Evenings in the Duffrey

McGlashan & Gill, 1875 - 404 ページ
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118 ページ - The birds of the forest they all met together, The turtle was chosen to dwell with the dove, And I am resolved in foul or fair weather, Once more in the
317 ページ - There were mangled bodies and broken ranks. "The shuddering cavalry, I can't forget them ; We raised the brushes on their helmets straight; They turned about, and they bid for Dublin, As if they ran for a ten pound plate. Some crossed Donnybrook, and more through Blackrock, And some up Shank-hill without wound or flaw, And if Barry Lawless be not a liar, There
317 ページ - took up our quarters, Waiting for daylight the town to win: With drums a-beating the town did echo, And acclamations from door to door: On the Windmill hill we pitched our tents, And we drank like heroes, but paid no score.
176 ページ - Our parliament did sit then in our native land: What good came of the loss of it I cannot understand, Although full plain I see, that changes not a few Have fallen on the country since
317 ページ - more went grousing up Luggelaw. "The streets of England were left quite naked Of all its army both foot and horse; The Highlands of Scotland were left unguarded, Likewise the Hessians, the seas they crossed. To the
317 ページ - of Enniscorthy, The British fencibles they flew like deers; And our ranks were tattered and sorely scattered, By the loss of Kyan and the Shelmaliers.; " But if the Frenchmen they had reinforced us, Landed their transports in Bagenbun, Father John Murphy would
176 ページ - altered times entirely, as plainly now appears. Our landlord's face we barely see, past once in seven years. And now the man meets scorn as his coat is green or blue, We had no need our coats to turn when
162 ページ - There are fine horses and stall-fed oxes, A den for foxes to play and hide, Fine mares for breeding, and foreign sheep
162 ページ - been before. The wholesome air of this habitation Would recreate your heart with pride: There is no valley throughout this nation In beauty equal to
118 ページ - s all my heart's treasure, my joy and my pleasure, And justly, my love, my heart follows thee, Who art constant, and kind, and