entreats for her people.


sentenced to death. Harbonah, one of the king's chamberlains, referred to the gallows fifty cubits high which the infatuated miscreant had prepared for the object of his own hatred and vengeance.

The king at once caught the allusion, and uttered the awful senand hung. tence “Hang him thereon.” Thus did the providence of God

frustrate the crafty designs of the great enemy of his oppressed people, and furnish a perpetual memorial to the world of his power and wisdom in bringing about his own purposes by unexpected and

wonderful means. Mordecai's Esther became now possessed of the house of her enemy, which promotion.

was bestowed upon Mordecai. The Jews, however, were not yet

exempted from the decree which had been issued for their exterEsther mination. Esther, therefore, again ventures in to the king, and

falling before him, urges with tears that he would “put away the mischief of Haman the Agagite, and his device that he had devised against the Jews.” She was received as before, and proceeded to entreat that letters should be despatched to counter-order the former commands. The king was now in the humour to concede every thing; but as the Persian laws were irreversible, he could not directly rescind an edict already sent into the provinces; but he adopted the plan of putting his ring into the hands of Mordecai and Esther, to seal whatever decree they thought proper to frame in this emergency. Accordingly they gave the Jews authority to defend themselves to the utmost, calculating, in all probability, that few would attempt to massacre that people under such circumstances. It appears, however, that there was a considerable conflict, and no fewer than five hundred of their assailants were slain in the royal city. The ten sons of Haman were also slain, and, at

the request of the queen, hung on the gallows. Rejoicing of In consequence of the danger which threatened the Jews being

now averted, the following two days, namely, the fourteenth and fifteenth of the month Adar, were filled with great rejoicings; and these, with the preceding day, were set apart by the orders of Mordecai and Esther, for the annual commemoration of these extraordinary circumstances; the thirteenth as a fast, on account of the

intended destruction of the Jewish people, and the other two as a The fast or feast, because of their deliverance from it. The fast they call the

nfast of Esther; the feast, the feast of Purim, a word derived from

the Persian language, signifying lots, because it was by the casting
of lots that Haman determined the time of their extermination.
During this time the book of Esther is read in all their syna-
gogues, when all classes are required to be present; men, women,
children, and servants. As often as the name of Haman occurs,
they all clap their hands, and stamp with their feet, exclaiming-
“ Let his memory perish.”

the Jews.

feast of com memoration,


Aaron, his appointment, 114.

| Abraham, his son, Isaac, born, 55.
Miraculous rod, 116.

Dismisses Hagar and Ishmael, 55.
Makes a golden calf, 124.

Offering of Isaac, 56.
Envies Moses, 125.

Buries Sarah in the cave of Mach-
Dies on Mount Hor, 127.

pelah, 56.
Abdon, one of the judges, 185.

Sends for a wife for Isaac, 57.
Abel, his character and violent death, 25. His second marriage and death, 57.
Abiathar escapes to David, 207. | Absalom, his sister outraged, 221.

Favours "Adonijah’s conspiracy, His revenge, 222.

Flight and return, 222.
Is banished by Solomon, 229.

His rebellion, 222.
Abigail appeases David's rage, 209. His imbecility and death, 223.
Becomes his wife, 209.

Achan, his sin and punishment, 161.
Abijah (king of Judah,) defeats Jero- Achish expels David from Gath, 206.
boam's army, 240.

Musters his forces against Saul, 210.
Abimelech takes Sarah into his Ha Dismisses David from the army,
rem, 55.

Makes a covenant with Abraham, Adam, created on the sixth day, 18.

In the Divine image, 18.
Compels Isaac to leave Gerar, 59. Fable respecting him, 19.

Enters into covenant with him, 59. Is given a "help-meet,” 19.
Abimelech slays his brethren, 183.

His food, 19.
Is slain at Thebez, 184.

His fall and expulsion from Eden,
Abinadab, had charge of the ark for 22.
many years, 215.

His children, 25.
Abiram rebels against Moses, 126.

