Elisha causes iron to swim, 250. | Ezekiel symbolises the captivity of Ju-

Exposes Benhadad's counsels, 250. dah and Israel, 349.
Strikes a Syrian troop with blind- | Infidel objections answered, 349.
ness, 250.

Predicts the overthrow of Tyre
His danger—a famine, 251.

and Sidon, 351.
Predicts abundance, 251.

And the subjugation of Egypt, 353.
Foretells a famine, 252.

Foretells the rise of Gog and Ma-
Visits Damascus, 252.

gog, 354.
Foretells Hazael's cruelty, 252. His coincidence with Jeremiah,355.
Sends to anoint Jehu, 252.

Style of his writings, 355.
When dying is visited by Jehoash, Analysis by Michaelis, 356.

Supposed intercourse with Pytha-
Predicts his successes, 253.

goras, 358.
His bones restore a man to life, Traditions concerning his death,

Elkanah, Hannah's husband, 385. I Ezra, his genealogy and profession, 360.

Attends the annual feasts at Shi Proceeds to Jerusalem, 360.
loh, 386.

Finds the people sunk in impiety,
Elon, one of the judges, 185.

Enoch, his translation, 27.

Succeeds Zerubbabel as governor,
Ephron sells a field to Abraham, 57.

Epicureans, their notion of creation, 2. Reads the law in public, 361.
Esau, his subjection to his brother fore- | Traditions concerning his death,
told, 58.

Sells his birthright, 58.

Authenticity of his book, 362.
Marries two wives, 59.

Contents of it, 362.
Is deprived of the first blessing, 59. A rejected passage, 362.
Resolves to kill Jacob, 59.

Language of the original, 363.
Marries a third wife, 60.

His labours on the canon, 363.
Is reconciled to Jacob, 62.
Esar-haddon succeeds Sennacherib, 294. Fall of our first parents, 23.
Subdues Egypt, 294.

Its punishment and consequences,
Esther, her introduction to Ahasuerus, 23.

Traditions concerning it, 7, 23.
Is informed of Haman's designs, Firmament, created on the second day,

Goes in unto the king, 390. Fishes, created on the fifth day, 18.
Entertains the king and Haman,

Fowl, created on the fifth day, 18.
Accuses Haman, 391.

Futurity, an interesting topic to ancient
Entreats the king for her people, heathens, 3.

Not taught by Moses, 139.
Institution of the fast of Esther, Bishop Warburton's hypothesis,

Eve made of Adam's rib, 19.
Deceived by Satan, 22.

Gaal rebels against Abimelech, 183.
Evil-merodach succeeds Nebuchadnez- Gedaliah made governor by Nebuzar-
zar, 313.

addan, 342.
Extermination, a judicial visitation, Slain by Ishmael, 342.

Gehazi, his crime and punishment, 250.
Ezekiel, his descent, 346.

Narrates Elisha's miracles to Je-
Period of his ministry, 347.

horam, 252.
Import of his name, 347.

Giants in the antediluvian age, 28.
Scene of his prophecies, 346. Gibeah, horrible outrage at, 175.
Authenticity and inspiration of his Gibeonites, their stratagem to make
works, 347.

peace with Israel, 162.
Contents of his book, 348.

Avenged for Saul's cruelty, 224,


Gideon visited by an angel, 180. Hezekiah is invaded by Sennacherib,276.
Destroys Baal's image, 180.

His deliverance, 277.
Receives divine evidence of his His sickness and recovery, 277.
mission, 181.

Is given a sign to assure him of a
Conquers the Midianites, 182.

prolonged existence, 277.
Punishes the men of Succoth, 182. Receives an embassy from Baby-
Slays Zebah and Zalmunna, 182. | lon, 259, 278.
Makes an ephod, 182.

Is told of the ruin of Judah, 278.
Had seventy sons, 182.

His death lamented, 259.
Goliath, a Philistine champion, 198. Hiel rebuilds Jericho, 242.
Slain by David, 199.

Hindoo institutions, their antiquity, 4.

Astronomical observations, 36.
Habakkuk, his tribe, and period of Hiram, his friendship with David, 213.
ministration, 269.

Assists Solomon in building the
Foretells the punishment of Judah temple, 231.
and Babylon, 269.

Is displeased with Solomon, 234.
Doubtful incidents concerning him, History rises from the Bible, 15.

