Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, 第 28 巻

Statistical Society of London, 1865

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388 ページ - Thus every good his native wilds impart, Imprints the patriot passion on his heart; And e'en those ills, that round his mansion rise. Enhance the bliss his scanty fund supplies. Dear is that shed to which his soul conforms, And dear that hill which lifts him to the storms; And as a child, when scaring sounds molest, . . Clings close and closer to the mother's breast, So the loud torrent, and the whirlwind's roar, But bind him to his native mountains more.
57 ページ - I do not think you will much care he should be a poet, or that his school-master should enter him in versifying. But yet, if any one will think poetry a desirable quality in his son, and that the study of it would raise his fancy and parts, he must needs yet confess, that, to that end, reading the excellent Greek and Roman poets is of more use than making bad verses of his own, in a language that is not his own.
368 ページ - ... the late treaty in regard to sending of a delegation to Florida to aid in the removal of the Seminoles remaining in that State, when the government shall have completed the payment of the several amounts stipulated in that treaty to be paid down to them, and shall call on them for such a delegation. I regret that it is not in my power to give the number of males and females, respectively, among the Creeks, the sexes not being designated in the late census, and the similarity of the names preventing...
19 ページ - Not having the faculty to make the most simple calculation, wages and the domestic means are wasted by the credit system ; 80 per • cent, of these females were found to have no knowledge of any sewing, such as is taught in elementary schools. Some of them " When they first took a needle into their hands, pushed it through their work by pressing it upon the table." " I," says Mr. Redgrave, " saw a mother — who, until she attended a sewing class never used a needle — making a frock for her sixth...
308 ページ - In 1848-52 prices were unprecedently low, and eateris paribus, we might have expected that after another period of speculation and its corresponding relapse of trade, prices should descend still lower. But prices in 1858 were still 18 per cent above those of 1852. Since 1858 enormous fluctuations have taken place in the price of many commodities. The price of cotton has been quadrupled and again halved. Corn has fallen to what seems a natural minimum price, and meat and fodder have greatly advanced....
66 ページ - Michaelmas term 1856, it shall not be necessary for any person, on obtaining any exhibition, scholarship, or other college emolument available for the assistance of an undergraduate student in his academical education, to make or subscribe any declaration of his religious opinion or belief, or to take any oath, any law or statute to the contrary notwithstanding.
297 ページ - Transactions for 1798 (part i, p. 176), it was proposed, more than thirty years ago, 'to correct the legal standard of value (or at least, to afford to individuals the means of ascertaining its errors), by the periodical publication of an authentic price current, containing a list of a large number of articles in general use, arranged in quantities corresponding to their relative consumption, so as to give the rise or fall, from time to time, of the...
28 ページ - ... cause of disease, the land from an impediment to production, and if conveyed for the use of the town population, would give that population the element of which they stand in peculiar need, as a means to relieve them from that which is their own cause of depression, and return it for use on the land as a means of the highest fertility. The fact of the existence of these evils, and that they are removable is not more certain than that their removal would be attended by reductions of existing burdens,...
296 ページ - For any change in gold will affect all prices in an equal ratio ; and if other disturbing causes may be considered proportional to the ratio of change of price they produce in one or more commodities, then all the individual variations of prices will be correctly balanced off against each other in the geometric mean, and the true variation of the value of gold will be detected.