Age and death, 28.
Abishai comes to David in his exile, 207. Adoni-Bezek, his thumbs and great toes
Proposes to slay Saul, 209.

cut off, 172.
Wars against the Ammonites, 218 Adonijah, his conspiracy, 225, 228.
Abner, captain of Saul's army, 210. His death, 229.
Deserts Ishbosheth, 212.

| Adoram slain by the revolters from
Slain by Joab, 212.

Rehoboam, 238.
Abraham proceeds to Canaan, 48. Adullam, city and cave of, 207.
Goes to Egypt, 49.

Agag slain by Samuel, 193.
Returns to Bethel, 49.

Age, the golden age of Plato, 22.
Rescues Lot, 50.

| Ahab (king) succeeds Omri, and mar.
Is blessed by Melchisedec, 50. ries Jezebel, 242.
His son Ishmael born, 51.

His idolatry influenced by Jeze-
Is promised a son, 52.

bel, 243
Receives the rite of circumcision, 52. Persecutes the prophets, 243.
His name changed, 52.

Is reproached by Elijah, 243.
Entertains three angels, 52.

Sends for Baal's prophets, 244.
Intercedes for Sodom, 52.

Puts the Syrians to flight, 246.
His duplicity at Gerar, 55.

Spares Benhadad and is reproved,
Covenant with Abimelech, 56.


Ahab covet's Naboth's vineyard, 246. Antediluvians, giants among them, 28.
Is denounced by Elijah, 246.

Chronology of their period, 40.
Forms alliance with Jehoshaphat, Apostacy in heaven, 98.

Arabia, how peopled, 76.
His death predicted by Micaiah,247. Ark of Noah, 30.
Is slain at Ramoth, 247.

Tradition of, 32.
Ahab (a false prophet,) denounced by Of the covenant, 125.
Jeremiah, 339.

Falls into the Philistines' hands,
Ahasuerus deposes Vashti and marries 191.
Esther, 388.

Brought up from Kirjath-jearim,
Signs a decree for the destruction 215.
of the Jews, 389.

Confided to Obed-edom, 215.
Confers honour on Mordecai, 391. Carried into Jerusalem, 215.
Commands that Haman be hanged, Asa fortifies his dominions, 240.

Overcomes the Ethiopians, 241.
Gives the Jews permission to de Hires Benhadad, 241.
fend themselves, 392.

Is reproved by Hanani, 241.
Grants Nehemiah his request, 367. Amicted in his feet, 241.
Ahaz hires Tiglath - pileser against Acts oppressively, and dies, 241.
Israel, 256.

| Asahel slain by Abner, 212.
His gross idolatry, 256.

Assyrian Monarchy united with the
Ahaziah is injured by a fall, 247.

Babylonish, 291.
His death foretold by Elijah, 247. Athaliah destroys the seed-royal of
Accompanies Jehoram, 252. 1 Judah, 253.
Is slain by Jehu, 252.

Is put to death, 253.
Ahiah, son of Abinadab, 215.

Azariah, (see Uzziah.)
Ahijah predicts Jeroboam's elevation,

Baal, his priests slain at Carmel, 244.
Foretells the death of his son, 239. Worshippers slain at Samaria, 253.
Ahimelech succours David, 206. | Baasha wars with Asa, 241.
Is slain by Doeg, 207.

Sustains idolatry, 241.
Ahithophel, his counsel and suicide, 223. Babel, where built, 46.
Ai, unsuccessful attempt to take, 161. Confusion and separation of its
Taken, 161.

builders, 47.
Amasa, slain by Joab, 224.

| Babylonish Monarchy, its origin, 289.
Amaziah puts his father's murderers United with the Assyrian, 291.
to death, 254.

Balaam blesses Israel, 128.
Hires 100,000 Israelites, 254. Balak snares the Israelites into sin, 128.
Defeats the Edomites, and adopts Barak puts Sisera's army to flight, 179.
their idolatry, 254.

Baruch writes Jeremiah's predictions,
Made prisoner by Jehoash, 254. 336.
Slain at Lachish, 254.

