Stornaway William and Roderick Morison

Stranraer Andrew Irving

Stromness and Longhope John Robertson

Thurso Donald Campbell

Tobermory George Black

Troon John Paul

Ullapool YVm. and Alexander Mackenzie

Westra Thomas Traill

Wick Alexander McPherson

Wigton William Marshall


Belfast Sinclair and Boyd

Castletown and Kenmare Robert Puxley

Coleraine John A. Smyth and Co.

Cork N. and J. Cummins

Crookhaven James Hutchinson Swanton

Dingle Bastable Herbert Hilliard

Dublin John Walsh

Dundalk Samuel Jackson Turner

Dunfanaghy Alexander McCrae Maddison

Galway Thomas Moore Persse

Killybegs Samuel Cassidy

Kilrush William Blair

Kinsale Dunn, Newman, and McDaniel

Limerick Francis Spaight

Londonderry John A. Smyth and Co.

Queenstown N. and J. Cummins and Brothers

Rathlin Island Robert Gage, jun.

Skibbereen James Hutchinson Swanton

Sligo William Clifford Tute

Tralee Henry Benner

Valentia Daniel Mahony

Warren Point and Newry Leonard Watson

Waterford Josiah Williams

Westport James Pinkerbon

Wexford „ ... Francis Harper

Youghal James Henry Pim


Abo, including the Aland Islands E. Julin and Co.

Acapulco Frederick Jonson (Vice-Consul)

Accra Luke Swallow Leyland

Adelaide (South Australia) Elder and Co.

Aden Luke Thomas

Aguadilla (P. R.) Kiister and Co.

Akyab Halliday, McMillan, and Co.

Albany, King George's Sound, Western J

Australia )

Aleppo Hampton, Walsh, and Co.

Alexandria Briggs and Co.

Algiers Henry Stuckle'

Alicant Carey and Co.

Almeria Francis P. Roman

Amboina Teunis Maud

Amoy Syme, F. D., and Co.

Amsterdam John Mavor Still

Ancona James Terni and Son

Antigua John Bennett

Antwerp Jollie and Co.

Appalachicola Daniel Jones Day

Archangel Felix Clarke

Areceivo (Porto Rico) Korlright and Huicy

Arica and Tacna Hainsworth and Co.

Arichat (Cape Breton) George Edward Gean

Auckland (New Zealand) Bain, Grahame, and Co.

Aux Cayes Roberts, Dutertre, and Co.

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Bahia Whateley, KrabW, and Co.

Baltimore (United States) James Carey Coale

„,.,„.. i William Adamson (or the officer for the lime

Bangkok (Siam) £ ^^ actir)g for ^ Bomeo Co (-iimited)

Barbadoes Michael Cavan and Co.

Barcelona Jose" Serra y Font

Bassein John Ogilvy Hay and Co.

Batavia Maclaine, Watson, and Co.

Bathurst (N. B.) Henry W. Baldwin

Bathurst (R. G.) William Goddard

Bay of Islands (New Zealand) John Busby

Bayonne Fergus James Graham (Consul)

Berbice James Laing

Bergen Alexander Grieg and Son

Bermuda Nathaniel T. Butterneld

Beyrout Henry Heald

Bilbao F. de Gana and Clark

Biorneborg Bjorkman and Rosenlew

Bogota Castello and Son

Bombay Campbell, Mitchell, and Co.

Bordeaux Cutler and Co.

Boniholm and Eartholms, Islands of.. ... Jens Michelsen

Boston J ames Sturgis

Boulogne Adam and Co.

Brake, Bremerle, and Bremerhaven \ ^PPTM, and Schw00a (Vice-Consuls) Sub

'( Agents

Bremen B. Pearkes (Vice-Consul)

Brest Sir Anthony Perrier C.B. (Consul)

Brindisi Nervegna, Brothers

Buenos Ayres Zimmerman, Fairs, and Co.

Cadiz John M'Phurson Brackenbury (Consul)

Caen Augustus Crabtree

Cagliari William Sanderson Craig (Consul)

Caifla Edward Thomas Rogers (Vice-Consul)

Calais William Thomsett (Vice-Consul)

Calcutta James Cowell

Calmar P. E. Kreuger and Jennings

Campeachy Joaquin Gutierrez and Co.

Canary Islands Bruce, Hamilton, and Co.

Canton and Macao

Cape Coast Castle and Annamaboe Francis Chapman Grant

Cape Haytien John Littlejohn Wilson

rT °{?£* "T \ William Dickson and Co.

Cape and Simon s Towns S

Cape de Verd Islands Thomas Miller (Consul)

Carlshamn Winberg and Meyer

Carthagena Edmund John Turner (Consul)

Carthagena de Colombia Druce, Eckart, and Co.

Ceara and Aracati Singlehurst, Abreu, and Co.

Cephalonia and Zante Barff and Co.

Cette Bazille and Castelluau

Charente Theodore Richard

Charleston Christopher Atkinson and Co.

