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(CP covíMUNICATIONS for this head, from authors and booksellers, post paid, will be inserted free of expense. Literary advertisements will be printed upon

the covers at the usual price.

Articles of literary intelligenee, inserted by the booksellers in the United States’ Gazette, will be copied into this Magazine, without further order.


By Edward Earle, and Co. Philadelphia, Published—Collections for an Essay towards a Materia Medica of the United States By Benjamin Smith Barton, M. D. By Farrand and JNicholas, Philadelphia, Published—No. 1, for January, 1811, of the AME R1cAN Rev 1 Ew of History and Politicks, and General Repository of Literature and State Papers. Also—A Series of Letters to a Man of Property, on the Sale, Purchase, Lease, Settlement, and Devise of Estates. By Edward B. Sugden, Esq. Price $150.

By Bradford and Inskeep, Philadelphia, Published—The Mirror of Taste, and Dramatick Censor.

By Brannan and .Worford, Philadelphia, Published—The Weekly Monitor. A series of Essays on Moral and Religious Subjects By a Layman. Price 2 dollars, meatly bound.

By Robert Desilver, Philadelphia, Published—The Freemason’s and Citizen’s Pocket Almanack. For 1811. To be continued annually.

By Ezra Sargeant, New-York.

Published—The American Medical and Philosophical Register; or, Annals of Medicine, Natural History, Agriculture, and the Arts. January, 1811. No. 3. Conducted by a Society of Gentlemen.

Also—The Holy Bible; containing the Old and New Testaments; the Texts carefully printed, from the most correct copies of the present authorized Translations, including the Marginal Readings and Parallel Texts, with Commentary and Criti..cal Notes, designed as a help to the better understanding of the Sacred Writings. By Adam Clarke, L. L. D. The work shall be published in parts, of about twelve sheets each, with all convenient speed, price $1 and a half each.

Also—Universal Biography; containing a Copious Account, Critical and Historical, of the Life and Character, Labours and Actions, of Eminent Persons, of all Ages and Countries, Conditions and Professions, arranged in alphabetical order.

By J. Lempriere, D D. Author of The Classical Dictionary. 2 vols. 8vo. Price 8 dolls. bound. By T. & J. Swords, .New-York, Published—The Churchman’s Magazine, new series For November and December, 1810. By S. Whiting & Co. Mew-York, Published—The Report of Alexander Hamilton, while Secretary of the Treasury, on the subject of the National Bank, &c. Price 25 cents. ...At the Library Ecchange, JVew-York, Published—Letter to the Hon. Dr. Mitchell, on the Danger of Putting Money into the United States and Manhattan Banks, with Sundry Novel Speculations on Ensurance Stock, Domestick Manufac. tures, and the best mode of Vesting a Capital “So as to make both ends meet.” Price 25 cents.


Edward Earle and Co. and Jos. Delaplaine, Philadelphia, propose

To republish by subscription—The Edinburgh Encyclopedia An entire new work, now publishing in Edinburgh, conducted by David Brewster, L. L.D. Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, and the Society of the Antiquaries of Scotland, with the assistance of a considerable number of the most distinguished literary characters in Europe. This work it is intended, shall embrace the modern subjects of American Biography, Geography, and History, adapted to the present state of Science and Literature. It shall, positively, not extend beyond twelve volumes quarto, and will be published under the immediate superintendance of several of the most eminent literary characters of the United States.

John Bioren and PW. John Duane, Philadelphia, and R. C. Weightman, Washington.

To publish—A Complete and Improved Edition of the Laws of the United States, ending with the Session of 1810–11. The work will be comprised in five volumes, royal octavo, (each volume embracing two volumes of the present edition) on a fine paper, and good small pica type, handsomely bound and lettered, at 20 dollars for a single copy. Publick bodies, or others, taking 5,000 copies, or upwards, will be furnished at 15 dollars per copy; for any lesser number, a small advance will be asked. B. and T. Kite, Philadelphia, Propose publishing by subscription—An Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Midwifery. By Thomas Denman, M. D. Licentiate in Midwifery of the College of Physicians, and Honorary Member of the Royal Medical Society at Edinburgh. Taken from the last London edition, with the author's latest improvements. To which will be added, his Treatise on the Rupture of the Uterus, Mania Lactea, &c. The whole accompanied with Notes by Dr. Thomas C. James, Professor of Midwifery in the University of Pennsylvania. David Allinson, & Co. Burlington, JW. J.

