The works of Virgil, tr. into Engl. verse by mr. Dryden. Carey, 第 1 巻


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268 ページ - Happy the man, who, studying nature's laws, Through known effects can trace the secret cause — His mind possessing in a quiet state, Fearless of Fortune, and resigned to Fate!
187 ページ - A Georgic therefore is some part of the science of husbandry put into a pleasing dress, and set off with all the beauties and embellishments of poetry.
164 ページ - Here could I live, and love, and die with only you. Now I to fighting fields am sent afar, .And strive in winter camps with toils of war; While you (alas, that I should find it so!), To shun my sight, your native soil forego, 70 And climb the frozen Alps, and tread th
225 ページ - Wet weather seldom hurts the most unwise; So plain the signs, such prophets are the skies. The wary crane foresees it first, and sails Above the storm, and leaves the lowly vales...
228 ページ - With sharpen'd horns if glorious then she shine, Next day, not only that, but all the moon, Till her revolving race be wholly run, Are void of tempests...
264 ページ - But easy quiet, a secure retreat, A harmless life that knows not how to cheat, With home-bred plenty, the rich owner bless ; And rural pleasures crown his happiness.
133 ページ - His rosy wreath was dropt not long before, Borne by the tide of wine, and floating on the floor. His empty can, with ears half worn away, Was hung on high, to boast the triumph of the day. Invaded thus, for want...
99 ページ - Farewell, my pastures, my paternal stock, My fruitful fields, and my more fruitful flock! No more, my goats, shall I behold you climb The steepy cliffs, or crop the flowery thyme!
128 ページ - Alphesiboeus, tripping, shall advance, And mimic Satyrs in his antic dance. When to the nymphs our annual rites we pay, And when our fields with victims we survey ; While savage boars delight in shady woods, And finny fish inhabit in the floods ; While bees on thyme, and locusts feed on dew — Thy grateful swains these honours shall renew. Such honours as we pay to powers divine, To Bacchus and to Ceres, shall be thine.
222 ページ - And rocks the bellowing voice of boiling seas rebound. The father of the gods his glory shrouds, Involved in tempests, and a night of clouds; And, from the middle darkness flashing out, By fits he deals his fiery bolts about.