American Journal of Pharmacy, 第 25 巻

Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science., 1853

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384 ページ - DR. HEADLAND. ON THE ACTION OF MEDICINES IN THE SYSTEM. Being the Prize Essay to which the Medical Society of London awarded the Fothergillian Gold Medal for 1852. Second Edition. 8vo. cloth, 10s. MR. HIQGINBOTTOM, FRS, FRCS AN ESSAY ON THE USE OF THE NITRATE OF SILVER IN THE CURE OF INFLAMMATION, WOUNDS, AND ULCERS. Second Edition. Price 5s. ADDITIONAL OBSERVATIONS' ON THE NITRATE OF SILVER; with full Directions for its Use as a Therapeutic Agent.
16 ページ - This constitution may be altered or amended by a vote of three-fourths of the members present at any annual meeting, but no such change shall be made at any meeting at which less than fifty members are present.
314 ページ - ... Address shall be furnished to him appears in the said Register or is a Member of the Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain or not ; and the Certificate of such Registrar, signed by the said Registrar, and countersigned by the President or Two Members of the Council of the said Society, shall, in the Absence of Evidence to the contrary, be sufficient Evidence of the Facts therein stated up to the Date of the said Certificate.
474 ページ - Our doubts are traitors, And make us lose the good we oft might win, By fearing to attempt.
490 ページ - No person shall sell any arsenic unless the same be before the sale thereof mixed with soot or indigo in the proportion of one ounce of soot or half an ounce of indigo at the least to one pound of...
13 ページ - ... composed of apothecaries and druggists from different sections of the Union and from all the colleges and societies therein existing, with the object of deliberating on the condition of our profession, do hereby resolve and constitute ourselves into a permanent association, to meet annually, at such times and places as may hereafter be determined, for more effectually accomplishing the objects for which we are now assembled and do now adopt the following Constitution: Article I. This association...
14 ページ - Officers. The officers of this association shall be a President, three Vice Presidents, a Recording Secretary, a Corresponding Secretary, a Treasurer, and an Executive Committee of three, which may include any of the members except the President, all of whom shall bo elected annually.
173 ページ - For this purpose, two ounces of ivory-black, or animal charcoal, were shaken in half a gallon of beer to which half a grain of strychnine had been purposely added. After standing over night, the liquid was found to be nearly deprived of all bitterness; the strychnine being absorbed by the charcoal. The liquid was now passed through a paper-filter, upon which the charcoal containing the strychnine was collected and drained.
489 ページ - That every apothecary, druggist, or other person who shall sell or give away, except upon the prescription of a physician, any article or articles of medicine belonging to the class usually known as poisons, shall be required : 1st.
180 ページ - ... to the completeness of the vacuum obtained by this process, arises from the difficulty of preparing carbonic acid gas perfectly free from air. This may be very nearly overcome by adopting precautions which are well known to practical chemists. When an extreme exhaustion is required, the gas-holder should be filled with recently boiled water, and the first portions of carbonic acid that are collected in it should be allowed to escape. The substitution of phosphoric for sulphuric acid would remove...