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An Explanatory Pronouncing Dictionary of the French Language (in French and English) wherein the exact Sound and Articulation of every Syllable are distinctly marked (according to the Method adopted by Mr. Walker in his Pronouncing Dictionary) to which are prefixed the Principles of the French Pronunciation, Prefatory Directions for using the Spelling Representative of every Sound, and the Conjugation of the Verbs regular, irregular, and defective, with their true Pronunciation. By L. Abbe Tardy, Late Master of Arts in the University of Paris. Letters of Madame la Marquise du Deffand to the Hon. Horace Walpole, af. terwards Earl of Oxford, from the year 1766 to the year 1, 80. To which are added, Letters of Madame du Deffand to Voltaire. Published from the Originals at Strawsbury Hill. Four volumes, 12mo. The Bibliomania; or book of Madness, a Bibliographical ltomance, in six parts; entitled as follows:—Part I. The Evening Walk —II. The Cabinet.—III. The Auction Room.—IV. The Library.—V. The Alcove—VI. The Temple. This is not only a New Edition of the receding Work, under the same title, ut is executed entirely upon a new plan,

and comprehends an account of between two and three hundred curious volumes in Foreign and Doraestick Literature, of which no description has before been submitted to the publick in an English form. By the Rev. Thomas Frognall Dibden, F. S. A. Omniana. By Robert Southey. In duodecimo. Essays on the Poetry and Superstitions of the Highlands. With fragments in verse and prose. By Mrs. Grant, Laggan. Biographia Dramatica; or, a Companion to the Playhouse: containing Historical and Critical Memoirs, and Original Anecdotes of British and Irish Dramatick Writers, from the Commencement of our Theatrical Exhibitions; amongst whom are some of the most celebrated actors. Also, an alphabetical account of their works, the dates when printed, and occasional Observations on their Merits. Together with an Introductory View of the Rise and Progress of the British Stage. Originally compiled by David Erskine Baker, Esq. Carefully corrected; greatly enlarged; and continued from 1764 to 1811. By Isaac Reed and Stephen Jones. In three volumes, octavo. Select Passages of the Writings of St. Chrysostom, St. Gregory, Nazianzin, and St. Basil. Translated from the Greek. B Hugh Stuart Boyd. The Second Edition, corrected and enlarged. The Opinions of different Authors upon the Punishment of Death, Selected by Bazil Montague, Esq. Volume the Sé. cond. Literary Life and Select Works of Benjamin Stillingfleet. By Archdeacon Coxe. Illustrated with plates. In three volumes, OctaVO. Kehama. A Poem. By Robert Southey, Esq. One volume quarto. The World before the Flood. A Poem. By James Montgomery, author of the Wanderer of Switzerland, &c. Bannockburn. A Metrical Romance. By Miss Holford, author of Wallace, or the Fight of Falkirk. Poems. By Miss Holford. Genevive; or, The Spirit of the Drave. A Poem. With Odes and other Poems; chiefly Amatory and Descriptive By John Stewart, Esq. author of the Pleasures of Love, the Resurrection, &c. A Journey through Persia, Asia Minor, &c in the Years 1008 and 1809. Coimmencing at Bombay, and terminating at Constantinople. In which is included, some Account of His Majesty's Mission under Sir Harford Jones, Bart. ii. C. to the Court of the King of Persia. By James Morrier.

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Louisiana and the North Eastern Provinces of New Spain; the whole including a sistance of about 8000 Miles; and exhibiting a View of the Geography, Natural Productions, Indian Tribes, present State of the Population, &c. of these intelesting Countries. Undertaken in the Years 1895, 1806, 1897, by order of the Government of the United States. By Major Z. M. Pike, Illustrated with Maps drawn up from Major Pike's Observations. In Quarto.

A Picturesque Voyage to India. By the Way of China. By Thomas Daniell, R. A. and William Daniell, A.R. A. Comprising fifty coloured Prints, neatly mounted, with Narrative and Descriptive Letterpress, forming one Volume, in large Quarto.

History of Brazil. By Robert Southey. Volume the Second.

