The Court of England Under George IV.: Founded on a Diary Interspersed with Letters Written by Queen Caroline and Various Other Distinguished Persons, 第 1 巻



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117 ページ - It is my earnest prayer, for her own sake, as well as her country's, that your Royal Highness may be induced to pause before this point be reached. " Those who have advised you, sir, to delay so long the period of my daughter's commencing her intercourse with the world-, and for that purpose to make Windsor her residence, appear not to have regarded the interruptions to her education which this arrangement occasions; both by the impossibility of obtaining the attendance of proper teachers, and the...
115 ページ - I presume, sir, to represent to your royal highness, that the separation, which every succeeding month is making wider, of the mother and the daughter, is equally injurious to my character, and to her education. I say nothing of the deep wounds which so cruel an arrangement inflicts upon my feelings, although I wouldfain hope that few persons will be found of a disposition to think lightly of these.
115 ページ - ... world this separation of a daughter from her mother will only admit of one construction — a construction fatal to the mother's reputation. Your Royal Highness will also pardon me for adding, that there is no less inconsistency than injustice in this treatment. He who dares advise your Royal Highness to overlook the evidence of my innocence, and disregard the sentence of complete acquittal which it produced, or is wicked and false enough still to whisper suspicions in your ear, betrays...
114 ページ - ... at first, appear rather of a personal than a public nature. If I could think them so — if they related merely to myself — I should abstain from a proceeding which might give uneasiness, or interrupt the more weighty occupations of your royal highness's time. I should continue, in silence and retirement, to lead the life which has been prescribed to me, and console myself for the loss of that society...
178 ページ - We all laughed, but still thought her wrong not to acknowledge the compliment paid her; but she was right, as the sequel will prove. — "We shall be hissed,
116 ページ - Is it possible, Sir, that any one can have attempted to persuade your Royal Highness that her character will not be...
178 ページ - When we arrived at the opera, to the princess's and all her attendants' infinite surprise, we saw the regent placed between the Emperor and the King of Prussia, and all the minor princes in a box to the right. " God save the king" was performing when the princess entered, and consequently she did not sit down.
296 ページ - Leeching, patronize him, being a friend of mine, who will I think entertain you. Give my love to my fair and lovely friend, and tell her I wish the house of A may reign triumphant on the shores of M and I , and when, seven years before the end of the world, a deluge shall drown the nations, may Columbus' Isle still swim above the flood, though the sea should at one tide cover the green-headed I and Ireland.
12 ページ - I told him to make me a better pair, and send them to me. I brought letters from all the princes and princesses to him, from all the petty courts, and I tossed them to him and said ; ' There , that's to prove I'm not an impostor.
181 ページ - Highness. The latter was delighted. She gradually gave way to the hope which charmed her, and said — poor soul — " my ears are very ugly, but I would give them both to persuade the Emperor to come to me to a ball, a supper, any entertainment that he would choose." Well — she dressed, and waited till seven, but no Emperor came. She made me remain with her all the afternoon. I did my best to amuse her ; but I am not an amusing person at any time — certainly not — neither, when I feel sad...