Reads them publicly, 336.
Amnon, his wickedness and punish Re-writes them, 337.
ment, 221.

Is carried into Egypt, 343.
Amon, reigns wickedly and is slain, 260. Barzillai, his hospitality to David, 223.

His murderers put to death, 260. Bathsheba defiled 219.
Amos, his avocation and call, 266.

Mother of Solomon, 221.
Predictions and death, 266.

Tells David of Adonijah's con-
Amram, Moses' father, 109.

spiracy, 228.
Analogical interpretation, boundary Makes a request of Solomon, 228.
of, 100.

Beasts, created on the sixth day, 18.
Antediluvians, their religion and rites, Bel, the god of the Babylonians, 293.

Belshazzar besieged by Cyrus, 314.
Arts, 36.

His profanity, 314.
Manners, 37.

His doom foretold, 315.
Corruption, 38.

Death, and transfer of his king-
Longevity, 38.

dom to Darius, 316.

Resemble as a man and saint, 323.

Benaiah, one of David's captains, 207, Daniel, held in high esteem at court, 311.

Interpret's Nebuchadnezzar's first
Executes judgment upon Adoni dream, 311.
jah, Joab, and Shimei, 229.

His advancement, 312.
Benhadad besieges Samaria, 246.

Interprets a second dream, 313.
Unlawfully retains Ramoth, 247. Has two remarkable visions, 314.
Sends Naaman to Joram, 250.

Interprets the hand-writing on the
Sends a troop to take Elisha, 250. wall, 315.
Again besieges Samaria, 251.

Receives honour from Belshazzar,
Sends Hazael to Elisha, 252.

Is smothered by Hazael, 252.

Is promoted by Darius, 316.
Benjamin, his birth, 62.

A conspiracy formed against him,
Joseph's cup found in his sack, 65. 316.
Benjamites, their sin and punishment, His resolute and ardent devotion,

317, 325.
Bildad, one of Job's friends, 69.

Is cast into a den of lions, 318.
Bilhah, Rachel's maid, 61.

His deliverance, 318.
Boaz marries Ruth, 385.

Prays for the restoration of his

people, 319.
Cain, a fratricide, 26.

Dies in Babylon, 320.
His sentence, 26.

His astrological education, 521.
Is expelled from home, 27.

Character as a man and saint. 323.
Settles at Nod, 27.

Resemblance to Joseph, 324.
Caleb, one of the twelve spies, 126.

His rank as a prophet, 326.
Appointed over the tribe of Ju Style of his writings, 325.
dah, 172.

Darius includes Babylon as part of his
Gives his daughter to Othniel, 173. kingdom, 316.
His character, 173.

Promotes Daniel, 316.
Canaan promised to Abraham, 49.

Consigns Daniel to the lions' den,
Taken by Joshua, 166.

Canaanites, their extermination de Punishes Daniel's accusers, 319.
fended, 169.

Dathan, a leader in Korah's rebellion,
Canonical Scriptures, ancient division 126.
of, 365.

David, birth and family, 195.
Captivity of the ten tribes, 257.

Anointed by Samuel, 193, 196.
Of the two tribes, 261.

Summoned to court, 197.
Chaos of the world's elements, 16.

Returns home, 198.
Chedorlaomer discomfited by Abra Contest with Goliath, 199.
ham, 50.

Jonathan's friendship and Saul's
Christ, antitype of the Mosaic ritual, envy, 201.

Escapes from Saul, 201.
Chronological tables, 66, 67.

Marries Michal, 202.
Circumcision, institution of, 52.

Again escapes, 203.
Moses'omission of, and danger, 114. Flees to Samuel, 204.
Renewed by Joshua, 160.

Interview with Jonathan, 204,
Clark on the “Types,” 152.

Creation of the world, 15–18.

Receives refreshment at Nob, 206.
Epicurean notion of, 2.

Departs to Gath, 206.
Opinions of the Egyptians, 3.

Retreats to Adullam, 207.
Traditions concerning, 7.

Becomes the captain over 400 men,
Progressive creation, 16.