Holofernes defeated by Judith, 295.
Hadad, an adversary of Solomon, 236. Hophni and Phinehas slain, 191.
Hadadezer smitten by David, 217. Hosea prophecies in Samaria, 266.
Hagar expelled at Sarah's desire, 51. Hoshea kisls Pekah and reigns, 256.
Comforted by an angel, 51.

Becomes tributary to Shalmaneser,
Returns to Abraham, 51.

Again expelled, 55.

Conspiracy with So, 257.
Haggai, extraction, and period of min-1 Taken captive by Shalmaneser,
istry, 372.

Stimulates Zerubbabel, 372. Hushai counsels Absalom, 223.
Contents and character of his pro-
phecy, 372.

Ibzan, a judge in Israel, 185.
Ham cursed by Noah, 45.

Innocence man's original state, 21.
Haman, his extraction and promotion, Inspiration inseparable from revelation,

His design against the Jews, 389. Isaac, the child of promise, 55.
His fall, 390.

Mocked by Ishmael, 55.
Hannah, a wife of Elkanah, 190, 385. Offered, 56.
Prays for a son, 190, 386.

Marries Rebekah, 57.
Is accused by Eli, 190, 386.

His sons Esau and Jacob born, 58.
Defends herself, 190, 386.

Denies his wife at Gerar, 59.
Returns to Shiloh, 387.

Experiences unkindness, 59.
Becomes the mother of Samuel, Deceived by Jacob, 59.

His death, 63.
Dedicates him to God, 386, 387. Isaiah, his family, 271.
Her annual care of him, 387.

Father, wife, children, 273.
Is blessed by Eli, 387.

Period of his ministry, 271, 273.
Hanani and Hananiah, 369.

Early separation to the prophetic
Hanun, his insult to David and pun office, 272.
ishment, 218.

Arrangement of his predictions,
Hazael is sent by Benhadad to Elisha, 272.

Their chronological order, 281.
Is foretold his future career, 252. Historical occurrences narrated by
Murders his master, 252.

him, 273.
Invades Israel, 253.

Announces the discomfiture of the
Distresses Judah, 253.

conspiracy against Abaz, 275.
Is succeeded by his son Benhadad, Utters a double prediction, 275.

Foretells Sennacherib's ruin, 277.
Hezekiah succeeds Ahaz and prospers, Promises to Hezekiah fifteen years

addition to his life, 277.

Isaiah foretells the Babylonish inva- | Jacob has a vision, 60.
sion, 278.

Serves Laban for his daughters, 60.
Walks three years barefoot, 278. Increase of his family, 61.
Prophecies against Tyre, Edom, Secretly leaves Laban, 61.

Egypt, Judah, Syria, Ethiopia, His name changed, 62.
Bablyon, 279, 281, 282.

Meets Esau and is reconciled to
The boldness of his personifica him, 62.
tions, 280.

Comes to Shechem, 62.
Clearness of his predictions, 284, Removes to Bethel, 62.

Assists at the burial of Isaac, 63.
Especially regarding the Messiah, | Partiality for Joseph, 63.
283, 285.

Sends his sons to buy corn, 65.
Sublimity of his ideas and gran Goes down into Egypt, 66.
deur of style, 287, 288.

Blesses his sons and dies, 66.
Ishbosheth declared king by Abner, Jael slays Sisera, 179.

Jair a lax judge of Israel, 184.
* Deserted by Abner, 212.

Japheth is blessed by Noah, 45.
Murdered by two of his officers, Countries inhabited by his de-

scendants, 46.
Ishmael, son of Abraham and Hagar, Jehoahaz (king of Israel) oppressed by

| Hazael, 253.
His character predicted, 51. Jehoahaz (king of Judah) deposed, 261.
Persecutes Isaac, 55.

Jehoash visits Elisha when dying, 253.
Expelled by Abraham, 55.

Recovers the cities taken by Ha-
Dwells in the wilderness, 56.

zael, 253.
Marries an Egyptian, 56.

Subdues Amaziah and plunders
Assists at Abraham's burial, 57. | Jerusalem, 254.

His daughter married to Esau, 60. Jehoiachin carried to Babylon, 261.
Ishmael assassinates Gedaliah, 342. Jehoiada proclaims Joash king, 253.
His defeat and flight, 342.