The Arabian Nights’ Entertainments. From the Version of Galland, carefully revised, and occasionally corrected with the Arabick. To which are added, Thirty five new Tales, now first translated from an Arabick Copy of the One Thousand and One Nights, brought to Europe by Edward Wortley Montague, Esq. Also an Introduction and 'Notes, illustrative of the Religion, Manners, Customs, Domestick Habits, &c of the Mohammedans. By Jonathan Scott, L. L. D. Oxford. Late Oriental Professor at the Royal Military and East India Colleges, &c. &c. In demy and post Octavo, with fine Engravings, after Pictures by Smirke. Also in royal Eighteens, without the Plates.

Tales of the East, collated with the Original or early Translations, and now first arranged in one uniform edition. By Henry Weber, Esq. In 3 vols. royal octavo, double columns. Pointed with a new type, in the most elegant manner.

The Works of Beaumont and Fletcher. In 12 vols. demy octavo. Illustrated with Critical and Explanary Notes, and Biographical Notices, and including an additional Play, never before published, and now first printed from the Original MS. in the possession of the Publishers.-Edited by Henry Weber, Esq.

Memoirs of the Life, Writings, and Correspondence of the late Mr. William Smellie, Printer, in Edinburgh, Secretary to the Society of Scottish Antiquities, F. R. S. &c. Together with a Selection frona his hitherto unpublished Essays; with an engraved Portrait. By Robert Kerr, F. R. S. and F. A. S. Edinburgh.


The Bishop of Lincoln is printing a work upon the subject of Calvinism, which will comprehend his last three Charges, with very considerable additions and numerous quotations from the works of Calvin and of the ancient fathers. Mr. Southey’s Poem of Kehama is nearly finished at press. Bannockburn has been selected by Miss Holford, as the subject for her next Metrical Romance The Gleaner, a Selection of papers from neglected periodical Essayists, by Dr. Drake, have been for some time in the press, and will speedily be published, in four octavo volumes. Dr. George Rees is preparing for the press a new edition of his Work on Disorders of the Stomach, with additional cases. Mr. Cromek, editor of the Reliques of Burns, will publish shortly, “Remains of Nithsdale and Galloway Song:” with historical and traditionary Notices relative to

the Manners and Customs of the Peasan

try. -The Right Hon George Rose has in the press a new and enlarged edition of a brief Examination into the Increase of Commerce and the Revenue brought down to the present Time.

A work is in the press, the first part of which will be published at the beginning of the ensuing year, entitled the “Devotional Family Bible,” containing the Old and New Testaments, with Notes and Illustrations, partly original and partly selected from the most approved expositors, witha Devotional Exercise at the end of every Chapter. By the Rev. John Fawcett, A. M.

A Life of the late Arthur Murphy, Esq. with his Epistolary Correspondence, in a quarto volume, from Authentick Documents in the possession of Mr. Ford, his Executor, is in the press.

A Translation of the Institutes of the Christian Religion, by the celebrated John Calvin, in three octavo volumes, is shortly cxpected to appear.

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observador Portuguez, Historico e Politico, de Lisboa, desde odia 27 de Novembro do Anno de 1807, em que embarcou para o Brazil o Principe Regente Nosso Senhor e toda a Real Familia, por Motivo da Invasam dos Francezes neste Reino, &c. Contém todos os Editaes, Ordens publicas e particulares, Decretos, Successos fataes e desconnecidos nas Historias do Mundo; todas as Batalhas, Roubos e Usurpaçoens, até o dia 15 de Setembro de 1808, em que foram expulsos, depois de ba

tidos, os Francezes. Lisboa. 1809.

THE tyranny which was exercised over the press in Portugal, produced a race of authors in that country more resembling in their frame of mind, the writers of the middle ages, than those of modern times. The people sunk into an intellectual torpor, under the paralyzing despotism of church and state; and the number of readers was in consequence so small, that literature never became a trade. There was, therefore, no occupation for that execrable race, who, either in their own naked character, as libellers, or under the assumed title of satirists or criticks, acquire notoriety by pandering to envy or malice; and as little scope was there for political adventurers, who hope to rise in the world by tying themselves to the tail of a party-kite. No man became an author for the sake of gain, or for the hope of preferment; and, except a few young poets, there were none who pub

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