the racing calendar for the year 1846


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xlv ページ - Two handicap plates of 100?. each, for four, five, six years old, and aged horses, shall be annually given to be run for ; one in the Second October Meeting, AF, and the other in the Houghton Meeting, from the DI And if any horse-keeper shall object to contribute to the above fund, he will not be allowed to start a horse for either of those plates.
xxxviii ページ - Calendar by a name and his pedigree, it will be sufficient afterwards to mention him by his name only, even though he has never started. If the dam was covered by more than one stallion, the names of all of them must be mentioned.
xxxii ページ - If a better be absent on the day of running, a public declaration of the bet may be made on the Course, and a demand whether any person will make stakes for the absent party, and if no person consent to do so, the bet may be declared void.
xxxvii ページ - Stewards shall appoint) on any day in the present seven established meetings, between the hours of eleven and one o'clock in the morning. Each candidate must be proposed by a member of the Jockey Club, and his Christian and Surname and usual place of abode, with the name of . the member proposing him, be put up in the Coffee-room the day before the ballot.
xxxiv ページ - Club, it was stated that much uncertainty had prevailed with regard to the operation of the rules and orders of the Jockey Club, and therefore it was thought proper to declare that they apply to all races run at, and engagements made for Newmarket ONLY; the Juckey Club having no authority to extend their rules and orders to any other place...
xxxii ページ - If a match or sweepstakes be made for any particular day in any race week, and the parties agree to change the day to any other in the same week, all bets must stand ; but if the parties agree to run the race in a different week, all bets made before the alteration shall be void.
xl ページ - ... run any horse for any race either in his own name or in that of any other person, and any horse of which he is wholly or partly the owner, or which after the fact of his being warned off has been twice published in the Racing Calendar...
lv ページ - ... horse that won a clear heat— one of the distanced horses had won the first heat. It was decided that the winning horse cannot be deemed the second horse, and therefore was not entitled to the stakes ; and all the others being distanced, no other person could claim them.
xl ページ - ... a notice of such forfeit being due, with the name of the subscriber to the stake, and the name or description of the horse, with the name, or sufficient description of the stake, and the amount of the forfeit, shall be advertised...
xlvi ページ - The person appointed to start the horses shall mark in his list the time when the horses in each race actually started ; and if there have been any false starts, the first of them shall be considered as the time of starting for that race. And he shall make a report thereof to the Keeper of the Match-book in the afternoon of the day the races are run.