His son basely stoned, 253.
Israel, Jacob's new name, 62.

Jehoiakim succeeds Jehoahaz, 261,
The ten tribes, as distinguished 334.

from the kingdom of Judah, Made tributary by Nebuchadnez-
238, 257.

zar, 261, 336.
Israelites, theocratic character of their Burns Jeremiah's roll, 336.
government, 171.

Rebels against Nebuchadnezzar
Their bondage in Egypt, 109.

261, 337.
Deliverance under Moses, 122. His ignominious end, 337.
Passage through the Red Sea, 123. Jehoram contends with the Moabites,
Journey through the wilderness, | 248.
123, &c.

Naaman comes to him to be heal-
Possess Canaan, 166.

ed, 250.
Governed by judges, 172, &c.

Is besieged by Benhadad, 251.
Commencement of monarchical Sends an executioner to slay Eli-
rule, 192.

sha, 251.
Divided into two kingdoms, 238. Reinstates the Shunamite in her
End of the kingdom of Israel, 257. inheritance, 252.
Captivity of Judah, 261.

Attempts to retake Ramoth, 252.
Restoration of Judah, 360.

Is slain by Jehu, 252.

Jehoshaphat strengthens his kingdom,
Jabin oppresses Israel, 178.

Jacob, prediction respecting him, 58. Forms alliance with Ahab, 246.
His birth, 58.

His danger at Ramoth, 247.
Purchases Esau's birthright, 58. Assists Jehoram against the
Deceives his father and obtains Moabites, 248.
the blessing, 59.

Overcomes the Ammonites, 248.
Flees into Mesopotamia, 60. Jebu anointed king at Ramoth, 252.

Jehu slays the kings of Israel and Ju- | Jeremiah purchases Hananeel's field,
dah, 252.

Destroys the house of Ahab, 253. | Censures the king, princes,&c. 341.

Overturns the worship of Baal, 253. Consigned to a dungeon, 341.
Jephthah expelled by his brethren, 184. Sent for by Zedekiah, 341.

Recalled and made judge, 184. Taken captive and released, 34..
Negotiates with the king of Am Comes to Gedaliah, 342.
mon, 184.

Forbids Johannan to go into
Makes a rash vow, 185.

Egypt, 343.
Subdues the Ammonites and Is carried into Egypt, 343.
Ephraimites, 185

Symbolises the ruin of Egypt, 343.
Consecrates his daughter, 185.

Writes the “ Lamentations,” 343.
Jeremiah, his descent, 328.

Opinions as to his style, 344.
Compared with Cassandra, 328. Conjectures and fables respecting
Early consecration to the pro-

him, 344.
phetic office, 329.

Jericho, two spies visit it, 158.
His privations and persecutions, Invaded and taken by Joshua, 160.

Devoted to perpetual ruin, 160.
The two points of his predictions, Rebuilt by Hiel, 242,

Jeroboam apprised of his future great-
Has two visions, 330.

ness, 236.
Reproves idolatry, 331.

Flees into Egypt from Solomon, 237.
Is conspired against, 331.

Returns to Shechem, 238.
Symbolises the ruin of Judah, 332. Is chosen king over the ten revolt-
Depicts a grievous famine, 332.

ed tribes, 238.
Is commanded not to marry, 332. Establishes idolatry, 238.
Symbolises God's sovereignty over His hand withered. 239.
Judah, 333.

Sends to Ahijah to inquire if his
Is violently treated by Pashur, 334. son should recover, 239.
Threatens Jehoiakim, 334.

Is defeated by Abijam, 240.
Is rescued from the priests, 334. His sudden death, 240.
Predicts Nebuchadnezzar's victo- Jeroboam II. subdues the Syrians and
rious career, 335.

| captures Damascus, 254.
Commits his prophecies to writ- Jerusalem captured, 172.
ing, 336.

Is made the seat of government, 213.
Sends Baruch to read the roll, 336. Destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar, 261.
Conceals himself from Jehoiakim, Rebuilt by the returned captives,

Rewrites the prophecies destroyed Jesse, the father of David, 195.
by Jehoiakim, 337.

Confided to the care of the king
Admonishes the Jews from the of Moab, 207.

example of the Rechabites, 337. Jethro, Moses' father-in-law, 112.
Is shown a type of Judah's condi- Jezebel is married to Ahab, 242.
tion, 338.

