Voyage of His Majesty's Ship Alceste: To China, Corea, and the Island of Lewchew, with an Account of Her Shipwreck

John Murray, 1819 - 339 ページ


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234 ページ - That part of the island we had landed on was a narrow ridge, not above musket-shot across, bounded on one side by the sea, and on the other by a creek, extending upwards of a mile inland, and nearly communicating with the sea at its head.
320 ページ - Eh bien! your government must not blame you for the loss of the Alceste, for you have taken one of my frigates...
232 ページ - Rude pike-staves were formed, by cutting down young trees; small swords, dirks, knives, chisels, and even large spike-nails sharpened, were firmly affixed to the ends of these poles; and those who could find nothing better hardened the end of the wood in the fire, and bringing it to a sharp point, formed a tolerable weapon. There were, perhaps, a dozen cutlasses; the marines had about thirty muskets and bayonets, but could muster no more than seventy-five ballcartridges among the whole party.
82 ページ - E. This is its south-west point, the main body of the island extending from hence north a little eastwardly. It is washed on the one side by the Northern Pacific Ocean, and on the other by the Tung Hai, or Eastern Sea.
219 ページ - ... and bowsprit end, the captain, master, and officer of the watch, on whom the charge of the ship at such a time more particularly devolves, having been vigilantly on deck during the whole of the previous night and this morning. Steering under all these guarded circumstances, the soundings exactly corresponding with the charts, and following the express line prescribed by all concurring directions to clear every danger (and the last danger of this sort between us and England), the ship about half-past...
240 ページ - British seaman can give vent to the warmer feelings of his heart, It is his mode of of thanksgiving for benefits received ; and it equally serves him to honour his friend, to defy his enemy, or to proclaim victory. This day we continued improving our fence, and clearing away a glacis immediately around it, that we might see and have fair play with these barbarians, should they approach. They had retired behind a little islet, (called Pulo Chalacca, or Misfortune's Isle,) about two miles from us,...
113 ページ - That proud and haughty feeling of national superiority, so strongly existing among the common class of British seamen, which induces them to hold all foreigners cheap, and to treat them with contempt, often calling them outlandish lubbers in their own country, was, at this island, completely subdued and tamed by the gentle manners and kind behaviour of the most pacific people upon earth. Although completely intermixed, and often working together, both on shore and on board, not a single quarrel or...
305 ページ - CONTRICTOH. five feet square; a space sufficiently large to allow him to coil himself round with ease. The live stock for his use during the passage, consisting of six goats of the ordinary size, were sent with him on board, five being considered as a fair allowance for as many months. At an early period of the voyage we had an exhihition of his talent in the way of eating, which was publicly performed on the quarter-deck, upon which he was brought.
83 ページ - Chinese innovations ; or, at least, they appear to have altered but in a very slight degree. Indeed, it is very obvious that a revolution in manners, and alteration of habits, are by no means so likely to occur with a people thus living in an obscure and secluded state, as among those who have a wider intercourse with other nations. The only connexion which the Lewchewans have had with their neighbours, and that but very limited, has been with Japan and China, from neither of whom they were likely...
254 ページ - ... lest our boats, being afloat at that period, should push out and escape them. In the afternoon some of the Rajah's people (whom we at first considered our friends) made their appearance, as if seeking a parley ; and on communicating with them, gave us to understand by signs, and as many words as could be made out, that all the Malays, except their party, were extremely hostile to us; that it was their determination to attack us that night...