The Cults of the Greek States, 第 4 巻


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466 ページ - OXFORD CLASSICAL TEXTS The prices given of copies on ordinary paper are for copies bound in limp cloth ; uncut copies may be had in paper covers at 6d. less per volume (Is.
466 ページ - V. 8s. (India paper, 10s. 6d.) I. Euth., Apol., Crit., Ph. ; Crat, Tht, Soph., Polit. II. Par., Phil., Symp., Phdr. ; Ale. I, II, Hipp., Am. III. Thg., Chrm., Lch., Lys.; Euthd., Prot, Gorg., Men. ; Hipp, ma., mi., lo, Menex. IV.
212 ページ - O stranger, if holy of soul, enter the shrine of the holy god, having but touched the lustral water ; lustration is an easy matter for the good ; but all Ocean with its streams cannot cleanse the evil man.
471 ページ - HerodotUS, Books V and VI. Terpsichore and Erato. Edited, with notes and appendices, by E. ABBOTT. With two maps. Post 8vo. 6s. Homer, A Concordance to the Odyssey and Hymns ; and to the Parallel Passages in the Iliad, Odyssey, and Hymns. By H.
469 ページ - Crown 8vo. 5s. Golden Treasury of Ancient Greek Poetry. By Sir R. s. WRIGHT. Second edition. Revised by E. ABBOTT. Extra fcap 8vo. 10s. 6d. Golden Treasury of Greek Prose. By Sir R. s. WRIGHT and JEL SHADWELL.
422 ページ - ... progreditur, magna stipante caterva, Sidoniam picto chlamydem circumdata limbo. Cui pharetra ex auro, crines nodantur in aurum, aurea purpuream subnectit fibula vestem. Nec non et Phrygii comites et laetus lulus 140 incedunt. Ipse ante alios pulcherrimus omnis infert se socium Aeneas atque agmina iungit. Qualis ubi hibernam Lyciam Xanthique fluenta deserit ac Delum maternam invisit Apollo...
465 ページ - Professor Sellar's Books Roman Poets of the Republic. Third edition. Crown 8vo. 10s. Roman Poets of the Augustan Age. Crown 8vo. viz. : Virgil. Third edition. 9s., and Horace and the Elegiac PoetS, with a memoir of the Author, by ANDREW LANG. Second edition. 7s. 6d. (A limited number of copies of the first edition of Horace, containing a portrait of the Author, can still be obtained in Demy 8vo, price 14s.) Post- AugUStan Poetry from Seneca to Juvena1.
464 ページ - Crown 8vo. 4s. 6d. net. Translation by the same. Extra fcap 8vo. 3s. 6d. net. Selections. See Tibullus. Quintilian, Institutionis Oratoriae Lib. x. By w. PETERSON. 8vo. 12s. 6d. School edition. By the same. Extra fcap 8vo.
462 ページ - Crown 8vo. AvianUS, The Fables. With prolegomena, critical apparatus, commentary, etc. By ROBINSON ELLIS. 8vo. 8s. 6d. Caesar, De Bello Gallico, i-vii.
212 ページ - ... 210). the fear of magical influences or of revengeful spirits. Neither of these is of essentially ethical character. The vengeance of a ghost is very different from the judgment of a god. It does not consider the rights and wrongs of...