Charlotte Town (Prince Edward's Island . Henry Palmer

Cherbourg Le Jolis and Son

Christiania Axel Winge

Christiansand O. P. Morch

Christiansund and district of Romsdal ... John Allan (Vice-Consul)

City of St. Domingo A. Coen and Son

Civita Vecchia John Thomas Lowe, jun. (Vice-Consul)

Cochin ._. Alfred Silva Lawson

Colombo (Ceylon) A. & H. Crowe and Co.

Colon Wm. Evelyn Cowan

Columbia River Alexander Caulfield Anderson

Conception and Talcahuano William Lawrence

Constantinople Thomas Nixon Black

Copenhagen Smidt and Le Maire

Corfu James William Taylor

Coringa Richard Henry Daniel Towle


Corunna Edward Santos (Vice-Consul)

. Cronstadt Walter Maynard


Cuxhaven Jurgen Dultz, Sub-Agent

Dantzig Melchior Frederich Hebeler

Demerara Rose, Duff, and Co.

Denia Robert Rankin

Dominica Chas. Leathara

Drontheim Herman Hoe and Co.

Dunkirk Emile Carlier

East London, Soutb Africa Henry Wyett

Elsinore Chapman, Norrie, and Co.

Emden, Groningen, and adjacent Islands. Y. and B. Brons

Falkland Islands John Markham Dean

Fanoe and Manoe, Islands of Niels Sonnichsen

Faro Ventura Jose Coelho de Carvalho

Fayal < William Henry Lane

Fernando Po and Bight of Biafra Thos. Joseph Hutchinson (Consul)

Figueira Rendell and Co.

Flensburg Cornelius Peter August Koch

Fohr and District Levy Heymann

Foo Chow Foo Oilman and Co.

Frederickshavn Peter Julius Kail

Galatz and Ibrail Frederick Calder Brown

Galveston (Texas) Eleazer Pomeroy Hunt


Gasp6 John F.den

Geelong (Port Philip) Frederic Champion

Genoa G. and E. Barchi Bros.

Gibraltar and Algesiras Archibald Johnston and Powers

Gijon J- J. Kelly (Vice-Consul)

„ ,, i James Anderson, or the officer for the lime

Lrtxlbout * being acting for the Hudson's Bay Co.

Gonaives James Bean M'Guffie (Vice-Consul)

Gothenburg and from Stromstadt to Engel- , James ^^

holm )

Gothland, Island of Lawrance Nicholas Enequist (Vice-Consul)

Grand Caymanas James B. Coe

Granville Julien Andre Jouault

Grenada Henry Garraway

Grey Town, Mosquito Shore

Guatemala John Mathew

Guayaquil Francis Mocatta (Vice-Consul)

Halifax, Nova Scotia S. Cunard and Co.

Hamburg ....% W. A. Lepper and Co.

Hamilton (Canada West) William Pnng

Hammerfest, Alten, and adjacent Ports... Ernst Heinrich Goebel, jun.

Harbour Grace, Conception Bay, New- ( R ,

foundland ) ttialey aM SOtlS

Harlingen, Ameland, &Schiermonekoog.. Barend Visserand Son

Havannah and Matanzas Fesser and Co.

Havre de Grace Francis Augustus Frederick Kestner

Heligoland J. Gottlob Bufe

HMalmlo0rg'.and ^aSt.fr0m.E.nS.e!l!!1.m l°. I F"12"1100'" (Vice-Consul)

Helsingfors II. Borgstrom and Co.

Hjerting Andreas Cornelius Haunstrup

Hobart Town (Tasmania) Thomas Daniel Chapman

Hokianga, New Zealand Commander Thomas McDonnell, R.n.

Honda, New Granada Robert John Treffry

Honduras Gentle, Lawson, and Co.

Hong Kong Lyall, Still, and Co.

Iviza Wallis and Co.

Jaffa Assaad Jacop Kayat, M.D. (Consul)

Jamaica—Annotto Bay Wilmot Westmorland

Falmouth P. Abraham and Co.

Kingston Davidson, Colthirst, and Co.

Montego Bay Geo. L. Phillips and Brother

Morant Bay Davids'-!!, Colthirst, and Co.

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Jamaica—Port Antonio Alexander J. Brymer

Savannah la Mar Mason and Tullis

St. Ann's Bravo Brother and Co.

Jaquemal Charles Moravia

Kertch George Jackson Eldridge (Consul)

Key, West Robert Williams Welch

Kiel Klutz and Son

Kingston (Canada West) Thomas Briggs, jun.

Korsoer Gerhard Moller (Vice-Consul)


Labrador Philip De Quetteville and Brother

Laguna de Terminos Gutierrez and Co.

Lagos (Bight of Benin) William McCoskry

Lagos (Portugal)

La Guayra H. G. Schimmel and Co.

La Rochelle P. Michel and Son

Launceston (Tasmania) Ducroz and Co.

Laurvig and Sandefiord Christian Ilosch

Leghorn William Macbean and Co.

Lemvig Christopher Herein Claudi

Liebau Herman Iluecke, jun.

Lima John Fanner

Lisbon Charles Jauncey


Lubeck Henry Gaedertz


Madeira William Hay ward

Madras Cammiade, Martin, and Co.

