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Agree munication Afghan prin Khan was als dor to the cos the purpose of : court, that as į ghans of Canda. bouring provinces sidered equal en states, it would be appoint an army fro. 10 occupy the passes, the retreat of the mar: emperor Muhammed a ready assent, and c. treaty to the proposed eiti the return of our ambass: sent Muhammed Ali Khan, court of the Indian empei



By W. SMYTH, Esq. Professor of Modern History.

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Performed in the Senate House at Cambridge, June 29, 1811, at the

Installation of his Royal Highness William Frederick Duke of Gloucester and Edinburgh, Chancellor of the University.


(HOU, from thy realms of brighter day,

Thou, the bard, whose matchless lay,
Once gave to deathless fame thy Fitzroy's praise ;

Now, when again the festive pomp we lead,

Oh yet receive, for 'tis the Poet's meed,
The earthly homage, which the heart would raise ;
The fond, warm sigh, that would to life restore
The Genius loved and mourn'd, that must return no more.

O thou lost Master of the British Shell !
Pleased in the calm of Academic bowers
To win the spoils of meditative hours,

*And from thy studious cell
See thy loved Arts and Virtue's gentle train
Wide round the world securely reign.

Alas! how is that world defiled,

How changed each scene that peaceful smiled,
Since in this crowded Dome thy skill divine
aurel wreaths round Granta's sceptre twine-

countless forms, with frantic mien,
• o'er yon darkened scene-
--they rage-they disappear

Woezihe Pause is Fear


it treads the uncertain gloom,
1. nor shares the general doom?


Their numbers were incredible. mander of the artillery, as also They occupied, as close as they Shir Khalu, with about three could be drawn up in depth, from hundred other nobles and leaders, the front line to the entrenched of whom fifteen were commanders camp, a distance of half a farsakh; of seven thousand, of four, and and their front was of equal ex- of three thousand, were slaio. tent. The ground was every

Muhammed Shah, with Nizam where dark with their numbers, ul Mulk, ruler of the seven proand to judge from appearance, we vinces of the Dec'hin, and a chief should suppose they were ten or noble of the empire, Kamer ul twelve times more numerous than Din Khan, chief vizier, and some the army of the Abdal Gardoghly. other nobles of less note, protect

We, whose only wishes were ed by a covering-party which had for such a day, after appointing been left, made good their retreat guards for our camp, and invok- within the entrenchments, and ing the support of a bountiful escaped the shock of our vic. Creator, mounted, and advanced torious swords. to give battle.

This action lasted two hours ; For two complete hours the and for two hours and a half more, battle raged with violence, and a were our conquering soldiers enheavy fire from cannon and mus- gaged in pursuit. When one quetry was kept up. After that, hour of the day remained, the by the aid of the Almighty, our field was entirely cleared of the lion-hunting 'heroes broke the enemy; and as the entrenchments 'enemy's line, and chaсed them of their camp were strong, and from the field of action, dispers- the fortifications formidable, we ing them in

every direction. would not permit our army to asSaadet Khan, mounted on his sault it. state elephant, his Nisha Muham- An immense treasure, a number med Khan, and other relations, of grand elephants, the artillery fell prisoners into our hands. of the emperor, and great spoils Samsám Ali Khan Dauran Amir of every description, were the reul Omra Bahadur, the first minis- ward of victory. Upwards of ter of the empire was wounded. twenty thousand of the enemy One of his sons, with his brother, were slain on the field of battle, Muzefer Khan, was slain; and and a much greater number were another of his sons, Mír Aáshue, made prisoners. was taken prisoner. He himself Immediately after this action, died the following day of his wesurrounded the emperor's camp, wounds.

and took measures to prevent all Wasili Khan, the commander communication with the adjacent of the emperor's body guard, Sha- country, preparing at the same dab Khan, Amir Kuli Khan, Ali time our cannons and mortars to Muhammee Khan, Mir Flusen level with the ground the fortifiKhan, Khájez Ashref Khan, Ali- cations which had been erected. yar Khan, Aakil Beg Khan, Shah- As the utmost confusion reigned dad Khan Afghan, Ahmed Ali in the imperial camp, and all dis

Khan, Razin Rai Khan, com- cipline was abandoned, the em


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peror, compelled by irresistible the power to perform such action!

, necessity, after the lapse of one For this great grace, which we day, sent Nizam-ul-Mulk, on have received from the Almighty, Thursday the 17th, to our royal we must ever remain grateful. camp; and the day following, Mu. God has made the seven great hammed Shah himself, attended seas like unto the vapour of the by his nobles, came to our heaven. desart, beneath our glorious and like presence in an afflicted state. conquering footsteps, and those of When the emperor was ap-.

our faithful and victorious heroes. proaching, as we are ourselves of He has made, in our victorious a Turkoman family, and Muham- mind, the thrones of kings, and med Shah is a Turkoman, and the the deep ocean of earthly glory, lineal descendant of the noble more despicable than the light house of Guargáni, we sent our

bubble that floats on the surface dear son, Nasir Ali Khan, beyond of the wave; and no doubt his the bounds of our camp to meet extraordinary mercy, which he him. The emperor entered our has now shown, will be evident to tents, and delivered over to him all mankind. the signet of our empire. He As we have taken possession of remained that day a guest in our a great number of cannon, we send royal tent.

26,000 moghuls of Iran and TuConsidering our affinity as Tur- ran, with a detachment from our komans, and also reflecting on the own conquering army, and a body favours and honours that befitted of artillery, with some large elethe dignity and majesty of a king phants, whom we have directed of kings, we bestowed such upon to march to Cabul. No doubt our the emperor, and ordered 'his sons will inform us of the affairs of royal pavilions, his family, and his that quarter. nobles, to be preserved; and we After the arrival of your letter, have established him in a manner we will either order the detachequal to his great dignity. ment, which we have sent, to pro

At this time, the emperor with ceed to Balkh, or to go to Herat. his family, and all the lords of We have appointed the high in Hindustan who marched from dignity, Aashur Khan, to march camp, are arrived at Delhi; and to Balkh, after the Nau-róz (22nd on Thursday the 29th of Zilkâd, March), which he no doubt will do. we moved our glorious standard Consider our glorious victory towards that capital.

as derived from the bounty of the It is our royal intention, from Creator of fortune beyond all the consideration of the high birth calculation. Make copies of this of Muhammed Shah, of his de- our royal mandate, and disperse scent from the house of Gaurgáni, them over our empire, that the and of his affinity to us, a Turko- well-wishers of our throne may man, to fix him on the throne of be happy and rejoice, and our the empire, and to place the crown secret enemies be dejected and of royalty upon his head. confounded. Be you constantly

Praise be to God, glory to the employed in adorning and arrangMost High, who has granted using your government; placing your hopes in the favour of the all real frieds, who are under Most High, so that, by the bles- our dominion may attain their sing of God, all those whether wishes, and prosper under the near or distant, that are not re- auspices of our munificent

govconciled to our glorious state, ernment. and are brooding mischief, may be caught in their own snares ; and Dated 29th Zilkad, 1115 Hejira,

Shahjehanabad, or Delhi.

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