Extends idolatry, 243.
Makes yokes and bonds, 338.

Threatens Elijah, 244.
Pronounces Hananiah's doom, 338. Has Naboth murdered, 246.
Sends his prophecies to Babylon, Her miserable death, 253.

Joab, captain of David's army, 207, 212.
Writes a letter to the captives, 339. Slays Abner, 212.
Predicts the miserable end of Zede Takes the fortress of Zion, 213.

kiah, Ahab, and Shemaiah, 339. Wars against the Syrians, 218.
Is entreated by Zedekiah to pray Besieges Rabbah, 218.
for the city, 339.

Has Uriah slain, 219.
Attempts to flee and is arrested, Kills Absalom, 223,

Murders Amasa, 224.
Pleads before the king, 340.

Joins Adonijah's conspiracy, 228.
Recommitted to prison, 340.

Is slain by Benaiah, 229.

Joash, reigns well for a time, 253. John, (Baptist,) his coming predicted

His idolatry and ingratitude, 253. | by Malachi, 375.

His exemplary punishment, 253, Jonah, conjectures respecting him, 262,
Job, book of, in all the canons, 68. Encourages Jeroboam II., 254,
Its æra and authorship, 70–74, 94.

Opinions as to its object, 70–74. | Sent to Nineveh, but embarks for
Scene of the poem, 76–78.

Tarshish, 263.
Learning and customs of the coun His danger and deliverance, 263.
try, 78.

Traditions concerning these facts,
Scope and arrangement of the 264.
poem, 79,

Preaches at Nineveh, 265.
Not a drama but an epic, 83.

His impatience and reproof, 266.
Its natural divisions, 83.

Jonathan, his friendship with David,
Character of its several parts, 85—1 201.

Communicates to him his father's
Creed, doctrines, and ritual of the intention, 204.
poem, 96-104.

Solemn covenant with him, 205.
Commentators and translators, 104. Is slain on Mount Gilboa, 211.
Specimens of its excellence, 105— Jordan, divided, 159.

Ephraimites slain at, 185.
Job a real personage, 69, 73.

Divided by Elisha, 248.
His genealogy, 69, 80.

Joseph, his birth, 61.
Accused and afflicted by Satan, 84. Envy and wickedness of his breth-
Visited by his three friends, 85.

ren, 63.
Eliphaz charges him with sin, 86. Sold to Potiphar, 64.
His reproachful and impatient re Imprisoned, 64.
ply, 86.

Conduct in prison, 64
Bildad's bitter accusation, 87.

Interprets Pharaoh's dream, 64.
Job longs to plead his cause with His exaltation and marriage, 65.
God, 87.

Stores up corn, 65.
Zophar's rough invective, 87.

Treats his brethren as spies, 65.
Job's sarcastic and bold reply, 88. Acknowledges them, 65.
Eliphaz charges Job with vanity,88. Sends for his father, 66.
Job pathetically bemoans his lot, Carries his father's remains to

Canaan, 66.
Bildad's irrelevant address, 88. His last charge and death, 66.
Job's brilliant and triumphant Joshua appointed to succeed Moses,
reply, 89.

Zophar recapitulates the old ar Accession to the government, 157.
gument, 89.

His qualifications, 157.
Job controverts the principle on Receives a divine communication,
which his friends argue, 89.

Further accusation of Eliphaz, 89. Sends two spies to Jericho, 158.
Job's elaborate defence, 90.

Marches the people through Jor-
Bildad's confused reply, 90.

dan, 159.
Job reproves Bildad, and gives an Takes Jericho, and pronounces a

outline of his own history, 91. curse on him who should rebuild
Summing up of the argument by it, 160.
Elihu, 91.

Is discomfited at Ai, 161.
Jehovah addresses Job, 93.

Punishes Achan and takes Ai, 161.
Job's submission and acceptance, League with the Gibeonites, 162.

Rescues them, 162.
Honours paid to his memory, 107. Commands the sun and moon to
Jochebed, Moses' mother, 109.

stand still, 163.
Joel, period of ministry unknown, 268. Opinions respecting this miracle,

Substance and character of his
writings, 268.

Slays five kings at Makkedah, 165.
S. H.

2 D



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