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Important treasure? how immense che amount
Improv'd; abus'd, how dreadful the account !
A stock, if well improv'd, that will maintain
The soul in state while endless years remain.
Millions, who liv'd t' enjoy but half that store,
Now reign on high, enrich'd for evermore;
And Oh! what clouds once burdened with a day,
Once kill'd in arts to trifle it away,
Now for one hour a thousand worlds would pay !
Alas! must time's importance be conceal’d,
Until by death eternity's 'reveal'd?--
Lo! here, I vow-if one so frail and weak,
May venture yet one humble vow to make;
Lo! here, I vow-be witness earth and heaven,
I'll catch the flying moments as they're giy'n;
Each hour to fome important end aflign'd,
Worthy the care of an immortal mind:
This I engage; but O 'tis only thou
Great GOD! can'ít aid me to perform my vow.


TREES, SHRUBS, &c. TUDIOUS of art, the soft alliduous fair

Makes mimic life the objest of her care ; With scenes descriptive strikes the wond'ring eyes, While pictur'd nature in her volume lies.


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WRITTEN BY A LADY AT BATH, AND sent Tg HER HUSBAND A FEW DAYS BEFORE SHE DIED. HOU who dost all my worldly thoughts employ,

Thou pleasing source of all my earthly joy, Thou tenderest husband, and thou dearest friend, To thee this last, this fond adieu I send. At length the conqueror death asserts his right, And will forever vail me from thy fight. He woos me to hiin with a chearful grace, And not one terror clouds his awful face, He promises a lasting rest from pain, And shews that all life's fleeting joys are vain. Th' eternal scenes of heaven he sets in view, And tells me that no other jays are tsue. But love, fond love, would yet refilt his power, Would fain awhile defer the parting hour. He brings thy weeping image to my sight, And stays my paffage to the realms of light, But say, thou deareft, thou unwearicd friend, Say, shouldst thou grieve to see my sorrows end? Thou know'st a painful pilgrimage I've past, And canst thou mourn that rest is come at last? Rather rejoice to see me shake off life, And die, as I have liv'd, thy faithful wife,





E nymphs of Solyma ! begin the song:

To heavenly themes sublimer strains belong. The mosly fountains and the sylvan fhades, The dreams of Pindus and the Aonian maids, Delight no more.- thou my voice inspire Who touch'd Ifaiah's hallowed lips with fire!

Rapt into future times, the bard begun, A virgin shall conceive, a virgin bear a son! From Jesse's root behold a BRANCH arise, Whose facred flow'r with fragrance fills the skies, Th'ethereal spirit o'er its leaves shall move, And on its top descends the myftic dove. Ye heavens from high the dewy nectar pour, And in soft silence shed the kindly show'r! The fick and weak the healing plant shall aid, From storms a shelter, and from heat a shade. All,crimes shall cease, and ancient fraud shall fail, Returning justice lift aloft her scale; Peace o'er the world her olive wand extend, And white-rob’d innocence from heaven descenda Swift fly the years, and rise th' expected morn! Oh spring to light, auspicious babe be born : See nature haftes her earliest wreaths to bring, With all the incense of the breathing tpring :


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See lofty Lebanon his head advance,
See nodding forests on the mountains dance,
See spicy clouds from lowly Saron rife,
And Carmel's flow'ry top perfumes the skies!
Hark! a glad voice, the lonely desart chears,
Prepare the way! a God, a God appears!
A God, a God! the vocal hills reply,
The rocks proclaim th' approaching deity.
Lo! earth receives him from the bending skies :
Sink down ye mountains, and ye vallies rise !
With heads declin'd, ye cedars homage pay !
Be fmooth ýe rocks, ye rapid floods give way!
The Saviour comes, by ancient bards foretold :
Hear him ye deaf, and all ye blind behold!
He from thick filmr.s fhall purge the visual ray,
And on the fightless eye-ball pour the day:
'Tis he th' obftructed paths of found fhall clear,
And bid new music charm th' unfolding ear;
The dumb fhall fing, the lame his crutch forego,
And leap exulting like the bounding roe.
No sigh, no murmur the wide world shall hear,
From ev'ry face he wipes off ev'ry tear :
In adamantine chains shall death be bound,
And hell's grim tyrant feel th' eternal wound.
As the good shepherd tends his fleecy care,
Seeks frethest pasture and the purest air,
Explores the loft, the wand'ring sheep directs,
By day o'ersees them, and by night protects,
The tender lambs he raises in his arms,
Feeds from his hand, and in his bosom warmis :


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Thus shall mankind his guardian care engage;
The promis'd father of the future age.
No more thall nation against nation rife,
Or ardent warriors meet with hateful eyes,
Or fields with gleaming steal be covered o’er,
The brazen trumpets kindle rage no more;
But useless lances into scythes fhull bend,
And the broad faulchion in a plowshare 'end.
Then palaces fhall rise; the joyful son
Shall finish what his short-liv'd fire begun;
Their vines a shadow to their race Thall yield,
And the fame hand that fow'd fhall reap the field.
The swain in barren desarts with surprize
Sees lilies spring, and sudden verdure rise,
And starts, amidst the thirsty wilds to hear
New falls of water murm'ring in his ear.
On rifted rocks, the dragon's late abodes,
The green reed trembles, and the bulrush nods.
Waste fandy vallies, once perplex'd with thorn,
The spiry fir and shapely box adorn;
To leafless Ihrubs the flow'ring palms succeed,
And'od'rous myrtle to the noisome weed.
The lambs with wolves fhall graze the verdant mead,
And boys in flow'ry bands the tyger lead;
The steer and lion at one crib shall meet,
And harmless serpents lick the pilgrim's feet,
The smiling infant in his hand shall take
The crested basilisk and speckled snake,
Pleas'd the green luftre of the scales survey, (play.
And with their forky tongue and pointless sting Ihal?

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