both Right and for 2 males.

Both Wrong. An Excellent Fable. An Occasional Address. For a Lay's How the Lawyer got a Patron Saint. First Appearance. Josh Billings on Laughing.

An Occasional Prologue. For OpenThe Night after Christmas.

ing a Performance. A Change of System. A Parlor Address on Closing a Performance.

Comedy for 2 males and i female. A Prologue for a Performance by The Citizen and the Thieves.

Boys. Boggs's Dogs. A Profitable Trade. An Epilogue for a School PerformThe Smack in School.


180 pages.

This is one of the best collection of Humorous Pieces especially adapted to the Parlor Stage that has ever been published. 16 mo. Paper covers. Price

.30 cts. Bound in boards, cloth back.

..50 cts.


AND LAUGHABLE RECITATIONS. By Arthur Martine, author of “Martine's Letter-Writer," etc.,

etc. A collection of Humorous Dialogues, Comic Recitations, Brilliant Burlesque, Spirited Stump Špeeches and Ludicrous Farces, adapted for School and other Celebrations and for Home Amusement.

CONTENTS. Hints to Amateur Performers in Par. Bombastes Furioso. A Burlesque lor Theatricals.

for 7 males. Explanation of Stage Directions, Characteristic Address. The wail with Diagram.

of a Printer's Devil. Prelude to an Evening's Recitations. Examining de Bumps. Ethiopian Humorous Poetical Address.

Dialogue for 2 males. The Bell and the Gong. Original Election Stump Speech. Addressed Humorous Recitation.

to the Electors of Wethersfield. Mrs. Dove's Boarding House. Origi. A Matrimonial Tiff. Characteristic nal Amusing Recitation.

Dialogue for 1 male and 2 fein ıles. The Wilkins Family. A Recitation The Frenchman and the Sheep's fall of Puns and Jokes.

Trotters. Comic Recitation. The Lawyer's Stratagem. How he The Poor Relation; or, Love Me, tricked the Squire.

Love my Dog. Comic Drama for Eulogy on Laughing. A well-known 7 males popular Recitation.

Vat you Please. Experiences of two Drawing a Long Bow. Dramatic Frenchmen in England.

Dialogue for 3 males and 1 female. The Babes in the Wood. Burlesque Woman. The Origin of Woman's for 3 males and 4 females. Ascendency over Man.

My Aunt. Poetical Recitation. Veny Raynor's Bear Story. A Handy Andy's Little Mistakes.

thrilling characteristic narration. Langhable frish Story. The Game of Life. The_Moral Ap- The Cat Eater. Comic Recitation.

plication of a game at Euchre. A Shocking Mistake. Dialogue for The Fortune Hunter. Laughable 3 males and 2 females.

Dialogue for 2 males and 3 females. Wanted a Governess. A satirically The Parson and the Widow. A comic Recitation. short, Poetical Recitation.

The Rival Broom Makers. Comio Hezekiah Stubbins' Fourth of July Recitation.

Oration. A Yankee Stump Speech. Paudeen O'Rafferty's Say-Voyage. Make your Wills. Ludicrous Farce Laughable Irish Recitation. for 7 male characters.

Mr. Caudle's Wedding Dinner. A Mr. Rogers and Monsieur Denise. A Curtain Lecture. celebrated Comic Recitation.

Our Cousins. Negro Dialogue for 2 The Darkey Debating Society. Ethi. male characters. opian Dialogue for 2 males.

Mr. Caudle has been made a Mason. The Scandal Monger. Dramatic Curtain Lecture.

Dialogue for 2 males and 2 females. Address of Sergeant Buzfuz at the Poor Richard's Sayings. With An. Trial of Pickwick. notations by Lord Dundreary;

The Wonderful Whalers. A very Prologue to "The Apprentice.

surprising narrative. Address in the character of “Hope." Sam Weller's Valentine. Character

A Prologue for an Entertainment. Dialogue for 2 males. Parody on the Declaration of Inde- Job Trotter's Secret. Amusing Dia pendence.

logue, for 3 males. 188 pages. Paper covers. Price.... Bound in boards, cloth back...



BURLESQUE ORATIONS. Also containing Humorous Lectures, Ethiopian Dialogues, Plan

tation Scenes, Negro Farces and Burlesques, Laughable interludes and Comic Recitations. Compiled and edited by John F. Scott.

CONTENTS. If I may so Speak. Burlesque Ora- Josh Billings on Mosquitoes. tion.

