The History of the Rise, Progress, and Overthrow of Napoleon Bonaparte ...: With a Summary Account of the Circumstances which Paved the Way to the French Revolution ... Together with a History of the Wars ...



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567 ページ - ... there never was a more fortunate opportunity, nor a moment more favourable, to silence all the passions, and listen only to the sentiments of humanity and reason. This moment once lost, what end can be assigned to a war which all my efforts will not be able to terminate ? Your Majesty has gained more within ten years, both in territory and riches, than the whole extent of Europe.
96 ページ - ... queen, and the royal family, if they be not immediately placed in safety and set at liberty, they will inflict on those who shall deserve it the most exemplary and ever memorable avenging punishments, by giving up the city of Paris to military execution, and exposing it to total destruction ; and the rebels who shall be guilty of illegal resistance shall suffer the punishments which they shall have deserved.
587 ページ - The establishment of an order of things in Europe, which may effectually guarantee the security and independence of the different States, and present a solid barrier against future usurpations.
568 ページ - France only a secondary object; and does not your majesty already possess more than you know how to preserve ? If your majesty would but reflect, you must perceive that the war is without an object, without any presumable result to yourself. Alas ! what a melancholy prospect to cause two nations to fight merely for the sake of fighting.
82 ページ - I swear to be faithful to the nation, to the law, and to the king, and to maintain, to the utmost of my power, the constitution decreed by the National Assembly and accepted by the king.
567 ページ - I consider it as no disgrace to make the first step. I have, I hope, sufficiently proved to the world that I fear none of the chances of war ; it, besides, presents nothing that I need to fear : peace is the wish of my heart, but war has never been inconsistent with my glory. I conjure your Majesty not to deny yourself the happiness of giving peace to the world, nor...
436 ページ - Majesty makes no claim to prescribe to France what shall be the form of her government, or in whose hands she shall vest the authority necessary for conducting the affairs of a great and powerful nation.
670 ページ - No, no! The dynasty of Naples has ceased to reign ; its existence is incompatible with the repose of Europe, and the honour of my crown.
561 ページ - Germany resolved immediately upon conferring the hereditary dignity of emperor upon the house of Austria. The patent for the purpose, stated the object of this measure to be, " the preservation of that degree of equality which should subsist between the great powers, and the just rank of the house and state of Austria, among the nations of Europe...
503 ページ - French people, have imposed upon me. Heaven will watch over France, and defeat the plots of the wicked. The citizens may be without alarm. My life will last as long as it will be useful...