The British Essayists: Connoisseur

James Ferguson
J. Richardson and Company, 1823


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132 ページ - Of all the days that's in the week I dearly love but one day — And that's the day that comes betwixt A Saturday and Monday...
353 ページ - And shrieking owls which fly i' the night alone ; The tolling bell, which for the dead rings out ; A mill, where rushing waters run about ; The roaring winds, which shake the cedars tall, Plough up the seas, and beat the rocks withal. She loves to walk in the still moonshine night, And in a thick dark grove she takes delight; In hollow caves, thatch'd houses, and low cells, She loves to live, and there alone she dwells.
6 ページ - This coffee-house is every night crowded with men of parts. Almost every one you meet is a polite scholar and a wit. Jokes and bans mots are echoed from box to box ; every branch of literature is critically examined, and the merit of every production of the press, or performance at the theatres, weighed and determined.
143 ページ - Let me die the death of the righteous, and let my latter end be like his.
9 ページ - ... twere, the mirror up to nature; to shew virtue her own feature, scorn her own image, and the very age and body of the time, his form and pressure.
82 ページ - But we will have a merry jeast, For to be talked long : You shall make me a bond...
291 ページ - We also wrote our lovers' names upon bits of paper, and rolled them up in clay, and put them into water ; and the first that rose up was to be our Valentine. Would you think it ? Mr. Blossom was my man. I lay a-bed and shut my eyes all the morning till he came to our house ; for I would not have seen another man before him for all the world.
84 ページ - (quoth the judge) ' thy crueltie ; I charge thee to do so. Sith needs thou wilt thy forfeit have ; Which is of flesh a pound : See that thou shed no drop of bloud. Nor yet the man confound. For if thou doe, like...
12 ページ - He hath disgraced me, and hindered me half a million; laughed at my losses, mocked at my gains, scorned my nation, thwarted my bargains, cooled my friends, heated mine enemies; and what's his reason? I am a Jew. Hath not a Jew eyes? hath not a Jew hands, organs, dimensions, senses, affections, passions?
110 ページ - His body was enwrapped with strange coverings, which concealed every part from sight, except his face and hands. Upon his skin the sun darted his scorching rays in vain, and the colour of it was pale and wan as the watery beams of the moon. His hair, which he could put on and take off at pleasure, was white as the blossoms of the almond-tree, and bushy as the fleece of the ram.