Romantic History of Cap. John Smith. Dr. Pillsbury's Lecture on Politics. A Speech on Women. Humorous. Vegetable Poetry. Dialogue for 2 An Impulsive Peroration. males.

The Bet. Dialogue for 2 Darkeys. Teco Brag's Lecture on Astronomy. Old Times gone By Dialogue with We saw Her but a Moment.

songs for 2 Darkeys. Stocks Up, Stocks Down. Darkey The Echo. Act for 2 Negroes. dialogue for 2 males.

Sol Slocum's Bugle. Dialect. Brudder Bones? Love Scrapes.

Western Stump Speech. Highfalutin'. Stump Speech; or. “Any other Man." In the Show Business. Short Dia. War's your Hoss. Dialogue Recital. logue for 2 males. Geology. Dialogue for 2 males. “We are.” Favorite Stump Oration. Tin-pan-o-ni-on. Pantomime for An Original Burlesque Oration. Leader and Orchestra.

Waiting to see Him off. For 2 males. Dr. Puff Stuff's Lecture on Patent Patriotic Stump Speech. Medicines.

De Railroad Accident. Dialogue for Sailing. Dialogue for 2 males.

2 Darkeys. Challenge Dance. Ethiopian Act for The Dutchman's Lecture on the War. 3 males.

Professor Unworth's Atlantic Cable Lecture on Bad Boys. An amusing Lecture. Recitation.

The Three old Ladies. Recitation. Tony Pastor's Great

Union Speech. Josh Billings' Lecture onto Musick. A Tough Boarding House. Conver. The Misfortunes of Brudder Bones' sation between 2 Darkeys.

Lady-Love. Dialogue for 2 males. Sleeping Child. Dialogue for 2 males. Deaf-In a Horn. Act for 2 males. Ain't I Right, Eh?_Speech.

Or any oder Man's Dog. A Speech. Wonderful Egg. Darkey Dialogue Happy Uncle Tom. Plantation Scene. for 2 males.

Stick a Pin dere, Brudder Horace. A Bootblack's Soliloquy. Darkey. Burlesque Lecture Woman's Lecture to a Fire Company.

Rights. Julius' Peaches. Dialogue for 2 Dar. Dat's wot de “Ledger” says. Dia keys.

logue for two Darkeys. De Trouble Begins at Nine.

Goose Hollow Stump Speech. The Arkansas Traveler. Dialogue De Milk in de Cocoa Nut. for 2 Violin players.

A Dutchman's Answer. Slap Jack. Dialogue for 2 Darkeys. Lecture on Cats. Humorous. Demi-Semi-Centennial Turkey-town The Patent Screw; or, How to be ReCelebration. An Oration.

venged. Uncle Steve's Stump Speech.

The Auctioneer. Characteristic. A Midnight Murder. Thrilling. Hints on Courtship. To Young Men. Dat's What's de Matter.

A Dutch Recruiting Officer. The Freezing Bed Feller. Recitation. Spirit Rappings. Roaring Darkey Mr. and Mrs. Wilkins.

Dialogue for 2 males. Paddy Fagan's Pedigree.

Dar's de Money. From "Othello." The Rival Darkeys. Act for 2 males. Let Her Rip. Burlesque Lecture. Hans Sourcrout on Signs and Omens. The Stranger. Ethiopian Scene for Hun-ki-do-ris Fourth of July Oration. 1 male and 1 female. 16 mo. 188 pages., Paper covors. Price

.30 cta. Bound in boards, illuminated..

50 cts


- Boys.

1919 A Girls.

C2910 19 Boye.

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Frost's Dialogues for Young Folks. A Collection of Origi

nal, Moral and Humorous Dialogues. Adapted to the use of School and
Church Exhibitions, Family Gatherings and Juvenile Celebrations on all
Occasions. By S. A. Frost.

Novel Reading


A Place for Everything... The Bound Girl..

4 I Want to be a Soldier. Writing a Letter....

Self-Denial.... The Wonderful Scholar.

The Traveler... Slang

Idleness the Mother of Evil. The Langnage of Flowers

The French Lesson..

5 The Morning Call.

Civility Never Lost

3 The Spoiled Child

Who Works the Bardest !... 1 The Little Travelers.

2 2 The Everlasting Talker... Little Things

The Epicure..

3 Generosity 2 True Charity

1 7 Country Cousins

Starting in Life

1 1 Winning the Prize 2 I Didn't Mean Anything.

4 The Unfortunate Scholar.


5 The Day of Misfortunes.. 3 Choosing a Traile..

9 Jealousy.


The Schoolmaster Abroad 7 The May Queen

White Lies..

