Journal of the Statistical Society of London, 第 42 巻

Charles Knight, 1879

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117 ページ - those greedy and covetous people so to accumulate and keep in their lands such great portions and parts of the grounds and lands of this realm from the occupying of the poor husbandmen, and so to use it in pasture and not in tillage, is only the great profit
178 ページ - By the 25 Edward III, statute 5, cap. 2, in an enumeration of the offences which are to be adjudged treason, is this: " And if a man bring false money into this realm, counterfeit to the money of England, as the money called Lushburgh, or other like to the said money of England, knowing the money to be false, to merchandise or make
2 ページ - public funds, shares or debentures of railway or other joint-stock companies, or money to be paid out of the testator's pure personal estate, or of personal chattels. NOTE B.—Bequests may be made either for the general purposes of the Society, or to the Society's "Building Fund," which has been recently established. JOURNAL OF THE STATISTICAL SOCIETY,
134 ページ - bills of mortality and 10 miles of the Royal Exchange ; and to provide other regulations for the making and sale of Bread, and for preventing the adulteration of Meal, Flour, and Bread beyond the limits aforesaid." This is therefore the first modern measure of general application to the country ; and it recites (inter alia): " And whereas it is deemed expedient that
186 ページ - Item—For the great scarcity that is at this present within this realm of England of half-pence and farthings of silver, it is ordained and established, that the third part of all the money of silver which shall be brought to the bullion, shall be made in halfpence and
162 ページ - 2. By 46 George III, cap. 97—" An Act to permit the free interchange of every species of Grain between Great Britain and Ireland," it was recited, " Whereas it is expedient that the free importation and exportation of all corn and grain, meal, flour, bread and biscuit, reciprocally to and from
335 ページ - and the Metropolitan Fire Brigade. THE following particulars are taken from Captain Shaw's Annual Report for 1878, to the Metropolitan Board of Works, in continuation of similar notices for previous years :— " The number of calls for fires, or supposed fires, received during the year has been 1,881. Of these
150 ページ - 9. The 7 George III, cap. 36, " An Act to continue so much of an Act made in the thirty-third year of the reign of his late Majesty, as relates to the free importation of Cochineal and Indigo, and for allowing the Bounties granted by any
134 ページ - those inside the city had been authorised by the recited Act] to make and sell bread made of flour or meal of wheat, barley, rye, oats, buckwheat, Indian corn, peas, beans, rice or potatoes, or any of them, and with any common salt, pure water, eggs, milk, barm, leaven, potatoes, or otheryeast, and mixed in such proportions as they should think fit,
219 ページ - cattle in their passage to market." " Whereas it hath been found by experience that the restraints laid by several statutes upon the dealing in corn, wheat, flour, cattle and sundry other sorts of victuals, by preventing a free trade in