Order of, 17-19.

Relieves Keilah, 208.

Last interview with Jonathan, 208.
Daniel, birth and captivity, 309.

Spares Saul, 208.
Accomplishments, 310.

Is wroth with Nabal, 209.
His Babylonish name, 310.

Appeased by Abigail, 209.
Refuses the royal meat, 310.

Again spares Saul, 210.


David resides at Ziklag, 210.

Doeg slays the priests at Nob, 207.
Pursues the plunderers of Ziklag,

| Ebed-melech shows kindness to Jere-
Punishes a lying messenger, 211. | miah, 341.
Mourns the death of Saul aud Eden, Adam's first residence, 19.
Jonathan, 211.

Conjectures as to its situation, 20.
Elected king of Judah, 212.

Heathen testimonies to its exis-
Punishes the murderers of Ish-

tence, 21.
bosheth, 212.

Several places of same name, 20.
Advanced to the throne of Israel, Eglon slain by Ehud, 177.

Egypt, Abraham goes thither, 49.
Obtains possession of Zion, 213.

Joseph sold into Egypt, 63.
Friendship with Hiram, 213.

Jacob removes to, 66.
Improves Jerusalem, 213.

Bondage of Israel in, 109.
Wars with the Philistines, 214. Deliverance from, 122.
Longs for the water of Bethlehem, Overrun by Nebuchadnezzar, 303.

Ehud subdues the Moabites, 177.
Fetches the ark from Kirjath- Elah succeeds Baasha, and is slain, 241.
jearim, 215.

Eldad prophecies in the camp, 130.
Delivers it to care of Obed-edom, Eleazar invested with high priest's

| office, 127.
Brings it into Jerusalem, 216. Eli, high priest at Shiloh, 190.
Makes due provision for public Erroneously accuses Hannah, 190.
worship, 216.

His submission of spirit, 190.
Victories over Moab and Syria, 217. | His melancholy death, 191.
Kindness to Mephibosheth, 217. Eliab superciliously questions David,
Defeats the Ammonites, &c. 218.

tes &c. 218. 199.
His awful fall, 218.

Eliezer, Abraham's steward, 51.
Procures Uriah's death, 219.

Fetches a wife for Isaac, 57.
Reproved by Nathan, 219. Elihu sums up the argument between
Confession, and death of his child, Job and his friends, 91.

Elijah announces a famine, 242.
His genuine penitence, 220.

Is fed by ravens, 242.
Takes Rabbah, 221.

Resides at Zarephath, 243.
An outrage in his family, 221.

Raises the widow's child, 243.
Flees from Absalom, 222.

Is sent to Ahab, 243.
Mourns his death, 223.

Challenges Baal's prophets, 244.
Returns to Jerusalem, 223,

Commands their destruction, 244.
Numbers the people, 224.

Flees from Jezebel, 244.
Prepares materials for the Temple, Has a divine communication, 245.

Appoints Elisha his successor, 245.
His charge to Solomon, 225.

Denounces Ahab, 246.
Death and burial, 225.

Foretells Ahaziah's death, 247.
His character and qualifications, Calls down fire from heaven, 247.
198, 225.

Visits the schools of the prophets,
Debir taken by Othniel, 173.

Deborah rules at Ramah, 178.

Is translated, 248.
Invests Barak with military com- Eliphaz, one of Job's friends. 69.
mand, 178.

Elisha called to the prophetic office, 245.
Deluge a divine visitation for sin, 29. Witnesses Elijah's translation, 248.
Sources of the deluge, 32.

Heals the waters of Jericho, 248.
Period of its continuance, 31.

Multiplies the widow's oil, 249.
Hypotheses concerning it, 31.

Hospitably treated at Shunem, 249.
Traditions of it, 29, 32.

Raises the Shunamite's son, 249.
Opinions of Geologists, 33.

Neutralizes poison, 249.
Dial, retrogression of its shadow, 278. Multiplies bread, 250.
Doeg, a wily Edomite, 206.

Heals Naaman, 250.

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