Queenhoo-Hall: A Romance ; and Ancient Times, a Drama, 第 4 巻

J. Ballantyne, 1808

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47 ページ - Springlets in the dawn are steaming, Diamonds on the brake are gleaming ; And foresters have busy been To track the buck in thicket green ; Now we come to chant our lay
5 ページ - Some Account | of | New Zealand ; | particularly | The Bay of Islands, | and surrounding Country ; | with a Description of | the Religion and Government, | Language, Arts, Manufactures, Manners, and Customs | of the Natives, &c. &c. | By John Savage, Esq., Surgeon, | and Corresponding Member of the Royal Jennerian Society. | | " Remote in Southern Seas," . . . | London : | Printed for J.
47 ページ - Hounds are in their couples yelling, Hawks are whistling, horns are knelling. Merrily, Merrily, mingle they, '* Waken, lords and ladies gay...
12 ページ - An historical enquiry respecting the performance on the harp in the Highlands of Scotland, from the earliest times until it was discontinued about the year...
2 ページ - George, the sixth Earl of Shrewsbury, during the fifteen years in which Mary Queen of Scots remained in his Custody, with numerous Notes and Observations (ports, and facsimiles), 3 vol.
9 ページ - Memoirs, written by himself ; containing his literary and political Life, and Anecdotes of the principal Characters of the eighteenth Century.
14 ページ - Flim-Flams ! or the Life and Errors of My Uncle and His Friends. With illustrations and obscurities by Tag, Rag, and Bobtail.
48 ページ - You shall see him brought to bay, " Waken, lords and ladies gay." Louder, louder chant the lay, Waken, lords and ladies gay ; Tell them, youth, and mirth, and glee, Run a course as well as we, Time, stern huntsman ! who can baulk, Stanch as hound, and fleet as hawk? Think of this, and rise with day, Gentle lords and ladies gay.
3 ページ - Reynolds that he was going to bed when it came, but was so much pleased with it, that he sat up till he had read it through, and found in it such an air of truth, that he could not doubt...
23 ページ - COOKERY for the SICK, and for the POOR ; many very useful miscellaneous RECEIPTS, and DIRECTIONS proper to be given to SERVANTS both in Town and Country. To which is prefixed, an ESSAY on DOMESTIC ECONOMY and HOUSEHOLD MANAGEMENT, containing many Observations which will be found exceedingly useful to the Mistress of a Family.