The Poetical Remains of the Late Dr. John Leyden,: With Memoirs of His Life,

Strahan and Spottiswoode, 1819 - 415 ページ


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56 ページ - ... fortifying his castle of Hermitage against the king of Scotland, for which purpose he employed all means, human and infernal ; invoking the fiends by his incantations, and forcing his vassals to drag materials, like beasts of burden. Tradition proceeds to relate, that the Scottish king, irritated by reiterated complaints, peevishly exclaimed to the petitioners, " Boil him, if you please, but let me hear no more of him.
163 ページ - SLAVE of the dark and dirty mine ! What vanity has brought thee here? How can I love to see thee shine So bright, whom I have bought so dear?
111 ページ - This ruby ring, of crimson grain, Shall on thy finger glitter gay, If thou wilt bear me through the main Again to visit Colonsay.
113 ページ - Colonsay. 0 sad the Mermaid's gay notes fell, And sadly sink remote at sea! So sadly mourns the writhed shell Of Jura's shore, its parent sea. And ever as the year returns, The charm-bound sailors know the day ; For sadly still the Mermaid mourns The lovely Chief of Colonsay.
91 ページ - ... siren of the ancients. The appendages of a comb and mirror are probably of Celtic invention. The Gaelic story bears, that Macphail of Colonsay was carried off by a mermaid, while passing the gulf above mentioned : that they resided together, in a grotto beneath the sea, for several years, during which time she bore him five children : but finally, he tired of her society, and, having prevailed upon her to carry him near the shore of Colonsay, he escaped to land.
lxiv ページ - Anderson, the surgeon who attended him, despaired of his life ; but though all his friends endeavoured at this period to prevail upon him to relax in his application to study, it was in vain He used, when unable to sit upright, to prop himself up with pillows, and continue his translations. One day that I was sitting by his bedside the surgeon came in. ' I am glad you are here,' said Mr Anderson, addressing himself to me, ' you will be able to persuade Leyden to attend to my advice.
103 ページ - The moonbeams crisp the curling surge, That streaks with foam the ocean green ; While forward still the rowers urge Their course, a female form was seen.
88 ページ - Ah ! ne'er before in Border feud Was seen so dire a fray ! Through glittering lances Keeldar hew'd A red corse-paven way. His helmet, formed of mermaid sand, No lethal brand could dint ; No other arms could e'er withstand The axe of earth-fast flint. In Keeldar's plume the holly green, And rowan leaves, nod on, And vain lord Soulis's sword was seen, Though the hilt was adderstone. Then up the Wee Brown Man he rose, By Soulis of Liddesdale ; " In vain," he said, " a thousand blows Assail the charmed...
xx ページ - But Jehu took no heed to walk in the law of the LORD God of Israel with all his heart: for he departed not from the sins of Jeroboam, which made Israel to sin.
164 ページ - Far from my sacred natal clime, I haste to an untimely grave ; The daring thoughts that soared sublime Are sunk in ocean's southern wave. Slave of the mine, thy yellow light Gleams baleful as the tomb-fire drear.