3 Temptation Resisted. 3 The Hoyden..

1 3 16mo, Paper Covers. Price.

.80 cts. Bound in Buards.....

.50 cts,




Frost's New Bork of Dialogues. A series of entirely new and

original humorons Dialogues, specially adapted for performance at School Anniversaries and Exhibitions, or other Festivals and Celebrations of tho Young Folks.




w Boys.

w Girls.


Slang versus Dictionary

3 The Intelligence Office...... Country or City..

3 Cats... Turning the Tables

Too Fine and Too Plain..

3 The Force of Imagination..

The Fourth of July Oration.. 5 The Modern Robinson Crusoe. 5 The Sewing Circle...

7 The Threatened Visit.. 3 Fix

2 The Dandy and the Boor......

The Yankee Aunt...

3 Nature versus Education....

4 The Walking Encyclopedia.... 5 The British Lion and Ameri

The Novel Readers...

3 can Hoosier


The Model Farmer.. Curing a Pedant

5 Buying a Sewing Machine.... 4 2 Pursuit of Knowledge ander

Sam Weller's Valentine.. Difficulties..

2 The Hungry Traveler The Daily Governess.... 2 Deaf as a Post....

1 2 The Army and Nary..... 2 2 The Rehearsal.

6 Economy is Wealth..

3 These Dialogues are admirably adapted for home performance, as they require no set scenery for their representation. By S. A. Frost. 180 pages, 16mo. Paper covers. Price..

30 cts. Bound in boards, cloth back..

.50 cts.

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The Art and Etiquette of Making Love. A Manual of Love,

Courtship and Matrimony. Containing sensible advice in relation to all the delicate situations and perplexing circumstances incidental to the tender passion from the commencement of a courtship until after marriage; together with the duties to be fulfilled and the points of etiquette to be observed by bridesmaids and groomsmen, and all other details of the wedding ceremony; with many curious things concerning matrimony and its consequences; including a complete system of love telegraphy and hand. kerchief flirtations, and a choice collection of sensible letters, suitable for all the contingencies of bore and courtship; also, practical remarks on bashful. ness, its prevention and cure. If young ladies or gentlemen want to know:

How to cure bashfulness,
How to commence a courtship,
How to carry on a handkerchief firtation,
How to please a sweetheart or lover,
How to write a love-letter,
How to pop the question,"
How to act before and after a proposal
How to accept or reject a proposal,
How to break of an engagement,
How to act after an engagement,
How to act as bridesmaid or groomsman,

How the etiquette of a wedding and the after reception should be observed, And in fact, how to fulfill every duty, and meet every contingency connected with courtship and matrimony, they will find it all clearly explained in this book. Large 16mo., 176 pages, paper cover. Price.

.30 cts. Bound in boards, cloth back.

.50 cts. The Amateur Trapper and Trap-Maker's Guide. A com.

plete and carefally prepared treatise on the art of Trapping, Snaring and Netting; containing plain directions for constructing the most approved Traps, Snares, Nets, and Dead-Falls; the best methods of applying them to their various purposes ; and the most successful Baits for attracting all kinds of Animals, Birds, &c., with their special uses in each case; introducing, also, practical receipts for preparing Skins and Furs for Market, and for Tanning them for future nse; with concise but comprehensive instructions for Preserving and Stuffing

specimens of Birds and Animalo in the most natural and durable manner.

The entire work is based on the experience of the most successful Trappers, and on information derived from other authentic professional sources. By Stanley Harding. This comprehensive work is embellished with fifty well drawn and engraved illustrations ; and these, together with the clear explanations which accompany them, will enable anybody of moderate comprehension to make and set any of the traps de. scribed. It also gives the baits usually employed by the most successful Hunters and Trappers, and exposes their secret methods of attracting and catching animals, birds, &c., with scarcely a possibility of failure. Large 16mo., paper covers. Price....

50 cts. Bound in boards, cloth back.........

..75 cts. Very Little Dialogues for Very Little Folks. Containing

forty-seven new and original dialognes, with short and easy parts, almost entirely in words of one syllable, suited to the capacity and comprehension of very young children. This work has been issued because it was demanded by thousands of parents and teachers who have long felt the need of such a book. There are plenty of little boys and girls who want to “speak a piece," and here is a book full of exactly what they require-short and easy dialogues, made up of short, easy parts, on subjects that their little minds can thoroughly understand, so that the speakers will find no difficulty in committing their respective parts to memory, even before they have learned to read. Paper covers. Price.......

..30 cts. Bound in boards, cloth back.......................................50 cts.

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