Magdalen Islands John Fontana

Malaga William Penrose Mark (Consul)

Malta Robinson, Duckworth, and Co.

Manilla Ker and Co.

Maracaibo Edw. Thornborough Harrison (Vice-Consul)

Maranham Walker, Murphy, and Co.

Marseilles Rabaud Brothers and Co.

Maulmain Neat Major

Mauritius Hunter, Ireland, and Co.

Mayaquez (P. R.) Lameyer and Co.

Mazatlan William N. Rudall

Melbourne (Port Philip) Barnard Robert Mathew

Memel Henry Fowler

Messina Henry Newton Rew and Co.

M. < Dond. A. Smith, or the officer for the time

Mln8an ( being acting for the Hudson's Bay Co.

Miramichi, New Brunswick Gilmour, Rankin, and Co.

Mobile Daniel Wheeler

Moen, Falster, and Lolland, Islands of... C. Hage and Son

Mogadore William Grace (Vice-Consul)

Monrovia (Liberia) Joseph Jenkins Roberts

.. . ..., S Commander Robert Hibbert Bartholomew

MonteVldeo e Rowley,B.N.

Montreal Henry Chapman

Montserrat Burke and Burns

Moreton Bay, New South Wales Richard J. Coley

Mortier and Burin, Newfoundland William Hooper

Mossel Bay (Southern Africa) Barry and Co.

Mozambique John Lyons McLeod (Consul)


Nantes Theodore Hardouin

Naples Cumming, Wood, and Co.

Narva Charles Sutthoff and Co.

Nassau, New Providence Henry Adderley

Nelson, New Zealand John Richard Hays

Nevis Linnington and Pedder

New Carlisle, Chaleur Bay Philip Vibert

Newcastle, N. S. W ,. Binge and Son

New Orleans Juan Ygnacio de Egana

New Plymouth (New Zealand) Isaac Newton Watt

New York, New Jersey, and Long Island Robert Mackie


Norden Steinbomer and Lubinus

Norfolk, Virginia Myer Myers

Nuevilas (Cuba) Pedro Sanchez Dolz (Vice-Consul)

Odessa Simon Horowitz

Oporto Alexander Miller

Ostend J. B. Brasseur

Otago (New Zealand) William Hunter Reynolds

Padang Robert Raaf Purvis

Palermo ,, Morrison, Seager, and Co.

Palma (Majorca) Miguel Guasp y Pujol

Panama William Nelson

Para Frederick Vionnee

Patras Barff and Co.

Penang Lorrain, Sandilands and Co.

Pernambuco and Paraiba Saunders Brothers and Co.

Pemau C. J. Schmidt

Philadelphia S. Morris Wain

Pictou, Nova Scotia James Primrose and Son

Pillau Edward and George Hay

Pirceus William Beaver Neale (Consul)

Plaister Cove, Cape Breton James Gregor M'Keen

Point de Galle (Ceylon) John Black

Ponce, Porto Rico Lacot and Co.

Port-au-Prince John Hearne and Co.

Port Beaufort (South Africa) Barry and Nephews

Port Elizabeth, Algoa Bay Maynards and Von Ronn

Port Hood, Cape Breton George Craigie Lawrence

Port Lyttleton (N. Z.) Cookson, Bowler, and Co.

Port Mahon Ladico Brothers

Port Natal George Christopher Cato

Port au Prince Jno. Hearne and Co.

Portland, Bath, and V'iscasset Edward P. Sherwood (Vice-Consul)

Portland Bay, N. S. W Horace Flower

Porto Plata George Breffit and Co.

Puerto Cabello Hellyer and Co.

Pugwash (Nova Scotia) Henry Gesner Pineo

Puuta Arenas Allan Wallis & Co. (Vice-Consul)

(juebec Henry Fry

Randers (including Aaiborg and Aarhuus). Jens Hald (Vice-Consul)

Rangoon Gladstone Wyllie and Co.

Redoubt Kale Capt. Chas. Duncan Cameron (Vice-Consul)

Reunion Adolphe Le Roy

_ . s John C. Girard (Vice-Consul) and Edmd.

Keval 1 Girard, joint agents

Rhodes 'Alfred Biliotti (Vice-Consul)

Richibucto, New Brunswick Leslock Peach Wilson Des Brisay

Richmond (Virginia)

Riga Mitchell and Co.

Rio Grande do Sul Peter Sinclair

Rio Hacha

Rio Janeiro Watson, Spence, and Co.

Rome Joseph Rigacci


Roscoff Gustave Mace1

Rostock and Wismar Behnck and Raddatz

Rotterdam John Hudig

Salonica Abbott Brothers

Samarang McNeill and Co.

San Bias Henry Freymann

San Franciso, N. California Joseph de Puisa ye Green

San Juan, Porto Rico Latimer and Fernandez

Sandwich Islands Robert Cheshire Janion

Santa Martha Pedro Salzedo

Santander Conde del Campo Giro and Co.

Savanilla Alexander Danouille, Junr.

Savannah F. H. Welman

o. T , . I Alex. Robertson, or the officer for the time

aeveu islands j being ac(ing for ,he Hudsorl>s Bay Co

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